South French & Mediterranean Approach to Diet

Happiness Medicine Institute’s Holistic Mediterranean Diet & Executive Recommendations

The Holistic Mediterranean Diet is an improvement over the classical Med-Diet in that it upregulates and improves the expression of thousands of genes while diversifying the microbiota like no drug or other diet can. For many decades, the prevailing evidence had determined that theclassical South European Mediterranean Diet has been the best human longevity diet. Thousands of published papers in the best peer-reviewed journals corroborate this piece of allegation. Even the controversial Ancel Keys ended up adopting the Med Diet by moving to South Europe where he  lived with his wife in decent shape until he reached 100 years. (Source)  The French version of this classical Italo-Greek Diet is what super-longevity champion Jeanne Calment thrived on until 122 and a half years.

Out of over a dozen Mediterranean versions of the Med-Diet, the Hapiness Medicine Institute’s Holistic Medicterranean Diet has fine-tuned this nutritional regime by taken the best of all of these Med-diet versions, from the Med-diet of Kosher Israel, to the mint-humus Med-diet of Morocco, Lebanon, Spain, Turkey, Icaria, Italy, Corsica, Croatia, Slovenia and more while improving it in light of new scientific discoveries, daring medical hypotheses and intuitive guidance.

In this Presentation, we will thus prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the Happiness Medicine Institute’s Holistic Med-Diet is clinically and nutritionaly superior to all other diets, in particular with regard to chronic diseases and TMAO avoidance, energy production, diversity of the microbiota and longevity optimization. The popular keto-paleo and even vegan medical doctors and plant-based nutritionists who unscientifically equate wine with “alcohol” will instinctively and-or ideologically protest against Happiness Medicine Institute’s executive conclusions. But the data is irrefutable. Epidemiologically, the longest-lived people who have out-survived all others, including the Seven-Day-Adventists, the Amish and the Okinawans, have all adopted the so-called longevity or blue zones traditions based on ancestral fiber-rich & wine-strong Med-Diet, inter alia. With today’s scientific discoveries on the halmarks of aging and the tweaking of longevity genes, we should be able to do much better than even today’s longevity record-breaker champion, Jeanne Calment herself, if only because Jeanne smoked cigarettes and had lots of sweets (e.g.. pastries and chocolate) until 119 years when she willingly accepted her personal doctor’s strict recommendations to stop these two habits.

For now, and in general, the Happiness Medicine Institute recommends one of two nutritional modalities, depending on genetic variations (SNPs), health status, energy requirements, culture and tastebuds. The first is to thrive only on fungi (mushrooms) & organic wholesome, fiber-rich, anti-inflammatory plant-based foods at least half of which should be raw (fresh, sprouted or fermented). The second nutritional regime would be “mostly vegan”, which means that the general principles of the Holistic Mediterranean Diet mentioned above would apply, in particular, at least 95 percent wholesome mushrooms and plants (e.g., fruits, flowers, greens, seeds, nuts, beans, berries etc) and not more than 5 percent quality and sustainable animal foods who do not produce cortisol-laden fear when they die. However, because being 100 percent vegan under holistic conditions is difficult and quasi-impossible for most People, being vegan five days a week, fasting to activate autophagy, mitophagy & cellular repair, inter alia, on the sixth day and, on the seventh day, Sabbath, the day of therapeutic rest, having some small amounts of healthy ancestral wine and food from our animal cousins, all of which can be optimizing and is consistent with  the Science that supports the Holistic Mediterranean Diet, a diet that is based on no less than 5 millions years of evolutionary biology. But there are two conditions. And these are hinged on common sense, forensic science and intuitive intelligence. First, the food-medicine that animals can share with humans should not be the result of violence and unsustainable practices, if only because the death-fear emotion in sentient animals produces an abundance of endogenous toxic chemicals (i.e. endotoxins), including lactic acid and cortisol, both of which acidify human tissues and if there’s a PH condition that most humans need to avoid, it’s acidification and uric acid of their tissues. While this feat is holistically accomplishable with dairy, eggs and sustainable raw organic honey, it is less with fish, especially these days when the powers that be are willy nilly continuing to destroy the Ocean’s homeostasis and Life on Earth. And secondarily, when animal foods are ingested, for proper and clean digestion, and in order to bypass their high cholesterol, choline, carnitine, bacterial load, putrefaction content and saturated fats, inter alia, holistic nutritional rules that help to mitigate if not reverse the damage should be applied (This Presentation will go over some of these nutritional and combination “synergy” rules).

