Vitality & Optimal Longevity Workshop (Seminar 1)


The Vitality and Optimal Longevity Workshop

“And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.” (Genesis 6:3: King James Version)

The Science irrefutably confirms that Humans can Optimize Heathy Lifespans to 122 years and beyond. Compelling Science and the Bible therefore concur on this “human design”.

Seminar One: On the Preliminaries to Optimal Longevity Medicine (8 hours)

The idea is to die young as late as possible.” (Ashley Montagu)

 A spring workshop-seminar with a French Biogerontologist, Professor Joubert


The Workshop’s first day Seminar is scheduled for June 16th Saturday, from 8:30 AM to 5 PM at the following address: San Pedro Methodist Church Conference Room, 580 West, 6th Street, San Pedro CA. 90731. Contingent to the Conference room is a kitchen where we will prepare  a longevity recipe during the lunch break. For all info and in order to register, please email at

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General Description of the Entire Three-days Workshop

 Each of the Workshop’s Three Seminars focuses on complementary aspects of Vitality and Longevity Medicine.  The first part of  the First Seminar  is devoted to the Theory of Rejuvenation Medicine. Once we have the tools to better understand the fundamental mechanisms of living and aging, we can then delve into some clinical practical experience,  starting with the first holistic priority which is Holistic Cardiology. Thereafter, we analyse the Gut-Brain axis, in particular the gastro-intestinal system, holistic dentistry and the body’s six detoxification pathways in association with brain health enhancement, the endocannabinoid system’s regulation, bio-physics and a few other longevity techniques. Diet being essential, we will next look at different nutritional approaches as well as aromatherapy, wine medicine, thermal therapies, hormesis, microbiota diversity, holistic cancer protocols, circadian rythyms, restorative sleep and a few other practical longevity measures. Sections on Methodology, Medical Law and the inner Saboteur (psycho-neuro-immunology) are included. We will conclude this First Seminar with a piece on supplementation and different Longevity enhancement techniques that target the mitochondria, senescent cells, autophagy, hormonal imbalance, telomerase activation, stem cells regeneration and Lab monitoring.

The Second Seminar  (also a full 8 hours day worth) is devoted to an over-view of the body’s major physiological systems as well as to an analysis of the major disorders that can hit each of these bodily functions. An analysis of a  few key tune-up techniques is also presented  with a few additional longevity enhancement techniques including, but limited to DNA repair, Sirtuin activation, the regulation of the important  mTOR pathway and more.

In the Third full-day Seminar, we dig deep into the constituent elements of the Optimal Longevity Code, thanks to which each workshopee will have the complete toolbox to tune-up and optimize all of the body’s major functions. In addition, this Seminar will identify the key techniques that activate the Longevity genes and pathways so that each workshopee can maximize his or her conditions to benefit from a healthy lifepan to at least 120 years.

This Workshop will also give an update on the bio-tech and geroscience industry’s innovative gene therapy research and other high-tech lifespan strategies, some of which are in clinical trials. However, because it may take many more years before these innovations can be accessible and positively impact today’s chronic disease and accelerated aging epidemics, this Workshop emphasizes what can be done now to slow down and even reverse the biological erosion of mammalian cells.

All Longevity of the Workshop’s Claims and power point slides are supported with Strong Science

The Workshop’s three Seminars’ content will be supported with strong published peer-reviewed evidence that will be visible either via power point and-or video. For an introduction to the subject presented by this Workshop’s presenter, Professor Joubert, see  video A below. For a general overview on where we are today in terms of innovative Bio-Tech Research and longevity genes, see video B from Professor Sinclair.


Session A: Introduction: The basics of Biogerontoloty and 18 Optimal Longevity Biomarkers

“The field of ageing research has been completely transformed in the past decade. . . . When single genes are changed, animals that should be old stay young. In humans, these mutants would be analogous to a ninety year old who looks and feels forty-five. On this basis we begin to think of ageing as a disease that can be cured, or at least postponed. . . . The field of ageing is beginning to explode, because so many are so excited about the prospect of searching for – and finding – the causes of ageing, and maybe even the fountain of youth itself”. (Guarente and Kenyon, Nature, 2000)

In this first 8 hours-long Seminar on Optimal Longevity Medicine, the workshopees will first be introduced to Biogerontology, Geroscience and Longevity medicine as well as to the hard and compelling evidence that corroborates not only the reality of healthy long human lifespans (in between 110 and 122 years of age), but also the accessibility of attaining this birth-right for most humans. Likewise with longevity valleys and blue zones, we will identify the key longevity factors that characterize some of these geographical areas where healthy centenarians are abundant.

The 18 concomitant longevity biomarkers will also be briefly reviewed, as this preliminary will help the workshopee to understand the difference between biological and chronological age, (Cf Video below) as well as the empowering reality that we the People can influence the rate at which we oxidize, de-ossify and eventually decompose for the benefit of the Earth’s trillions and trillions of bacteria and archaea who have been the “masters” insofar as Life’s evolution and mammalian microbiota-based homeostasis are concerned. And yes, there  is a strong causative correlation between human gut bacteria and long healthy lifespans.

For centuries, the aging process has been considered to be uncontrolable, even when the average lifespan did not surpass 40 years. That changed in the early nineties when research on C. elegans, (a tiny nematode worm) confirmed that a single gene mutation extended its life, and that another mutation blocked that extension. The idea that age could be tweaked by twiddling a few control genetic switches ignited a research boom, including via Silicon Valley Billionaires. With hundreds of million dollars of research dollars, geroscientists got motivated to attempt to break and hack the Longevity Code.

In this perspective, various clinical interventions did increase the worm’s lifespan by a factor of ten and those of lab mice by a factor of two. Petri dish human cells by 40. The scientific consensus thus transformed. Aging went from being a God given blessing or Satan’s curse, to an inevitable final stage (Cf  Time cover from 1958: “Growing Old Usefully”), followed by a social issue (Time, 1970: “Growing Old in America: The Unwanted Generation”) to this avoidable “je ne sais quoi” phenomenon (1996: “Forever Young”) that could defer death to 142 years for starts (Cf 2015: Time “This Baby Could Live to Be 142 Years Old”).

However, the excitement was not long lasting. The Longevity Code cook-book is far more complex for mammals and even more so for humans than for a C. Elegans worm, fly or mouse. The more we learn, the more we realize how little we actually know. Hence, the presentor’s scientific attitude is to prefer the known fundamentals that work to at least 122 years of age over speculative bio-tech longevity engineering stratagems, even if some of these may appear interesting and even promising in the years to come.

In reality and at this juncture of the Human adventure, waiting a few years (especially for baby-boomers) before some of these bio-tech longevity hacks may be accessible is not cellularly responsible, if only because today we have the knowledge that key available holistic tools can  reverse most chronic diseases while significantly slowing down the aging process.

While this Seminar is especially centered on the Praxis of Traditional Longevity Medicine, it will also delve into the verifiable cutting edge findings which show that modern techniques like gene editing, stem cell cyro-preservation, telomerase tweaking, senescent cell targeting, caloric restriction mimickers, nano-robots, senolytics and the like may have some interest for the eternal quest to live long, happy and healthy lifespans.

Case studies of a few Humans and Animals who have significantly outlived their peers

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 2.19.47 PM

Top: The French Mediterranean dancer, Madame Jeanne Calment, who is still  the  Optimal Longevity Champion who lived to 122.5 years, confirmed via birth certificate and the Guiness Record scientist-investigators. In this picture, she was 120.

In this Presentation, we will study the Life of the Mediterranean Extreme Longevity Champion Jeanne Calment, including her medical records that span from 111 years to 118 and determine what were a few of her longevity habits. A few other super centenarians as well as animals will be compared to this all time longevity record breaker. And yes, she drank red wine with her Med-diet meals, (with, on occasion A2 quality cheese & wild fish), had a great sense of humor and enjoyed lots of dark chocolate, up to one kilo a week (2.2. pounds). (Source) But according to Jeanne herself, French scientists and her doctor, her healthy lifespan secret was something else.

Are there genetic variants or determinants that account for extreme longevity in humans ? Are blood groups significant ? Or is Lifestyle key ?

“Centenarians are the best example of extreme human longevity, and they represent a selected population in which the appearance of major age-related diseases, such as cancer, and cardiovascular diseases among others, has been consistently delayed or escaped. The study of the long-lived individual genetic profile has the purpose to possibly identify the genes and the allelic variations influencing extended life expectancy, hence considering them as biomarkers of age-related diseases onset and development. The present study shows no significant differences between allelic variations of ABO blood groups among a group of centenarians from Western Sicily”. (Source)

With more and more longevity research, different groups have started to look at DNA sequencing in search of longevity genes and allelic variations impacting long lifespans. In this presentation, we will briefly examine the issue of genetic variants. So far, nothing of signifiance has been found, but there are a few genetic commonalities among centenarians and super centenarians, albeit modifiable via the epigenetic pathway, which means that lifestyle is still key.  Hence, the importance in studying the hallmarks of biological aging.

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Session B. The Biology of Aging: Understanding the Mechanics Behind Aging and Accelerated Aging

The Aging Hallmarks on which Holistic medicine has a favorable impact

“Medicine is not only a science; it is also an art. It does not consist of compounding pills and plasters; it deals with the very processes of life, which must be understood before they may be guided.” Paracelsus

To be motivated to adopt a Holistic Restorative and Rejuvenation Lifestyle, it is first necessary to understand the mechanisms that govern normal aging in relation to accelerated aging and slow holistic aging. When we see that Lifestyle and holistic savoir-faire impact all of the major hallmarks of aging, including gene expression, it is then easier to pay attention to what is important in Life, provided one desires a healthy supercentenarian existence. But one must genuinely desire to achieve this Life potential. The supercentenarian life is not for the faint of heart. To achieve this high vibrational level of Life, resistance against toxicity and activation of holistic techniques, including in the fields of relaxation, detox, exercises, meditation, up-beat attitude, quality nutrition, sleep and vibrant water intake, inter alia, are needed.

This Presentation will thus look at the major macro-mechanisms or hallmarks that characterize the evolutionary-sculpted aging cascade and whose control promotes healthy lifespans to at least 120 years. There are over twelve of these major hallmarks, as a consequence, it should take at least a good two or so hours before we can go to the next session.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 9.13.55 PM

Top: coronary heart disease can be easily detected with a simple ear examination anyone can do

Session C: Holistic Cardiology in a Nutshell.  Extended Lifespans need Strong Hearts & Smooth Vasculature

“Keep a quiet heart, Sit like a tortoise, Walk sprightly like a pigeon, Sleep like a dog”  (Longevity advise from Li Ching-Yuen. Li was a mountain herbalist & a wine enthusiast who seemingly lived to 197 years.

Healthy extended lifespans need healthy epithelium. If the lining of the vessel walls are not healthy, all of the other tissues are affected. Blood flow is key and both holistic and nutritional medicine focus on this priority by prescribing daily servings of nitric oxide promoting dark green veggies, inter alia. (legal jargon for “among other elements”). (Source) When the epitehlium is damaged,  Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) abound. CVDs in the US constitute both the First cause of premature death and the easiest epidemic to fixed holistically. If holistic and happiness medicine were the standards of care, conventional cardiology would go bankrupt within days, thanks to which millions of Americans would avoid CVDs and get closer to acheive their 120 years potential.

In this Presentation, we will examine the hard evidence that shows that most of conventional cardiology is both outdated and laden with deleterious consequences that hinder the People’s birthright to live a healthy lifespan to 120 years. Concomitantly, we will prove via published power point studies that  integrative and holistic cardiology are clinically safer, more effective and cost-friendlier.

 Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.) is a Key  “CVD canary in the Coal Mine” symptom that justifies an immediate rendez-vous with Cardiology Monitoring

The evidence is crystal clear, libido health for both men and women declines when arteries get clogged up. ED is the highest CVD risk, fourty times more than other risks factors, including high blood pressure and low NO (nitric oxide). It is a red flag,  what the experts call a “canary in the  coal mine”. As a consequence, an immediate check-up at the cardiologist’s office as well as a blast of Omega 3 rich algae oil and a scoop of powedered flax seeds may be indicated pronto.

Lifestyle and nutrition have been increasingly recognized as central factors influencing vascular nitric oxide (NO) production and erectile function. This review underscores the importance of NO as the principal mediator influencing cardiovascular health and erectile function. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is associated with smoking, excessive alcohol intake, physical inactivity, abdominal obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and decreased antioxidant defenses, all of which reduce NO production. (…)  In men aged <60 years and in men with diabetes or hypertension, erectile dysfunction can be a critical warning sign for existing or impending cardiovascular disease and risk for death. The antiarrhythmic effect of omega-3 fatty acids may be particularly crucial for these men at greatest risk for sudden death.(…)…” (“The link between erectile and cardiovascular health: the canary in the coal mine”, Am J Cardiol. 2011 Aug 15;108(4):599-606)

In this Presentation, we will talk about a few holistic tips to restore both the endothelium  and glandular health. These tips are way safer and more efficient than viagra and any other drugs on the market. Without proper cardiovascular “self-care”, human lifespan is unlikely to reach 80 years old.

Cholesterol and saturated fats: debunking myths & misleading claims

There is no question that humans need cholesterol and lots of it. That’s why human liver cells as well as intestinal, reproductive and adrenal cells make it. Cholesterol is so vital for all of our cells’ membranes, hormones inter alia, that humans also have a HDL-based cholesterol recycling system. Recent well designed studies confirm that those who die the youngest have low cholesterol (Source) while those who live the longest and healthiest have more cholesterol.

“High LDL-C is inversely associated with mortality in most people over 60 years”. (BMJ, Source)

However, there is controversy. When the body’s sensors register dietary cholesterol, (coming from animal sources), it signals  our cells to stop producing endogenous cholesterol. So is this “replacement” deleterious ? While most serious food scientists agree that we need cholesterol, many disagree with regard to the source and amount of cholesterol. The Keto-paleo schools argue that good heath requires lots of  dietary cholestrol from animals while other food scientists argue the opposite, that the body’s own cholesterol should be the only source of cholesterol.

In this perspective, Dr. William Clifford Roberts, Executive Director of Baylor Heart and Vascular Institute and long-time Editor in Chief of the American Journal of Cardiology, has argued  that atherosclerosis has only one single cause, dietary cholesterol. (Source)  In other words, neither being stressed out, overweight, smoking, diabetic, sedentary are sufficient factors by themselves to trigger CVDs. Roberts concluded that the sine qua non condition for a fatal or nonfatal atherosclerotic event like a heart attack is a high cholesterol levels. Source)  Other cardiologists like Drs Esselstyn, Kahn and Ornish argue that high animal dietary cholesterol and saturated fats not only promote CVDs, but they also promote many other chronic diseases, from  kidney failure to cancer and fertility dysfunctions. And still other published authors  show that statin drugs un-necessarily reduce needed cholesterol while depleting Co-Q-10 enzyme.

On the other hand, a landmark systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies showed no clear correlation between saturated fat consumption and all-cause mortality.

“Conclusions Saturated fats are not associated with all cause mortality, CVD, CHD, ischemic stroke, or type 2 diabetes, but the evidence is heterogeneous with methodological limitations. Trans fats are associated with all cause mortality, total CHD, and CHD mortality, probably because of higher levels of intake of industrial trans fats than ruminant trans fats. Dietary guidelines must carefully consider the health effects of recommendations for alternative macronutrients to replace trans fats and saturated fats”. (BMJ 2015, Source)

So does CVD pathogenesis and treatment require a paradigm shift ? Should we now all eat lots of  animal cholesterol and saturated fat ? This Presentation we will attempt to clarify the cholesterol-fat debate and determine safe holistic protocols that safely promote endogenous cholesterol as well as all of the other types of good fatty acids the body and brain need for optimal functioning.

To Salt or Not to Salt ? The Evidence on Salt and CVD Diseases

In this Section, we will examine the salt question. Studies in Europe concluded that more salt is better for the health than less salt, including for CVD patients, provided the salt is not toxic and of the French celtic type, full of healthy minerals and trace minerals, over 60 of them. In the US, studies showed the opposite effects, the more salt was consumed, the more arterial stiffness, high blood pressure and CVD were seen. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that excess sodium can increase blood pressure and the risk for a heart disease and stroke in some individuals. (Source). Therefore, health authorities recommend limitations on dietary sodium. The United States Department of Health and Human Services recommends that individuals consume no more than 1500–2300 mg of sodium (3750–5750 mg of salt) per day (Source).

Japanese experts also found a link between higher sodium intake and an increased risk of hypertension (Takase et al, Journal of the American Heart Association, July 29, 2015; Murai et al, Journal of Hypertension, June, 2015, (Source). And a meta-analysis of 34 randomized trials found that modest salt reduction, to around 3 g/day, for at least a month lowered blood pressure significantly (He et al, BMJ, April 3, 2013). And still another study showed that everyone reacts differently,  not everyone benefits from cutting salt, this study found no connection between sodium or potassium intake and elevated blood pressure (Sharma et al, Journal of Clinical Hypertension, April 11, 2014 (Source). And still other studies demonstreated that low salt (below 3 grams per day) was the worse of the worse in termso of promoting  CVDs. (Source)

“Published in The Lancet, the study found that low salt, or sodium, intake may raise the risk of heart attack, stroke, and death, compared with an average salt intake. (Source)

In this Presentation, we will debunk myths, unmasks flawed studies and show the hard evidence with regard to the salt question.  There is no question that Sodium is an essential nutrient, its ions are needed in small quantities by most living things, as are chloride ions. Salt is involved in regulating the water content (fluid balance) of the body. The sodium ion itself is used for electrical signaling in the nervous system and other bodily functions. (Source) One of the keys lies in the quality of the salt as well as its synergy with other food spices and food. Refining salt so that  only sodium chloride is left is a miserable mistake like all refinement. Salt should be consumed unrefined and with quality food.  It is thus likely that most American conventional and integrative cardiologists are  misguided they recommend law-salt intake.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 10.01.28 AM

Session D: Detoxification & Cleansing for Optimal Longevity

 “There were never so many able, active minds at work on the problems of disease as now, and all their discoveries are tending toward the simple truth that you can’t improve on nature.” (Thomas Edison, 1902)

In Conventional medicine, the Government’s N.I.H experts claim that  “…there isn’t any convincing evidence that detox or cleansing programs actually remove toxins from your body or improve your health. Weight loss on a detox diet may be because these diets are often very low in calories” (Source) while independent but conventional scientists in peer-reviewed studies will outrightly debunk detoxification techniques as being useful for disease reversal and longevity. On the other hand, experts in the integrative-functional-holistic fields validate detoxification’s powerful impact on healing. After assessing the pros and cons of holistic and metabolic detoxification, the Happiness Medicine Institute has determined that detoxification in general is overwhelmingly supported by the evidence and constitutes a powerful rejuvenation technique, notwithstand a few isolated and unsupported cash-flow motivated claims in the alternative health field.

In this section, we will thus compare the arguments and facts with regard to the pros and the cons of different detox techniques and then make a reasonable determination as to where the preponderance of the evidence lies regarding some of the more popular detoxificataion claims that are invoked in the integrative and holistic fields: in particular: anemas, colonics, saunas, ionic foot baths, detox supplements (clays, ALA, Nac, milk thistle etc), diet, fasting, sweating, exercises and more.

The Body’s has Six Key Metabolic Detoxification Pathways that need to be activated and fined-tuned

There are 6 Phase II detoxification pathways in the body that need to be in good shape for Life to durably withstand the passage of time. Each conjugation pathway serves a specific purpose of detoxifying certain toxins and toxicants. These biochemical pathways require specific nutrients to function. These 6 detoxification pathways include: Glutathione conjugation, Methylation, Sulfation, Acylation/Glycation, Acetylation, and  Glucuronidation. In this presentation, examine how to best activate these pathways.

Sauna & Hydrotherapy

While most health practitioners will agree with the importance of using a Sauna to better detox, most health practitioners will not recommend safe and efficient holistic protocols that should accompany sauna therapy as sweating is not enough to get rid of toxicants, if only because some of the released toxins and toxicants find their way back into the blood circulation where they can create havoc. In this Presentation, the H.M. Institute’s Holistic Approach to Sauna Detox and Hydrotherapy will be detailed.

Removing Glyphosate ASAP

Every generation and civilization has major toxicity challenges. In this Presentation, we will look at Glyphosate’s impact on over 15 common diseases and chronic conditions, delve into different protocols that can safely remove most of this ubiquitous poison. We will conclude with a word on testing.

Home Detox from the Sick Building Syndrome

We will also review the “home toxemia” challenge, the list of which is extensive. This Seminar’s section is important because holistic medicine’s first task is to identify the deep underlying causes to diseases and many of these causes are found in one’s living area and in the workshopee’s lifestyle. Just the air inside most homes have been determined to be up to five times worse than the air pollution outside, wrote the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (ie, other sources say 10 times worse), while the W.H.O found that 4.3 million people die each year prematuraly from the air inside homes. (Source) To make matters worse, the non-profit Environmental Working Group tested over 2,000 cleaning products, and found that most of them contain chemicals that are linked to asthma, allergies, or even cancer. EWG found that, because American product manufacturers or distributors aren’t required to disclose all their ingredients, many of them don’t. Still worse, with electromagnetic and dirty electricity pollution, formaldehyde and arsenic in wood, lead in pipes, radon under the house, fire retardant outgasing from sofas and beds (toxic to the thyroid), mercury vapors in people’s mouths, deleterious bacteria and molds on the walls, and, among many other toxins, VOCs and phthalate esters all over (ie, these are plasticised polyvinyl chloride (PVC) materials used in floor (especially carpets) and wall covering materials, shower curtains, adhesives, synthetic etc), people develop respiratory, cancer, auto-immunity diseases, among other ailments. 

Occupants of water-damaged buildings (WDBs)

Studies have demonstrated over and over that the indoor air of WDBs often contains a complex and deleterious mixture of fungi, mycotoxins, bacteria, endotoxins, antigens, lipopolysaccharides, and biologically produced volatile compounds. Occupants of water-damaged buildings (WDBs) can be victime to this SBS (sick building syndrome) involving multiple organ systems.

This Presentation will therefore look into this problem and also examine toxic garden, toxic cloth, toxic body & home care products that are injurious to health while not being effectively regulated by the Industry, let alone by the Government’s agencies.

 Fasting  Techniques

In this Presentation, we will briefly look at different types of Fasts, their benefits, limitations and risks. Some of the fasting techniques we will examine are the following:   fruit fasts,  mono-diet fasts, raw juicing fasts, caloric restriction, veggie-fruit rawfood diets, the Daniel fast, the “feast and famine” protocol, water fasts and, among others, the “warrior diet fast” (eating once a day), the intermittent and the alternate fast, all of which are new labels to simple millennia-old holistic techniques based on shutting down the gastric juices and exogenous food supply (and-or significantly reducing them) so that the body can better oxygenate, alkalinize, mineralize, detox, heal, retore homeostasis  and rejuvenate. Water and juice fasting should be preceded with other types of detoxification so that released toxins and toxicants can be removed in a more gentle way. Without propre preparation, long juice and especially water fasts can lead to serious toxemia complications.

