Telomerase Enhancement Therapy

If I knew I would live as long as I have, I’d have taken better care of myself.” – George Burns at 101

“Normal somatic cells are generally telomerase negative, except for bone marrow stem cells.” Note that germ cells express the most telomerase, maintaining their telomere length constant, while stem cells senesce more slowly than normal somatic cells because they intermittantly express telomerase [M.Fossel, Cells, Aging, and Human Disease, p.54].

Jim has been pursuing experimental strategies and claims to have set his body clock back by 15 to 20 years already.  The core of his program is telomerase activation herbs, particularly astragalus, taken in much larger quantities than the label recommends.  Jim has quite a story to tell, and this week

In 1998, Michael Fossel published an article on this in the Journal of Anti-Aging Medicine (now Rejuvenation Research). [Another Fossel article -JJM] So there were definite grounds for optimism that lengthening telomeres with telomerase could result in rejuvenation transformations.

On the other hand, as telomeres got shorter, patterns of gene expression became more elderly and the likelihood of the onset of diseases of old age increased

The astragalus extract actually finally turned out to work rather better, in fact, than TA-65.

I was also reading Life Extension Magazine since 2004, so I was familiar with supplements recommended by LEF to prevent diseases of old age, such as acetyl L-carnitine with alpha lipoic acid for mitochondria, L-arginine as a nitric oxide booster for rejuvenating the vascular endothelium, anticancer supplements such as garlic and ginger and turmeric, and so forth.

By June of 2009 I concluded after studies of Vida Institute literature that 33 grams/day of astragalus root would serve as well or better than the 5 mg/day of astragalosides from astragalus extract that I computed I was taking. So I switched from pure astragalus extract like TA-41, which worked fine according to Greta Blackburn at TA Sciences, to astragalus root in capsules from NOW FOODS. However, I was still applying astragalus extract directly to my scalp.

[Editor’s note: Astragalus is a woody root which can be found in Chinese groceries for about $10/lb.  Traditional use would be to boil strips of astraglus to make a tea. -JJM]

What is your supplements regimen at present?  Is it still evolving?

I have posted a short summary of my present program and photo news here. It is still evolving, and by now I have 173 items at least on my list of telomerase activators that I am exploring. The numbers of the activators chronicle the order in which I found them in the literature, or were tipped off to

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