The Joie de Vivre French Approach to Food & the Art of Slow Eating

Food is not only about ingesting calories. Nutrition is also more than a Science. It’s also an art. An art that creates scientific biochemical results. Hence the esthetics of Food. In France, one of the first concerns is “presentation”, how food is presented on the table. It has to look appetizing. Second, the gusto-olfactory senses that target the limbic zone need to be activated via pleasant aromas. If the food doesn’t smell good, including the camembert cheese, then French people tend to avoid it. Third, the eater should be mindfully present in his or her food experience and enjoy salivating and downing the tasty food, including with quality wine that will help to digestive juices to get better activated. All negative and-or stressful talk should be deferred.  Fourth, this mindful enjoyment (ie, part of the joie de vivre experience) should be expressed in a serene and beautiful atmosphere (flowers on the table etc) and the eating should be slowly savoured. Fast eating in a stressful environment activates the  sympathetic dominance system which reduces the flow of the gastric juices and favors intestinal permeability (leaky gut syndrome). This is called the sympathic physiologic strress reponse, which is an evolutionary mechanism. Among other disorders, fast and stressful food eating leads to metabolic havoc, including, but not limited to obesity and liver disease.

“In this study, we cross-sectionally examined the association of the self-reported rate of eating with current Body Mass Index (BMI), and BMI-change from 20 years of age to the current age….Conclusion: Our results among middle-aged men and women suggest that eating fast would lead to obesity” (Source)

Fifth, food should be enjoyed with family and friends as long as the vibes are pleasant  non stressful and when possible, the meal should be wrapped up with a warm herbal tea, so that the stomach PH and gastric juices work better. The largest meal should be eating at lunch time. Thereafter, a small siesta to help optimize  the vagus nerve and microbiota functions while enjoying digestive “peace” either in a restful backyard hammock  or in another quiet area.  Eating late in the evening is not healthy for reasons which this Workshop will explain.

“Subjects who habitually ate before bedtime, and those who ate fast and before bedtime, tended to have an increased risk of NAFLD. Earlier intervention to modify these poor eating behaviors could be useful to prevent NAFLD”. (Population Health Management 2016;19:279-283). (Source) (NAFLD is non alcohol fatty liver disease, which is now a new epidemic in the USA).

In other words, when eating is not holistically approached, the gastro-intestinal signaling pathways are messed up, which leads to mal nutrient assimilation, a inefficient calorie burning rate, and, inter alia, food cravings.

Thus, in this Presentation, we will learn all about these principles, from digestion preparation (including bitters) to culinary principes, food combination, spice medicine and more. The take-away in this lesson is to understand that if the body-mind does not fully experience culinary beauty, taste and smell, then the body’s innate intelligence will not be entirely sastified, at which point the eater will seek to eat more and not assimilate well. This is one reason why the French tend to have small rations of quality food and why American fast food companies have a difficult time rooting on French soil.

Case Study A: The Doctrine of Signatures (Teleological Nutritional Targeting)