 On the New “fasting mimicking diet” trend being adopted by the Anti-Aging Community

For the fasting mimicking diet (FMD), Professor Longo (presently director of the UCLA Longevity Institute) believes that his five days per month caloric restriction diet can mimic the effects of fasting with a meal program that is designed to inhibit the same metabolic pathways fasting would, thereby providing the body with nutrients that do not trigger the body’s growth responses. (See video below)

While Longo’ experimentations do show rejuvenation benefits from this “fasting mimicking diet”, we will argue that this mimicking diet can’t surpass a water-only fast, or even couple other types of light-food or herb-juice fasts.

Juicing Cleanses

Like herbal teas, juice cleanses have been popular in holistic centers for millennia. While juicing cleanses are potentiated by other holistic techniques, by themselves, as stand-alones, they can also be beneficial in terms of oxygenating, alkalinizing, detoxification and mineralizing the body’s tissues. Furthermore, the body’s conductivity also gets more intense. We may show this conductivity via an electrical experiment. (3 a).  Water and juice fasting should be preceded with other types of detoxification so that released toxins and toxicants can be removed in a more gentle way.

Hydration,  Structured Water & Toxicants

Humans are made up of around 80 percent water. Given water’s essential role in cleaning out trillions and trillions of cells from metabolic waste, toxins and toxicants and in being the body’s lifeblood, it is important to avoid dead and toxic water. In this presentation, we will look at different hydration techniques, including vibrant mountain Vitamin B-12 rich spring water as well as structured water.

Toxins and toxicants are particularly relevant because many heavy metals and deleterious chemicals hinder the proper functioning of mammaliam metabolism, the repair genes, the mitochondria energy system, the immune system, the thyroid, the messaging molecules (cytokines, hormones, neuropeptides, neurotransmitters etc), genes’ co-factors, the microbiota, the metabolic detox pathways and the like. Two of many examples, when BPA and other obesogens latch on insulin receptors, insulin resistance is promoted, that which sets the stage for diabetes and early death (Source) and all the more so that animal saturated fat is abundant and exercises deficient. When heavy metals are present, Lyme’s bacteria become much stronger. There are hundreds of examples of this nature, a few of which will be discussed in this talk as well as house detox protocols via house plants, hepa filters, ionizers and essential oils, organic paint, healthy building material, water purifiers and more.


Session E: Quality, Traditional & Moderate Wine intake extends Healthy Lifespans 

“Stop drinking only water, and use a little wine because of your stomach and your frequent illnesses.” 1 Timothy 5:23

The evidence suggests that early death and multiple chronic diseases appear to be either partially or primarily the result of abstaining from this “essential nutrient” we call wine. But only if the dosage is appropriate (small to moderate amount of quality wine) and if wine is taken in holistically and made traditionally.  

As Paracelsus said over two thousands years ago, “wine is a medicine, a food or a poison depending on the dosage”, to which we can add quality, pairing and timing. Too much wine will obviously harm the liver, the brain and other organs, but in the right proportion and context, wine can be a powerful medicine, just like essential oils, sunlight, exercises, heat, botanicals, caloric restriction, food, sound and the like. In this presentation, we will examine a few diseases that quality wine can help to both control and reverse as well as its impact on longevity.

“Wine is a traditional beverage that has been associated with both healthy and harmful effects. Conceptions like the so-called “French paradox” or the beneficial impact of the Mediterranean diet suggest benefit. (…) there is reasonable unanimity in beneficial effects of moderate wine consumption in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, maybe neurological diseases, and longevity”. (Source)

On the issue of “Moderate” versus “biologically indicated” quality wine

While a new published study has suggested that even moderate wine could be deleterious to the health, another recently published study has corroborated that low dosage of alcohol consumption in comparison to no alcohol or high alcohol consumption was beneficial for glymphatic function, meaning that the mammalian brain was better able to clear itself of harmful debris, which is key if one wants to avoid neurological diseases and dementia.

This Presentation will look at the built-in flaws and biases conventional, alternative and  vegan scientists use to unfairly and unscientifically condemn wine, even in moderate amounts. Wine in essence is dose-dependent medicine, so it’s a given that drinking too much is not healthy. But drinking cheap wine is also unhealthy, if only because American modern viticulture is one of the most  soil-disturbing and chemically sprayed (i.e. lots of cancer among conventional viticulture farmers, including eye cancers). On the other hand, and most American physicians miss this piece of ancestral wisdom, quality wine in the right amount and at the right time and under the right holistic conditions is royal (great) medicine, the evidence of which remains overwhelming for dozens and dozens of health conditions. We will thus share a few elements of French holistic wine protocols to help control and reverse diseases, including liver diseases and alcoholism..

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 11.19.10 AM

Session F: Is the Body’s Endocannabinoid System essential  insofar as general homeostasis, wellbeing & Longevity are concerned ?

“It’s not because we are old that we don’t play, it’s because we don’t play that we get old” (George Bernard Shaw)

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a newly discovered biological system composed of endocannabinoids, which are endogenous lipid-based retrograde neurotransmitters that bind to cannabinoid receptors, and cannabinoid receptor proteins that are expressed throughout the mammalian central nervous system (including the brain) and peripheral nervous system. The endocannabinoid system is also involved in regulating a variety of physiological and cognitive processes including but not limited to general homeostasis and brain rejuvenation (neurogenesis). Likewise with cancer and over one hundred heath disorders.

“…cannabinoids may inhibit tumor growth by causing cell death, blocking cell growth, and blocking the development of blood vessels needed by tumors to grow. Laboratory and animal studies have shown that cannabinoids may be able to kill cancer cells while protecting normal cells”. (From the Federal Government’s National Cancer Institute) Source

In this Presentation, after a brief review of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and one of its diseases officially called clinical cannabinoid deficiency disorder (CECD), we will look at a recent finding regarding cannabiniods’ role in optimal longevity. In this perspective researchers in 2017 confirmed that cannabinoids may be a forgotten essential nutrient, in particular for the elderly. Because levels of natural cannabinoids in the ECS decline with aging,   these researchers focused on the correlation between cannabinoids and memory and provided convincing evidence that the lack of cannabinoids is a proximate cause of the loss of memory function in later life. We will also show that it is possible to stave off cognitive decline by using low doses of tetrahydrocannabinol to supplement natural cannaboids. Cannabinoids from different plants will also be reviewed in terms of their contribution to healthy lifespans, including, but not limited to different varieties of exotic peppers that also contain healing cannabinoids.

The Big Three C’s: Cannabinoids, Curcuminoids and Carotenoids

Given the entourage effect, synergy, homeostasis and other mechanisms that are inherent to the very engine of evolutionary biology, when we mix cannabinoids like CBDs, CBGs, CBNs, THCs, inter alia (among others) with other molecules coming from a living Rainbow-like diet full of luxuriant pigments and rich in polyphenols and phytochemicals like curcuminoids, carotenoids, terpenoids, peperine, myrcenes and other molecules, the synergistic combination of which potentiates multiple therapeutic effects. In this realm, combining organic black pepper to curcuminoids will also enhance their anti-inflammatory and antioxidants virtues, if only because curcuminoids’ bioavailability will increase by 2000 times.

 “For example, piperine is the major active component of black pepper and, when combined in a complex with curcumin, has been shown to increase bioavailability by 2000%.” (Source)

The fact that black pepper is rich in cannabinoids suggest that the curcumin-cannabis combo would be a medically efficient pairing. Now when we add carotenoids, the therapeutic bang may be even more interesting, as we will see via power point. In this presentation, we will thus demonstrate how to benefit from therapeutic formulas that can help upregulate both happiness  and Longevity genes, as well as their neuropeptides and hormones.

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 Session G: Conventional Medicine’s Flaws and How to Find Truthful Data

“The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness.” (Lancet Journal)

Medicine is a field of knowledge that is fraught with unreliability, contradictions, incompetence, careerism, conflicts of interests, fraud and change. Its published research findings are often refuted by subsequent evidence. Refutation and controversy is seen across the range of biomedical research designs, from clinical trials and traditional epidemiological studies to the most modern molecular research. Furthermore, much of biomedical research isn’t even reproducible.  And there is increasing concern that in modern conventional biomedical research, false findings may be the norm.  Integrative medicine is better, but also has it’s flaws.

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of the New England Journal of Medicine” (“Dr. Marcia Angell, a physician and longtime Editor in Chief of the New England Medical Journal (NEMJ), which is considered to another one of the most prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals in the world). (Source)

In this Presentation, we will review the relevant facts with regard to methodological problems as well as the ongoing Science frauds that are willingly perpetrated in the Mainstream. Thereafter, we will give guidelines that can help to navigate the system so that accurate and relevant data can be established.

How to  Design Misleading Studies to Show Wine and Holistic Interventions  are not health and life-restorative

In this section, we will show how conventional medicine experts use bias, reductionism and misleading tricks to promote just about anything they get paid for.

 Medical Law: Liability, the Standard-of-Care and the Legal Protection of Alternative Medicine and Medical Research

“The medical profession is being bought by the pharmaceutical industry, not only in terms of the practice of medicine, but also in terms of teaching and research. The academic institutions of this country are allowing themselves to be the paid agents of the pharmaceutical industry. I think it’s disgraceful.”  Arnold Seymour Relman (1923-2014), Harvard Professor of Medicine and Former Editor-in-Chief of the New England Medical Journal

We think of the “standard-of-care” as the definition of proper care that a patient receives from the medical establishment. However, this concept has evolved into a disadvantageous way to quickly and impersonally delivery symptoms-only medicinal treatment.

In this presentation, we will share power point information for the benefit of alternative health-care providers on liabilities as well as on legal protection techniques that can be implemented in order to avoid legal pitfalls and thrive as best as possible under the present circumstancesIn addition, key arguments that can be invoked in a Court of law when arbitrary legal attacks hit (from Medical Boards, FDA, FTC, frivolous patients, et al) will follow as well as a brief discussion of Patients’ Fundamental Health Rights and  Doctors’ Duties.

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 Session H: The French & Holistic Approach to Health & Optimal Longevity

“The fixity of the milieu supposes a perfection of the organism such that the external variations are at each instant compensated for and equilibrated. Therefore, far from being indifferent to the external world, the higher animal is on the contrary constrained in a close and responsive relation with it, of such fashion that its equilibrium results from a continuous and delicate compensation established as if by the most sensitive of balances.” (Professeur Claude Bernard)

In France, much of medicine reflects the culture of the “le juste milieu”, the Goldylock “right balance”. As a consequence, half of French medical doctors practice homeopathy while the vast majority of them will prescribe lifestyle “joie de vivre” medicine, whether it be via the famous three weeks (per year) Government paid health spa vacation in one of France’s sunny resorts, thermal therapy, wine medicine, leisure and other destressing techniques, sophrology, aromatherapy, phytotherapy, or, among other many other integrative and holistic techniques, healthy flavorful and uplifting food, spices and herbs, what is officially called clinical nutritional medicine, all in the “right balance” within a rich bio-diversity “entourage” and enjoyable milieu.

“Instead they offer a holistic approach to alleviating chronic conditions such as arthritis and multiple sclerosisAs well as bathing, curistes drink 10 tiny glasses a day of the mineral rich water. To me, the water tasted rather salty. One man I spoke to said it kept him awake at night.  But most feel it helps, as do the massage, gymnastics and lessons in cooking healthy food that are also on offer. Between now and October, thousands of curistes – drawn mostly from France’s retired population – will spend up to three weeks floating and gossiping in the hot pools.  The spas are set in beautiful gardens and staffed by doctors, physiotherapists and dieticians… all of which comes at a hefty price. Most can only afford it because the bill is footed by the State. (…) (Source)

In this presentation, we will define the hippocratic-based French approach to medicine, food and public health and briefly show a few of  its strengthes, some of which could benefit the American health-care system.  (6 b)

Joie de Vivre, French Cuisine & Tradition

In the “crudités” part of French Mediterranean meals, flavor and esthetics are combined with rainbow colors. Each color, made from different plant pigments, is endowed with rich and complex phytonutrients and polyphenols that target specific metabolic pathways. Anthocyanins, pygnogenol and resveratrol for example all help activate the longevity sirtuin genes, inter alia.

In this presentation, we will review a few French Mediterranean “super-foods” and dishes, including, but not limited to fruit, flower, veggie, grains, roots and the herb Kingdom as well as fungi from the mushroom kingdom and friendly bacteria, all of which can help to avoid and even treat chronic diseases while activating longevity and “happiness” genes.


Lunch Break & Culinary Demonstration: Session I: Culinary Remedies, Longevity Smoothies, Essential Oils & Wine Demonstration

“Wine can be a poison, a food or a medicine depending on  the dosage” Paracelsus

In this Kitchen Demonstration, we will demonstrate how to optimize certain foods (using plants, herbs, flowers, roots, essential oils, mushrooms and the like) via the making of a longevity dish (Smoothie, soup or the like) that comes from either the Mediterranean Diet, the Vegan Diet and-or the Rawfood Whole-Plant diet. Concomitantly, we will demonstrate how wine is used medicinally. As we work on our  Demonstrations, the workshopees are free to munch on their own lunch.

Hormonal balancing

Session J: Bio-Physics, Acupuncture, Photons, Helio-therapy & inter-cellular Communication

“We are still on the threshold of fully understanding the complex relationship between light and life, but we can now say emphatically, that the function of our entire metabolism is dependent on light.” Dr. Fritz Albert Popp

As the mitochondria’s integrity erodes with time and entropy, there tends to be a cellular upheavel in the production of ATP, ROS and over-all inter-cellular communication. One of the consequences of this process is sarcopenia, the loss of muscles and bone density, a condition that leads  femoral and hip fractures among the elderly. Is this condition the result of a natural old age process or the result of impaired thinking ? Can Sun therapy (in Europe, this medicine is called “heliotherapy”, from the Greek “helio”, which means Sun), acupuncture, bio-photons, bio-electricity and a holistic lifestyle help to overcome sarcopenia, bone loss, brain atrophy and accelerated aging ?

“Biophotons may represent a complex cell-to-cell communication that relies upon speed of light transmission. The physics of light seems to fit the biological observations. Light is the most efficient and fastest mediator of information in the world. The coherent property of biophotons may have a profound effect on their ability to influence information transfer. Frequency coding gives light a capability of encoding information from DNA in biophotons. (Source)

While biophysics and longevity research is still nascent and unsettled, we already have emerging evidence that bio-electricity and photons may have an important role in health and longevity including on inter-cellular communication and the mitochondria, whose degradation is one of the aging hallmarks we have examined.

“In recent years, a growing body of evidence shows that photons play an important role in the basic functioning of cells. Most of this evidence comes from turning the lights off and counting the number of photons that cells produce. It turns out, much to many people’s surprise, that many cells, perhaps even most, emit light as they work. In fact, it looks very much as if many cells use light to communicate. There’s certainly evidence that bacteria, plants and even kidney cells communicate in this way”. (From M.I.T. Source)

In this presentation, we will show what the evidence suggests with regard to the role of photons on the mitochondria and inter-cellular communication. Bio-electricity and particle-wave medicine, from electro-acupunture to Pemf, low dose radiation, TENS, Sound frequencies and more all appear to favorably mitigate chronic diseases and modulate longevity pathways.

Cell Phone Radiation & EMFs Toxicity

In the same way that bioelectricity and photons can boost vitality and longevity, in a similar way, dirty electricity, cell phone radiation and harmful EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies) can be toxic and shorten lifespan. In this perspective, a look at the hard evidence shows that Emf toxicity and electro-smog are anti-Life frequencies and radiation coming from wifi, cell phones, cell phone towers, electrical appliances, smart meters, blue tooth technology, micro-wave oven, high voltage lines etc., all impact health and our polarity and battery-structured cells via different mechanisms including cell-membrane calcium channel flow. Just recently, in Poland, the number one issue in Krackow’s elections was based on removing electro-smog and cell phone towers. In France, Israel and a few other countries, cell phones and wifi technology have been banned from elementary schools as the evidence is irrefutable that wifi equipement and cell phones are even more damaging to young brains. But in the United States, Big Business has blocked responsible public regulation, notwithstanding the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) categorization of electromagnetic fields as ‘possible human carcinogens’ that might transform normal cells into cancer cells. (Source)

Since then, numerous studies have confirmed that the electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation emitted by cell phones can indeed cause anomalous cell growth and cancer. (Source),  Two areas of the body, the eyes, and the testes can be particularly susceptible to heating by EMFs because of the relative lack of available blood flow to get rid of the excessive heat load. Laboratory experiments have shown that short-term exposure to high levels of RF radiation (100-200 mW/cm²) can cause cataracts in rabbits and temporary sterility (lowered sperm count and motility) (Source) The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has a web page entitled “Cell Phone Radiation Damages Sperm, Studies Show” published August 2013.” (Source) For eyes, the mechanism is unclear but may include changes in heat sensitive enzymes that normally protect cell proteins in the lens. Another mechanism that has been advanced is direct damage to the lens from pressure waves induced in the aqueous humor (Source). DHA is concentrated in our brain, testes, and eyes, so there’s a possibility that EMF oxidizes DHA. Prof Leszczynski of Finland’s radiation and nuclear safety authority found that, at the maximum legal limit for mobile radiation, one protein, in particular, HSP 27, was affected. HSP 27 plays a critical role in the integrity of the blood-brain barrier (Source). In this presentation, we will discuss some the emerging evidence on EMFs and Cell phone radiation’s impact on health and longevity as well as ways to mitigate and avoid them.

Session K: Dental Holistic Care, and how the American Conventional Toxic Dentistry System impedes Americans from reaching healthy Lifespans

Because the present conventional dentistry standards of care are connected to chronic diseases and accelerated aging, this talk will review some of the key holistic measures that can avoid toxic dentistry, including but not limited to healing early-mid cavity decay with holistic savoir-faire techniques, detoxing via oil pulling, home-made essential oil mouthwash, safe mercury-amalgam removal protocols, biocompatible dental material, avoiding endocrine disrupting leaching chemicals like BPA from different dental components (e.g., including, but not limited to BPA sealants, if only because it has been shown that BPA can lead to autoimmune diseases), using ozone, lasers that can replace the “drill & fill” technique and more.  Implants with one’s own dental stem cells is already operationa, but the conventional dentistry system is hindering it’s full clinical availability while the Government’s NIH experts still refuse to finance studies on mercury’s devastating health effects, all of which are fully supported by hard evidence from hundreds of peer reviewed studies that can be found in the international scientific literature.

Given the US’s peridontal infection epidemic (over 65 percent of teeth loss is due to gum disease and over 90 percent of Americans have some form of gum disease) as well as the toxic heavy metal poisoning pandemic (including, but not limited to mercury and industrial fluoride), the root canal aberration (i.e. leaving a dead tooth in the body is medically insane), avoidable cavitations, galvo-currents and more, biological and holistic dentistry is a necessary tool to consider if the workshopee is serious about optimizing a healthy lifespans to 120 year and beyond. Likewise with new technologies like laser and 3 D cone beam scans that can detect serious infections and tooth abcesses that digital scans and x-rays miss. This Presentation will included case studies of cancer and cardiac cases being resolved once dental problems were holistically fixed.


Aromatherapy is one of many holistic dental techniques. French-invented, modern aromatherapy (founded by René-Maurice Gottefaussé & Vanet) has been taught in France for over a century, thanks to which we now know how to best use plant volatile essential oils and their blends for the optimization of the oral cavity, mood, detox, immune-boosting and many other conditions and diseases via their incorporation in water, food, air, land (as natural insecticides), massage, suppository and, among other modalities, intravenously and via mouthwash, in particular cloves essential oil whose eugenol compound helps to both numb tooth pain and remove deleterious bacteria. In this Presentation, we will review of few of the key essential oils that can be useful for healthy extended lifespans.

Session L: The Reversal of Alzheimer’s Disease & Depression with Holistic Savoir-Faire

“In investigating nature you will do well to bear ever in mind that in every question there is the truth, whatever our notions may be. This seems, perhaps, a very simple consideration, yet it is strange how often it seems to be disregarded. I remember at an early period of my own life showing to a man of high reputation as a teacher some matters which I happened to have observed. And I was very much struck and grieved to find that, while all the facts lay equally clear before him, those only which squared with his previous theories seemed to affect his organs of vision.” (Lister)

It remains impossible to achieve a healthy 120 years, let alone JDV when serious mental and neurological disorders like Azheimer’s Disease (AD), Parkinson, Depression or M.S. hit. In the U.S., Alzheimer’s Disease incidence will triple to what it is today. In England, where holistic lifestyle has not been well rooted, AD has replaced both cancer and CVD as the number one killer and the US is not far behind, at least for the elderly. For those with the APOE 4 gene, the risk factors are higher and strike earlier.

Conventional Medicine neurological experts, just like in the cancer, cardiovascular and most other chronic disease fields, have blindly postulated that the major culprit is a symptom or group of symptoms that drives the disease. In this case, the central hallmark of AD. has been conventionally determined to be  the beta amyloid plaque, a form of misfolded proteins. After over 30 years and billions of dollars testing drugs in clinical trials, not one of these anti amyloidal drugs made a difference in terms of safely and efficiently treating this disease. (The amyloid plaque did shrink with some of these drugs but from the viewpoint of even delaying the Alzheimer’s process, these lab molecules failed. And they will continue to fail because their approach is symptomatic).

In this Presentation, we will show via documened power point that holistic scientists and neurologists have proven beyond any reasonable doubt, that amyloid plaque is a mere symptom, not the cause of Alzheimer’s Disease, just like high blood pressure is an adaptive and compensatory symptom of being in a very high altitude area. Furthermore, we can demonstreate that the amyloid plaque, just like the arterial and dental plaques, is a defense mechanism against other deeper causes that conventional medicine misses or refuses to investigate.

For over twenty years now, we have known that the so called “Alzheimer Disease hallmark”, the amyloidal plaques as the driver of the disease, is a dogma. Below, a 2004 piece from a group of scientists who are not fooled by conventional medicine’s approach.

“Ever since their initial description over a century ago, senile plaques and their major protein component, amyloid-beta, have been considered key contributors to the pathogenesis of Alzheimer disease. However, counter to the popular view that amyloid-beta represents an initiator of disease pathogenesis, we herein challenge dogma and propose that amyloid-beta occurs secondary to neuronal stress and, rather than causing cell death, functions as a protective adaptation to the disease….”. By analogy, individuals suffering from altitude sickness nearly always have elevated levels of hemoglobin. However, while hemoglobin is toxic to cells in culture and increased erythropoiesis at sea level can be deadly, it is clear that the increases in hemoglobin occurring at altitude are beneficial. Amyloid, like hemoglobin, may also be beneficial, in this case, following neuronal stress or disease. Although controversial, a protective function for amyloid-beta is supported by all of the available literature to date and also explains why many aged individuals, despite the presence of high numbers of senile plaques, show little or no cognitive decline. With this in mind, we suspect that current therapeutic efforts targeted toward lowering amyloid-beta production or removal of deposited amyloid-beta will only serve to exacerbate the disease process. (Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2004 Jun;1019:1-4). (Source)

Below, another piece of published evidence from 2002, wherein the authors show that both amyloid-beta and tau, the major components of senile plaques and neurofibrillary tangles, are less the central mediators of the pathogenesis of Alzheimer disease than protectors from upstream biochemical events, including, but not limited to oxidative stress.

