Mission Five: Promoting Wellbeing

The building of a European-flavored Holistic Rejuvenation Education Spa Retreat Center in the United States

“Medicine is not only a science; it is also an art. It does not consist of compounding pills and plasters; it deals with the very processes of life, which must be understood before they may be guided.” Paracelsus


The creation of a Mountain European-flavored holistic Rejuvenation Retreat Center in the United States. Click here to see a few possible candidate areas.

This Center would be an education and healing structure where Americans and Europeans could learn about the basics in holistic self-care and, at the same time, rejuvenate via well designed holistic rejuvenation retreats. This proposed center would be less a medical clinic than a learning center.

If this “Health Vacation” Center were successful, we could envisage a replication of these structures throughout the United States. 


In this inter-disciplinary perspective, in particular with regard to psycho-neuro-endocrinology, the H.M Institute emphasizes the holistic techniques that upregulate (activate) the “Joie de Vivre” frequency or, what can be called the  “Enjoyment of Life” lifestyle as being one of its key medical interventions. In effect, the evidence shows that a blissfully relaxed and trusting person has stronger repair mechanisms, longer telomeres, more fine-tuned hormones, an enhanced “placebo” effect and a more robust “chi” network (2) than a person who is depressed, distressed, stressed out and overly skeptical, as most Scientists and medical doctors have been taught or manipulated to be. Hence, their willful and systematic destruction of “hope”, one of Holistic Medicine’s best healing frequencies.

Happiness Medicine’s Joie de Vivre arsenal contains much more than nurturing a kind attitude and having a smile upon one’s face. Its arsenal  is diversified and massive. And its effects are invasive and even contagious. But not in the pathological  and conventional sense. (3)

Joie de Vivre medicine is equipped with many dozens of holistic and Lifestyle techniques that enhance Life, Purpose, Happiness, anabolic (building) neuropeptides, neurotransmitters, hormones including but not limited to dopamine, serotonin, melatonin, oxytocin, vasopressin and, among others, endorphins, all of which have a positive impact on human metabolism and behavior, as well as on many chronic diseases including cancer and aging.

Where would the project be built ?

Mountains are generally better because of their health promoting elements. (Click here for  the details). Californian mountain areas like St Barbara, Lake Tahoe, or Colorado or other areas are possibilities to be determined at a later date.

This Center would be associated with Christian’s French holistic rejuvenation retreat center which is located in the mountains of the Eastern Pyrénees, next to Spain and the Mediterranean Sea.

Project’s Purpose

With European and American “health vacation retreats”, both Americans and European would benefit from their own experience and wisdom while showing the example to the Mainstream, in terms of creating a wellbeing momentum that could significantly improve the public health panorama in both Europe and the United States.

Thanks to this new Center, with more European holistic health experts in the United States and with more American holistic health experts in Europe, we would be able to enhance the standard of care on the two continents, that which would benefit public health, prosperity and peace.

Project’s Financial Repercussions

As a bonus, public finance would improve proportionately to the control and reversal of the present chronic diseases epidemic. As Warren Buffet confirmed, the present sick-care system is a tapeworm to the economy.

 “… Healthcare is the tapeworm of the American economy.…I think the healthcare problem is the No. 1 problem of America and of American business…We have seen that number go up to 17 percent. That is a huge cost factor. I think Berkshire Hathaway’s costs are over $2 billion a year for healthcare.” Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett Source (1)

Rationale and Solvency

Although chronic disease represents the leading cause of death in the US, 40% of all premature death is due to behaviors amenable to change. Maximizing disease outcomes  therefore requires the necessary time and expertise needed for a careful assessment and modification of lifestyle factors. (2) (Source)

In patients with chronic diseases, prevention of various complications is generally more important than treating the disease per se. However, this is extraordinarily expensive. For example, the annual cost of treating diabetic complications in the United States is 45 billion US dollar (3). (Source)

The evidence overwhelmingly shows that these complications can be prevented if chronically diseased patients maintain healthy lifestyles. (See Blog-article on Health Vacationing for Chronic Diseased Americans).

However, most chronically diseased patients can not by themselves significantly change Lifestyles, not even with a visit to their health practitioner. Even one or two days of  health-care workshops are usually not enough to instill within the patient’s brain a rewiring network of health-promoting neurons. In effect, the scientific consensus confirms that the vast majority of diseased people need at least one week, preferably three weeks of health vacation in a pristine beautiful location with daily detox and vitality boosting exercises and education to better understand and get motivated to significantly change those deleterious lifestyle behaviors that have been engrained within them for decades in favor of healthy holistic ones.

