Promoting Rejuvenation Retreat Centers

 Building the First European-French flavored Holistic Rejuvenation Education Retreat Center in the United States

“Medicine is not only a science; it is also an art. It does not consist of compounding pills and plasters; it deals with the very processes of life, which must be understood before they may be guided.” Paracelsus

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«In the future, physicians will no longer prescribe medications, instead, they will teach their patients lifestyle, diet and how to prevent diseases”. Thomas Edison 

The first European-French flavored holistic Rejuvenation Retreat Center in the United States would be an education and healing structure where clients could learn about the science-based European, American and International Fundamentals in holistic self-care and healthy lifespans to 120 years while immediately rejuvenating upon starting the projected Center’s detox & vitality enhancement program.


 Why European-French Flavored ?

“The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease”. Voltaire

Because European “Thermal Rejuvenation Centers” have been operating for many centuries, in particular in France (See Exhibits A), because the Mediterranean lifestyle and diet are well established as being the best conditions to optimize long healthy lifespans (Source), because of all of the World’s countries that are members of the United Nations, France has invested the most in quality wines and drinking top dry wines under healthy conditions helps to reduce multiple chronic diseases while expressing human longevity genes (Source), because the French health-care system was evaluated by the World Health Organization as the best of the best in the world, (Source and see also Exhibit A), because traditional European medicine in general and French traditional medicine in particular have a long Tradition of safe, efficient and cost friendly rejuvenation holistic techniques  that are not well-known in the United States and that have the potential to help the United States’ sick-care system to self-destruct (ie revamp) in favor of a genuine holistic health-care system that would benefit the entire population as well as the Nation’s economy. (1)

In addition, Europe has the most “Blue Zones” as well as longevity valleys in the World where People live the healthiest and longest. (2) Even better, both individual longevity and village longevity are the highest in Europe. (3)

Europe in general and France in particular are equipped with the necessary holistic savoir-faire in terms of healthy lifespan models that can be exported to the United States for the benefit of the entire American Nation, as has been done multiply times in the distant past. (4)

Furthermore, because Christian (the project director) is from France and  has bathed in the holistic rejuvenation retreat “milieu” for decades, (See Mediterranean Holistic Rejuvenation Center), it would make all the more practical sense to seriously experiment with the European-French health-care model for the benefit of American Health-care renewal. (Source)

What would be the Projected Center’s Expected Benefits ?

“Most men die of their medications, not of their illnesses”. Moliere

A European-French flavored American rejuvenation education retreat center could become a new health-promoting model that would significantly contribute in solving the present chronic disease and health-care crisis in the United States, (5) the cost of which is bankrupting the Nation and sickening most of the Population. (6 and Source) In this realm, the evidence overwhelmingly shows that these chronic diseases and their complications can be prevented and even treated if chronically diseased patients took health vacations in holistic rejuvenation retreats where they would have the time and the mindset to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles.

Furthermore, in terms of practicality, the founder of this project already created the  Mediterranean Holistic Center for Vitality and Optimal Longevity in the mountains of the Eastern Pyrenees, next to Spain and the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks to this platform, it would be easier to  muster Europeans to come to the proposed American center and for Americans to go to the European Mediterranean center and other European holistic centers that could also benefit from American savior-faireThis trans-Atlantic exchange would reinforce the American-European Alliance as well as international cooperation and peace among Nations. (7) And once streamlined, the Project’s financial supporters would reap an abundance of recognition and even financial success. (See business plan)


Subsidiary Expected Results

With European and American “health vacation retreats”, both Americans and European would benefit from their own experience and wisdom while showing the example to the Mainstream, in terms of creating a wellbeing momentum that could significantly improve the public health panorama in both Europe and the United States.

Thanks to this projected Center, with more European holistic health experts in the United States and with more American holistic health experts in Europe, we would be able to enhance scientifically sound standards of care on the two continents, that which would benefit public health, prosperity and peace.

As a bonus, public finance would improve proportionately to the control and reversal of the present chronic diseases epidemic. More so in the U.S., given the present challenges (See Exhibit C), but also in mainstream Europe.

Hormonal balancing

One Trillion American Health-care dollars goes to Clinical Waste

Addressing the health-care system in the U.S., the Harvard Business Review experts estimated that there is one trillion dollars a year that goes into “clinical waste, administrative complexity, excessive prices, and fraud and abuse”, that which amounts to 40% of total health-care spending in the U.S..