“… in light of recent evidence, such “lesion-centric” approaches look to be inappropriate. In fact, rather than initiators of disease pathogenesis, the lesions occur consequent to oxidative stress and function as a primary line of antioxidant defense. (…) The notion that amyloid-beta and tau function as protective components brings into serious question the rationale of current therapeutic efforts targeted toward lesion removal”. Free Radic Biol Med. 2002 Nov 1;33(9):1194-9 (Source)

Similarly, depression is less the result of a deficiency of drugs than an inflammatory disease that is connected to the overall health including gut dysbiosis. In clear, as we will see in this power point presentation, the brain’s innate intelligence puts in place defense mechanisms in order to mitigate the assaults of toxins, allopathic drugs and heavy metals, including loads of mercury that are still systematically placed right under the brain, in the oral cavity’s teeth where mercury vapors are able to cross the blood brain barrier and accumulate therein.

In this Presentation, we will thus show how to avoid Alzheimer’s as well as other neurological risks by over 90 percent. Reversal of most of these mental disorders has also been established, including for Alzheimer’s Disease via different holistic protocols we will examine.

Session M: The Microbiota Revolution in Medicine & how Microbiome Medicine can Optimize Longevity

Since 2012 when the Journal Nature published the Human Microbiome Project’s (HMP) results, the very face of medicine has changed. With 8 million Microbiota genes that cross talk with our 22,000 human eukaryotic genes, we better understand the Microbiota’s pivotal role with regard to physiology, diseases and longevity, all thanks to our inner Garden’s critters made from bacteria, virus, fungi, archaea and, inter alia, their genes.

“The human body contains trillions of microorganisms — outnumbering human cells by 10 to 1. Because of their small size, however, microorganisms make up only about 1 to 3 percent of the body’s mass (in a 200-pound adult, that’s 2 to 6 pounds of bacteria), but play a vital role in human health (…) Researchers now calculate that more than 10,000 microbial species occupy the human ecosystem. Moreover, researchers calculate that they have identified between 81 and 99 percent of all microorganismal genera in healthy adults (….) HMP researchers also reported that this plethora of microbes contribute more genes responsible for human survival than humans contribute. Where the human genome carries some 22,000 protein-coding genes, researchers estimate that the human microbiome contributes some 8 million unique protein-coding genes or 360 times more bacterial genes than human genes. This bacterial genomic contribution is critical for human survival. Genes carried by bacteria in the gastro-intestinal tract, for example, allow humans to digest foods and absorb nutrients that otherwise would be unavailable. (Source)

These discoveries on the microbiota have been shown to be useful for the control and reversal of not only  Alzheimer’s disease, but for auto-immune diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular issues, cancer and more. The evidence confirms that both the microbiota and the microbiome impact the expression  of our entire genetic Code in multiple ways.  In addition, the microbiota makes many of our key nutrients and molecules, from the vitamins K and B6, to neuropeptides like serotonin and dopamine that affects our neurochemistry, to short chain fatty acids, to the protection of the gut lining, the promotion of signaling molecules, the downregulation of inflammation and more.

In this Presentation, we will look at a few of these discoveries and show how human Lifespan can be extended with the use of a holistic lifestype and diet that includes certain probiotics, probiotics and superfoods that favor certain key gut bacteria that inhabit healthy centenarians, most of whom harbor a microbiota as rich and diverse as those of thirty years old.

Microbiota Dysbiosis

As we will see, the very same bacteria who have been so essential in the complexification of Life over the last 65 millions of years are living in our guts churning away to make us either sick and short lived or healthy and long lived. For example, supercentenarians have a diversed amount of youthful bacteria whereas sick people who die young have lots of dysbiosis and poor diversity. Microbiome science has been one of the most recent scientific revolutions in Medicine, disproving a big chunk of mainstream medical dogmas. In this Presentation, we will also look at what hinders the optimization of the microbiota’s robustness and diversity.

Should Stool testing be part of all Diagnosis Work-ups ?

Given the importance of the microbiota as both factors and indicators of diseases, ordering a stool test should be part of the standard of care. In this presentation, we will identify simple methods that everyone can put in place in order to determine some of what stools indicate, in particular, in terms of smell, looks, texture and micro-organisms composition and their endotoxins and metabolites.

 Session N: Holistic Nutrition, Gastroenterology & Weight Management

The Internet, bookstores and libraries are replete with nutritional claims that are often contradictory and scientifically spinned or biased, including, but not limited to dash-paleo-keto high-fat, mid-animal proteins, low-carb, high-calorie schools diets which tend to be inflammatory and deleterious for long term health and longervity.

On the other hand, anti-inflammatory plant-based, high fiber, high bitters, mid vegan fats, low protein, low calorie and high low-glycemic carbs ancestral diets tend to avoid chronic diseases and optimize longevity, including the mostly plant-based Mediteranean diet, as long as this diet has a low amount of clean quality animal foods, including raw organic honey and wild small clean fish (ie, Smash). But diets that include more than 5 percent animal foods (depending on the person’s gene pool) and-or have loads of processed foods tend to be deleteriously inflammatory and, inter alia, toxic to human kidneys, the endothelium and overall health. (9)  In other words, as Michael Polene put it, the available evidence suggests that Evolutionary Biology formed humans to be “mostly plant-based” eating fresh, whole and clean foods. In this Presentation, we will dive deep into the compelling evidence that proves beyond any reasonable doubt which diet is the best for which group of people..

“The Paleo-Keto-Mediterranean-Vegan-Caloric Restriction-Diet Variation” Debate

What is the Best Diet for Energy Production, Memory Maintenance, Hormonal Optimization, Tissue & DNA repair, immune-enhancement and Cancer-Free Long Lifespans to 120 Years  that is also good for the Planet ?

Because Food is an important human element in both healthy lifespan protocols and sensory gratifying pleasures (called “table pleasures” in French, which, for many, has become a religion), we will delve into this question. For now, having reviewed the available scientific litterature, the facts suggest that the ideal human longevity diet is not consistent with the most popular diets in the US. In other words, this “ideal nutritional regime” is neither vegan, nor vegetarian, nor keto nor paleo nor compatabile with the Standard American Diet.

While both the modern Paleo and Keto diets appear to be improvements over the insectivore diet as well as over the 40,000 years old Neanderthal diets and the government’s insane SAD & MAD diets, (ie SAD = Standard American Diet and MAD = the Modern American Diet), the facts show that both keto and paleo low-carb diets are not long term sustainable even if  they can be efficient for blood sugar control, weight management and a few other conditions (including epilepsy and  brain cancer with regard to a low protein ketogenic diet).

In this Presentation, we will analyze the evidence that suggests that both the keto and paleo diets  are deficient, unhealthy long-term and inconsistent with human evolutionary biology, leading to endocrine and cardiovascular complications, inter alia. We will also show the compelling evidence that supports the best “across the board” nutrition plans that are consistent with the general principles of the Science of Optimal Longevity, the Engine of evolutionary biology and gastroenterology. 

The Second part of this Discussion will go into specific and customized or personalized dietary recommendations according to different categories of adults, geographical differences and genetic variabilities. We will also look at some of the most popular American diets (e.g., the Zone Diet, Macrobiotic Diet, Dash & Sibo diets, the Low-Carb Diets (Keto or Ketogenic Diet, Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, The Whole 30 Diet), pesca-vegetarian diet, veganism, Gerson and Hippocrates Institute diets etc) and identify both their strong and weak aspects.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 8.52.42 PM

 Happiness Medicine Institute’s Holistic Mediterranean Diet & Recommendations

The Holistic Mediterranean Diet is an improvement over the classical Med-Diet in that it upregulates and improves the expression of thousands of genes while diversifying the microbiota like no drug or other diet can. For many decades, the prevailing evidence had determined that the classical South European Mediterranean Diet has been the best human longevity diet. Thousands of published papers in the best peer-reviewed journals corroborate this piece of allegation. Even the controversial Ancel Keys ended up adopting the Med Diet by moving to South Europe where he  lived with his wife in decent shape until he reached 100 years. (Source)  The French version of this classical Italo-Greek Diet is what super-longevity champion Jeanne Calment thrived on until 122 and a half years.

Out of over a dozen Mediterranean versions of the Med-Diet, the Hapiness Medicine Institute’s Holistic Medicterranean Diet has fine-tuned this nutritional regime by taken the best of all of these Med-diet versions, from the Med-diet of Kosher Israel, to the mint-humus Med-diet of Morocco, Lebanon, Spain, Turkey, Icaria, Italy, Corsica, Croatia, Slovenia and more while improving it in light of new scientific discoveries, daring medical hypotheses and intuitive guidance.

In this Presentation, we will thus prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the Happiness Medicine Institute’s Holistic Med-Diet is clinically and nutritionaly superior to all other diets, in particular with regard to chronic diseases and TMAO avoidance, energy production, diversity of the microbiota and longevity optimization. The popular keto-paleo and even vegan medical doctors and plant-based nutritionists who unscientifically equate wine with “alcohol” will instinctively and-or ideologically protest against Happiness Medicine Institute’s executive conclusions. But the data is irrefutable. Epidemiologically, the longest-lived people who have out-survived all others, including the Seven-Day-Adventists, the Amish and the Okinawans, have all adopted the so-called longevity or blue zones traditions based on ancestral fiber-rich & wine-strong Med-Diet, inter alia. With today’s scientific discoveries on the halmarks of aging and the tweaking of longevity genes, we should be able to do much better than even today’s longevity record-breaker champion, Jeanne Calment herself, if only because Jeanne smoked cigarettes and had lots of sweets (e.g.. pastries and chocolate) until 119 years when she willingly accepted her personal doctor’s strict recommendations to stop these two habits.

For now, and in general, the Happiness Medicine Institute recommends one of two nutritional modalities, depending on genetic variations (SNPs), health status, energy requirements, culture and tastebuds. The first is to thrive only on fungi (mushrooms) & organic wholesome, fiber-rich, anti-inflammatory plant-based foods at least half of which should be raw (fresh, sprouted or fermented). The second nutritional regime would be “mostly vegan”, which means that the general principles of the Holistic Mediterranean Diet mentioned above would apply, in particular, at least 95 percent wholesome mushrooms and plants (e.g., fruits, flowers, greens, seeds, nuts, beans, berries etc) and not more than 5 percent quality and sustainable animal foods who do not produce cortisol-laden fear when they die. However, because being 100 percent vegan under holistic conditions is difficult and quasi-impossible for most People, being vegan five days a week, fasting to activate autophagy, mitophagy & cellular repair, inter alia, on the sixth day and, on the seventh day, Sabbath, the day of therapeutic rest, having some small amounts of healthy ancestral wine and food from our animal cousins, all of which can be optimizing and is consistent with  the Science that supports the Holistic Mediterranean Diet, a diet that is based on no less than 5 millions years of evolutionary biology. But there are two conditions. And these are hinged on common sense, forensic science and intuitive intelligence. First, the food-medicine that animals can share with humans should not be the result of violence and unsustainable practices, if only because the death-fear emotion in sentient animals produces an abundance of endogenous toxic chemicals (i.e. endotoxins), including lactic acid and cortisol, both of which acidify human tissues and if there’s a PH condition that most humans need to avoid, it’s acidification and uric acid of their tissues. While this feat is holistically accomplishable with dairy, eggs and sustainable raw organic honey, it is less with fish, especially these days when the powers that be are willy nilly continuing to destroy the Ocean’s homeostasis and Life on Earth. And secondarily, when animal foods are ingested, for proper and clean digestion, and in order to bypass their high cholesterol, choline, carnitine, bacterial load, putrefaction content and saturated fats, inter alia, holistic nutritional rules that help to mitigate if not reverse the damage should be applied (This Presentation will go over some of these nutritional and combination “synergy” rules).

The Doctrine of Signatures (Teleological Nutritional Targeting)

The Holistic Mediterranean Diet also incorporates the best of the millenia-old “Doctrine of signatures”.  Referred to in the classical period of Rome as the “Law of Similarities”  and the “law of like cures like” among the Homeopathes,  it is now called by scientists, “Teleological Nutritional Targeting”.  Often associated with the work of herbalists and wise women, it drew upon the belief that natural objects that looked likea part of the body could cure diseases that would arise there. Folk healers in Christian world claimed that God  deliberately made plants resemble the parts of the body they could cure. For example, eyebright, a plant whose flower looks like bright blue eyes, was used to treat eye diseases

.There are over one thousands foods that have a pattern that resembles a body organ or physiological function and that this pattern acts as a signal or sign as to the benefit the food provides the eater. In Anthroposophic Medicine, Mistletoe as a parasitic plant resembled cancer’s modus operandi. As a consequence, Steiner deduced the Mistle toe should be indicated for cancer. Today, mistletoe  is one of the most popular medicines in Europe, in both its homeopathic version (called viscum album in France and escador in German) and IV drip medicine. A sliced Carrot looks like the human eye.  The pupil, iris and radiating lines look just like the human eye…and YES science now shows that carrots greatly enhance blood flow to and function of the eyes. A Tomato has four chambers and is red.  The heart is red and has four chambers.  All of the research shows tomatoes are indeed pure heart and blood food. Grapes hang in a cluster that has the shape of the heart.  Each grape looks like a blood cell and all of the research today shows that grapes are also profound heart and blood vitalizing food. A Walnut looks like a little brain, a left and right hemisphere, upper cerebrums and lower cerebelums.  Even the wrinkles or folds are on the nut just like the neo-cortex.  We now know that walnuts help develop over 3 dozen neuro-transmitters for brain function. Kidney Beans actually heal and help maintain kidney function and yes, they look exactly like the human kidneys. Celery, Bok Choy, Rhubarb and more look just like bones.  These foods specifically target bone strength.  Bones are 23% sodium and these foods are 23% sodium.  If you don’t have enough sodium in your diet the body pulls it from the bones.  There are hundreds of others a few of which we will examine in light of nutritional science.

The “Truth” (Debate) on Soy and the “definitive” Evidence

As explained in the methodology section, in medicine, nothing is definitive while in nutrition or any health science, “truth”  has often been self-servingly biased or assumed based on false premises and spurious representation. In other words, when anyone states “the truth” (“the truth about cancer”, the “truth about dairy”, “the truth about carbs” etc),  we can be sure that bias and ideology rule. Nonetheless, with the emergence and accumulation of hard and reproducible evidence, we can now assert with a strong sense of scientific confidence that the “Soy” debate is “closed”, at least insofar as non GMO organic soy is concerned. Meta-analyses after meta-analyses have shown that traditionally grown soy (without the GMO and pesticides) is one of the healthiest foods for most people once it’s correctly prepared. In this perspective, the more fermented and-or sprouted, the healthier. But The scientific confusion stems from conventional nutritionists and medical doctors (including many integrative physicians) not understanding clinical nutrition and holistic science, in particular the difference between plant phytoestrogens and mammalian estrogens in relation to the Alpha and Beta estrogen receptors. In this Presentation, we will explain why organic quality fermented soy is a superfood.  A small percentage of consumers will be allergic even to organic soy. We will explain why.

 Can Cheese be a Longevity and Medical Food ?

“He will not look upon the rivers, the streams flowing with honey and curds”. Job 20:17

Not all cheese have been created equal. In this presentation, we will review the benefits as well as the weaknesses of cheese. Much of the deleterious aspects of cheese in the U.S. come from the inflammatory A1 beta casein type of milk, (even organic), which is the only type of milk we can find in the American mainstream. A2 beta-casein milk comes from South Europe, in particular France. As we will see via power point, it is much healthier. Another weakness of American cheese is the mandatory pasteurization of all American milk, even organic. This process destroys the naturally present SIgA, which is an immunoglobulin that helps neutralize lectin-like compounds in cheese by binding to them. Furthermore, raw cheese has all of the necessary enzymes for proper digestion, it’s other molecules are in better shape and it tastes much better. The ideal cheese is thus organic raw goat or sheep cheese that comes from well treated ruminants who are integrated in traditional farms. As a consequence, by grazing pasture land, they help to avoid wild fires while fertilizing the soil with their poop and providing quality milk for both their baby ruminants and humans who may benefit from cheese medicine. Under these conditions, cheese can’t be mass produced like in toxic animal farms.

We will also show that most of the strong anti-cheese claims of vegan American scientists and medical doctors are delusional (not anchored in scientific reality). Consistent epidemiological evidence has proven for many decades that the A2 cheese-based Mediterranean Diet is still the golden standard diet for healthy longevity, much more than the vegan, keto or paleo diets. We have sound evidence that supports this medical claim for multiple health conditions, including, but not limited to cancer prevention and cancer treatment, (for certain cancers), gout treatment, teeth caries, (cavities), CVD risk reduction, for different neurological disorders and inter alia longevity optimization. (Cf. HM Institute is drafting a detailed Report on this topic).

“The final analyses included 15 prospective studies. (…) This meta-analysis of prospective studies suggests a nonlinear inverse association between cheese consumption and risk of CVD. (Source) (European Journal of Nutrition, December 2017, Volume 56, Issue 8, pp 2565–257

Given genetic variations and  damaged bodies, not everyone can benefit from cheese medicine. Some people are better off with no dairy at all, especially those without lactase who are lactose intolerant and taxed with an immune-disease, allergies, advanced cancer (especially hormone-sensitive cancers like breast, ovarian and prostate malignancies), advanced CVD, advanced Arthritis and genetic SNPs. For those not certain, a 99 dollars Genomic test may be indicated. 

Outside of these categories of humans, most People will generally profit from small amounts of quality dairy, in particular raw probiotic-rich yogurt and cheese from well-treated A2 ruminants when taken holistically and synergistically during a Mediterranean-type diet.  Consistent epidemiological evidence has proven for many decades that the Med Diet is still the golden standard diet for healthy longevity, much more than the vegan, keto or paleo diets. Like with fermented soy (miso, natto etc) and fermented grapes (wine, porto etc), fermented raw milk has preserved nutrient-densed foods and interesting molecules like stem cells, quality dairy has fed and healed humans for many millennia, including during Jesus Christ’s time when dairy was both a  food and medicine, including, but not limited to camel milk.

“…. specific diseases and medical conditions that have been treated by camel milk or urine, including cancer,3 chronic hepatitis,4 hepatitis C infection5,6 and peptic ulcers.7 Even more recently, it has been reported that camel milk has cured severe food allergies in children who were unresponsive to conventional treatments8 and diabetes mellitus.9 Furthermore, camel milk is endowed with anti-malignant,10 antiplatelet11 and anti-thrombotic properties12 in addition to a host of anti-bacterial and viral properties,13,14 suggesting, among other things, the existence of a very strong immune system, which was recently shown to be equipped with unique light-chain-only antibodies.15”. (Source)

Since the French Roquefort sheep cheese (which has been a traditionally made – for over five hundred years – from free-range raw sheep milk from the great Larzac plains and aged in penicillin-laden super-bacteria-rich caves) is sold for dirt cheap at Trader’s Joe, we will briefly examine it’s medical claims as well as its nutritional elements, including, but not limited to B-6, B-12 and K-2 from the Microtiota’s bacteria, Vitamin D from the Sun and DHA from ALA.. Besides Roquefort, I have not  found any other A2 raw quality cheese in the United States. Dutch Meadow Farms and Target sell A2 cow milk, but i have found not found A2 organic raw cheese.

Wine as medicine workshop

Top:  In France, Cheese is prefered raw and organic, from grass fed animals, without antibiotics and artificial hormones. Althout cow cheese is cheaper, most of the French prefer sheep and goats cheese, if only because these cheese have healthier casein protein and lipid profile than cow cheese, hence the gusto-olfactory contentment.  As an accompaniment, polyphenol-rich wine and when available, organic fresh grapes, olives and nuts are also indicated. This custom helps with digestion, bio-availability and mineral balance.  Organic catechin-rich Green tea can also help to burn cheese’s rich saturated and unsaturated fat content while flooding the bloodstream with complementary antioxidants, blood-thinning compounds and immuno-building molecules. A2 cheese is also rich in important fats, like DHA as well as its many fat-soluble vitamines, like Vitamin A, D and the prized K-2 and B-12 etc..

Session O: Dietary Supplementation & Optimal Longevity

Are non prescription pills, supplements and neutraceuticals holistically useful for durable health and optimal longevity ?

Many conventional and integrative medicine, biogerontology and anti-aging specialists claim that certain dietary supplements like niagen (nicotinamide riboside), resveratrol, D-ribose, vitamin D3, antioxydants, Fish and MCT-Krill DHA-rich Oils, Algae, Vitamin B-12, metformin, ketones, Co-Q-10, PQQ, berberine, L-Carnitine, NAC, BDNF boosters, vitamins D & K-2 and many other supplements are safe and efficient insofar as risk prevention and longevity activators are concerned. This talk will show the data that either substantiates some of these claims or debunks them. 

For example, on one of dozens of supplements we may review, fish oils, the viewer can confirm via mouse click  below the data that confirms that fish oils are less and less reliable as healthy sources of long chain Omega 3s, worse, not only the evidence debunked the claim that fish oils are cardio-protective, even if they may reduce tryglicerides, but they were shown via multiple published peer-reviewed meta-analyses to significantly increase cancer risks, including, but not limited to aggressive prostate cancer (ie with a 71 percent risk).

Thus, for fish oil supplements and other pills and extracts (what is called neutraceuticals), we will weigh or evaluate the credibility and strength of the evidence and pinpoint where the preponderance of the evidence for a given product’s safety and efficiency may lie. In addition, we will teach workshopees how to employ a few of the forensic detective’s truth-digging tools, thanks to which the workshopee will be better able to distinguish flawed and biased publications from truthful ones supported by strong science and intuitive knowledge. 

Because there are many confusing, biased and conflicting published material and claims on dietary and  herbal supplements, biotech products and health procedures that are readily available in Medical School’s libraries, Government buildings and online (e.g. universities, institutes, summits, journals etc), both patients and health-practitioners may benefit from participating in this Session.  (15)

Session O: The Inner Saboteur

Neurological and Consciousness Disorders

“Self-Saboteur—someone who repeatedly behaves in ways that interfere with their potential for growth, happiness, and fulfillment in love relations” (Dr Kevin)

The psychology of aging is relevant, a piece of the holistic optimal longevity code. Most centenarians and supercentenarians who make it to over 100 years appear to have mastered the art of chronic stress and drama control. Furthermore, the scientific litterature confirms  that most of these achievers have avoided all of the major chronic diseases of their peers. Jeanne Calment for example was the epitome of an unflappable archetype who avoided chronic degenerative diseases until she quite smoking and sweets (at 119 years old). Multiple studies also positively correlate optimism with longevity. On the other hand, chronic stress, emotional scars, what is called ACES (advanced childhood emotional stressors) or childhood traumas, as well as Professeur Laborit’s “inhibition of action” process can all negatively impact the epigenetic expression of human genomes and the development of degenerative diseases. Likewise with the microbiota. Its genome can impact human motivation, if only because its millions of genes cross-talk to our  23,000  eukaryotic human genes.  For example, an abundance of serotonin and dopamine neuropeptides are made in the gut depending on signaling molecules, which themselves depend on Lifestyle choices.  This is relevant because the microbiota is directly linked to the brain via the nerve-rich enteric system and vegas nerve. And recent studies have shown that the “extreme” elderly have a set of microbiota that corresponds to those who are in their thirties while those who age in an accelerated way carry a microbiota habita characterized by a lack of diversity and an abundance of deleterious bacterial species. Furthermore, there are “fear-laden insecurity” issues that can subconsciously subvert one’s JDV and consistently, though subconsciously feed  the “disability” identity.