After the “Health Vacation” initiation, each retreatee should benefit from a support health-maintenance communication structure for holistic guidance. Have of the teacher’s job is repetition, so there should be an après health-vacation structure for this.

In the United States’ health-care system,  preventive medicine, complication reduction and chronic disease reversal  is currently impossible. The American model of healthcare focuses on treatment-based care in the form of “a pill for each ill” after a 5 to 10 minute consultation with the patient. This approach targets mostly pain relief and symptoms while leaving root causes unattended, most of which come back with a “vengeance”.

A new focus on the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases is needed. Healthy high-risk subjects must be taught how to manage their lifestyles; they need information on diet, stress management techniques, sleep hygiene and, inter alia, exercise. Contrarily to countries like France,  current health-care medical systems in the U.S. lack the resources to focus on lifestyles, being restricted in time, by place, and by cost.

Building Health Vacation Centers would be infinitely less expensive than managing sick-care and the complications that ensue from allopathic conventional medicine’s symptomatic model. If we can get Medicare and Medicaid to help with the financing, once operational, these centers would be highly profitable. In the long run, these centers would be a “win-win” for everyone, including the Government.


The major inspiration for this project is Christian’s experience in France, where 3 weeks health Spa Vacations have been institutionaized since the 1940s. And completely paid by the French National Insurance system for all residents who have been diagnosed with some form of disease for which thermal medicine is indicated, including rheumatism, depression and fatigue. This health-care institution is genuine preventive medicine because of the nature of spa and thermal medicine in terms of dexofication, immune and hormonal regulation, vitality enhancement via massage, hot sulphur spring water baths and showers, heliotherapy, aromatherapy, diet, vinotherapy and much more. (4)

Most of these health-care spa Centers (called “Centre Thermal” or “Bains”) are in the mountain areas of South France, so the patient also benefits from pristine air and sunshine. See this link for a few example.

Conclusion and Expected Results

The Data in France and other “health vacation” countries shows that when People partake in Health Vacation Retreats for one to three weeks, they get better motivated to both learn the basics of biological processes and holistic self-care and start changing lifestyle.

The Data also suggests that by adopting other techniques from the French National Health-Care system, the American Health-care system could significantly benefit.  (8) (Source)

As a result, patients not only becoming happier and healthier, but the Governnent will eventually pay less for sickness and its collateral damages and complications, which are huge. (See blog on this topic).

Another bonus that would come from this initiative would be its promotion of holistic standards of care. Because these standards tend to be safer, more efficient, better rooted in Science and infinitely more cost friendly than  allopathic and technocratic standards, holistic health centers would be a win-win for all, so much so that with the extra savings, the Government’s public treasury could help Big Pharma and allopathic conventional medicine to diversify in more favorable soil regeneration and health-care schemes. (9) See the Intitute’s take on this via  click here. .

Since France has been offering this successful program starting from  the 1940s and  considering that the World Health Organization has ranked the French Health System Number one in the  World (10) and because Christian is from France and  has bathed in the holistic rejuvenation retreat “milieu” for decades, (See his Mediterranean Center), it would make sense to experiment with this French health-care model in the United States.

It is Christian’s prayer that these efforts will contribute to make things better, in particular with regarded to a needed paradigm shift in American medicine and its public health system.

To read on How the French Health-Care System  could contribute to improve the Standard of care and public health in the United States, click here.

To read why it’s useful to examine Medicine via the Prism of Evidentiary Rules, click here.

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Call for Fund-raising Actions

To help finance the Institute’s research and documentaries as well as a European-flavored Holistic Rejuvenation Retreat center in the US, we encourage holistically and civically minded Americans to invite Christian Joubert,  the Institute’s founder, and director of the Mediterranean Holistic Optimal Longevity Retreat Center in France to speak at conferences and offer holistic health workshops  to purchase the Institute’s ebooks and to help him organize fundraising events. (To read Christian’s background, click this link)

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Top:  “To Life” (“L’ Chaim” in Hebrew). Christian Joubert at the international integrative oncology convention in  San Diego in 2016 toasting and “dégusting” (sipping) a small amount of red resveratrol-rich pinot wine with the conference President, Annie Brandt and her two assistants. “Wine is an appropriate article for mankind, both for the healthy body and for the ailing man.” Hippocrates (11)


 “… Healthcare is the tapeworm of the American economy.…I think the healthcare problem is the No. 1 problem of America and of American business…We have seen that number go up to 17 percent. That is a huge cost factor. I think Berkshire Hathaway’s costs are over $2 billion a year for healthcare.” Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett Source


“Man surprised me most about humanity. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.” The Dalai Lama 


Click here: qualification for retreat project


Christian’s Qualifications to Direct this project

Experience and  Efforts

Inspired by the 18th century French philosophes and humanists, (5) whose actions were decisive in creating the Republic of the United States of America, (6) Christian thus decided to extend his American journey in order to network and explore the possibilities to establish this projected European-flavored American holistic health education retreat center as well as the development of four sister research institutes that could also be very useful bettering Public health and Wellbeing. (7) These are Advanced Cancer Research Institute, Happiness Medicine institute, Optimal Longevity institute and  Holistic Justice Institute.