Because Holistic Medicine can both control and reverse chronic disease with mostly lifestyle factors and because Holistic health-care is based on a different incentive system than what presently exists, hundreds of billions of dollars would be saved each year. A small part of this saving could go into building holistic rejuvenation retreats in each city area, this way, the health-care momentum would continue to increase. (8)

Another expected result would be more recognition of holistic standards of care. Because these standards tend to be safer, more efficient, better rooted in Science and much more cost friendly than  allopathic and technocratic standards, holistic health centers would be a win-win for all, so much so that with the extra savings, the Government’s public treasury would increase, thanks to which Congress’ “Big Pharma Donor” recipients (ie lawmakers) could help Big Pharma and allopathic conventional medicine to restructure its investments and diversify in more Life sustaining activities like soil regeneration, organic agriculture, tree planting, river cleanup, water sanitation, air improvement, wildlife preservation and the like.

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Where would the project be built ?

Although any pristine area not too far from an airport would work, mid altitude mountain areas would be better because of their health promoting elements, including, but not limited to their strengthening effect on cardiac output, red blood cells production, hormonal output, weight management (9) their pristine environment rich in medicinal herbs, mushrooms, wildlife and spring water, among other benefits.

Most of the Longevity valleys in the World, including in the United States (Colorado and Utah) are found in mid to high altitude mountainous areas.

“Beside genetic and life-style characteristics environmental factors may profoundly influence mortality and life expectancy. The high altitude climate comprises a set of conditions bearing the potential of modifying morbidity and mortality of approximately 400 million people who are permanently residing at elevations above 1500 meters. (…) The available data indicate that residency at higher altitudes are associated with lower mortality from cardiovascular diseases, stroke and certain types of cancer. (…) (Source) (10)

Given the strength and hurdles with living in high altitudes areas, the H.M. Institute recommends mid altitude mountainous regions for the building of a rejuvenation retreat center, anywhere between 3,000 and 5000 feet is ideal. From 5000 to 8000 feet is also possible for most retreatees and all the more so that there are holistic techniques that help to body to readapt to high altitude living. (cf 10)

Californian mountain areas like St Barbara, (which also benefits from the iodine rich ocean air) Lake Tahoe, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington State and other mid altitude geographic areas are possibilities to be determined at a later date. Meanwhile, click here to examine a few candidate campuses that we have up to now found or see Business Plan.

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The Advantages of Offering Multiple Campuses

If this “Health Vacation” Holistic Rejuvenation Center were to become successful, we could envisage a replication of these structures in other parts of the United States and the World. The Longevity Valley of Vilcabamba in Ecuador is presently envisaged. (11)

With an international structure composed of multiple campuses, each year, clients could go to a different campus to work on health-maintenance and-or restoration while learning new innovative breakthrough longevity techniques from different workshop training sessions. In addition, workshopees and holistic health vacationers could get exposed to a diversity of healthy superfoods and indigenous health techniques that are not well-known in the United States. Health vacationers could also enjoy cultural and green tourism, including, but not limited to medical tourism with local mainstream medicine (i.e. dental, surgical, stem cells injection and other medical procedures are way cheaper in the developing world).

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Why would this Health Promoting Rejuvenation Structure help to reverse the Ongoing US Sick-care crisis ?

As the Institute’s “rejuvenation retreat center” business plan and other related documents show, holistic and happiness medicine has the potential to reverse over 90 percent of chronic diseases with inexpensive tools and efficient incentive systems. By rewarding the patient with tax and other incentives to partake in these health vacations, the patient would be more compliant to a rigorous holistic lifestyle. This would benefit both the individual and the State.  The keys to success are based on attitude, techniques, incentives and compliance.

One of the reasons conventional, functional and integrative medicines have not been able to reverse the chronic disease trend is because most patients don’t have the finances and-or are not willing or able to adopt a holistic lifestyle. Furthermore, research shows that it can take a good three weeks for one bad habit to be replaced with one good habit. Almost nothing in holistic medicine is “fast” or instant.

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On a macro level, there are two primary ways to reduce sick-care costs (including the one trillion dollars in clinical waste) and improve quality of health-care. First, via a comprehensive demand-side strategy that  would give health consumers incentives and information to be much better purchasers of health care. Second, via an vigorous supply-side strategy that would change the way providers are paid so their profit margins would be tightly linked to outcomes and efficiency rather than the volume of services delivered and the present “fee for each service and complication” system.

