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It turns out that resveratrol is not only an antioxidant, but also has properties that modify gene expression, activating a longevity gene (SIRT1 in humans, SIR2 in yeast) connected with gene silencing and mimicing caloric restriction that extends the lifespan of yeast by 70%, the lifespan of short-lived fish by 56 to 59%, the life span of the fruit fly Drosophila (about 106 cells) by 35%, and the lifespan of the roundworm C. Elegans (959 cells) 14%.


: Believing in God and loving wine. “<i>I’ve been forgotten </i><i>by God</i><i>. Wine, I’m in love with that.</i>” Jeanne was indeed a daily drinker of <a href=”;q=the+resveratrol+content+of+red+wines”>red wine, one of the anti-aging component of which was resveratrol+supplements”>resveratrol  at 160 micrograms per fluid ounce, (90 mcg for non organic or poor quality red wines)  abundantly found in red grape skins with a concentration of 50-100 micrograms per gram.
trans-resveratrol molecule, Images/cis-resveratrol molecule]. It has remarkable anticancer properties and (like aspirin), prevents red blood cells from sticking together, warding off heart disease. It has also been shown to inhibit lipid peroxidation  “the process whereby free radicals steal electrons from the lipids in our cell membranes, resulting in cell damage and increased production of free radicals”. Finally, resveratrol limits the expression of the ubiquitinated protein P16INK4A, which makes cellular senescence difficult to reverse.
Resveratrol inhibits the accumulation of amyloid beta peptides (LifeExtension/amyloid_beta) and protects against Alzheimer’s disease  according to recent research.

Resveratrol, too, promotes nitric oxide generation. Furthermore, reveratrol phosphorylates the hTERT catalytic component of telomerase in the cytoplasm via AKT kinase, enabling its import into the nucleus, where it enhances telomerase activity, although it does not increase the number of hTERT mRNA transcripts for the catalytic component of telomerase produced by transcription factor interaction with the hTERT promoter.


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