“These findings suggest that 2 forms of volitional medical self-sabotage—preventing wounds from healing and making medical situations worse on purpose—may be associated with and contribute to numerous physical symptoms on a review of systems. They also broach the deeper question of whether, in some patients, medical self-sabotaging symptoms and multiple self-reported symptoms in the review of systems purposefully function to engage health care professionals, maintain an illness identity, and/or self-sabotage a healthy lifestyle by promoting a sense of disability” Medically Self-Sabotaging Behavior and Multiple Symptoms on the Review of Systems (Source)

Subconscious’ programing or willful self-sabotage ?

The idea of “the saboteur within” personifies the part of humans that appears to sabotage conscious  self-improvement efforts that fully express the Joie de Vivre (JDV) consciousness that is embedded withnin our genome and soul (ie, soul = consciousness minus (-) the “mind” = mindless awareness). Within this context, and according to the lastest findings of the “positive psychology” and “consciousnes” experts, the task of the subconscious is to interpret each experience and thereafter, file the data in the memory storage area or the brain-consciousness network for future reference and guidance. This means that regardless of right or wrong and good or bad, the subconscious files quanta of relevant information and personal “truths” that determines one’s future course of action. These truths may not necessarily be true when seen from someone else’s perspective, but as the subconscious has interpreted them, they are part of the “karma” and “survival” program that makes up one’s core belief system. In this perspective, as one goes through life’s adventures, the subconscious is continually referring to these records and then prompting the brain to signal to the body to produce the appropriate  messaging chemicals, (ie, hormones, neurotransmitters, cytokines etc). Thereafter, the mind  applies Reason to give meaning to the body’s cues.

When humans try to improve their lives, in particular nurture a behavior that is consistent with a healthy lifespan, their conscious mind will generally attempt to make new choices that may appear, for the subconscious, risky. As long as there is no real threat of a major change in the core belief system, the subconscious should not react. However, as one begins to get closer to making conscious core changes affecting one’s subconcious belief system, according to the experts, the subconscious tends to do whatever it takes to maintain the status quo. In psychological terms, this is called the “comfort zone” and explains why most people prefer the status quo. This unwillingness to embrace real change, adopting a holistic lifestyle for example, does not appear to be motivated out of intentional “sabotage”. The subconscious appears to be merely doing its job of  keeping its host aligned with the “files” in the brain-consciousness network. If the prevailing files are mostly trauma, indoctrination, fear of excommunication from one’s group, mistrust from bad experiences, etc, then these “files” would impact healthy lifespan decision-making. Likewise with files that are centered on one’s trust-laden upbringing, deep dreams, passions. Furthermore, certain species in mammilian microbiota communicate directly with the brain for the maintenance of the status quo. It’s been proven that humans have different species of bacteria which will produce chemicals to tell the human brain to crave for the foods they need to thrive and survive, etc. And there are inflammatory foods and nutrients that can also affect healthy lifespan behavior. For example,  studies have shown that cortisol-rich and acidifying meats as well an excess hypoglycemia from refined sugar and even omega 6s long fatty acids that cross the brain blood barrier have promoted violent-types of behavior and unhealthy outcomes.

Holistic Solutions

The inner sabotage then appears to be less sabotage than a computer program to maintain the status quo and-or one’s core belief system as well as the deleterious “addiction” signals that appear to come from the gut’s microbiota and inflammatory diets. Therefore, when and if the conscious being decides to behave in a way that is consistent with fulfillment, JDV, optimal health and longevity, he or she proactively needs to change the “core belief” program as well as the composition of the microbiota and his-her diet and lifestyle. The process for changing the subconscious’ “file-records” can be long and tedious if only psychotherapy and Big Pharma’s drugs are used. Worse, it’s been well established that psychotropic drugs tend to shorten healthy lifespans. However, with different mind and microbiota holistic techniques, it appears to be possible to activate a state of Consciousness or mindless awareness (ie, awareness without the thinking) that can help to promote the restoration of this “formless eternal Presence different Consciousness experts like Deepak Chopra, Ekhart, Tanzi, Wayne Dyer, Boudhist, Tao & Zen masters talk about. Furthermore, when the mind is cleansed of past constructs, traumas and negativities, it would appear that all of the different sections of the brain get reconnected or rewired via the activation of billions of synapses. (cf, Dispenza’s work). At this point, coherence appears to be expressed via millions of milli-volts measured via functional MRI. (cf Dispenza et al).

In summary, the data seems to suggest that when diet and the body’s microbiota are out of whack and out of synch (ie, as well as the body’s hippocampus-pineal-adrenal-gonad axes and heart rate variabilities) and when the Conscious and Subconscious are not aligned, behavior tends to be self-sabotaing, not  conducive to healthy lifespans, at which point low frequency living (characterized by deleterious habit, fear, intolerance, negativity, auto-immune diseases and sabotage, both of others and of self) appears to prevail. As a consequence, the JDV (joie de vivre) Consciousness can’t be expressed, that which allows medical and legal systems to flourish to the point where elitist parasites who control the reigns of Government sabotage the Nation’s resources, public health and the People’s wellbeing and survival. There is also some evidence that shows a correlation between intense emotional “feel-good” intentions and synchronistic events, many of which can spur personal evolution in a way that is more consistent with growth, JDV, healthy lifespans and self-replication, in conformity with both Darwinian “science” and Biblical tradition. So intense “prayer” and the activation of different meditation and breathing techniques may be of benefit. In this Presentation, we will look at a few studies that support some of these claims and assumptions.

How to Sabotage one’s Health-care Self Interests and Die Young

“It is believed that as much as 80% of all disease and illness is initiated and aggravated by stress.” The National Safety Council

In this section, we will review the new medical discipline called “psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunology” and look at case studies where people allow themselves to be stressed out, take in the Government’s sanctioned fast foods, quick allopathic fix medicine, pollution, statutory inanities, inter alia, thereby sabotaging their health, their family’s welfare and the integrity of future generations. Per memory, the evidence conclusively shows that the “Sixth Life Extinction wave” (i.e., the second of which zapped the dinosaurs 65 millions years ago) is worsening. In less than 40 years, over half of the World’s living species have been decimated and over two third of Americans have been diagnosed with some form of chronic disease and the World Health Organization’s and CDC’s prognoses indicate worse outcomes.

Session P: Hands-on Techniques to enhance Longevity and de-activate the Inner Saboteur

“It’s not because we are old that we don’t play, it’s because we don’t play that we get old” (George Bernard Shaw)

In this Presentation, we will teach hands-on exercises to optimally breath, move, meditate, see and activate key energy fields, including via acu-pressure, EFT, reflexology, aromatherapy, sophrology and more. If time allows, we will also delve into evaluation techniques like muscle testing (kinesiology), Chinese nail and tongue testing, stool & urine analysis, psycho-morphology and facial diagnosis, metabolic body types assessment, ear lobe examination (that can help to predict coronary crises), alternate nostril breathing, HRV support and other holistic tools like organoleptic testing that can assist us in pinpointing warning signs, some of which can be as useful as genetic and biochemical tests given their relevance, simplicity and immediacy.

Session Q: Advanced Cancer Protocols

 Optimizing the Cancer Control & Reversal Code: a precondition to Optimal Longevity

Notwithstanding their nuisance, cancer cells have mastered the art of longevity since their “innate intelligence” has tweaked its genome to produce a continuous supply of telomerase enzymes thanks to which they can divide endlessly and remain forever “strong” and “young”. In this Presentation, we will discuss the limits of conventional oncology and the strengths of holistic cancer  protocols. From 1991 to the 2018, published studies, including in the Lancet Journal, have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that systemic cytotoxic chemo-blasting more often than not doesn’t durably save lives of those who “solid” cancers. The five year survival rates for liquid canccers (e.g. lymphomas and leukemias) are much better, but these malignancies often come back with a vengeance after the five-year period and-or have toxic effects that seriously affect the patient’s ability to reach a healthy 120 years of lifespan. Worse, the evidence shows that with conventional chemotherapy, cancer patients, demise tends to be acceleratedWhile radiation and cytotoxic chemo do shrink tumors, there are no published studies the H.M. Institute is aware of that show a positive correlation between tumor shrinkage and significant long-term survivability. Thus, the emerging reality (for the last 40 to 50 years) is that most of these conventional medical interventions will weaken what can restore the patient’s “élan vital” (i.e., a notion from Prof. Henri Bergson which include the immune, digestive, microbiota, endocannabinoid and neurological systems) while fueling what metastasizes cancer, in particular, the microscopic circulating tumor and stem cells that most conventional oncologists still refuse to inform the patient about, in violation of medmal law. Even most of conventional oncology’s more recent targeted monoclonal antibodies, signaling inhibitors, genetic interventions and immunotherapeutics have toxic side effects that can be avoided with alternative and holistic oncology. Many of these targeted therapies including immunotherapeutics have been hyped misleadingly as new cancer “cure-alls”. While it is true that a small percentage of cancers go away with immunotherapeutics, these effects are usually not long lasting, the modalities are very expensive and the outcome of holistic oncology’s cases tend to be much better, provided the patient is compliant with a holistic lifestyle and restorative protocols. Thus, for most cancers, durable non toxic cancer solutions must be found outside of the conventional and governmental framework. Integrative oncology’s modalities are much better, but because this approach is still tied to some toxic and-or invasive treatments, outdated practices and remains for the most part intrinsically stressful, in that most cancer patients can’t pay 300 to 500 dollars an hour integrative oncology consultation fees, the H.M. Institute prefers holistic and happiness medicine.

In this perspective, a holistic practitioner will teach the patient how to gently outsmart cancer by switching off the expression of  cancer’s  oncogenes as well as certain cancer pathways and enzymes, including, but not limited to nagalese. Holistic cancer patients also learn how to activate their own longevity and tumor suppressor genes and renew their red and white blood cells with holistic stem cell therapy, to the point where cancer patients will be able to put in place new defense and dendritic-based surveillance networks that will help with both the body’s autophagy-based clean-up system as well as with the immune system’s recognition of cancer cells. Just like in war, to fight cancer’s symptomatology with conventional weapons of mass cellular destruction tends to make both nefarious bacteria and cancer cells stronger, more inflammatory and more virulent in the vast majority of cases. And yes, there are deep connections between bacteria and cancer, some of which have only been recently identified. Medically speaking, for systemic cytotoxic chemotherapy, this process is called “chemo-resistence”, a medical epiphenomenon that has proliferated within cash-flow based conventional oncology for the last fifty years, the evidence is compelling on this question as we will see via power point slides.

Furthermore, most of the State’s licensed conventional oncology experts not only never address the deep root causes of cancer, but they summarily reject alternative and holistic approaches that do. In integrative and holistic oncology, there are hundreds of proven integrative and holistic techniques that have been successful in controling and treating cancer without the use of conventional medicine’s toxic modalities, some of which are detoxification, hyperthermia, aromatherapy, oxidative therapies (eg, hbot, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, high dose pro-oxidant vitamin C and others), natural anti-fungal substances, phytotherapy (herbs and formulas like those of Drs Méssegué, Lévy, Lautier, Hoxey or from the Canadian Essiac nurse) enzymes, different supplements (artemisia – from which the med. artesunate comes from –, selenium, amygdaline, benzaldehyde, berberine, mistletoe, DCA, PMVA, MCP, ribose, Key vitamins and minerals, probiotics, botanical-based IPT, PH therapy, clinical nutrition, (ie, including protein restricted, raw-vegan,  cultured Mediterranian and ketogenic diets, for certain malignancies), “glutamine, IGF-1 & mTOR” inhibition, restricted caloric nutrition, targeted juicing, stress management, exercises, wild seeds, cordyceps fungus, tree mushrooms, dentretic cell strategies and many other holistic interventions that target the so-called hallmarks” of oncogenesis’ engines and their signaling, from angiogenesis to metastases and another dozen pathways. In this perspective, thermal therapy, inflammation inhibition and vibrancy (electromagnetic) enhancement strategies are three important statagems that most American conventional oncologists miss. Hyperthermia, a German and French speciality and electro-medicine (a French and Israeli speciality) have had great results with cancer control and reversal, especially when these are combined to clinical nutrition, inter alia.

“Cancer-related frequencies appear to be tumor-specific and treatment with tumor-specific frequencies is feasible, well tolerated and may have biological efficacy in patients with advanced cancer. (Source) (See also the acupuncture litterature,  electro-magnetic technology and tumor treating fields  for other electro-medicine examples)

One reason most conventional oncologists refuse to try, even “off-label” many of the integrative and holistic cancer therapies is because of the way they were trained and not trained, in particular, most American physicians don’t understand or don’t want to understand that cancer is more of a lifestyle and metabolic disorder then a genetic one. Even though the  genetic code matters with regard to carcinogenesis, the zip code and even more the holistic code are more important. Prefering to characterize cancer less as a DNA mitochondrial and cellular respiration dysfunction than as a nuclear genetic disorder should be at least recognized as a medical mistake. But, alas, good medicine continues to be sacrificed on the altar of greed, arrogance and the stubborn forces of ignorance. If anything, official cancer sites should at least inform people on a regular basis that two weeks of dietary change is enough to significantly reduce cancer biomarkers.

“They found that only two weeks of diet exchange was enough to  change the makeup of the intestinal microbiota and affect a number of biomarkers associated with colon cancer risk. The rate of cell turnover in the intestinal lining, levels of fiber fermentation, bacterial metabolic activity, and inflammation all reflected the change in eating patterns”.(Source)

Same duty with regard to the evidence that within 30 to 90 days, most cancer patients who are compliant with proven holistic cancer protocols can have their malignancies safely and efficiently declared N.E.D. (no evidence of disease) with few if any recurrence risks. In this perspective, and among others scientists, Professor Ornish has proven with an overwhelming preponderance of the evidence that cancer genes and tumor suppress genes can be favorably modulated just with inexpensive holistic and happiness medicine, even without supplementation, let alone patented drugs, surgery, radiation, targeted therapies, genetic interventions, inter alia.

In this Presentation, we will  give a few tips on how to holistically restore the body’s hijacked immune-surveillance mechanisms and revitalize the entire metabolism (the body’s “soil” or “bioterrain”) with holistic savoir-faire so that cancer can’t grow and in many cases, starts to shrink within 2 to 5 weeks. To help the workshopee understand that the human body has it’s own T-cell based “chemo” that selectively zaps cancer cells and creates a tag-based memory system to destroy these cells if they decide to reappear, we will show a short university-made video. Likewise with the proof that cancer is more of a mitochondrial disorder than a genetic one, (genes do matter, but they are downstream consequences, like tumors). If we have time, key cancer tests (including the genetic and supplement sensitivity Greek test as well as CTS, CSC, Phi, nagalese, oncoblot, French and European tests) and some of the latest holistic breakthrough protocols will be reviewed. To which we may include new findings with regard to focused sound therapy as well as other frequency and ultrasound modalities with regard to  tumor regression, angiogenesis, mestastatic control, the tumor micro-environment, epigenetics and the like. During Day three’s Seminar, we will finish and complete what was not finishied in this present Session. Meanwhile, the workshopee can check out H.M. Institute’s sister Cancer Research Institute via mouse click as well as its cancer documentary based on the interviews of over sixty cancer experts, from Gerson, Gonzalez, Bergson and Beljanski to Seigfried, Yu, Cousens, Weeks, Lucan, Simoncini and many others.

Session R: Thermal Medicine: A French Speciality that would be of Benefit for the US Health-Care system

“Primum non nocere” (First do no Harm) Hippocrates, the Father of medicine

Hippocrates’ based Thermal Medicine or Thermalism includes, but is not limited to Spa, massage, traditional hydrotherapy, peat baths, balneotherapy treatments,  sulphur-based spa drinking water, pleasures of water games, relaxation, saunas, fitness programs, beauty treatments (in particular with clays), detox, wine therapy and, inter alia, hyperthermia therapies, in particular hot baths and showers that come from the sulphur-rich volcanic waters in France’s southern Spa resorts (called “Thermes”, “station thermale” or “Cure thermale”).

This type of preventive and curative medicine is so safe, efficient and cost-friendly that the French National Heath-care system has offered this therapy free of charge since 1944 for all who reside in France (including American residents) and benefit from a doctor’s “thermes” prescription. It is one of the most popular healing systems in France. Many French People will take a three weeks health-vacation per year in one of France’s thermal centers  where they can  soak up hot sulphur-based thermal spring water, among other detox and rejuvenation holistic techniques. In this Presentation, we will examine the health and longevity benefits of this type of Medicine and wrap up with a word on how it could be of great benefit to the US Health-care system.

The Hormesis Mechanism

Both heat and cold hydrotherapy will spur a hormesis effect that can be beneficial to health. In this Presentation, we will explore this mechanism in light of healthy lifespans.

Session S: Optimizing & Balancing happiness and longevity Hormones & Neuropeptides

Buildup (anabolism) and breakdown (catabolism) are natural and complementary processes of living organisms. With living and stress, imbalances of neurotransmitters, cytokines and hormones occur. This is why human hormones need regular holistic “tune-ups”, especially then someone is trapped in the vicious cycle of accelerated aging. By holistic tune-ups, we don’t necessarily mean hormone or even bio-identical hormone replacement therapies.

In effect, the human body is equipped with dozens and dozens of key hormones and neuropeptides that need to be holistically tweaked, activated and balanced if humans are to live healthy lifespans with JDV to 120 and beyond in accordance to Genesis and human potential. The bonding and “love” chemical called oxytocin is key. This “double casquette” molecule is both a peptide hormone and a neuropeptide, as a result, its tasks are widespread and key, especially if humans are to shift from a morbid fear-based society to a more spiritual trust-based civilization. Likewise with “good mood” serotonin. Biochemically derived from tryptophan, serotonin is a monoamine neurotransmitter that is primarily found in the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract), blood platelets, and the central nervous system (CNS) of animals, including humans. It has a big job in helping animals experience feelings of well-being and happiness. Dopamine is also an important organic chemical. Synthesized in both plants and most animals, dopamine functions as a neurotransmitter, a chemical released by neurons (nerve cells) to send signals to other nerve cells. The brain includes several distinct dopamine pathways, one of which plays a major role in the motivational component of reward-motivated behavior. The anticipation of most types of rewards increases the level of dopamine in the brain. As Jeanne Calment showed, it’s helpful to anticipate the daily “reward” of a big piece of dark non-GMO chocolate each day. According to her testimony, this holistic technique (of expecting each day something she considered to be a reward) helped to make her outlive her peers. Then we have the “mother” hormone, pregnenolone as well as the more common “trio” “soldiers”, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, all of which are key for happy and healthy lifespans and offspring reproduction. Cortisol and thyroid hormones are also necessary as well as many other endogenous compounds that make up humans’ neuropeptide-hormonal communicatory network. As for  one of the “Kings” of the longevity hormones, DHEA, we need a separate section.


Exempted from classification as a controlled substance by Congress, thanks to powerful industry lobbying (DHEA’s chief protector was Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, where supplement makers are heavily concentrated), DHEA can be acquired without a prescription while in Canada and many other countries, DHEA is available only by prescription. DHEA is the most abundant steroid hormone in the body. The supplements are made in labs from chemicals found in wild yams and soybeans. Endogenously, DHEA is made from cholesterol by multiple tissues, but essentially by the adrenal glands and is a precursor to 18 steroid hormones including the commonly known sex hormones estrogen and testosterone. That’s why it is known as one of the “Master Hormones” of our Body-Temple. Healthy DHEA production is critical for lean muscle development, fat burning, bone growth, cardiac-health, including nitric oxide production, bedroom gymnastics, skin health, immunity and more. (Source) . DHEA also provides protection against the effects of physical stress and inflammation.

However, just swallowing DHEA pills may not be the optimal way to boost one’s DHEA. The biochemistry is complex, and DHEA supplementation results are highly variable and regularly  unpredictable. There may be better ways to up this hormone than via capsules. DHEA appears to also have biological effects independent of its conversion into other hormones. After age 25, DHEA production begins to decline, and by age 70 it typically has fallen by about 80 percent. People with certain major chronic diseases tend to have more rapid declines in DHEA. Many hormones and other compounds in the body also decline with age.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Human growth hormone is a peptide hormone that stimulates growth, cell reproduction, and cell regeneration in humans and other animals. Stored and secreted by somatotropic cells within the lateral wings of the anterior pituitary gland, HGH is also a stress hormone in that it raises the concentration of glucose and free fatty acids while stimulating the production of IGF-1, which is also another powerful growth  hormone. Many integrative medicine physicians have used HGH to help their older patients to have younger and sexier bodies. Especially since  a 1990 NEJM published study showed that all of those who took this hormone got a younger body without significant side effects.

“The findings in this study are consistent with the hypothesis that the decrease in lean body mass, the increase in adipose-tissue mass, and the thinning of the skin that occur in older men are caused in part by reduced activity of the growth hormone—IGF-I axis, and can be restored in part by the administration of human growth hormone.1 , 2 The effects of six months of human growth hormone on lean body mass and adipose-tissue mass were equivalent in magnitude to the changes incurred during 10 to 20 years of aging” (Source)

Subcutaneous administration of recombinant biosynthetic human growth hormone was injected three time a week with  no evidence of tachyphylaxis or hormone resistance or anything else of significance in terms of toxic side effects. The doses where not hefty,  approximately 0.03 mg per kilogram which corresponds to a physiological dose.

However, in the U. S. of A, HGH prescribing medical doctors have often gotten their medical license suspended or revoked for having prescribed this peptide hormone. The only FDA-approved use of HGH is for replacement therapy in adults with GH deficiency of either childhood-onset (when a child does not grow) or adult-onset (usually as a result of an acquired pituitary tumor, that’s why Tony Robbins is so tall). While there are couple other “off label” uses, these are restrictive and for most anti-aging longevity uses, the prescribing doctor can get machine-gunned coerced into submission, his business shut down and jailed with hard-core criminals on felony charges. In 1990, the US Congress passed an omnibus crime bill, the Crime Control Act of 1990, that amended the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, that classified anabolic steroids as controlled substances and added a new section that stated that a person who “knowingly distributes, or possesses with intent to distribute, human growth hormone for any use in humans other than the treatment of a disease or other recognized medical condition, where such use has been authorized by the Secretary of Health and Human Services” has committed a felony” (Source).

On the other hand, for livestock use, bovine Growth Hormone (to increase the secretion of cow milk full time (360 days a year), inter alia), is fully legal, even if this type of modified milk spurs health problems, including cancers, in particular, breast, ovaries and prostate malignancies while significantly shortening the lives of these mother cow ruminants, inter alia. But for those anti-aging guerrilos who are not afraid of cancers and desire a younger sexy body, they can legally “cheat” by gulping down as much GH steroid-laden cow milk as their stomachs can handle. But the Happiness Medicine Institutes’ Executive Committee prefers to recommend more holistic ways to help the body produce this important hormone endogenously.

In this Presentation, we will therefore examine holistic and natural ways to produce DHEA and HGH for the benefit of healthy longevity optimization, cow welfare and future generations.