In this perspective, when a patient goes to a hospital or sees his or her doctor, each complication punishes the patient and rewards the medical doctors and health providers. For example, when patients go to the hospital, they often acquire a nosocomial (infection) complications or an iatrogenic drug adverse reactions. Both these complications will enrich the sick-care providers. There are therefore no credible incentives to avoid avoidable complications, and all the more so that there are less than 5 percent of malpractice events that go to Court and when they do, most are settled by aggressive lawyers hired by insurance companies. Thus, the H.M. Institute recommends that both demand-supply strategies should be pursued.

If the Happiness Medicine Institute’s experimental pilot Center shows to be a success, it would be a model for the entire American health-care system. Thus, affordable one to three weeks holistic rejuvenation retreats is or should be the new “standard of care” with regard to most chronic diseases. In this perspective, the State should help out by offering incentives via tax deductions and the like (See Business Plan for the details).


Are there Precedents that support the above mentioned claims ?

The Data in France and other “health vacation” countries shows that when People partake in Health Vacation Retreats for three weeks, (12) they get better motivated to both learn the basics of biological processes and holistic self-care and start changing lifestyle. If a patient is just told what to do, compliance and enthusiasm are not as good because the patient doesn’t understand the rejuvenation mechanisms involved.

The Data also suggests that by adopting holistic and management techniques from the French National Health-Care system, other European health-care systems and holistic centers, the American Health-care system could significantly benefit. A published study already exists on the potential impact of the French Health-care system on the American one. (Source)

Partaking in health-care spa retreats that can be both fun and meaningful is genuine preventive medicine because of the strong therapeutic effect of spa and thermal medicine in terms of detoxification, immune and hormonal regulation and vitality enhancement. Thanks to professional massage, hot sulphur spring water baths and showers, other forms of balneotherapy, heliotherapy, aromatherapy, diet, vinotherapy, different modalities of detoxification that can help to boost (express) the repair genes, inter alia, the patient is removed from the “a pill for each ill” symptomatic treatment model and is thus able to take responsibility for his or her health in a more holistic way.

Most of these health-care spa Centers (called “Centre Thermal” or “Bains” or “Thermes”) are in the mountain areas of South France where the environment promotes a sense of wellbeing, so the patient also benefits from pristine air, clean water, beautiful scenery and penetrating sunshine, the sunshine that helps to activate over 1500 human  life-sustaining genes. See this link for a few examples

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A Pilot Experimentation

As Warren Buffet confirmed, the present American sick-care system is not sustainable, it is what he calls a tapeworm to the economy.

 “… Healthcare is the tapeworm of the American economy.…I think the healthcare problem is the No. 1 problem of America and of American business…We have seen that number go up to 17 percent. That is a huge cost factor. I think Berkshire Hathaway’s costs are over $2 billion a year for healthcare.” Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett Source 

A new approach for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases is needed. Healthy high-risk subjects must be taught how to manage their lifestyles. Chronic Diseased Patients need information on diet, stress management techniques, sleep hygiene and, inter alia, exercise. Contrarily to countries like France, current health-care medical systems in the U.S. lack the will and the resources to focus on holistic lifestyles as most conventional medical doctors are restricted by time, costs, dogmas and their training.

For example, a medical doctor gets paid 1500 dollars for a stent versus 15 dollars for advise on reversing heart diseases via nutrition, a hospital gets paid 100,000 dollars for a hip replacement and nothing for holistic advice, including on mysochemal stem cells,  likewise for a cancer patient, on average half a million dollars per advanced cancer patient is paid out by the sick-care system, thanks to which the pharmaceutical-medical industry gets enriched with lots of money, a percentage of which goes out to bribe more doctors and politicians-lawmakers to perpetrate the “pill for each ill” business model etcetera with some ad nauseam.  See the Escape Fire documentary below for a few illustrations of this problem, Cf. Exhibit C.

As this short presentation suggests, building Health Vacation Rejuvenation Centers would be infinitely less expensive than managing sick-care and the complications that ensue from allopathic conventional medicine’s symptomatic “business as usual” model.