The Holistic Mediterranean Diet also incorporates the best of the millenia-old “Doctrine of signatures”.  Referred to in the classical period of Rome as the “Law of Similarities”  and the “law of like cures like” among the Homeopathes, this ancient healing art is now called by scientists, “Teleological Nutritional Targeting”. Often associated with the work of herbalists and wise women, this TNT (Teleological Nutrional Targeting) drew upon the belief that natural objects that looked like a part of the body or act like a body process could cure diseases that would arise there. In this perspective, folk healers in the Christian world claimed that God  deliberately made plants to resemble the parts of the body so as to give them a clue as to what could cure them. This doctrine of signatures has been used around the world in pre-modern cultures where the principle of thought-by-association or “analogy” thinking has been accepted as a valid means of obtaining knowledge of the world. The idea is that a plant that looks like the disease, organ, or person  will be healing and natural beauty. Horsetail (Equisetum arvensis) for example, looks like horse hair, so it is good for the hair. It also grows on wet sands, so it is remedy for the kidneys.  Thus, the shape, color, and habitat all can be used to determine the uses of a plant. In addition to the appearance, the taste, smell, touch or texture can also provide “signatures” or cues from Nature.  Thus, the putrid smell and bad taste of figwort (Scrophularia spp.) indicate that it is a remedy for putrefaction. Since it has gland-like or hemorrhoids-like flowers, it is also called figwort or pilewort and marked as a lymphatic remedy and a hemorrhoid remedy. Even sound can provide a signature. Black cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa) and wild indigo (Baptisia tinctoria) have been used as Snake Medicines by American Indians because the seeds in the seedpod produce a rattling sound. Take the eyebright plant, whose flower looks like bright blue eyes, this plant has been used to treat eye diseases for millennia and many French naturopaths continue to use this plant for this purpose. Likewise with ginseng, this rooot looks like a two legged human and is one of the best adaptogenes for humans abundantly used by Chinese healers. There are thousands of plants that have a pattern that resembles a body organ or physiological function and that this pattern acts as a signal or sign or cue regarding healing benefit. In Anthroposophic Medicine, Mistletoe is a good case in point.  A parasitic plant that resembles cancer’s modus operandi, the mystic scientist Rudolf Steiner deduced that Mistletoe should be indicated for cancer. Today, mistletoe is one of the most popular cancer medicines in Europe, in both its homeopathic version (called viscum album in France and escador in German) and IV drip medicine. Consider also a sliced carrot, this slice looks like the human eye (pupil, iris and radiating lines) and Science has shown that carrots greatly enhance blood flow to  eyes while beta-carotene (precursor of Vitamin A) bolsters vision. A tomato has four chambers and is red, just like the heart.  All of the research shows tomatoes are indeed pure heart and blood food. Apples as well. Cut the apple in half and it looks like a throbbing heart.  Grapes hang in a cluster that has the shape of the heart.  Each grape looks like a blood cell and all of the research today shows that grapes are also profound heart and blood vitalizing food. Likewise with cancer. These clusters of cells could also be cancer cells and grapes’ resveratrol and polyphenols are great for the immune system’s anti-cancer brigade. Kidney Beans actually heal and help maintain kidney function and yes, they look exactly like the human kidneys. Celery, Bok Choy, Rhubarb and more look just like bones.  These foods specifically target bone strength.  Bones are 23% sodium and these foods are 23% sodium.  If you don’t have enough sodium in your diet the body pulls it from the bones. A Walnut looks like a little brain, a left and right hemisphere, upper cerebrums and lower cerebelums.  Even the wrinkles or folds that are on the nut looks like the neo-cortex. And we now know that walnuts help develop many neuro-transmitters for brain function. Likewise with the prostate. This male and female gland (yes, females also  have one, but it’s smaller and not used for semen production) looks exactly like a prostate gland. By being covered in muscles, the prostate gland looks even more like walnuts and yes, there are published peer-reviewed studies that show that walnuts slow down the growth of prostate cancer.

The significant decrease in the alpha-T: gamma-T ratio with an increase in serum gamma-T and a trend towards an increase in the ratio of free PSA:total PSA following the 8-week supplement study suggest that walnuts may improve biomarkers of prostate and vascular status”. Nutr J. 2008 May 2;7:13.  (Source)

 “Our results suggest that a diet rich in ET-containing foods, such as walnuts, could contribute to the prevention of prostate cancer”. Food Funct. 2014 Nov;5(11):2922-30 (Source)

While some of this healing art may be exagerated, it is amazing how many of these plants that are suggestive of human body parts and-or physiological process does start the healing process in the targeted organ and as far as the Happiness Medicine Institute’s executive Committee is concerned, this type of medical art should the new standard of care replacing the Pharmakia-drug Cartel that finances corruption and a significant number of law-makers. This initiative would avoid the hundreds of thousands of prescription deaths each year from the Government’s certified conventional medicine while igniting the healing process pronto. Indeed, with Nature’s cues, from morphology, to smell, physiological function etc, this healing art is truly holistic and is thus a necessary part of the Holistic Mediterranean Diet and Optimal Longevity protocols.

In this Presentation, we will look over the scientific basis of some of the wild plants in terms of their morphology and other bodily function. There are hundreds and hundreds of these plants that have been  validated by nutritional science. Thousands more await validation. The Swiss genie (in medicine) Paracelsus based part of his  medical system upon this type of similarity or signature and called it “magia naturale”, or natural magic. Bacon was also a proponent, but being left brain dominant, he was more rigorous in terms of a  cause-and-effect empirical association. Darwin also  reasoned from the morphological similarities in birds on the Galapagos to arrive at the Theory of Evolution while Goethe tried to establish a new scientific discipline based on analogical thought, imagination and  intuition.  He was the first to observe that the flower structures were modified leaves. This was his starting point to  the principles of developmental morphology.  He realized that each vertebra was a variation on the same structural theme and that the skull in itself was a modified vertebra. Rudolf Steiner attempted to continue Goethe’s holistic approach, a few French scientists as well and then came the nasty British industrial Revolution, the excesses of the American civil war, the horrors of scientific materialism expressed via Dr Goebbles extermination schemes and the inanities of American taylor-based neoliberalism, all of which suppressed intuitive, archetypal and holistic science, based on the criticism that it was the product of “enthusiasm” and “fantasy” and therefore not the result of randomized controled studies and Science. This healing art was therefore characterized as quakery and rendered illegal when practiced as medicine. Etcetera with some ad nauseum.