Session U: Mitochondrial Synthesis Restoration

The mitochondria is responsible for many important cellular functions, from apoptosis, to the production of ATP, ROS and much more. While Mitochondria dysfunction is only one of twenty aging hallmarks, it is one that has gotten a lot of attention in longevity circles as our lifestyle can modulate its function. In this presentation, we will show how we can enhance healthy lifespans by holitically tweaking  mitochondria production and regulation.

Mitochondrial Biogenesis Break-down

As human cells age, the mitochondria start to lose their integrity due to the build-up of free radical damage, inter alia. Degraded mitochondrial function leads to decline in ATP production and an increase in a type of cell death known as apoptosis. This mitochondrial decline is especially noticeable in tissues with high energy demand such as the heart and the brain. This Hallmark is still a strong candidate for being one of Aging’s key engines. (Source)

 BDNF exercise homrone


Biophotomoduclation ?

Session V: Stem Cells’ Regeneration

In adult organisms, stem cells and progenitor cells act to repair and replenish adult tissues. While integrative clinics are starting to use autologous stem-cells via injections, holistic medicine prefers to activate the body’s innate abilities to promote these important “mother” cells that tend to diminish with age.

Stem Cell Depletion

As we oxidize (lose electrons), inter alia, our stem cells eventually lose their ability to divide and thus go into decline, at which point our bodies are unable to replace the stem cells that have migrated, differentiated, or died. Hence, the increase of age-related disorders, if only because the main function of stem cells is to replace damaged tissues. Because stem cell exhaustion is an important hallmark of aging, geroscientists are working on attempts to rejuvenate stem cells with synthetic chemicals and high tech technology. However, most times, this leads to both drug resistance and significant complications and toxic effects. On the other hand, integrative and regenerative medicine focuses on the  early “banking” (storage) of stem cells that can be inoculated to worn out tissues when needed. Holistic medicine’s focus is on preserving and replenishing stem cells for quality living way over 100 years. (Source)

Session W: Telomerase Therapy

Telomere Shortening and Telomerase dormancy

Located at the end of our chromosomes, these DNA repeats modulate the number of times cells divide. The longer the telomeres, the more cells divide, from 50 divisions or doublings to 70 for example, which corresponds to about 120 years, which has been called the Hayflick limit. The shorter telomeres get, the less they divide. When they can no longer divide, then go into senescence mode, and that not only clogs up the system, but accelerated aging.

While all of our cells’ DNA code for telomerase gene, this gene is dormant in our somatic cells. Different labs have found this gene in just about all of our somatic cells, but they are not activated.  However, for germ (gonads) cells and cancer cells, the DNA of these structures fully express the telomerase enzyme genes, which means that germ and cancer cells always divide and therefore don’t age. This is why babies are not born with the aged cells of their parents. The Telomerase clock is renewed at each birth.  Stem cells have their telomerase partially expressed for minimum telomerase expression. The better the expression of these genes within stem cells, the better stem cells can get their cellular repair task done. But all of our other somatic cells are destined to die within the Hayflick limit, some quicker than others depending on epigenetic factors.

To significantly extend a healthy human lifespan, we therefore need to focus on the expression of telomerase genes in both somatic and stem cells. While conventional medicine and its mainstream scientists are searching for cash-flow drugs, genetic editing technology and other high-tech tools to activate telomerase genes without promoting cancer, Holistic Savoir-faire has been teaching for millennia years simple longevity techniques like sun bathing, meditation, certain caloric restricted diets and, among other approaches, “joie de vivre” lifestyle, all of which have been proven by a preponderance of the evidence to upregulage telomerase genes without feeding carcinogenesis. Of hundreds of telomerase activators conventional medicine has tested,  just about all have a cancer risk (including other side effects) and don’t appear to be that efficient in terms of optimal longevity. Differently from the conventional approach, the more we can boost the telomerase genes holistically, the less cancer cells proliferate and the healthier and longer human cells live. (Source).

Session X: Cellular Senescence & Authophagy Regulation

When telomeres shorten, cells can’t divide anymore, at which point they become senescent. When we are vibrant, senescent cells are thought to be cleared by the immune system, but when we are older, they stick around secreting harmful inflammation molecules and sticking to healthy cells. Canakinumab was manufactured to dampen this senescence inflammation called infammaging. But this drug has its limits. (Source)

Session Y: Circadian Rythms Activation

The hallmark relative to the circadian pathway is relatively new. The 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology (Medicine) went to scientists who dug deep to unravel some of the mysteries of circadian biology. When humans don’t respect Nature’s rhythms like the sleep-wake (melatonin-cortisol) cycle, aging is accelerated.

Sleep Disorders  (15 minutes)

Deep restorative Sleep is one of Happiness Medicine’s twelve most important wellbeing tools, more powerful than pills, surgery and any high-tech procedure combined, because none of  conventional medicine’s weapons and procedures can repair damaged DNA, spur rejuvenation hormones, charge up neurotransmitters, calm inflammation, calm the mind  and detox beat-up tissues like deep  restorative sleep.

This Section will examine the best deep sleep protocols, including, but not limited to different ways to holistically resolve Apnea, snoring, frequent urination and other sleeping problems.


Session Z: Key Check-up and Monitoring Tests

“The eyes truly are unique real estate (…) They’re the only place in the body where you can see a bare nerve, a bare artery, and a bare vein without doing any cutting. And the disease processes we see occurring in the eye are probably occurring in the rest of the body.” (Andrew Iwach, MD, associate clinical professor of ophthalmology at the University of California San Francisco) 

In general, just like with automobiles, there are five general basic key media where we can check vital signs and the state of the diseased tissue (I.e. or energy blockage in Chinese medicine): These are the saliva, blood, urine, hair and stool. There are also five sensory organs that can help the health professional to determine a correct diagnosis. (9 c)

In this power-point talk, we will thus delved into some of the most important holistic, functional, integrative and allopathic tests that can be done to determine health and disease status, (diagnosis) to monitor disease progression (prognosis) and to evaluate the safety and efficiency of treatment plans. (10)

Of all of our preferred organ analysis, we have a penchant for the eyes as a general biomarker. Just as much a “window” of the soul as a window of multiple chronic diseases, the eyes’ vitreous fluid is clear and we can look through the opening in the iris and see the blood vessels quite easily. Decades ago in medical schools, we were  taught to look with the ophthalmoscope as part of the general exam. Sadly, it’s not done by most practitioners.  Even arthritis and cancer can be seen via a look into the eyes. (Source)

With eyes exams, we can also diagnose conditions like multiple sclerosis, leukemia, and brain tumors. If one looks at the brain, two-thirds of it is dedicated to some aspect of vision. The retina is actually a piece of the brain that has grown into the eye and processes neural signals when it detects light.(Source) Ganglion cells carry information from the retina to the higher brain centers. Other nerve cells within the retina perform the first stages of analysis of the visual world. The axons of the retinal ganglion cells, with the support of other types of cells, form the optic nerve and carry these signals to the brain. (Source)

Alzheimer’s Disease is yet another condition that can also be detected via the eyes. Formations visible in the lens of the eye portend Alzheimer’s disease based on a Harvard Medical School study published in 2003. (cf. Goldstein L, Muffat J, Cherny R, et al. Cytosolic β-amyloid deposition and supranuclear cataracts in lenses from people with Alzheimer’s disease. Lancet. 2003;361:1258-1265). In this perspective, Harvard experts performed detailed research to determine the connection between the lens of the eye and the brain, and the presence of beta amyloid protein, the hallmark (biomarker) in tissues of both. Some of the key findings included the following: The Alzheimer’s protein is found outside the brain, and in particular is found in the eye. The amount of beta amyloid (Alzheimer’s protein) found in the brain matched the amount found in the lens of the eye. (10 a)

We will also quickly look at dozens of biomarker lab tests that can unmask underlying chronic conditions that are not yet symptomatic. Although proactive prevention is key in health, most people don’t get motivated to have a proactive & prventive holistic lifestyle until the “proof of the pudding” via lab tests and-or organ failure corroborate threatening signs and painful symptoms. In integrative medicine, we have dozens and dozens  of the  tests, but they can be quite expensive and many are not reimbursed by insurance companies. This section will thus look at the most important ones and even go into a few free tests that can be done by the patient (i.e., via en educated examination of the ears, the eyes, tongue, poop, urine, smell, pelvic gait, temperature and more).



The Happiness Medicine Institute’s Approach to Manage (gain and lose) Weight by Rewiring the Brain, Gut and Taste Buds Holistically

Section Under construction

Are the Acid-Reflex American Epidemic & over 80 percent of all of the U.S.’s chronic diseases Preventable & Holistically Fixable ?

Section under Construction

Conclusion  with Q & A

“And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.” (Genesis 6:3: King James Version)

In addition to the benefits of extended lifespans holistic and happiness techniques, Longevity Research by ricochet can also be useful insofar as age-related diseases are concerned, as many longevity techniques also help to rejuvenate damaged tissues of those who have had strokes, heart attacks and neurodegeneration diseases like Alzheimers. A.L.S. and Parkinson Disease, all of which helps to alleviate suffering while extending lifespans  and helping to reduce the overall costs of many debilitating chronic diseases.

In this Seminar’s conclusion, we will summarize the key constituent elements that determine the aging process as well as the state of the Research the Silicon Valley billionaires and biogerontology institutes throughout the world are investing in, including a few clinical trials on life extension.

We will also formulate a statement as to what ongoing lifespan exploratory avenues appear to be the most  realistic and promising. Thereafter, the Seminar is open to questions, answers and comments.

To Fish or not to Fish ?

More and more plant-strong vegan scientists are claiming that all fish are deleterious to human health as well as to the environment.  In this presentation, we will look at the data and determine if the SMASH hypothesis is anchored in scientific reality. SMASH means “sardines, mackerel, anchovies, salmon and herring”, the small wild clean omega-3 fish that are recommended by non vegan scientists. Since the environment, sustainability and fish welfare are necessarily associated to human nutrition and longevity, we will also examine this question. Vegans also argue that scared sentient fish produce stress-based cortisol that acidifies human blood, are full of deleterious putrefying bacteria, cholesterol, saturated fat and suffer needlessly. We will also consider these points as well as the key element relative to DHA and conclude on the relevance of all of this for healthy human longevity, Animal welfare and Ocean sustainability.

Honing in on Key Rejuvenation and Life Extension Techniques (30 minutes)

This Talk will hone in on what appears to be the quintessence and most promising of the present Research on significant and healthy lifespan extensions, all of which can be subsumed within three general categories: Telomerase cellular delivery via gene-tweaking; DNA repair mechanisms via molecular signaling and Metabolic Fine-tuning via holistic savoir-faire.

First Category relative to telomerase activation: Even though an abundance of telomerase enzymes and long telomeres can accompany conditions like cancer and accelerated aging, (Source) contemporary Research (including today’s 51  clinical trial on telomerase) is investing hundreds of million of dollars on a relatively new gene-therapy what was invented in 1999. Today, after 18 years of experimentation, longevity scientists are honing in on the telomerase enzyme as one of the central rejuvenation engines that could significantly reset the aging clock of somatic cells (See Note 2 and also Exhibits C below)

The second category is focused on DNA repair mechanisms and sirtuin genes. Many Longevity experts and Biogerontologists claim that aging’s central  hallmark is  characterized by the failure of DNA repair mechanisms to correctly unfold and fix the cell’s accumulated damage. 

As a consequence, genomic instability accumulates and with it, carcinogenesis, other degenerative diseases and accelearted aging,  which would be one of Nature’s ways to invite death to end a person’s healthy lifespan for having excessively deviated from evolutionary biology. Professor Sinclair from Harvard is one of the main scientists who has invested a lot of time and effort in this realm. His  Lab has been focused on this question for years, first on wine’s resveratrol molecule and more recently on NAD +, inter alia. (See Exhibit D for illustrations)

The Third Category is hinged more on metabolic and holistic medicine, in particular of how food, movement and fasting can turn on and off epigenetically switches that will activate survival, fat burning and longevity genes. While the proponents of this school are not as extravagant or ambitious as the first two other schools in terms of extreme longevity to over 150 years, it’s theoretical foundations are coherent while its evidentiary basis is supported by petri dish, animal, comparative studies, epidemiology and non-randomized human clinical trials. Professor Seigfried, Agnosco, Longo and the Happiness Medicine Team are a few of its proponents. (See Exhibit B for illustrations).


In addition to a scant review of the pending clinical trials on senolytics, C.R. mimetics, senescent cells, what the National Institute of Aging and other Longevity Research institutes are working on and a word on the inter-connectivity of all of aging’s hallmarks, (3) this Section will therefore weigh the central arguments of each of these three schools and make a factual determination as to which avenue of Research may be the most promising in terms of the People (ie, and not just the wealthy one-percent who can afford a one million dollar “shot”) being able to benefit from an affordable and meaningful access to the best optimal longevity tools that will significantly extend healthy Lifespans for the majority in the here and the now while significantly contributing in resolving both the Nation’s social security and the national debt crises.


“There are many systemic diseases we see in the eye” (Dr. Roy Chuck, chair of the department of ophthalmology and visual sciences at Albert Einstein College of Medicine)

Closing Arguments

Articulating the Optimal Vitality & Longevity Code in a Nutshell

In this Section, a significant piece of the Core of the Optimal Longevity Code will be shared and supported via power point evidence. If the Code’s “secrete sauce” is deligently executed most of the time, the likelihood of reaching 120 years without serious diseases if high.

If anyone, Jeanne Calment, thanks to her Joie de Vivre and Mediterranean Lifestyle, was the epitome of those of her generation capable of upregulating the best genetic expression possible under the circumstances, in her case, up to 122 and a half. (Source). Today however, with what we know, we can do much better than Jeanne. However, let us remain humble and at least reach most of her age, at least up to 119-120 years when Jeanne decided to stop smoking cigarettes while continuing her intake of red wine and chocolate.



“Man surprised me most about humanity. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.” The Dalai Lama
“The stability of the internal environment (the milieu intérieur) is the condition for the free and independent life”. Professeur Claude Bernard  (Dr Claude Bernard is one of the recognized  fathers of modern medicine)
The idea is to die young as late as possible.” (Ashley Montagu)
“Modern civilization depends on science … knowledge should not be viewed as existing in isolated parts, but as a whole, each portion of which throws light on all the other, and that the tendency of all is to improve the human mind, and give it new sources of power and enjoyment … narrow minds think nothing of importance but their own favorite pursuit, but liberal views exclude no branch of science or literature, for they all contribute to sweeten, to adorn, and to embellish life … science is the pursuit above all which impresses us with the capacity of man for intellectual and moral progress and awakens the human intellect to aspiration for a higher condition of humanity (a forgotten concept in medicine)”. Joseph Henry
“The young physician starts life with 20 drugs for each disease, and the old physician ends life with one drug for 20 diseases.”  (William Osler)  William Osler was a highly respected physician, professor and writer who authored “The Principles and Practice of Medicine” in 1892, which served as the standard clinical medicine text for 40 years. Later on in his life he wrote that one of the most crippling teachings in Medical schools is this “one pill for an ill” principle.


 The Optimal Longevity Tune-up Protocol in a Nutshell

To maximize a healthy lifespan, the first physiological tune-up procedure that is usually needed accross the board is to address the Brain-Gut Axis by optimizing the patient’s sleep patterns followed by stress management protocol, a plan to  clear and clean up the excretion and detox pathways (which includes the oral cavity) and by making sure water & food intakes are personally optimized as well as the microbiota’s diversity and balance and the workshopee’s entourage field.

When the body is freed from nutritional imbalances, toxins, parasites, infections, auto-immunity, inflammation, oxidation, emotional scars, energy blocages, toxic fields and other co-morbidities, the workshopee will feel, digest and poop better, at which point the patient can better activate his-her body’s main bio-chemical signaling systems (ie, hormones, cytokines and neurotransmitters), thanks to which all of the body’s major physiological systems can get fine-tuned for optimal performance, including, but not limited to the body’s stem-cell based repair mechanisms, rejuvenation hormones and longevity genes.

The Healing Milieu’s Entourage Effect (15 minutes)

“La forme  est l’Émanation du Fond” (Victor Hugo)

Etymologically, the words health and healing comes from the words “holy” and “whole” and can be construed to mean “to make whole again”. Same with the French word “santé” (health), which comes from sainteté (being saintly). Homeostasis, or the restoration of mileu’s balance and diversity has also characterized the essence of good medicine. In this realm, the milieu or bio-terrain (also called the micro-environment) as well as the entourage and macro-environment or “field” that surrounds the patient are also important to optimize. Dr. Claude Bernard, demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt with myriad experimentations (so many that his wife got upset) that the conditions of the internal environment dictated Life. Today, this conclusion has been recently confirmed via the Government’s NIH’s microbiome project of 2008, close to two centuries after the French relevant discoveries. This talk will develop the relevance of these concepts,

Emerging L





Cancer, Onco-immunology and Optimal Longevity (30 minutes)

In this talk, we will demonstrate why Holistic medicine with regard to  cancer is safer, more cost-friendly and especially clinically superior across the board. We will discuss what cancer can teach us in terms of longevity medicine and how holistic savoir-faire can help to gently guide cancer cells to be redifferentiated back into the community of death-programmed cells and-or activate cancer-killing T cells so that humans can better reach their 120 designed lifespan years cancer-free.

We have put together a documentary called holistic oncology movie on this subject with over 60 interviews of cancer experts and patients. Couple documentary extracts will be viewed so as to confirm holistic oncology’s clinical superiority to conventional oncology. The gist of this documentary is less the integration of both types of oncological systems (ie, alternative and orthodox or conventional) than the showing that mainstream conventional oncology can’t be the long term solution and shouldn’t even be the short term standard of care for most if not all malignancies, if only because the conventional understanding of cancer’s nature and hence it’s intervention tools (ie, in particular, its cytotoxic chemo, ionic radiation and surgery) are not consistent with the findings of science, Reason and good medicine.

Among other key aspects of oncology, what conventional oncologists tend to miss is the relevance of detoxification, clinical nutrition, immune-surveillance and cancer stem cells. First off conventional oncology and even the NIH website misrepresent detoxification as a quackery. Thereafter, conventional oncologists will refuse to intervene holistically with regard to cancer stem cells claiming either that they don’t exist or that synthetic patented FDA approved drugs are not yet available to target these cells. Yet, the data is overwhelmingly clear on the fact that cancer stem cells’ evolutionary-based intelligence has mastered the art of survival and the science of longevity by deploying immune-surveillance ruse mechanisms combined to their sophisticated and protective “milieu” networking, including with the microbiome, fibroblasts, lymphocytes, enzymes (e.g., negalase, among others) and other elements coming from the bio-terrain. To these maneuvers and among other mechanisms, cancer stem cells switch off tumor suppressor genes as well as the apoptosis genes so as to not die and then activate oncogenes and the telomerase enzyme to keep cancer cells’ telomeres long, this way, they can divide, invade and replicate profusely, in conformity and with Staline’s totalitatarian stratagem and Darwin’s “natural selection” model.  (16)

Instead of paying attention to the chain of causality and metabolic pathways with regard to carcinogenesis, conventional oncologists, the cancer Industry and Governmental “experts” prefer to bankrupt both patients and the country with expensive symptomatology weaponry, in particular with destructive tumor shrinking procedures that will usually seed new malignancies and-or worsen the eventual post-five years outcome, including with the so-called “liquid cancers”. Even the more recent conventional investment in costly immune-therapeutics via gene-therapy appears prima facia to be both unnecessary and laden with risks and long-term recurrence. On the other hand, simple, yet powerful holistic bio-terrain interventions have been compellingly shown to upregulate the good tumor suppressor genes while downregulating oncogenes and multiple cancer biomarkers to the point of achieving malignancy reversal.

Conclusion of the Three Days Workshop with Q & A: (1 hour)

“Man surprised me most about humanity. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.” The Dalai Lama
“The stability of the internal environment (the milieu intérieur) is the condition for the free and independent life”. Professeur Claude Bernard  (Dr Claude Bernard is one of the recognized  fathers of modern medicine)
The idea is to die young as late as possible.” (Ashley Montagu)
“Modern civilization depends on science … knowledge should not be viewed as existing in isolated parts, but as a whole, each portion of which throws light on all the other, and that the tendency of all is to improve the human mind, and give it new sources of power and enjoyment … narrow minds think nothing of importance but their own favorite pursuit, but liberal views exclude no branch of science or literature, for they all contribute to sweeten, to adorn, and to embellish life … science is the pursuit above all which impresses us with the capacity of man for intellectual and moral progress and awakens the human intellect to aspiration for a higher condition of humanity (a forgotten concept in medicine)”. Joseph Henry

In the same way that over half of all of Life’s vertebrate species has been destroyed within the last 50 years, (Source) in the same way, human vitality and healthy longevity have been massively torpedoed. Which explains the onslaught of neuro-degenerative and auto-immune diseases  as well as accelerated aging, all of which has been stressing out the majority of the American Population. As a result, the very survival of the Nation is at stake. Without fundamental change, in less than one generation, over 50 percent of American children will be autistic and mentally impaired, over 50 percent of 65 year olders will be demented, over fifty percent of Americans will have at least one cancer diagnosis while managing multiple other co-morbidities, from autoimmunity, to chronic inflammation, rampant infertility & STDs, accelerated oxidation and so much more. (Source). On the other hand, the other fifty percent of Americans who will not be on disability insurance nor replaced by machines or outsourcing will be coerced to pay out trillions of dollars in taxes for the country’s sick-care bills and bureaucracy, what Warren Buffet called an unsustainable “tapeworm system”. (Source)

However, as Nobel Litterature laureate André Malraux predicted over 60 years ago, the 21st century can be a moral improvement from the 20th century. Malraux actually predicted: “  will be spiritual or it will cease to be”. So the programmed Sixth Extinction is still a credible option. (Source). But with more holistic pro-activeness and savoir-faire, extinction can be avoided. In this perspective, Holistic Medicine is nothing less than a Paradigm Shift in the art of being and the science of healing. This medicine is helping People to not only tackle their inner sabotaging monsters, but also to take back their sovereignty as more and more Americans are opening their eyes to the horrors of the American mainstream “business as usual” model of medicine. Simultaneously, more patients are understanding how simple, yet profound healing can be when the mind pays attention to Nature’s Code and evolutionary biological mechanisms that have been fine-tuning human, bacterial and archeae genes for millions and millions of years.

As the esteemed Professor Dean Ornish intelligently put it in his TED talk and his other public speeches, in two controlled clinical trials, holistic medicine (by itself, without drugs, surgery or anything invasive or high-tech), has been shown to downregulate the expression of deleterious genes governing oxidative stress, chronic inflammation and cancer while at the same time giving a significant boost to one of longevity’s engines, the telomere system. (Source) Dean Ornish has also confirmed many times in his public interventions that most chronic diseases including accelerated aging share some of the same biological mechanims that we have looked at, all of which can be holistically tweaked for the benefit of the patient’s healthy lifespan and Society.

After a brief over-all conclusion on a few of the Key Holistic Techniques that we have examined, the floor will be open to questions and comments.