As a bonus, by significantly extending healthy lifespans to 120 and beyond, we would also promote lots of  centenarians and supercentenarians who could also contribute in improving “basic needs” management for their families, local communities, country and the world, to such an extent, that the very structure of the economy would have to take a significant leap forward toward progress.

If we can get Medicare and Medicaid to help with the financing, once operational, these centers would be highly profitable and other insurance companies would follow suit. In the long run, these centers would be a “win-win” for everyone animated by good faith, including the Government.

Since France has been offering this successful program starting from the 1940s and  considering that the World Health Organization has ranked the French Health System Number one in the World (13) and because Christian is from France and  has bathed in the holistic rejuvenation retreat “milieu” for decades, it would make sense to experiment with the building of a pilot experiment in the form of a European-French flavored Holistic Rejuvenation Retreat Center.

As a result, patients would not only become happier and healthier, but the Government and the country’s insurance companies would be in a position to pay much less for sickness and its collateral damages and complications. As a logical consequence thereto, if the Government agents were consistent with Constitutional requirements and ethics, they would also increase the People’s wealth including via a Universal Basic Income system.

And with more wealth, the People could pay off more debts, thereby reducing their disease causing chronic stress. With more wealth, health consumers could pay for more and better rejuvenation retreats and become even healthier while simultaneously benefiting from a longer lifespan, to such an extent that the Nation’s “vibes” would improve, thanks to which mass serial killings would decrease, both  those that come from medicated and alienated criminals as well as those that come from unethical Industries and their lackeys.

The major inspiration for this project is Christian’s experience in France, where 3 weeks health Spa Vacations have been institutionalized since the 1940s. And completely paid for by the French National Insurance system for all residents (even for Americans who reside in France). As long as the retreatee has been diagnosed with some form of disease or malaise for which thermal and spa medicine is indicated, including, but not limited to rheumatism, depression, weight management and fatigue, he or she has the fundamental right to enjoy a deserved and “free” three weeks health vacation each year. There is thus nothing delusional about this project to get the U.S. and State Governments to finance “health rejuvenation vacations” to all who need them

After close to 80 years of experience with this health vacation institution, the French Government and its people know that this type of preventive and holistic medicine is good for the economy, (ie, less work absenteeism, more innovation, better work productivity) for the Government (more civic participation, recognition and satisfaction) and for the People’s Joie de Vivre (health, wellbeing and happiness).

It is thus Christian’s prayer and hope that this projected Holistic Rejuvenation Retreat Center will echo to possible American fundraisers and supporters who are also concerned about the United States’ historical need for a big shift with regard to today’s mainstream health paradigm. (14) If only because without a big health paradigm shift, the People’s fundamental right to benefit from meaningful holistic health-care will continue to be neglected, the consequence of which will continue to feed even more this sick-care “tapeworm” Warren Buffett laments about.

Christian Joubert (HM Institute Director)

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Call for Fund-raising Actions

To help finance the Institute’s research and documentaries as well as a European-flavored Holistic Rejuvenation Retreat center in the US, we encourage holistically and civically minded Americans to invite Christian Joubert,  the Institute’s founder, and director of the Mediterranean Holistic Optimal Longevity Retreat Center in France to speak at conferences and offer holistic health workshops 

“Man surprised me most about humanity. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.” The Dalai Lama 

Exhibit A

French Healthcare Excellence (first video), an example of Holistic rejuvenation spa retreat center (Second video) and expert testimony on France’s health model’s usefulness for the US (Video 3 and 1)

Exhibit B

A Holistic Retreat Center in Florida that practices a few Rejuvenation Techniques

Exhibit C

The Limitations of Conventional Medicine

Exhibit D

Holistic Medicine as Practiced in Rejuvenation Centers easily Reverses Cardiovascular Diseases

Exhibit E

Dean Ornish convincing Medicare to pay for Holistic Medicine as practiced in Rejuvenation Retreat Centers. The system is therefore not entirely hopeless

