The Institute’s Holistic-Happiness Paradigm for Healing

In order to engage in the long-term restoration of the body’s major homeostatic systems, the Institute first recommends the activation of the Five Central Holistic-Happiness Principles that help to determine a successful Plan of Remedial Action. (Section A)  Once that is done,  the patient can be guided toward the Five Layers or Circles of Holistic/Happiness Treatment Options. (Section B)

Section A

The Five Principles to Determine a successful course of Action

The first principle that should be respected, whether the person doing the respecting is the health professional or the patient, is to  Search for the Root Causes (tolle causam). Most conventional medical doctors don’t perform this examination. It would take too much time to search for the causes. A thorough holistic approach does not generate as much cash flow as the  allopathic short-term symptom approach.

The second principle to apply is based on attempting to  understand the workings of Nature.  Molecular biology and Evolution have convincingly shown that cells, including, but not limited to the bacteria within us, have evolved for millions of years and have followed specific Life adaptation patterns. A healer needs to pay attention to this process. In Traditional Naturopathy, this process is called “The Healing Power of Nature”, or vis medicatrix naturae. (1)

The third principle is to always be humble and open to feedback in order to be better guided toward the right approach. Meditation and prayer are recommended, including synergistically between the health practitioner and the patient.

 The fourth principle is based on the awakening of the “doctor” within. Originally, a doctor was a teacher. Etymologically, latin-wise, Doctor (docere) means Teacher. Likewise in Japan. Whether the teaching is between a health professional and a patient or between a patient and his-her inner awareness, the teaching should be gradual, patient and without hardship. Teaching the patient to be his-her own Healer from the holistic angle is one of the most challenging feats in medicine. To teach the patient how to be whole again, (tolle totum). This is another reason why the best medicine happens during rejuvenation retreats.

The fifth principle, is centered on happiness and responsibility, based on a high frequency  attitude characterized by positivity, meaningfulness, playfulness, kindness and vigilance. Bathed in a holistic lifestyle when possible, the healer and the healee should nurture a relationship based on trust, hope and Joie de Vivre energy as best they can.  This means that if a patient can’t afford a treatment, the health professional should do all he or she can to not stress the patient about payment. (2) As for responsibility, healers have special duties in Societies. I will develop this topic another time.

The Five Layers or Circles in the healing process

The first layer is to “go easy”, first, nothing invasive.  Dr Hippocrates called this the principle of primum non nocere (First Do no Harm).  This principle can be expressed with the laying of hands on the patient (provided the healer has more positive energy than the healee), next to the patient (ie, similar to what Reiki masters do) or with whatever, be it a tool (ie, surgery knife), a toothpick, a drug, radiation or any high-tech intervention. 

The second layer in holistic-happiness medicine is based on interventions in the patient’s Lifestyle, in particular with the minimization of stressors and the maximization of life boosters that increase the patient’s Life force. This would include diet, sleeping habits, bowel movements, exercise routine, acu-pressure or acupuncture on meridians, type of clothing and bedding (ie, fire retardands affects the thyroid) toxicity exposure, sunbathing, water intake and the like. In this realm, the Institute recommends whatever it takes to increase the niche’s  vibrational flow by addressing key issues like emf pollution, dirty electricity, air toxicity, noise, molds on house walls, roundup in garden, sanitation, general toxicity in water, soil, house etc, the living space area also needs to be well examined etc. If we are to get at the root causes of the disease, then all of these factors need to be assessed with a coach or health professional and then culprits either need to be removed and-or replaced with Life force variants. This approach is analogous to the allergy “elimination diet”.

The third layer or circle regards the patient’s belief system, both the healer and the healee should examine the strengths and weaknesses of the patient’s belief system. The belief system is made up of much more than convictions and ideological addictions. Without emotions, there would be few if any beliefs. Past traumas are therefore of significance. Some patients deep down wish to die, or to get sick or to not be successful, thus it is important to address the “saboteur” within, if only because lots of these necro-forces are in the subconscious, deriving from past traumas, childhood events, certain cultures, karma and the like.