Many years of clinical experience in this field, including litigation years have convinced us that the genetic code is not a significant factor in the so-called “War against Cancer”, more important are the patient’s  zip code,  his or her educational and financial status, upbeat “Jeanne Calment” type attitude, lifestyle and the ongoing corruption of those who have legally usurped the Government’s institutions, these variables are the key structural causes to chronic diseases, cancer and the bankrupcy of the country’s Treasury. Without addressing these factors, cancer will continue to wreak havoc among the innocent masses and reap huge profits to fraudulent corporate entities and their lackeys. Which explains why so many useful (safe, efficient and cost-friendly) holistic techniques that can both control and reverse cancers are not well known. If anything, it would be the duty of the Media, (social media included) the Government and the Surgeon General to clearly and regularly inform the Public (for starts) that two weeks of a plant-based holistic and happiness diet decreases significant cancer biomarkers.



The expected Benefits from attending these three one-day long Seminars

“Man surprised me most about humanity. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.” The Dalai Lama
“The stability of the internal environment (the milieu intérieur) is the condition for the free and independent life”. Professeur Claude Bernard  (Dr Claude Bernard is one of the recognized  fathers of modern medicine)
The idea is to die young as late as possible.” (Ashley Montagu)
“Modern civilization depends on science … knowledge should not be viewed as existing in isolated parts, but as a whole, each portion of which throws light on all the other, and that the tendency of all is to improve the human mind, and give it new sources of power and enjoyment … narrow minds think nothing of importance but their own favorite pursuit, but liberal views exclude no branch of science or literature, for they all contribute to sweeten, to adorn, and to embellish life … science is the pursuit above all which impresses us with the capacity of man for intellectual and moral progress and awakens the human intellect to aspiration for a higher condition of humanity (a forgotten concept in medicine)”. Joseph Henry
“The young physician starts life with 20 drugs for each disease, and the old physician ends life with one drug for 20 diseases.”  (William Osler)  William Osler was a highly respected physician, professor and writer who authored “The Principles and Practice of Medicine” in 1892, which served as the standard clinical medicine text for 40 years. Later on in his life he wrote that one of the most crippling teachings in Medical schools is this “one pill for an ill” principle.

With this above-mentioned holistic knowledge, everyone who is motivated and compliant with holistic lifestyle and most of these longevity techniques and who has not gotten into serious debilitating accidents, including surgical, radiological and drug major incidents, (17) should be able to reach the supercentenarian birth-right status without major chronic diseases, whatever the workshopee’s family history may be in terms of weak genetic links and SNPs (pronounced “snips”). (18)

In particular, the knowledge imparted, if applied, can favorably impact up to 18 biomarkers, this means to say that the workshopee’s blood pressure, sugar stability, oxygen intake, neurogenesis, immune-regulation, hormonal signaling, insulin sensitivity, neurotransmitter firing, cholesterol-lipid profile, oral health, heart rate variability, hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis homeostasis, mitochondrial function, microbiota diversity, bowel movement, deep sleep patterns, inflammation control (measured by CRP, interleukin 6, TNF alpha, inter alia) and many other health and longevity biomarkers should significantly improve within one to three months if not earlier.

As a double bonus, the workshopee, if holistically compliant, will strengthen his-her bio-terrain to such an extent that she-he will be quasi-immune from contracting some of the more common chronic “civilization” diseases, in particular, the Big Five, considered to be today’s “Black Plagues”: diabetes, cardiovascular events, cancer, auto-immunity and mental disorders like Azheimers, Depression and Parkinson. And as a last double bonus, the workshopee should appear biologically younger with visible radiance and save money by getting rid of most or all of his-her “symptom” based prescription drugs, in conformity with Dr. William Osler’s recommendation (see quote above) and the exigencies of  Reason. (19)

The supercentenarian birth-right status starts at 110 years, but our human biological potential, as of this writing, has been formally determined to be around 120 years (called the Hayflick limit), the epitome of which is represented by a French Mediterranean upbeat lady Jeanne Calment who died at 122 and a half (cf she’s in the Guinness book) after experiencing a Life of purpose, enjoyment and holistic savor-faire, including via 2.2 kilos of dark chocolate each week, lots of dancing, fencing, socializing, musicotherapy, red wine and relishing in the Mediterranean Lifestyle with her daily unflappability vibe.

However, more and more research indicates that some time in the not too distant future, we may be able to tweak our genetic material, longevity pathways and wellbeing genes to prolong a healthy lifespan to beyond 140 years. (20)  But we are not there yet. We will therefore focus on what we know is achievable, a Lifespan of 120 years in relatively good shape, with all of one’s conscious awareness and major bodily functions working enough to experience Life to its fullest, with what we call in France, “La Joie de Vivre”. (21)

Ch. Joubert (H.M. Institute Director)

Workshop on psycho-neuro-endocrinology and hormonal balancing Workshop

Workshop Presenter

Professor Joubert: Biogerontologist from France. (Bio)  (22)

Director of the Happiness Medicine Institute, the Optimal Longevity Institute, the Advanced Cancer Research Institute, the Holistic Justice Institute and the Centre Mediterranéen Holistique de Vitalité et de Longévité Optimale in South Europe which organizes Optimal Vitality and Longevity mountain retreats during most Summers.

These workshops are fundraisers that will help us complete a book and a film-documentary on holistic oncology medicine.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 5.19.15 PM
Top:  “To Life” (“L’ Chaim” in Hebrew)Professor Joubert, at the international integrative oncology convention in  San Diego in 2016 toasting and “dégusting” (sipping) a small amount of red resveratrol-rich pinot wine with the conference President, Annie Brandt and her two assistants. “Wine is an appropriate article for mankind, both for the healthy body and for the ailing man.” Hippocrates 

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 9.08.37 PM

“Medicine is a collection of uncertain prescriptions, the results of which taken collectively, are more fatal than useful to mankind. Water, air and cleanliness are the chief articles in my pharmacopeia”. Napoleon Bonaparte  To which Ben  Franklin, the Spiritual Father of the U.S. of A replied:  “The best of all medicines is resting and fasting”. Thus, these two giants agree on therapeutic siestas….(napping). Today, one of the central public issues is  to incorporate this piece of advise within the legally enforceable health Code. Which would mean that all employers, including the Govenment and its military, FDA and judicial branches, would need to install meditation and siesta equipment and allow a good two hours  for lunch breaks. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 10.06.10 AM

The Difference between a Conventional Check-up versus a Holistic Tune-up.

“Conventional Doctors are trained less to understand the conditions of health than to diagnose the symptoms of diseases. That’s why a 5 to 10 minutes doctor’s visit is sufficient. The Check-up visit mainly consists in identifying symptoms and finding a corresponding drug and-or surgical procedure to supress the identified symptoms.  On the other hand, a Holisically trained Health Professional is trained to identify the immediate and structural causes of diseases. Thereafter, the holistic healer will both guide and teach the patient to become “whole” again, to restore the body’s main homeostasis and repair mechanisms, at which point both the healer and the healee, as a team, can activate a customized (personalized) “tune-up” Protocol that will favorably modulate the mal-being and-or illness condition at hand.” Christian Joubert (H.M. Institute Director)

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 5.46.56 PM

Workshop details

Scheduling: First Day Seminar: Second Week-end in May, 2018: Second Day Seminar: Sometime in the Summer of Fall: Third Day Seminar: Sometime in the end of Summer, Fall or Winter

Location: San Pedro. L.A.To be determined, most likely in a Community Church

Duration: Each Session is 8 hours.

Break-time: One hour for Leisure in between the 8 hours long Seminar. (Please bring your own lunch and-or snacks)

Content: All supported with Power Point Presentation and sometimes Video presentations

Price: To be fixed.

These funds will help Christian to complete a documentary on holistic oncology.

Pre-registration required:

For Info and Registration, please contact Annette

or Christian at:

Exhibit A

Video Excerpt on a 2016  Optimal Longevity Medicine Lecture from Professor Joubert (Optimal Longevity Institute)

Top. The Presentor, Professor Joubert, delivering a Longevity Medicine talk in South California in 2016. See  also Longevity Video via this link

Exhibits B

Video Excerpts by Professor Longo on Diet and Fasting’s on Longevity and Mark Mattson on Brain Rejuvenation via Caloric Restriction & Fasting (Source).

Exhibits C

Video excerpts on the Telomerase Enzyme’s ability to slow down and reverse the Aging Clock

Exhibits D

Video extract on Longevity Genes by Professor Sinclair (Harvard University)

Exhibit E

Plant based Diets may be more consistent with optimal health and longevity

 Is Dr Oz going vegan ?

Top: Tibetan Mountain Goji Berries, a favorite super fruit  among supercentenarian Chinese Taoists and Tibetan Buddhists. Its polysaccharides  have many benefits including by enhancing:  “… neurogenesis in the hippocampus and subventricular zone, improving learning and memory abilities” (Source)
“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.The enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being without distinction of race, religion, political belief, economic or social condition”.   (World Health Organization’s Constitution)

Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 8.47.36 PM

Top: Ylang Ylang flower, from which is distilled one of the best aromatherapy essential oils

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 5.23.20 PM

Top: Rosemary, one of the Mediterranean plants that is abundant in both the Mediterranean longevity valleys and in centenarians’ guts

Workshop on Hormonal and neurotransmitter boosting and balancing as tools to develop more "joie de vivre" (enjoyment of Life). Click picture for details.

Top: red hot peppers, a great way to boost endorphins, immune function and metabolic pathways

For those interested in Holistic Retreat Updates and Continuing Education from the Happiness Medicine Institute

To sign up, please  click the Contact Button and leave your email.