 Reference and Precision Notes

(1). Am J Public Health. 2003 January; 93(1): 31–37. The Health Care System Under French National Health Insurance: Lessons for Health Reform in the United States. (Source)
(2). In the American mainstream, there are five blue zones, Ikaria in Greece, Sardania in Italy, Loma Linda in California, Okinawa in Japan and Nicoya in Costa Rica. However, in the scientific international literature, there are dozens of longevity zones, most of which are located in mountainous valleys, from the Centenarian Valley of Vilcabamba to the Himalaya Valleys of the Hunzas, the longevity valleys of Andorra, Catalogna, San Morino, South France, in the Ukraine, South Korea, the  Longevity Village in Bama, Guangxi, China and, among others the sovereign city-State of Monaco.
(3). The individual longevity Guinness booked record breaker is still Jeanne Calment of Arles in South France, who  died at 122 and a half with full consciousness. And the highest life expectancy geographical area remains Monaco.
(4). French influence in both the birth of the United States and in its maturity has been established, from the  financial and military assistance of the French during the decisive Yorktown battle in 1781 against Cornwallis and King George the Vth (who was suffering from dementia), to Pierre L’enfant’s key role in designing Washington D.C., Montesquieu’s key influence in the separation of the three branches of Government and public policy, the French philosophes strong influence in educating America’s spiritual father, Ben Franklin and other American rebels, l’abbé Grégoire’s key impact on freeing slaves and human rights and many other inputs including with the gift of the dirt cheap Louisiana purchase and the Statue of Liberty. However, up to now, the French have not been successful in influencing the U.S. insofar as health rights, holistic excellence and medical freedoms are concerned.
(5). Although chronic disease represents the leading cause of death in the US,  according to the experts, 40% of all premature death is due to behavior and-or State conditioning, all of which amenable to change.  See  Schroeder, S.A. Shattuck lecture. We can do better, improving the health of the American people. N Engl J Med. 2007; 357: 1221–1228 (Source).
(6). One in six dollars (soon one in five) of the US GDP goes to the sick-care system. This 17 percent of the GDP comes out to be over 3 trillion dollars.  In the United States’ health-care system,  preventive medicine, complication reduction and chronic disease reversal is currently impossible. The American model of healthcare focuses on treatment-based care in the form of “a pill for each ill” after a 10 to 20 minutes consultation with the patient. This approach targets mostly pain relief and symptoms management while leaving root causes unattended. Most of these symptoms will worsen and lead to more serious problems (chemo resistance, bacterial resistance, diabetic neuropathy, stents and bypasses etc). In American patients with chronic diseases, prevention of various complications would be more economical and useful as a first phase than treating the disease per se. For example, the annual cost of treating diabetic complications is 45 billion US dollars. (Source)  See also Caro JJ, Ward AJ, O’Brien JA. Lifetime costs of complications resulting from type 2 diabetes in the U.S. Diabetes Care. 2002;25:476–481. (Source) American Diabetes Association. Economic consequences of diabetes mellitus in the U.S. in 1997. Diabetes Care. 1998;21:296–309. (Source) Most of the other chronic disease complications are also expensive, including cancer follow-up treatment where monthly treatment can easily reach over 30,000 dollars per month. Once the complications cascade is halted, then root causes can be addressed.  (See  Business Plan)
(7). British Prime Minister Disraeli from the 19th century often reminded his People that the Nation’s most precious asset is the People’s health. Is this realm,  if those who have taken over the U.S Government could exercise Reason, intelligence and compassion by prioritizing Health as the number one value and policy objective, prosperity and collective security would be enhanced. As a bonus or extra benefit, the United States government would be less belligerent and its rulers more inclined to seed social and international peace via the revamping of the sick-care system.
(8). A JAMA published document asserted that “wasteful spending” in health care, spending not associated with improved quality amounted to over one-fourth of total health care spending. (Source)
(9). Altitude relates to air pressure, and as altitude rises, air pressure drops which means that the atmosphere does not pressurize oxygen within the cells as much. Hence, the body’s compensatory mechanisms of producing more red blood cells.  This happens for two reasons: gravity and density. The Earth’s gravity pulls air as close to the surface as possible, and as altitude increases, gas molecules in the air decrease. The air becomes less dense than air close to sea level, this phenomenon is called “thin air” and it has mostly beneficial effects for cardiovascular diseases, certain cancers and even diabetes and obesity. In effect, according to a study published in PLoS ONE, the researchers looked at US Army or Air Force service members stationed in the United States at a high-altitude area (6,430 feet above sea level)  to service members stationed at low altitude (3,215 feet) and found that service members in high altitudes had lower obesity than those in low altitudes. The Researchers concluded that living in high altitudes can suppress hunger by increasing leptin and other hormones involved in appetite control, that which curbed obesity risk by nearly half. (Source)  The fact that Boulder, Colorado, continues to have the lowest rate of obesity in the US confirms this piece of above mentioned evidence. (Source)