The fourth layer or circle is the patient’s entourage (family, friends, foes). Toxic relationships exist, one should not be in self-denial or delusional about this reality. Many studies show that obese people tend to hang out with obese friends, cigarette smokers with smokers, vegans with vegans etc. On the other hand, narcissistic predators like to hang out with their victims.  Thus to avoid contagious emotional perturbations of one’s general homeostasis, it is sometimes warranted to be alone and-or better accompanied. Domestic animals like dogs and cats and even birds have  been shown to be therapeutic in patients’ healing journeys.

The fifth layer or circle is centered on spirituality, what one considers to be his or her Life mission, whether it be to serve God, a religion, a passion, a mission. Epidemiology, biogerontology and the study of supercentenarians have shown that living a purposeful, joyful Life without excessive material attachment is key in healthy longevity.

On Medical Diagnoses

The Institute does not recommend diagnoses. The Institute considers medical diagnostics as being more harmful than beneficial and most of the time, they only lead to pharmaceutical or surgery prescriptions that target the suppression of a symptoms, most of which (talking about symptoms) are useful and part of the healing process. (3) Rarely do conventional allopathic doctors delve into the real causes of why a patient has his general homeostasis and individual physiological systems perturb. Like Law and most of the other professions in mercantile societies, medicine is compartementalized into multiple specialities. Hence a neurologist specialist may know about the working of the brain, but if the cause of the patient’s mental disorders is nutritional and relates to dysbiosis, then brain specialists miss that, as dysbiosis is the field of gastroenterologists. All bodily functions are interrelated. This is where Holistic-Happiness medicine comes in, as by definition, it’s approach is holistic, that means its practitioner looks at all relevant aspects of the problem: mind body spirit yes, but way beyond those dimensions as well since illness can also come from the environment, the entourage, living space etc.

Thus, instead of symptomatology diagnoses, the Institute recommends and promotes causation and lifestyle assessment with an immediate holistic-happiness protocol follow up. Since most times, there is success with this approach, most lab tests can be avoided. When the dangers are too important or the chosen protocol not sufficiently efficient, then additional lab tests may be warranted. The final say should be the patient’s.

Christian Joubert (HMI director)

Reference and Precision Notes

(1). Naturopathy is another term for “natural medicine”, which is partially based on Hippocrates’ legacy.
(2). This is one of the weak points with licensed naturopathic and functional doctors. Both these professions focus on an abundance of lab tests in order to get at the “root cause”. Often, this is billed at over over thousand dollars. For a low income patient whose insurance does not cover this amount, this out of pocket money will be very stressful and be couterproductive to the healing process. Furthermore, many naturopathic and functional doctors purposely insist on lots of lab tests in order to generate cash flow. Ok, in a mercantile society, money.
(3). In over 95 pecent of cases, it makes no medical sense to use anti-fever drugs, as fevers are therapeutic, the body’s intelligence produces them to remove viruses, bacteria while heat shock proteins help with the removal of cancer cells. (4). Anti cough drugs also not intelligent, as we want to cough out whatever is annoying the throat. Antibiotics also absurd in most cases (over 95 percent of cases),if only because they kill the microbiome (new word for intestinal flora) and reinforce stronger bacteria like MRSA. Likewise with anti mitotics, the chemo drugs that destroy cellular division in  fast growing cells like cancer. These drugs, like antibiotics, eventually make the “enemy” stronger, hence the phenomenon of “chemo resistance” and recurrence. Antimitotics can also seriously weaken that which can heal, the immune system, the mucus lining of the intestines etc.
(4). On the other hand, when very young babies and very old people contract infections, because their immune systems are usually not strong, it can make sense to give anti-fever drugs when the fever is very high and for a short duration. Like wise with antibiotics. However,  in holistic medicine and herbology, there are  many plants that can boost the immune system and reduce fevers without the side (toxic) effects of synthetic drugs.

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