Reference and Precision Notes

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 4.41.30 PM
(1) From the viewpoint of function, the epigenome is involved in regulating gene expression, tissue differentiation, and the suppression of transposable elements. Unlike the underlying genome which is largely static within an individual, (ie, made from 23,000 genes) the epigenome can be dynamically altered by environmental conditions. This is great news for Holistic scientists because it confirms the millennia-old intuition that the micro-environment or what Claude Bernard called the bio-terrain determines biological configuration. To understand, the example of the Queen Bee is a good one. Born under the same conditions just like all of the other worker bees in terms of genetic composition and the preliminary comforts associated with Hive birth, once fed with the royal nectar, the Queen bee epigenetically expresses genes that are silenced in the other bees, turning her into a massive big bee gifted with multiple talents, including but not limited to the laying of thousands and thousands of eggs. Similarly for human longevity, rather than being genetically predetermined, our lifespan appears to be largely epigenetically designed and determined. Just like with the Queen Bee, Diet and other environmental influences impact our lifespan by changing the epigenetic information via enzymes and signaling molecules.
(2). The Belgian biologist Christian de Duve, with two other colleagues, received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1974 for the discovery of lysosomes as well as for his general work on the structural and functional organization of the cell. Abandonning his search for cellular understanding and optimized longevity, Christian de Duve prematurely ended his life via euthanasia at a young 95 years not too long ago, notwithstanding proven healthy lifespan potential and the promises of red wine’s longevity and dark cacao’s molecules and other holistic pathways. With hindsight, it can be reasonably concluded Christian de Duve’s work has been largely responsible for the creation of modern Cell Biology. What used to be a cell with components, the reality of which was often a matter of dispute, has been since the 1974 a system of great evolutionary and organizational sophistication with units for the production of components essential to life and units for disposal of worn out parts and for defense against foreign organisms and substances. As we will see via power point, since its discovery, our understanding of this crucial, yet often underestimated organelle has significantly increased, including, but not limited to  evidence that shows lysosome’s role with regard to the activation of one of the most talked about enzyme in the Longevity field, mTOR, a protein kinase involved in cellular and organismal growth responses to nutrient availability, inter aia. An Italian medical conference gave a decent summary on this organelle’s functions just a few months ago. “Sixty years later, it is clear that the lysosome greatly exceeded the expectations of its discoverer. Recent findings on the role of the lysosome in endocytosis, exocytosis, autophagy, nutrient sensing, signaling and on the mechanisms underlying lysosome positioning changed our traditional view of the lysosome from a dead-end organelle to a control center of cell homeostasis. Over 50 different types of lysosomal storage diseases have been identified, each due to the deficiency or malfunction of a specific lysosomal protein. These disorders affect many organ systems, most notably brain, leading to chronic illness and death of affected individuals”. (Source)
(3). Even though all of these hallmarks are inter-connected, longevity scientists tend to focus on one of them in  terms of being the central engine of aging. Many years ago, longevity scientists considered genomic instability and its related process called oxidative stress to be the central hallmark or the engine of aging, as exogenous free radicals and endogenous mutations seriously damage nuclear and mitochondrial DNA and damaged DNA was thought to be the key aging factor. Another group of scientists thought that DNA repair mechanisms and their failure were key. Then, the senescent cell theory was thought to be the more important hallmark of aging. Hence, geroscientists developed compounds that cleared senescent cells from the body. When fed to mice, these compounds called senolytics rejuvenated old mice, making them look and act like younger ones. However, so far, senolytics on humans have not produced the desired effects (clinical trials are still pending, including with metformin). During one era, stem cells were considered to be the engine of aging. One supercentenarian lady we will examine was surviving on only two stem cells for a few years. Thus, stem cells can’t be the engine of aging, even if they are part of the repair and rejuvenation process. When Professor Liz Blackburn discovered telomerase, longevity scientists believed that telomeres were the key components of aging since they were strongly correlated with cellular division. But thereafter, scientists discovered that animals with long telomeres still had aging issues. They thus went back to the drawing board. Today, the preferred centralizing theories among many biogerontologists including the Happiness Medicine Team are metabolic fine-tuning via food and fastingtelomerase activation, autophagy clearance, mitochondrial regulation and the epigenetic clock. The epigenome is the master program which controls the expression of our genetic code. An epigenetic program makes a series of temporary changes to our genome, in particular, via the DNA methylation pathway. (Cf Source) By turning genes off or on, this epigenetic “clock” produces a constellation of proteins that help the organism to adapt to his-her environmentThis model is keenly holistic because it suggests that Lifestyle and what we do with our lives are key insofar as the rate of aging is concerned, either accelerated or metabolically slow, like the 200 years old tortoise or rock fish. However, it should not be forgotten that all of these hallmarks or macro-mechanisms  are in constant and dynamic interaction. For example, stem cell decline comes about as the result of DNA damage, deregulated nutrient sensing, senescence, and other catabolic processes.
(3, a) Usually, the more cleansing, the more detoxification, the greater the healing crisis. Some of its elements are fever, head-ache, foggy brain, sluggishness, skin rash, cough, flu-like condition, inflammation etc. all of these processes are detox symptoms, where the body’s innate intelligence is trying to get rid of the acccumulated toxins and toxicants. So the last thing to do is what conventional medicine does, suppressing these symptoms with synthetic drugs….Most symptoms are biochemical manifestations of the body’s attempts to get rid of toxins and toxicants. Detox symptoms tell us that we need to treat the causes more than the symptoms. As we will see, juice fasting or juice cleanses can be a safe and an excellent way to both detox systemically at the cellular level while deeply nourrishing the cells in high vibrant organic liquid phytonutrients  and foods that are easy to digest.
(4). When nutrition is used instead of prescription drugs, a doctor can get sued or disciplined because he or she has not used the standard of care. By using food instead or drugs, in the eyes of the Law, the doctor is  guilty of depriving the patient from what is legally called “a loss of chance”. Even if statin drugs leads to Co-Q-10 loss, strokes and other toxic effect, they must be used. Even if red rice yeast, natto, niacin and a Mediteranean diet can get reverse cardiovascular diseases, the State certified medical doctor has an obligation to first prescribe the drug, as it has been raised to the highest status since it is supported by the highest type of evidentiary process, the RTC. As a consequence, real holistic medicine is all the more banned that in many intances, clinical nutrition should not be used with prescription drugs. The bottom line is that we have a conventional system that is designed less to reverse diseases then to perpetuate and worsen long term health conditions, thanks to which cash-flow can spur the maximization of profit and transform the American People into a “one pill for an ill” sick-care subservient system, what 19th Alexis de Tocqueville called a form of “subhumanity”. Using randomized control trials for certain neutraceuticals or nutrients like apple peels or black cumin seeds to compare its effect with a controlled sugar pill can be scientifically useful in integrative medicine. That is not at issue. But for holistic medicine, isolating anything from its general biological synergy-based context is normally not recommended. And for this type of medicine, RTC can’t be applied because the patients know what they are taking. So the mainstream system considers Holistic Medicine if not illegal, then at least clinically inferior, when the reality is the contrary.
(5). Happiness Medicine Institute’s conclusion that the Government-sponsored conventional medicine system (also called allopathy) and its biomedical research tend to be unreliable is accompanied with a complementary opinion that Integrative Medicine also has limitations. Although often a step in the right direction, integrative medical research and praxis can also be part of the sick-care problem, albeit not as bad. Other forms of evidence than the randomized control trial model are often used in integrative medicine, but some of these forms can also be negligently flawed and-or willingly spined, either to financially promote an integrative practice or product, because of incompetence, an excessive thirst for ego-based hubristic recognition or for other  reasons that this Section will look into. Furthermore, like conventional medicine, integrative medicine can also be more symptomatic than curative, with the difference that dietary supplements accompany prescription drugs to deal with symptoms and side effects while not enough is done with regard to holistic restoration and addressing the root and social causes of most chronic maladies, notwithstanding the many lab tests that integrative medicine experts order, if only to pay-off the excessively expensive.
(5 a). According to the definition,  an idiopathic disease is any disease with an unknown cause or mechanism of apparently spontaneous origin. (Source). From Greek ἴδιος idios “one’s own” and πάθος pathos “suffering”, idiopathy means approximately “a disease of its own kind”. For some medical conditions, one or more causes are somewhat understood, but in a certain percentage of people with the condition, the cause may not be readily apparent or characterized. In these cases, the origin of the condition is said to be idiopathic. With some other medical conditions, the root cause for a large percentage of all cases have not been established conventionally, for example, focal segmental glomerulosclerosis or ankylosing spondylitis pulmonary fibrosis; the majority of these cases are deemed idiopathic. (Source).  Advances in medical science improve the study of causes of diseases and the classification of diseases; thus, regarding any particular condition or disease, as more root causes are discovered, and as events that seemed spontaneous have their origins revealed, the percentage of cases designated as idiopathic decreases. Furthermore, the word essential is sometimes synonymous with idiopathic (as in essential hypertension, essential thrombocythemia, and essential tremor) and the same is true of primary (as in primary biliary cholangitis, or primary amenorrhea), with the latter term being used in such cases to contrast with secondary in the sense of “secondary to [i.e., caused by] some other condition.” Some disease classifications prefer the use of the synonymous term cryptogenic disease as in cryptogenic stroke (Source) and some forms of epilepsy. The use of cryptogenic is also sometimes reserved for cases where the cause is presumed to be simple and which will be found in the future. Some congenital conditions are idiopathic, and sometimes the word congenital is used synonymously with idiopathic; but careful usage prefers to reserve the word congenital for conditions to which the literal sense of the word applies (that is, those whose pathophysiology has existed since the neonatal period).
(6). At one point, President Lincoln and his buddies at the Kellog sanatoria (where holistic medicine was practiced) were investing in the right direction and reversing “terminal” chronic diseases en mass. But then the engine of narcissistic and predatory greed took over and decisively prevailed via, inter alia, the rigged education system that was financially and politically imposed on the Medical Schools of those Times, which explains why today’s American Medical Schools still have very few if any training on clinical nutrition and common sense. Thereafter, with the damaging ideology of neoliberalism (theorized by Milton Friedman and implemented by Reagan’s crowd), the relic of Taylorism (i.e., maximizing efficiency by standardizing and routinizing everything in order to increase profits whatever the “side effects”) invaded medicine, which led to these 10 minutes medical visits that end with the almighty prescription pad the drugs of which kill hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans each year, a very efficient system for the short term cash flow model, but for both the patient’s  durable health and the livelihood of the Nation, this non personalized corporate allocratic “medicine” system is both an assault against genuine medicine and a fraud. (…)  Today, much of mainstream Science has evolved in such a way as to be synonymous with reductionism, ideology and even scientific fraud, if only because so many experts in conventional medicine willingly withhold from public scrutiny inherent risks that accompany most vaccines, drugs, surgical interventions and more (source) while refusing to investigate promising holistic modalities. Furthermore, many mainstream biomedical journal editors aid and abet the worst behaviours, allowing to be published Industry’s funded studies (whose data tends to be sculpted to fit a preferred theory) while refusing to publish other studies that either are not conducive to the randomized double blind test or that go against their financial interests. For example, when France’s Professor Seralini of Caen University proved that Monsanto’s GMO food was carcinogenic, the Industry pressured the Journal to retract it’s planned publication, which it did. (Source) (….) Worse, many of these alternative techniques are often outlawed by the Conventional Medical System and medical doctors who practice them will eventually lose their license and pay hefty fines and fees. Furthermore, if any alternative medical method has been shown via anecdotal or prospective study evidence to be promising and its sponsors want to market it with a health claim, the medico-industrial-governmental “system of things” will force alternative medicine’s sponsors to spend tens and often hundreds of millions of dollars to pay for the three clinical trial phases the FDA requires. In clear, cost-friendliness is not a friend in today’s medical sick-care system whose appetite for money is as varacious as cancer’s appetite for ATP. (….) Just like during Socrates, Lincoln’s and Semmelweis’s time, when contemporary mainstream doctors and especially the top ones are shown to be the causes of patients’ miserable deaths and suffering, most get outraged and instead of honestly embracing the evidence, they tend to conspire with reactionary forces to silence and even get public authorities to jail competition based on fabrications that are eloquently subsumed under legal charactrizations like “child abuse”, “illegal practice of medicine”, “medical fraud”,  “reckless negligence” and the like. While alternative medicine is not immune to abuse and negligence, mainstream drug and dogma-based medicine tends to be way worse. This medical behavior is nothing new in the History of Medicine, Dr Semmelweiss and thousands of others like him had been persecuted for refusing to practice the deleterious mainstream standard of care of the day, in Semmelweiss case, he refused to allow his assistants and students to touch pregnant delivering women before having washed their hands in a chlorine solution. The conventional medical doctors of those times characterized this as quackery and ostracized Semmelweiss that he was Jewish and stubborn. When Semmelweiss continued to denounce medical doctors continued to “kill” delivering women by giving them the deadly “child-bed fever” and when he exposed their lethal practices of contaminating delivering mothers with deadly  hospital bacteria and their refusal to wash their hands to stop this practice, he lost his job and was eventually put in a jail asylum where he died 14 days after being commited by coercion.  Alas, today’s mainstream conventional medicine is replete with thousands of similar cases.  Today, hundreds of thousands of mainstream medical doctors still accept to practice deleterious medical practices or dogmas while rejecting most of holistic care, in particular with regard to cancer, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmunity and metabolic diseases like diabetes. (….) One of the resuts of Conventional Medicine’s use and abuse of this “Golden Scientific Standard” is the generation of misdiagnosis and deleterious treatment plans. For example, the obsession of the mainstream medical model with numbers and quantification of symptoms has led to a cardiology system that falsely focuses on cholesterol, inter alia, likewise, this system  has led the oncology system to falsely focus on the tumor, inter alia, and similarly, has led the endocrinologist to falsely focus on blood sugar numbers, inter alia. Once these numbers and concomitant biomarkers are ascertained via conventional diagnosis, then the following allopathic step is to bring these numbers down via especially cash-flow generating drugs. For heart disease, among others, we have statins, for cancer, we have tumor shrinkage via cytotoxic chemo and ionic radiation and for blood sugar normalization, we have metformin, insulin and more. Yet, most if not  all of these symptom suppressions worsen the clinical outcome, the proof is irrefutable, as we will see via power-point. Tentative conclusion: For most Americans to achieve the centenarian and supercentenarian birthright status, we need to improve both the “business” and the  scientific determination aspects of contemporary medicine.
(6 a). One of the  only ways this scientific absurdity and human calamity could stop would be to criminalize most of conventional medical practice as the State lawmaker lackeys have criminalized holistic medicine. But before that happens, many more millions of Americans will needlessly be sacrificed upon the altar of greed, arrogance and corruption. The French were decisive in freeing the American rebels from the corrupt British Crown at Yorktown. Thanks to which this Nation was able to prosper. But as the country developed, it became increasingly clear, even to Tocqueville, that systemic violations of internationally recognized human rights , including in the health fied. would be the norm of American standards.
(6 b). Pasteur reportedly said on his deathbed, “Bernard and  Béchamp were right.  “The seed is nothing, the soil is everything.” Another version is: “Le microbe est rien et le terrain est tout” (the microbe is nothing, but terrain is everything”. In this perspective, one of Bernard’s most important ideas is that pathology, the study of abnormal function, is a part of physiology. Bernard insisted that the study of disease must not be separate from the study of health. “There is only one science of life” he often said. Claude Bernard worked hard to break down the barriers between physiology and medicine, health and disease. Bernard never practiced medicine “by prescription,” and his discoveries did not include miracle drugs or lifesaving surgical techniques. He changed the world of medicine in a different way, by showing that medical knowledge does not differ from any other scientific knowledge, in that it can be ascertained by systematic and diligent experimentation. Twentieth and twenty-first century conventional medicine has lost its way in favor of the “by prescription” method for profit.
(7). Proponents of this approach (eg, Drs Fossel, West, Andrews et al) suggest that within a few years, a decisive clinical trial could lead to the first FDA- approved application of telomerase “shots” for the benefit of age-related chronic diseased patients. In this field, Michael Fossel claims that Alzheimer’s disease would be the first target. (Cf,  Source). And Doctor Andrews states that each medical intervention would cost around one million dollars. (Cf Exhibit C below) The modus operandi of this gene therapy would be to rejuvenate the glial brain cells by instructing their DNA via a special delivery system to switch on a specific signal that would express their dormant telomerase enzyme genes. Once expressed, the telomerase enzyme would keep the glial cells’ telomeres nice and long. As a result, these cells could divide much longer and thus extend their lifespans while spurring neurons to rejuvenate, (as glial brain cells have this “caretaker” role and would be in a position to better remove the amyloid plaque, tau proteins and tangles within the Alzheimer brain). This gene therapy is expcted to also be applicable to other old or worn out tissues, from coronary arteries to the beat-up tissues of joints and more. One I.V. or shot every five or so years would be enough to get this rejuvenation signal to the targeted cells, claims Dr Fossel. Eventually, the plan is to rejuvenate all of the body’s somatic cells and thus to extend healthy lifespans continuously with “reset” boosters on a regular basis. There would be no limit to these boosters, therefore, healthy lifespans could be quite long. The experts are talking about living at least (for starts) twice today’s life expectancy, so that would be around 160 years. These experts don’t rule out lifespans of 200 and more years. (Source) While this gene therapy may sound if not like science fiction than difficult to achieve in terms of delivery, the reality is that this gene therapy has been shown to work with three types of cells via a delivery system that has been operational. First, in 1999, with human cells in a petri dish. Then tissue cells and finally animal cells. Furthermore, there is some evidence that telomerase activators have already rejuvenated differeent tissues among those who have taken this dietary supplements, one of whch is called T.A 65. (Source) Even though many experts are convince that the ongoing clinical trial will be a success,  there nonetheless may still be unexpected complications as is often the case with clinical trials, if only because humans are more complex than animals and Petri dish cells and cancer is also a significant risk factor since it also thrives on activated telomerase enzymes.
(8). One of the corroborating pieces of evidence that A.D. is intimately linked to mercury fillings is based on the identical symptomatology that mercury poisoning and A.D. share. According to the official litterature,  symptoms found in an Alzheimer’s disease patient’s brain are as follows: Neurofibillary tangles in the brain: Amyloid plaque formation by secretion of beta-amyloid: Abnormal tubulin GTP binding: Increased tau phosphorylation. Inhibited creatine kinase. Inhibition of glutamine synthetase Source). Similarly, the pathological hallmarks induced by mercury poisoning are as follows: Neurofibillary tangles in the brain Amyloid plaque formation by secretion of beta-amyloid Abnormal tubulin GTP bonding Increased tau phosphorylation Inhibited creatine kinase Inhibition of glutamine synthetase. While correclation is not causation, the identify of the correlation is such that causation all the more triggered that there are other studies that confirm the H.M. Institute’s Alzheimer Hypothesis, including, but not limited to Epideomological evidence. Indeed, where there are no mercury amalgams, there is no evidence of A.D.. (….) Dr. Dale Bredesen confirmed this above-mentioned assertion about amyloid plaque: “…the making of this amyloid is actually a protective response to different metabolic and toxic perturbations. The idea of getting rid of the amyloid only makes sense if you first understand why it’s there and get rid of the cause or causes…we’ve identified 36 different causes that can contribute to this…when you fix that, it’s fine to get rid of the amyloid”. (Source) Regarding the APOE4 gene and the increased risk for Alzheimer’s, Bredesen also confirmed that if a peson has one copy, the A.D. risk is 30%, if you have two copies, the risk is 90%.  There is also an increased risk for anxiety/depression with this gene. This is why it may be important to know the genetic risks in order to be more motivated to correct metabolic imbalances. In this talk, we will discuss how Dr Bredesen has been able to reverse 90 percent of Alzheimer Diseased patients in a small cohort of individuals.
(9). Using these diets short term can show beneficial results because they complete the deficiencies and avoid the excesses of the federal government’s MAD diet (i.e. “modern American diet”, which is a degradation of the SAD diet, ie, “standard American diet”). Thus, any diet that avoids fake processed food and that are genuine “elimination diet”, constitute a good first step.  But long term, these two diets don’t contain enough quality plant-based fiber-rich foods and, among other problems, have way too much animal fats and proteins, the consequence of which has been shown to  be clinically un-safe and deleterious, even if the animal foods are grass-fed and organic. For some pathologies, like epilepsy, diabetes, autoimmunity and certain cancers, a ketogenic diet (i.e., low carbs, higher fat) can be ok short to mid term, provided it is based on a Mediterranean regime or Whole Plant-strong diet rich in beneficial essential fatty acids (lipids), minerals, micro-nutrients, vitamins and the like. But any long term diet that is rich in animal protein, animal endotoxins and animal saturated fats ends up being damaging to healthy human longevity and insulin sensitivity, among other mechanisms, as this Seminar will show. Cholesterol is not at issue, humans need an abundance of cholesterol for the brain, cellular membranes, sex hormones and more. Unless the level of cholesterol is super high, like 350, then it may be ok to use statin drugs short term in order to bring it down to at least 250 or so, because high cholesterol can make the arterial plaque grow and rupture. In the US, rapid lowering of high cholesterol with statin drugs would be an obligation. However, it must be understood why there is so much cholesterol in the first place. More often than not, it’s because the arteries are in bad shape, its linings laden with bacteria and toxins. As a consequence, cholesterol is either produced in the liver or dietary cholesterol is used to patch up these damages. Thus, by artificially lowering cholesterol with statin drugs, not only are the causes not removed, but key molecules like Co-Q-10 are deleted. Be that as it may, in holistic medicine we have many tools to address damaged arteries and high cholesterol. Thus, as a general rule, endogenous cholesterol coming from the liver is the best, the worse being oxidized LDL  from dietary animal sources. More often than not, animal dietary saturated fat and cholesterol as well as other animal derived toxins like MAO molecules need to be avoided. Furthermore, in relation to omega 3s, the essential fatty acid called omega six is generally inflammatory. Animal foods, vegetable oils and processed foods are rich in this type of fat. And highly inflammatory when ingested. On the other hand, vitamin E rich seeds like pumpkin, sunflower and sesame are also very high in omega 6s, much more than omega 3s and 9s. Yet, these plant seeds have an anti-inflammatory effect. (Source) Thus, if one is serious about finding a diet that is consistent with evolutionary biology and nutritional  science, it should be acknowledged that animal versus plant-based macro-molecules are not of the same nature, even if molecularly, they may be similar. From the scientific viewpoint adopted by H.M. Institute’s team, food “experts” like Drs Hymans, Mercola, Perlmutter, Amen Axe, Berg, Kesser & nutritionists like Suzan Somers and David Asprey and many others in the paleo-keto fields appear to be in self-denial about key facts that govern evolutionary biology, in particular, the human anatomical and physiological up to now design, as well as nutritional science. Even Dr Oz is slowly changing his position on this aspect of nutrition. (See Exhibit F)
(9 a). In the same way those who have optimal genes and health have no problems consuming healthy and organic foods like potatoes, grains, including organic gluten, fish, honey, cheese and other animal foods, in a similar way, certain people who have been exposed to lots of toxicity, chronic stress (from which leaky gut can ensue) and deprived of natural births (and hence a strong immune system) do have multiple genetic variations (SNPs) that can be incompatible with some of these foods, in particular wheat and diary. This is one reason why Nutritional plans can’t be uniform, even if there are multiple across the board general principles that are applicable for everyone (ie soda pop and nitrate containing hot dogs are good for no one while for a dog , he or she can eat 10 kilos of meat in a week, and not one platelet will aggregate in the aterial plaque, because that’s how the dog was designed. On the other hand, this is not true with humans, contarily to what intelligent, but misguided functional doctors like Dr Hyman and Perlmetter claim, dietary and animal saturated fat and cholesterol tend to mess up health, as this power point talk with show…… In this perspective, the emerging scientific consensus centers around an eating system based on hunger (eating when hungry) with foods that are fresh, whole, colorful, rich in polyphenols, fiber & antioxidants. When animals and dairy are consumed, nutritional science suggests  they should be fresh, whole (non processed) and organic. For cheese, raw and organic should be the rule whereas for fish, the clean, wild and smaller surface fish are much healthier than the bigger fish.
(9 b).  If any piece of proof that most of today’s conventional medical schools are at best ideological centers to keep the masses sick with regard to chronic diseases and at worse extensions of Big Pharma’s frauds and criminal activities to bestow upon the majority of the People of the United States epidemics of serious chronic diseases, is the simple, but persistent fact that American conventional Medical schools have not taught “dietetics” or nutritional science at least since they were coerced to adopt Big Pharma’s curriculum when “… so many CAM-oriented hospitals, colleges, and medical teaching programs following to the publication of the Flexner Report in 1910 (Cf Flexner Report). And to this day, most Medical School Deans refuse to do so, except for a few more progressive medical school Boards whose directors responded to public pressure and some semblance of scientific integrity. But when these progressive medical schools do teach some nutritional science, it is usually so elementary and misguided that just about all medical schools graduates who take the Hippcrates oath are illiterate with regard to one of Hippocrates key restorative tools, glorious food. Worse, in no way do conventional medical schools teach how to replace Big Pharma’s drugs and surgical knife with food and its derivatives (ie, monodiets, dietary restrictions, therapeutic juicing, superfood smoothies, enzyme-rich rawfoods and medicinal fasting). As we will see in this talk, to characterize food as the US Government and its sanctified Medical schools as “calories” within a system of three macronutrients is both unscientific and self-serving to Big Food Industries and Big Medical-drug Industries’ propaganda schemes. Holistic Food (non processed and non contaminated with the Industries toxins) is genetic information, it’s medicine of the greatest value, it’s the very stuff that feeds human microbiota, without which no human would benefit from the necessary neurotransmitters, vitamins, hormones, butyrate and much more to survive and thrive.
(9 c) For example, Eye-based clinical sign diagnosis  by looking and understanding pelvic gait dysfunctions in joint disease or seeing a coronary tissue urgency via the examiniation of the ear or digestive or autoimmunity issue via a look at the color of the poop etc. Nose-based diagnosis via the smell receptors by smelling the patient’s hydrogen, methane and sulfur gases, putrefaction and endotoxin vapors, the alcohol smell , as well as acetone and ketone “stink”  or even cancer odors, as cancer has a definitive smell for trained noses, (ie, there have been a few holistic healers who have been able to smell cancers, but today, the scientific litterature speaks  more about dogs’ noses as cancer detectors) etc. Next, the Touch diagnosis. This involves palpating tissue like breast matter in order to evaluate any pre-malignancy condtion or the like. If the breast is bouncy and not overly saging for example, this usually  reflects  the general condition of the rest of the body. In other words, if the body is tonic and full of Life force, the breasts should follow and vice versa. Determining temperature is also useful, detecting fever means pain and inflammation , chills usually reflect circulatory and immune dysfunctions, then there are spasms and muscle tension etc..  Following comes the Taste Detection Diagnosis: Tasting has been used and continues to be used in different cultures and medical system as a way to determine disease. For example,  Ayervedic doctors taste urine to test for diabetes and if the healer and the healee have an intimate friendship, then the healer can taste the healee’s hormone situation via the partner’s saliva. The skin taste can indicate electrolyte ane toxin secretion. Holistically, someone who has optimized her or his health energy and is full of Joie de Vivre and good water and food, that person will usually tastes fruity, without toxicity. Lastly, we have Ear sensing Diagnosis. With well trained perceptive ears and and decent stethoscope, the health professional can often hear murmurs or detect other abnormalities like belching just by listening to the patient’s voice vibes. For example, the patient can show if he or she is secreting enough HCL (stomach acid) via a holistic test this Seminar will teach. Stomach acid predigests food and triggers the production of digestive enzymes to efficiently break down foods into animo acids and remove pathogens that came along with the food, so it’s important to know how to test for stomach acid, et
(10). While genomic testing is a good way to determine customized diet plans, (and more and more accessible price-wise), it is still possible to recommend holistic diets according to the patient’s clinical appearance, energy assessment, toxemia load and, inter alia, organoleptic system, the general core of which remains what it has been for the last 3 million years : seasonal, fresh, raw (and thus rich in enzymes, yeasts and ferments), whole and high plant-fiber based, low-calorie rich in attractive colors & odors, and devoid of toxins, disease-causing parasites, putrefaction via animal flesh & blood, stench, processing (be it oils, carbs, meats), as well as being free from inflammatory molecules and environmental and predatory stress, if only because the automatic sympathetic “fight or flee” system inhibits the flow of gastric juices. Thus, whether the diet is for a baby boomer or someone younger, the best Science shows that this above-mentioned fundamental holistic food core still applies to humans as a species-specific generality, albeit with some customizing according to circumstances, genetic variations and the patient’s lifestyle, geographic location and mindset. In functional medicine, there is a plethora of tests and lab work, from the Quick Silver tri-test for mercury to multiple panels for thyroid and other hormones, stool tests, imagery, ultrasound and much more. (….) Most of these tests are recommended because one or two tests is usually insufficient. For example, a urine test will only assess metabolites, meaning, for example, the break-down of some metabolic process, like hormones, whereas a blood test will measure a molecule like a hormone that is bound to a protein within a carrier which is the blood. Some of the key processes that are recommended to check are hormones, neurotransmitters, oxygenization, bowel movements & content, immune system and antibodies, inter alia via a CBC, the oral cavity tests like the Clifford test and more (peridontal disease are linked to chronic diseases and are too often neglected by Conventional medicine), sleep patterns., nutritional status tests, food sensitivites tests (Alcat), leaky gut syndrome tests, the sunshine (vitamin D) test and the like. (…) More sophisticated tests measuring biological age, gene transcription switches and methylation, thyroid function,  thermography, toxemia tests (eg hair, blood, oligoscan etc) and, among others, the body’s electrical circuits, including, but not limited to Electroencephalography, or EEG, monitors brain activity through the skull. ECG (electrocardiogram, the German spelling of which is elektrokardiogramm, or EKG) is a test which measures the electrical activity of the heart to show whether or not it is working normally. An ECG records the heart’s rhythm and activity on a moving strip of paper or a line on a screen. EMG, or Electromyography is a technique for evaluating and recording the electrical activity produced by muscles. NCV, or Nerve Conduction Velocity, is an electrical diagnostic test that provides information about abnormal conditions in the nerves. SSEP, or Somatosensory Evoked Potential, is a test showing the electrical signals of sensation going from the body to the brain and spinal cord.  If we have time, cancer tests will be included. Both normal and optimal ranges will be discussed as well as where to order these tests. Furthermore, we will discuss some conventional medicine’s testings, from ultrasound, to CT scans and, among others, MRIs, as these have been shown to be more dangerous than what was once thought and patients need to be informed to avoid serious complications and most times, they are not, meaning informed consent is not secured. From the holistic H.M Institute viewpoint, we found that the best approach is to assume the worse scenario and then to immediately start a reversal protocol. This way, the lab results will be  better, thanks to which the patient will be less stressed out.  Just the stress of a bad lab result can be a killer.  Lab testing and monitoring procedures can always be organize after the general treatment plan is started.