(10). On the other hand, in high altitudes, mortality from respiratory diseases like COPD can be elevated as well as for patients who have lung cancer. Both these categories need more oxygen and it takes a while for the red blood cells to compensate. Before the necessary adaptation mechanisms kick in, living high above sea level can subject retreatees to hypoxic circumstances, meaning  tissues aren’t oxygenated as they are at sea level due to insufficient oxygen in the red blood cells. Oxygen deprivation can have harmful effects on body cells that need to perform important biological functions. As a result, some people may develop systemic and pulmonary hypertension (high blood pressure in the arteries to the lungs) and acute mountain sickness. Most people are okay with altitudes up to 8,000 feet, which is the equivalent barometric pressure inside airplane cabins. However, even at around 5,000 feet above sea level, some people notice more breathlessness than normal when exerting themselves. Thus, a rejuvenation retreat center should be in between 3,000 and 5000 feet. From 5000 to 8000 feet is also possible for most retreatees and all the more so that there are holistic techniques that help to body to readapt to high altitude living.
(11). Located in a historical and scenic valley, Vilcabamba is a common destination for tourists, in part because it is widely believed that its inhabitants grow to a very old age. Locals assert that it is not uncommon to see a person reach 100 years and beyond. It is often called the Valley of Longevity. In 1973, Dr. Alexander Leaf of Harvard Medical School introduced these people to the world for the first time in his cover story for National Geographic Magazine, but observed inconsistencies in age reporting. Birth certificates are not common. Most who have studied the region agree that the combination of healthy diet, aerobic exercise, natural mineral waters, low-calorie, low animal fat, nutritious food and contamination-free environment are the main factors for the residents’ healthy state. French researchers have claimed that the ionization of the air and the chelating elements of the drinking water are longevity factors. Another theory is that the local sugarcane liquor (distilled in most every cane field) is toxic to germs and viruses. With crystal-clear streams splashing down from the nearby cloud forest, the Vilcabamba dwellers have a source of great clean water. Its climate is one of the best in Ecuador. At a perfect altitude of about 5,000 feet, Vilcabamba enjoys glorious weather all year with temperatures in the 70s and 80s and moderate rainfall. (Source)  Because of the Americanization of this area, real estate prices are increasing as well as muggers. However, this Sacred Valley of Longevity is still a good candidate for a tropical or semi tropical holistic rejuvenation retreat center, if only because of its pristine environment and great food, wildlife and weather. (Source)
(12) To benefit from France’s public health-care insurance coverage, a recognized pathology must be ascertained, but since most people are either fatigued or depressed, it is relatively easy for everyone  to benefit once a year from this program. Indeed,  being stressed out, stripped of Joie de vivre is a condition that qualifies to benefit from a three weeks health vacation in one of France’s many spa centers where thermal medicine, kinésithérapie and many other forms of holistic restoration and repair techniques are offered to everyone, whatever their social status. Not everything is “perfect” in the French medical system, France can also learn from some American health experiences, like Dean Ornish’s hospital diet initiative which was adopted by Medicare, but Christian feels that this publicly supported “health spa vacation” system is one that could be of great benefit for the American Nation and the renewal of its Spirit.
(13)  World Health Report 2000.
(14). Digital, prosthesis, regenerative, stem cell, telomeres and robotization are branches of conventional medicine that can be useful and profitable for a small section of Society, but these modern medical techniques are expensive and not consistent with sustainability, let alone a balanced budget, healthy holistically based lifespans and a more spiritually awakened civilization. The historian Arnold Toynbee spent over 60 years of his life showing that during the last 10,000 years, there have been only three types of civilizations: military, mercantile and spiritual. And within these three civilizations, there have been thousands of societies, most of which eventually got crippled and died. In light of the past, it is thus reasonable to assume that today’s mecantile-militarist modern societies will not last. The Insitute’s job is to contribute in helping this “system of things” to peacefully evolve toward evolutionary, sustainable and ethical progress where wellbeing and joie de vivre (happiness) can be guaranteed to the vast majority of sentient beings on Earth. For this to happen, a big shift needs to occur in medicine. It is Christian’s belief that holistic rejuvenation health vacation retreats are significant means toward this end.

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