Other qualification experiences

1. Joubert was trained in law and taught internationally human rights law, public law, constitutional law, administrative law, he therefore qualified to Government institution.

2. The candidate was trained in medicine and organized workshops and symposia in holistic health, public health, longevity medicine, neuroscience, nutrition, Chinese medicine, wine therapy and oncology and has devoted much of his time to health-care for over twenty years.

3. The candidate was trained in eco-construction, organic agriculture and oenology and has experience in sustainable eco-development, notably in organic agriculture and viticulture, in log house and strawbale eco-construction, has retrofited solar and wind energy systems and has been a life-long bio-diversity activist in Europe and the USA, therefore transformed these centers into Great ones..

4. The candidate has multiple cultural experiences, (Jewish via his mother, catholic via his father, different Christian denomination, Taoist, Boudhist Tibetan, European etc) and worked in public international law for over ten years, including but not limited to having  organized Gonzaga Law Schools’s international human rights law section while teaching international human rights law there. He has also presented multiple international human rights law talks at Unesco, in Rome at an international agriculture conference and elsewhere. He worked as a journalist in Israel for one year and traveled in different parts of the world for different development projects and inquiries, including in Africa and Mexico (four times to check out the alternative cancer clinics where many Americans go).

5.  Joubert is free from the undue influence of the two party system of things,  including from “super-pacs”, “big business” and the “one percent” sponsors. His decision-making approach is deeply ingrained in holistic thinking (click here to read what this means).  His expanded focus to serve the interests and the basic needs of the People is supported by many testimonies.

6. Model to export to also help others. Joubert’s French, Israel and European experiences would be valuable for the “business as usual” sector while his other skills would be useful for the “eco-development sustainable” sector. Of judeo-christian background, Christian has sympathized with many different cultures and religions. As a result, he has learnt to cultivate tolerance, universal comprehension and repect for Life. He has mastered the holistic techniques of conflict resolution, which makes him a perfect 

With Joubert’s holistic lifestyle, congenial nature and multi-cultural background, in association to his Constitutional law knowledge and his experience with the United States’ Treaty commitments, in particular, with the internationally recognized human rights instruments that were signed by different Presidents (which tend to be neglected by our two parties governments),  Christian Pierre Joubert would bring this project an international flavor and results that has been previsouly missing.


(1). Besides France, Canada (Québec) and its best-known former colonies, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, French is spoken in 28 other states, which happen to be some of world’s fastest-growing nations. In Africa, French is the official schooling language of countries with increasingly high fertility rates like Mali in the north, and Guinea, Chad and Democratic Republic of Congo in the sub-Saharan region. A demographic boom in these African states could bump the world’s percentage of French speakers from 3 percent today to 8 percent by 2050.  French is currently ranked sixth among world languages, after Mandarin Chinese, English, Spanish, Hindi and Arabic. But it is gaining speakers quickly and, the study reports, will be spoken by 750 million in 2050, up from 220 million today, which means it could be the  lingua franca of the latter part of the 21st century, according to a study by Natixis.(Source). And in many countries, from Egypt, to Russia, Vietnam and England, French is still partially an elitist (i.e., those that make the big decisions) favorite.

Thus, to have a Washington State Governor who masters both the French culture and language as no past American ambassador to France (even Jefferson and Ben Franklin) can only be a bonus for Washingtonians in that there would be better quality international trade, better diplomacy, more peace and a closer rapprochement between the United States and France, Canada, Africa, South East Asia and, inter alia, the United Nations, and all the more so that Joubert had taught international public law and the U.N. system for many years.