(10 a).The examination of the eyes can also inform the Health Professional about aging and, most importantly, the rate of aging, according to a study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other organizations from around the world. The NIH sponsored a formal trial on eye diseases in the 1990s. That trial was called the AREDS, short for the Age-Related Eye Disease Study. The goal of the Age-Related Eye Disease Study was to learn about macular degeneration and cataract, two leading causes of vision loss in older adults….. Both the retina and the brain areas that are responsible for cognitive functioning originate from the same embryonic forward part of the brain (the prosencephalon). The premise of retinal involvement in cognitive functioning is supported by studies describing an increased prevalence of glaucoma in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Other supportive evidence comes from postmortem tissue studies demonstrating retinal nerve cell loss in patients with AD, and from studies in living patients that have a reduced number of retinal ganglion cells and associated thinner RNFL thickness when they have AD. These studies make a compelling case for the connection between the processes occurring in the retinal nerve fiber layer and the brain of people with neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. (Cf. Hinton DR, Sadun AA, Blanks JC, Miller CA. Optic-nerve degeneration in Alzheimer’s disease. N Engl J Med. 1986 Aug 21;315(8):485-7).
(10 aa). When natural predators and pests prey on growing healthy plants, the innate intelligence of these plants will secrete anti-predator odors and produce different chemicals to repel them and survive. Stinging nettles for exemple will sting sharply, but when they blossom, thereafter, they sting less as they have accomplished their evolutionary task of proliferating. (Source) But when synthetic man-made harsh pesticides attack the pests on the plants and the plants themselves,  these plants will also defend themselves by mobilizing all of their resources, their enzymes, minerals, amino acids, vitamins etc, to protect themselves from corporate harm in oder to self-replicate. (Source) For example, weeds that have been sprayed by Monsanto’s glyphosate-based round-up pesticide have activated Darwinian based survival mechanisms that have led to massive “resistant” weeds that have avenged Monstanto’s (and other pesticide companies) brutal attack on Nature, just like MRSA bacteria have developed “resistance” from the excessive antibiotic attack. As a consequence however, because of all of this un-necessary fighting against corporate chemical poisonsnon organic produce tends to be nutritionally defective and laden with toxicants. On the other hand, organic farmers first strengthen the soil, the terrain and its immune system so that plants can grow and blossom under good holistic conditions. When pests are damaging, aromatherapy, plant and flower companionship, nets, biological control via with “good insects” (like the beetle), ducks and chicken inter alia, are used to ward off nefarious insects, and then, everyone is happy, the plants, the bees, the butterflies, the birds, the garden snakes and other animals and humans. 
(10 b). However, if we look at the anecdotal, comparative analysis,  propective studies as well as epidmiological published sudies it is easy to prove that conventional oncology should be declared malpractice. Via this mentioned evidence, we find that holistic methods reverse terminal cases of cancer by over 60 for the majority of cases, but over 80 percent of 5 years survival of at least 40 percent of cases. A lot depends on the patient’s will to live and the holistic conditions under which he or she lives as well as on the collection of data.  But all in all, the analysis of the facts show that the “zip code” tends to be way superior in causative relevance to the “genetic code”. So if the patient lives in a stressful environment, chronic diseases risks are multiplied at least by ten and often over 40 times more risks . Regarding the five years remission rate,  conventional oncology is under 5 percent for solid cancer and around 40 percent for liquid cancers…..Today’s conventional oncology  approach is intrinsically moronic from the patient outcome perspective, but completely logical in terms of its cash-flow engine and consistent with the evil and-or misguided nature of those political and narcissistic-predatory sociopaths who choose to  deceive the People rather than telling them the truth about how toxic and often fatal their “cut-burn-poison” interventions are while never informing the patient of other more gentle and cost-friendly holistic options. Widely occuring in the United States,  these forms of informed consent violations are rarely prosecuted.
(11) The Metabolic syndrome, which affects a majority of Americans, is a cluster of conditions that increase blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol & triglyceride levels, all of which  occur together, increasing one’s risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney failure, cancer and an early & painful death. By treating allopathically (with the Government’s official mainstream’s medicine), only symptoms of chronic diseases via patented drugs, (e.g. medication relative to cholesterol, blood sugar, insulin, leptin, ghrelin, cortisol, thyroid hormones, beta amyloid plaques, inter alia) without holistically addressing the root causes is both profitable for the medical-industry and deplorable for the patient’s wellbeing and longevity. For example, cholesterol lowering statins are known to promote dementia and cardiovascular catastrophes while deleting key enzymes, yet most mainstream cardiologists will tell the patient that medicine is about benefits-risks trade-offs while holistic & metabolic cardiologists will treat more the patient in his or her totality versus the drug treatment of a heart symptom or cholesterol numbers. As for Non Alcohol Fatty Liver Disease, a new epidemic that is affecting over 20 percent of the American population, this talk will also show how holistic medicine is clinically superior to allopathic mainstream medicine insofar as the control and reversal of this disease is concerned as well as different endocrine disease epidemics including, but not limited to the Low Testosterone, STD and Infertility Epidemics which are affecting the survival of the Nation.
(12). While other non-conventional modalities of medicine (osteopathic, naturopathic, homeopathy, thermal medicine, acupuncture and other altlernative medical schools) are responsible for very few deaths and harm and massive healing, conventional allopathic medicine has been proven to be either the first or the third cause of premature death and collective suffering (ie, depending on the Journal, the figures  are in between 350,000 and 900,000 avoidable American deaths each year). (Source) One of the reasons that accounts for the magnitude of such collective harm is based on greed and short term monetary interests that the legal system promotes. The evidence clearly shows that those who control the conventional allopathic medical and legal systems, including Research, education and public regulatory structures, prefer to focus on the downstream phases of the disease process, as opposed to the root causes. In other words, symptomatology prevails over holistic solutions. Worse, neither the mainstream private sector nor the Government’s institutions have mandated the teaching of Holistic Medicine and its Fundamental Principles. On the contrary, the Government has regularly institutionalized rules to prosecute holistic medicine and suppress long-term solutions. One small piece of evidence showing the Government’s hostility and-or indifference to holistic longevity medicine can be seen via the public sector’s research tree. Of the 27 N.I.H Institutes & Centers mandated to study the Health Sciences, not one is devoted to nutrition, let alone holistic and happiness medicine. Worse, it has been  illegal to even research the benefits of certain millennia healing plants (like canabis, for ex., it’s ok to research its negative effects, but not ok to research it’s positive effects) and before Hitler’s war, the innocent fermented grape was demonized and banned without an substantive evidence (ie, evidence offered to support a fact in issue) as to harm. And still to this day, misguided ideologues who control the Government’s public health institutions have not issued public recommendations and education campaigns to promote the use of safe quality wine to better address the number one killer, cardiovascular diseases, inter alia. Furthermore, among dozens of other examples, those individuals who control the Government continue to refuse to grant funds to research  holistic cancer protocols, let alone other holistic chronic disease approaches and the deleterious effects of thousands of persistent chemicals including, but not limited to the forced toxic water fluoridation as well as to the second most toxic poison on Earth, mercury, the  impact of which is as pervasive and davastating as lead, one of the leading causes of the Roman Empire’s demise. And to this day, contrarily to other Democracies,  the Government still mandates mercury fillings, including on its military. Etcetera with some ad nauseum.
(13) For example, millions of Americans went to jail for using medical cannabis, and before that, during Prohibition, thousands for drinking “healing medicinal wine” and tens of  thousands of Americans have had their licenses and-or their assets and-or their freedom removed for practicing alternative medicine and, among other indelicacies, over two hundred millions Americans are suffering from chronic diseases and-or significant deleterious toxic chemicals as a result of lawmakers’ partnership with toxic business, including but not limited to the FDA’s  “dental mercury” hired-gun commissioner and, among many other examples, to Congress’ promotion of Monsanto’s cancer-causing glyphosate, another drug that has been patented as an antibiotic, but used as a soil pesticide, one  consequence of which is the promotion intestinal permeability and auto-immune diseases among tens of millions of Americans (cf proof via power point). (….) All dental amalgam restorations contain approximately 50% mercury, and reports and research are consistent that these fillings emit mercury, exposing dental patients, dental professionals, dental staff, and their fetuses to this known neurotoxin. Additionally, in research published in 2011, Dr. G. Mark Richardson reported that more than 67 million Americans aged two years and older exceed the intake of mercury vapor considered “safe” by the U.S. EPA due to the presence of dental mercury amalgam fillings, whereas over 122 million Americans exceed the intake of mercury vapor considered “safe” by the California EPA due to their dental mercury amalgam fillings. Whereas some groups have endorsed dental mercury, touted dental amalgam safety, and claimed that there are no peer-reviewed articles on its dangers, this is simply not the truth.  Numerous peer-reviewed, scientific studies report risks associated with dental mercury amalgam fillings.  In fact, over 200 scientific articles produced in the international literature search can be found through the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. (…) Furthermore, Persistent, low-level exposure to lead over decades is statistically linked to some 400,000 premature deaths in the United States each year, far more than previously thought. Compared to people with little or no lead in their blood, those with high levels—at least 6.7 milligrammes per decilitre (mg/dl)—were 37 percent more likely to die early, according to a study in The Lancet Public Health while the risk of succumbing to  doubled in such cases. Low levels of  are an important, but largely ignored, risk factor for death from cardiovascular disease,” mainly heart attacks and strokes.
(14). A few years ago, the problem of judicial dementia has prompted calls for reconsideration of life tenure for federal judges, but those who control the Government and the Courts, despite their rhetoric and mumbo jumbo, usually prefer inaction over progress and to my knowledge, nothing has been done since to fix this problem. Life tenure is suppose to protect judicial independence, but in reality, the system generates close to 20 percent of senile Federal judges (out of the 1200 purportedly blessed (appointed) by the Chief Executive) while the rest (not all, just most) tend to be ideologically entrenched in the two political party ideology and idolatry with little if any training and interest in the People’s fundamental rights let alone in “ius cogens” law and the Nation’s superior interests and wellbeing as a whole. (Cf. Source) To make matters worse, up to 36 percent of lawyers (and 99 percent of judges are lawyers),  have a serious hard alcohol disorder (according to an official survey, this means that those who work with the Law have up to 5 times more alcoholism than the general population), and most don’t live a holistic life, inter alia, all of which means that we the People have allowed unreliable and impaired minds to interpret an already poorly drafted and approved US Constitution, all of which necessarily affects the People health rights (ie, this foundational text was hastily ratified (approved) by a small minority of lawyers and wealthy hemp-producing political rebels in the late 18th century, 1791 i recall, leaving out women, African-blacks, Indigenous Reds and the poor who had no land and therefore, were stripped of their inalienable voting rights with regard to the ratification of the Constitution and subsequent elections).
(14 a). “Standard of care’ sounds like a medical term, but it is a universal legal concept. It is codified differently by individual state statutes and is written into each state’s uniform jury instructions. The phrase increasingly appears in scientific articles discussing the management of patients with headaches. But, the term usually is not defined nor is evidence presented to justify the notion that the so-called standard has any scientific basis. In a courtroom, jury instructions using this phrase can be a legal sword aimed at a defendant doctor, rather than a shield. At risk is a physician’s basic right to care for a patient according to that individual’s particular needs. Strauss et. al., state in their article titled, What does the medical profession mean by “standard of care? “There is no medical definition for standard-of-care, although the term is firmly established in law and is defined as ‘the caution that a reasonable person in similar circumstances would exercise in providing care to a patient.” The term represents an essential component of an action in medical malpractice in proof that the doctor in question failed to provide the required standard of care under the circumstances.
(15). Even though Dietary and herbal Supplements need to be labeled as such (Source), they are generally not within the medical purview of the F.D.A. as their manufacturers usually don’t make medical  claims. If they did, the Government would then consider them as drugs and would subsequently require from the manufacturer tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars for drug safety and efficiency evaluation via the three phases of clinical trials. However, certain supplements can be deemed to be food additives, and as such, they could theoretically be under the FDA’s jurisdiction. But most are not and are treated under the Dietary Supplement and-or GRAS policies. Under GRAS, they can be what is called “presumptively GRAS”. Dating back to 1958, GRAS “is a legal term describing certain food ingredients that are safe enough to enter the market without prior government approval or restrictions.” The GRAS acronym means “generally recognized as safe”.The GRAS process established streamlined decision making, allowing manufacturers to get their products to market faster and with minimal (if any) oversight. In other words, the  GRAS determination is not made by any federal agency, rather it falls under the decision making of the manufacturer that created the ingredient or product, which is a blatant conflict of interest. American companies, including supplement companies therefore determine for themselves whether  they meets the GRAS standards. With GRAS status, an item requires no prior FDA approval before going to market. Companies can voluntarily submit their GRAS determination for review by the FDA, but are not required. In reviewing GRAS determination, including for GMO foods, the FDA does not perform any independent research or testing, relying solely on information provided by the company. Contarily to Europe where the “precautionary principle” applies, dietary supplements, like personal care products in the USA are not required to be proven safe to FDA’s satisfaction before they are marketed. They are therefore free to poison people, for example, half of lipsticks contain lead and many dietary and herbal non-organic supplements can contain persistent pollutants, endocrine disruptors and heavy metals, including fish oils. Furthermore, for most claims made in the labeling of dietary supplements, the law does not require the manufacturer or seller to prove to FDA’s satisfaction that the claim is accurate or truthful before it appears on the product. In general, FDA’s role with a dietary supplement product begins after the product enters the marketplace. In this perspective, “…the United States shall bear the burden of proof on each element to show that a dietary supplement is adulterated” (Source) That is usually the agency’s first opportunity to take action against a product that presents a significant or unreasonable risk of illness or injury, or that is otherwise adulterated or misbranded. Dietary supplement advertising, including ads broadcast on  radio and television, falls under the jurisdiction of the Federal Trade Commission. Once a dietary supplement is on the market, FDA has certain safety monitoring responsibilities. These include monitoring mandatory reporting of serious adverse events by dietary supplement firms and voluntary adverse event reporting by consumers and health care professionals. As its resources permit, FDA also reviews product labels and other product information, such as package inserts, accompanying literature, and Internet promotion. Dietary supplement firms must report to FDA any serious adverse events that are reported to them by consumers or health care professionals. Dietary supplement manufacturers do not have to get the agency’s approval before producing or selling these products.  As indicated earlier, the main issue with dietary supplements is subsumed in its disclaimer, that it can not claim to treat or cure any specific disease, or to alleviate the symptoms of a disease.  (Source) Once that prerequisite is established, the supplement’s manufacturer is even free to hide certain elements that go into its product, characterizing it as “proprietary”. Hence, caveat emptor, “consumer beware”, is the general principle to apply.  Given this legal landscape, both the consumer and health practitioner would be well advised to benefit from evidentiary evaluation tools that can help to make a scientific determination on the safety and efficiency of supplements. For more legal education on health related topics, see this link.. ….In relation to omega 3s, the essential fatty acid called omega six is generally inflammatory. Animal foods, vegetable oils and processed foods are rich in this type of fat. And highly inflammatory when ingested. On the other hand, vitamin E rich seeds like pumpkin, sunflower and sesame are also very high in omega 6s, much more than omega 3s and 9s. Yet, these plant seeds have an anti-inflammatory effect. (Source) Thus, if one is serious about finding a diet that is consistent with evolutionary biology and nutritional  science, it should be acknowledged that animal versus plant-based macro-molecules are not of the same nature, even if molecularly, they may be similar. From the scientific viewpoint adopted by H.M. Institute’s team, food “experts” like Drs Hymans, Mercola, Sinatra, Axe, Berg, Kesser & nutritionists like Suzan Somers and David Asprey and many others in the paleo-keto fields are in self-denial about key facts that govern human nature, evolutionary design and objective nutritional science. Even Dr Oz is slowly changing his position on this aspect of nutrition. (See Exhibit F)….While genomic testing is a good way to determine customized diet plans, (and more and more accessible price-wise), it is still possible to recommend holistic diets according to the patient’s clinical appearance, energy assessment, toxemia load and, inter alia, organoleptic system, the general core of which remains what it has been for the last 3 million years : seasonal, fresh, raw (and thus rich in enzymes, yeasts and ferments), whole and high plant-fiber based, low-calorie rich in attractive colors & odors, and devoid of toxins, disease-causing parasites, putrefaction via animal flesh & blood, stench, processing (be it oils, carbs, meats), as well as being free from inflammatory molecules and environmental and predatory stress, if only because the automatic sympathetic “fight or flee” system inhibits the flow of gastric juices. Thus, whether the diet is for a baby boomer or someone younger, the best Science shows that this above-mentioned fundamental holistic food core still applies to humans as a species-specific generality, albeit with some customizing according to circumstances, genetic variations and the patient’s lifestyle, geographic location and mindset.
(16). Worse, when Conventional Oncology’s militarist and symptomatic weapons bombard their membranes with an onslaught of free radicals coming from cytotoxic chemo and ionic radiation, cancer stem cells not only upregulated their own repair genes, but they dispatch sos signals to muster help from other cells, including bacteria. Once repaired, these cancer stem cells reinforce their protection system, mutate and become stronger, hence the “cancer chemo-resistance” phenomenon, a resistance which is nothing less than a defense response based on millions and millions years of evolutionary biology. Thereafter, cancer stem cells’ DNA sends signals to the blood coagulation cascade system in order to thicken the hosts blood, this way, metastastic cells can better adhere to distant tissues and continue their genetically programmed task. This cellular “imperialism” continues until the Host dies from coagulation clots, infections from a weakened immune system, “chemo-radiation and surgery” complications or extreme cachexia. So this is the data from today’s advanced cancer research. Chemo and radiation do kill fast growing cells like tumor, gastrointestinal and immune cells, but not cancer stem cells. These are the “generals” while the tumor cells that get killed en mass are the infantry. For over ten years now, the evidence has corroborated that these mainstream “standards of care” that we call chemo and radio therapies  turn healthy cells into cancer cells and make cancer stem cells, the engines of metastasis, stronger, if only because these types of cells, (a small subset of tumor cells)  are not fast growing, thus they can easily outwit mainstream corporate oncology lab scientists. Worse, it is these “progenitor” circulatory cancer stem cells which are the engines of metastases, not the tumors cells that get torpedoed by chemo’s poison and radiation’s fire. So these then are the key established facts from which to develop a healing plan. But mainstream oncologists don’t, if only because they have been indoctrinated to believe that the natural course of cancer’s malignacy is an unstoppable metastasis process that can only be mitigated with violent modalities like chemo, radiation, surgery and targeted suppression interventions. Hence the relative failure of conventional oncology. While it is true that liquid cancers (E.g., in particular, leukemias and lymphomas) fare better conventionally than the solid cancers, most conventional cancer patients will suffer and be impaired from the toxic effects of these violence-based treatments in one way or another (ie, scar tissues, heart disease, other cancers, brain disorders and autoimmune diseases etc), including after the five year mark. As a result, for most cancers, conventional oncology is a problem insofar as the patient’s birthright  to thrive and reach the supercentenarian Life is concerned. See the website for the citation confirmations of some of the above-mentioned facts.
(17). However, because in Life and medicine, there are many howevers, the body is quite resilient, especially when there is an upbeat proactive attitude and strong spirit that animates the individual. So even damaged people can achieve long lifespans, provided they embrace holistic lifestyle. In Dean Ornishes studies on the upregulating of good health genes and the down regulating diseased or “dirty” genes, he amply showed that what counts is Lifestyle and attitude. I remember him saying that the more a chronic diseased patient would practice lifestyle modification, the better his or her results measured in biomarkers. More and more geroscientists are actually looking at aging as a treatable disease. At the Happiness Medicine Institute though, we only see accelarated aging as a treatable disease. So far, notwithstanding what the Bible and certain geroscientists claim, there is no evidence that shows that the human body can live “eternally” or over 200 years, let alone 1000 years. But under holistic conditions, almost everyone should be able to reach 110 to 120 year.
(18). SNPs = Single nucleotide polymorphisms, frequently called SNPs (pronounced “snips”), are the most common type of genetic variation among people. Each SNP represents a difference in a single DNA building block, called a nucleotide. For example, a SNP may replace the nucleotide cytosine (C) with the nucleotide thymine (T) in a certain stretch of DNA. SNPs occur normally throughout a person’s DNA. They occur once in every 300 nucleotides on average, which means there are roughly 10 million SNPs in the human genome. Most commonly, these variations are found in the DNA between genes. They can act as biological markers, helping scientists locate genes that are associated with disease. When SNPs occur within a gene or in a regulatory region near a gene, they may play a more direct role in disease by affecting the gene’s function. Most SNPs have no effect on health or development. Some of these genetic differences, however, have proven to be very important in the study of human health. Researchers have found SNPs that may help predict an individual’s response to certain drugs, susceptibility to environmental factors such as toxins, and risk of developing particular diseases. SNPs can also be used to track the inheritance of disease genes within families. Future studies will work to identify SNPs associated with complex diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. (Source) For example, centenarians not only have retarded biological ages, they’re also more likely to carry specific gene variations (called single nucleotide polymorphisms, or SNPs) that protect against disease. A study published last year found five regions in the human genome where such SNPs reside. In one region, certain SNPs lowered the risk for Alzheimer’s disease, high cholesterol and pancreatic cancer. In a second, the SNPs protected against heart disease and diabetes. In a third, they made lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis less likely. Etcetera.
(19). Progress is not necessarily more hospitals, more drugs, more surgeries, more radiation, more hi-tech procedures, more cell phone health apps, more imagery or even more supplements and the like. Progress may be fewer of these symptomatology orienting “things”, as long as holistic science in combination with responsible public health policies and a genuine health-care system prevail. Bio-tech innovation is good. But the application of the  Fundamentals in every day life (i, e. restorative sleep, healthy nutrition, exercises, detox, purpose, emotional support, rest, quality water, chronic stress management  etc) are still the keys to Progress and so far, mainstream Government officials and their lackeys appear to be seriously deviating from both these basics and Reason, including from using inexpensive nutrition as medicine. Food has been shown to improve the expression of thousands of genes, to harmonize dozens of hormones, to optimize tens of thousands of protein networks, to reduce inflammation, and optimize your microbiome (gut flora) etc. Yet, quality & small amounts of wine and low calorie high fiber foods are still not considered medicine, if only because both mainstream voters and the U.S. Supreme Court life-appointed Justices have willingly allowed malignant businesses to pervert public institutions and sicken hundreds of millions of American with toxic foods and bad medicine, thus feeding the epidemics of non alcohol fatty liver diseases, to metabolic, gastro-intestinal, immune and brain disorders (e.g., today, thirty percent of American   non-adults suffer from childhood chronic diseases, for adults, pets and wild-life, it’s worse). There is more cash-flow to be generated by suppressing the symptom versus resolving the problem, and all the more so that most symptomatic treatments that come from the Conventional Medicine Business model promote complications and a worse prognosis, notwithstanding some short term relief and usefulness with emergency medicine and the like. The evidence shows these allegations to be true in most chronic diseases including in cancer and accelerated aging. This Workshop will thus focus less on the Government’s public health, geriatrics & sick-care standards than on empirically-based holistic longevity techniques, most of which continue to be neglected by misguided conventional medical schools whose deans continue to compartmentalize Medicine into separate disciplines without a unifying holistic paradigm……As usual in the mainstream, there are  at least two and often many sides with competiting and often opposing claims about almost any issue in Medicine. So is Medicine more of an art than a science ? As Medicine is linked to Consciousness and because the consciousness that all sentient beings experience is personal and unique, it is necessary to be in tune with one’s Consciousness in other to heal and reach one’s lifespan potential. That’s why shamanic herbs like Ayawashka, the Tibetan herbs that centenarian use and the fermented vine juices  (red wine) the European centenarians drink can be strongly therapeutic. In moderation and taken holistically, these plants help with Consciousness. There are other tools, including breathing and medication tools,, among others,  that this workshop explores.
(20). Just around three years ago, scientists from the Standord University School of Medicine  were able to tweak cells to considerably lengthen their internal telomere clocks, up to 40 times more than untreated cells. “Now we have found a way to lengthen human telomeres by as much as 1,000 nucleotides, turning back the internal clock in these cells by the equivalent of many years of human life,” said the lead scientist. (Source)  These researchers delivered a modified RNA that encoded a telomere-extending protein to cultured human cells. By itself, this is quite a scientific feat, but it remains a petri dish one. From a petri dish to mammals, including humans, the leap is still huge. Nonetheless, this breakthrough continues to excite many biogerontologists and geroscientists. Furthermore, to ensure that families have access to emerging regenerative treatments, a few biogerontologists are recommending  that children’s autologous stem cells should be recovered and cryo-preserved during routine dental procedures for use in future therapies and treatments.
(21). Contrarily to Jeanne Calment, no verifiable birth records were found for the mountain herbalist supercenternarian Li Ching-Yuen. However, there appears to be some credible evidence from testimonial and published sources  in the Chinese literature to support the claim that Li  lived to at least 197 years. In this workshop-seminar, we will briefly show evidence of age and some of Li’s “secrets” or “ingredients” that got him to live such a long and dense life., two of which are mountain herbs and wine. (Source)
(22). Biogerontology is a sub-field of gerontology, it is concerned with the biological aging process, its evolutionary origins, and potential means to intervene in the process. While it does share common fields of analyses as geroscience, biogerontology focuses more on the molecular and biochemical causes of aging. (For more on this topic, click here). Biogerontology is coming of age. It now seems clear that a fundamental understanding of the molecular pathways underlying age-related pathology has the potential to translate into a net economic impact of over a trillion dollars a year in the US alone and to alleviate a massive toll of human suffering. At the same time, a tidal wave of aging post World War II baby boomers is poised to begin flooding the shores of the health care system within the coming decade. It is therefore now strategic and timely for medical research to turn its attention to the molecular and cellular mech- anisms of aging and age-related disease. However, one of the largest barriers to successful intervention in aging is likely psychological rather than technological. A widespread misperception persists that modifying human aging borders on the impossible. However, this skepticism is not supported by science. There are now numerous examples of therapies based on fundamental insights in molecular biogerontology that are in clinical development, and many more such therapies are expected to unfold over time scales ranging from the near term to the more distant future. Meanwhile, we have the Fundamentals and the Optimal Longevity Code whose application can give us three to four more decades in relation to the norm. Avoiding the major chronic diseases is good, but according to Professors Longo and Wattson, this avoidance will only bestow on average around 15 extra years. To reach at least 120 years in good shape, there is a need to better tweak aging’s hallmarks.
(*). Up to 80 percent of the immune system and its genes is part of the gut system while the brain is in a constant two ways communicatory and dynamic network with the microbiota’s 3.4 million genes and trillions of proteins. Both these bodily functions (gut and brain) derive from the same embryonic cells all humans have been designed with, so they need to be both diligently addressed with a synergistic approach. Furthermore, intestinal permeability (leaky gut syndrome) has been determined to be a key component of chronic inflammation and autoimmunity, the chronic condition of which affects over 100 million Americans. Thus, holistically addressing leaky gut and its sister, leaky brain, is worthy of a few supporting power-point slides that will accompany this introductory afternoon talk, the substance of which focuses on one of the preliminary conditions that needs prompt activation, a clean,  efficient and toxicity-protected gastro-intestinal and neurological system. If the majority of Americans are to achieve their healthy lifespan birth-right of 120 years, it thus starts in the gut chakra, as showed the longevity record breaker, Jeanne Calment, the unflappable dancer and dark chocolate enthusiast who relished red wine and the French Mediterranean diet rich in fiber, fermented foods, healthy essential fatty acid foods, bitters, olives, key herbs and the like. In this above-mentioned perspective, this talk will examine the efficiency, safety and cost-friendliness of detoxification and gut restoration holistic techniques insofar as the reversal and-or mitigation of mental disorders are concerned. In addition, we will be presenting fresh data with actionable holistic techniques on metabolic detox via methylation and this pathway’s genes as well as new compelling evidence on key bacilli spores that both resist the stomach’s low PH and enhance the microbiome’s diversity and cohesion like few do. Despite claims to the contrary, most of probiotics sold on the market get destroyed by the stomach’s acid. On the other hand, the bacterial spores that this workshop will discuss benefit from evolutionary built-in protein and polysaccharide coatings that resist the corrosive gastric juices, thanks to which they can get into the intestines to perform their magic. And once these sophisticated live critters arrive in the gut’s “milieu” and get organized, they act like grand orchestra conductors within both the microbiome’s genes and the microbiota’s live matter, zapping deleterious bacteria & archaea with their natural and selective antibiotics while enriching the beneficial ones, thanks to which cellular metabolic pathways get holistically optimized to the point where the patient’s “joie de vivre” sentiment and longevity genes are better expressed.


The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while Nature cures the disease.”  Voltaire. One of 18th century Voltaire’s lessons to heal and be happy is to “cultivate one’s garden” (cf in his book Condide), that which can be translated to mean the cultivation of the low-key attitude of being joyfully humble and humbly joyful with an uplifting sense of both awe and gratitude, what is called in France “la joie de vivre”. Once this Vibe inhabitates patients, hospitals as we know them will cease to exist as will most weapons of Life destruction. To the American Second Amendment fanatics, 19th century Victor Hugo, in agreement with the Bible’s Eclesiaste, opined that History’s Progress necessarily implicates the ban of these products, except for museums. When joy prevails over fear, unity over division, mindful concern over indifference and a holistic lifestyle over mainstream entropy and hysteria, then almost nothing can stop the patient from desiring and achieving a heathy long life while helping others to do the same. 

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