Portable Detox Sauna (On Sale)

The Therasage  Portable sauna

Equipped with Full Spectrum Deep penetrating Infrared, Negative Ions, Natural Tourmaline earth gem stones integrated within the fabric, Earthing, and no exposure to harmful EMF’s, Thera360 is the most advanced Infrared Sauna on the market today !

Free Consultation

For all buyers, you will get a 30 minutes free phone discussion on how to use  this sauna safely and efficiently for maximum wellbeing.


Price: 1050 dollars.  Plus shipment

With the purchase of this sauna, the buyer will also get a free 300 dollars worth one hour consultation on thermal medicine, clinical nutrition and breakthrough cancer metabolic protocols information.

For those who are struggling financially, we can go down to 800 dollars. Plus shipment. If this is the case, please email us  first.

We consider this sauna to be such an important health tool that we want you to be able to afford this.

To order, please contact us.


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 Five exclusive Full Spectrum Infrared Panels, including a front and foot panel for 360 degrees of full body absorption. No separate ceramic heater like most other portable saunas use.

Large Natural Tourmaline gem stones technology woven in the fabric to generate an abundance of negative Ions thank to which the Full Spectrum Infrared experience is enhanced.

Exclusive Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF) Full Spectrum (Near to Far), Infrared Panels with infrared emitting Natural Tourmaline earth gem stones technology.

Advanced Earthing technology that grounds and balances the polarity of the body to improve Cellular Communication.

 Grounded. As a result, the 360 Thera is the lowest Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) of any portable sauna available

 Two zip-out terry washable collars

 Comfortable Oversized cabin

 Personal carrying case with handle for easy portability

 Easy assembly and quickly folds up for easy convenient storage

 Low energy usage (about 8 cents an hour) and plugs into any standard wall outlet, no special electrical wiring needed

Enhanced Digital Control with 7 temperature selections up to 170 and extended timer up to 90 min.

Radiant heat anti-microbial anti-bacteria technology

Comfortable upgraded chair

Convenient hand zippers and pockets allow you to read, work, use your phone.

Dimensions when set up H-42” x L-32” x D-39”

Weight: 28 lbs

External fabric: satin which does not outgas like petrochemical plastic liners.

Additional Sauna Accessories will be available early next year, all of which can be adapted to the present saunas, in particular Ozone and Essential Oil Modules.

This product is manufactured in a quality inspected facility, internationally certified as to compliance with ISO9001 Management System Practices

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Payment via Paypal and credit cards pending

One Year guarantee (only for defects)

We are certified distributors of  Therasage.

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Hyperthermia and Cancer

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