gifhelium-animReference and precision Notes

(1). Warren Buffet and the Health Care system in the USA. http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/237765-warren-buffett-healthcare-the-tapeworm-of-the-american-economy
(2). Schroeder, S.A. Shattuck lecture. We can do better, improving the health of the American people. N Engl J Med. 2007; 357: 1221–1228
(3).  Caro JJ, Ward AJ, O’Brien JA. Lifetime costs of complications resulting from type 2 diabetes in the U.S. Diabetes Care. 2002;25:476–481. (Source) American Diabetes Association. Economic consequences of diabetes mellitus in the U.S. in 1997. Diabetes Care. 1998;21:296–309. (Source) Most of the other chronic disease complications are also extremely expensive, especially cancer follow-up where monthly treatment can easily reach over 30,000 dollars per month.
(4). To benefit from France’s public health-care insurance coverage, a recognized pathology must be ascertained, but since most people are either fatigued or depressed, it is relatively easy for everyone  to benefit once a year from this program. Indeed,  being stressed out, stripped of Joie de vivre is a condition that qualifies to benefit from a three weeks health vacation in one of France’s many spa centers where thermal medicine, kinésithérapie and many other forms of holistic restoration and repair techniques are offered to everyone, whatever their social status…….Not everything is “perfect” in the French medical system, France can also learn from some American health experiences, like Dean Ornish’s hospital diet initiative which was adopted by Medicare, but Christian feels that this publically supported “health spa vacation” system is one that could be of great benefit for the American Nation and the renewal of its Spirit. …….Thanks to these Mediterranean Rejuvenation retreats, retreatees have been able to learn the fundamental principles of holistic health while improving most of their biological functions, telomeres and genome through an improved Mediterreanean diet in association with meditation, detoxification, herbs, heliotherapy, exercises, balneotherapy, chanting, yoga, breathing and many other evidence-based holistic techniques, see the French Center’s website.
(5).  Sheldrake and Henri Bergson would characterize this “inspiration” as exogenous “memory” coming from what Jung called the “collective sub-conscience”. Western Medicine is convinced that memory is solely anchored in the brain, but there is an emergence of evidence that shows that Consciousness and memory are connected to exogenous frequency fields.
(6). While most educated Americans acknowledge that without the financial and military assitance of the French during the decisive Yorktown battle in 1781 against Cornwallis and King George the Vth (who was suffering from dementia), the United States as a sovereign Nation would not have emerged, many educated Americans forget Pierre L’enfant’s key role in designing Washington D.C., Montesquieu’s key influence in the separation of the three branches of Government and public policy, the French philosophes strong influence in educating America’s spiritual father, Ben Franklin and other American rebels, l’abbé Grégoire’s key impact on freeing slaves and human rights and many other inputs.
(7).  In the course of his American journey, Christian witnessed  a deep cultural, moral and scientific crisis that is eroding away the very lifeblood of the American Nation and its constitutional foundation, in particular in the realms of spirituality, medicine, agriculture, economy, politics and law. These six sectors of American Society are all intertwined with each other. As a consequence, to fix the country’s public health and sick-care system, a holistically integrated remedial treatment is also needed within the other five sectors. When a Nation starts having “negative” population growth, its days are counted. In the case of the US however, thanks to minorities who still make an abundance of babies, the country’s lifespan should continue a bit longer.
(8). Am J Public Health. 2003 January; 93(1): 31–37. The Health Care System Under French National Health Insurance: Lessons for Health Reform in the United States. (Source)
(9). Digital, prothesis, regenerative and robotization medicine can be useful and profitable for a small section of Society, but these modern medical techniques are expensive and not consistent with sustainability, let alone a balanced budget, healthy holistically based lifespans and a more spiritually awakened civilization. The historian Arnold Toynbee spent over 60 years of his life showing that during the last 10,000 years, there have been only three types of civilizations: military, mercantile and spiritual. And within these three civilizations, there have been thousands of societies, most of which eventually got crippled and died. In light of the past, it is thus reasonable to assume that today’s narcissitstic and predatory based mecantile-militarist modern societies will not last. The Insitute’s job is to contribute in helping this “system of things” to peacefully evolve toward evolutionary, sustainable and ethical progress where wellbeing and joie de vivre (happiness) can be guaranted to the vast majority of sentient beings on Earth.
(10).  World Health Report 2000.  http://www.who.int/whr/2001/archives/2000/en/index.htm.
(11). But in small dosage and quality wine. It can even be one or two tablespoons. As Paraclesus wrote: “Wine can be a poison, a food or a medicine depending on the dosage”  When the Greeks introduced a more systematized approach to medicine, wine retained its prominent role. The Greek physician Hippocrates considered wine a part of a healthy diet, and advocated its use as a disinfectant for wounds, as well as a medium in which to mix other drugs for consumption by the patient.  Cf.,  Robinson, J., ed. (2006). The Oxford Companion to Wine (3rd ed.). Oxford University Press. p. 433 Hippocrates also prescribed wine as a cure for various ailments ranging from diarrhea and lethargy to pain during childbirth  and depression, what he called “melancholia”

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