We are preparing on-line training modules in the following fields. The goal is to certify students to become holistic medicine Practitioners.

 Life-Enhancement Holistic Techniques

1. Acupuncture & Acu-pressure

2. Aromatherapy

3. Art, Humor & Music Therapy

3. Breathing Therapies

4. Balneotherapy

5. Bee and Honey Therapy

6. Brain Enhancement Therapy

7. Breathing, Oxygen & Respiratory Enhancement Therapy

8. Detoxification Therapies

9. Electro-Magnetism Therapy

10. Exercise, Stretching, Chi Gong & Yoga Therapy

11. Fasting, intermittent fasting & Caloric Restriction Therapy

12. Fertility Blossoming, Sexual Boosting & Harmonal Fine-tuning Therapy

13. Gut and Microbiota Therapies

14. Hair, Skin and Natural Beauty therapy

15. Heat & Fever Therapy

16. Helio (Sun) Therapy

17. Hydrotherapy & Thermogenesis Therapy

18. Immune Enhancement Therapies

19. Joie de Vivre & Neuro-peptide Therapy

20. Juicing for Life Therapy 

21. Massage & Spinal/Joints/Hip Adjustments Therapy 

22. Nutrition Therapy

23. Meditation, Prayer & Mindfulness Therapies 

24. Sleep & Nap Therapies 

25. Sophrology & Visualization Therapy

26. Sprouting Techniques 

27. Stem cell & Ribosome-based Longevity Activation  Therapies

28. Telomere and Telomerase Longevity Enhancement Therapies

29. Water Therapy 

30. Wine Therapy

Physiological Markers

All participants who embark on and lives up to the Institute’s holistic health rejuvenation education program  can expect to have most of his or her physiological markers improve within three months,  to the point of being able to reach at least 110 years with an abundance of JDV (Joie de Vivre)


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