Tumour Lysis Syndrome

This is a condition in which a large number of tumour cells are rapidly killed, causing a sudden release of the contents of the dead cells into the bloodstream. It can result in abnormal heart rhythms, salt imbalance in the blood and kidney failure. A detailed reference article can be found here. TLS occurs most commonly in patients with a large mass of tumour cells in the body who receive chemotherapy, especially with lymphomas or acute leukemia. In theory, DCA should not cause TLS because it kills cancer cell naturally by apoptosis. We have not had a single case of TLS in our patients treated with DCA alone. Since DCA can enhance the effect of chemotherapy in certain cases, it may be more likely to occur if DCA is combined with chemotherapy (especially without medical supervision). We have noticed that intravenous DCA can work more quickly than oral DCA in some cases, so there is theoretically more risk of TLS if i.v. DCA is combined with other therapies such as chemo. We have observed one cases of TLS when i.v. DCA was combined with cannabis oil

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