The “Truth” (Debate) on Soy

As explained in the methodology section, in medicine, nothing is definitive while in nutrition or any health science, “truth”  has often been self-servingly biased or assumed based on false premises and spurious representation. In other words, when anyone states “the truth” (“the truth about cancer”, the “truth about dairy”, “the truth about carbs” etc),  we can be sure that bias and ideology rule. Nonetheless, with the emergence and accumulation of hard and reproducible evidence, we can now assert with a strong sense of scientific confidence that the “Soy” debate is “closed”, at least insofar as non GMO organic soy is concerned. Meta-analyses after meta-analyses have shown that traditionally grown soy (without the GMO and pesticides) is one of the healthiest foods for most people once it’s correctly prepared. In this perspective, the more fermented and-or sprouted, the healthier. But The scientific confusion stems from conventional nutritionists and medical doctors (including many integrative physicians) not understanding clinical nutrition and holistic science, in particular the difference between plant phytoestrogens and mammalian estrogens in relation to the Alpha and Beta estrogen receptors. In this Presentation, we will explain why organic quality fermented soy is a superfood.  A small percentage of consumers will be allergic even to organic soy. We will explain why.

 Can Quality A2 Traditional-made Cheese be a Longevity and Medical Food ?

“He will not look upon the rivers, the streams flowing with honey and curds”. Job 20:17

Not all cheese have been created equal. In this presentation, we will review the benefits as well as the weaknesses of cheese. Much of the deleterious aspects of cheese in the U.S. come from the inflammatory A1 beta casein type of milk, (even organic), which is the only type of milk we can find in the American mainstream. A2 beta-casein milk comes from South Europe, in particular France. As we will see via power point, it is much healthier. Another weakness of American cheese is the mandatory pasteurization of all American milk, even organic. This process destroys the naturally present SIgA, which is an immunoglobulin that helps neutralize lectin-like compounds in cheese by binding to them. Furthermore, raw cheese has all of the necessary enzymes for proper digestion, it’s other molecules are in better shape and it tastes much better. The ideal cheese is thus organic raw goat or sheep cheese that comes from well treated ruminants who are integrated in traditional farms. As a consequence, by grazing pasture land, they help to avoid wild fires while fertilizing the soil with their poop and providing quality milk for both their baby ruminants and humans who may benefit from cheese medicine. Under these conditions, cheese can’t be mass produced like in toxic animal farms.

We will also show that most of the strong anti-cheese claims of vegan American scientists and medical doctors are delusional (not anchored in scientific reality). Consistent epidemiological evidence has proven for many decades that the A2 cheese-based Mediterranean Diet is still the golden standard diet for healthy longevity, much more than the vegan, keto or paleo diets. We have sound evidence that supports this medical claim for multiple health conditions, including, but not limited to cancer prevention and cancer treatment, (for certain cancers), gout treatment, teeth caries, (cavities), CVD risk reduction, for different neurological disorders and inter alia longevity optimization. (Cf. HM Institute is drafting a detailed Report on this topic).

“The final analyses included 15 prospective studies. (…) This meta-analysis of prospective studies suggests a nonlinear inverse association between cheese consumption and risk of CVD. (Source) (European Journal of Nutrition, December 2017, Volume 56, Issue 8, pp 2565–257

Given genetic variations and  damaged bodies, not everyone can benefit from cheese medicine. Some people are better off with no dairy at all, especially those without lactase who are lactose intolerant and taxed with an immune-disease, allergies, advanced cancer (especially hormone-sensitive cancers like breast, ovarian and prostate malignancies), advanced CVD, advanced Arthritis and genetic SNPs. For those not certain, a 99 dollars Genomic test may be indicated.

Outside of these categories of humans, most People will generally profit from small amounts of quality dairy, in particular raw probiotic-rich yogurt and cheese from well-treated A2 ruminants when taken holistically and synergistically during a Mediterranean-type diet.  Consistent epidemiological evidence has proven for many decades that the Med Diet is still the golden standard diet for healthy longevity, much more than the vegan, keto or paleo diets. Like with fermented soy (miso, natto etc) and fermented grapes (wine, porto etc), fermented raw milk has preserved nutrient-densed foods and interesting molecules like stem cells, quality dairy has fed and healed humans for many millennia, including during Jesus Christ’s time when dairy was both a  food and medicine, including, but not limited to camel milk.

“…. specific diseases and medical conditions that have been treated by camel milk or urine, including cancer,3 chronic hepatitis,4 hepatitis C infection5,6 and peptic ulcers.7 Even more recently, it has been reported that camel milk has cured severe food allergies in children who were unresponsive to conventional treatments8 and diabetes mellitus.9 Furthermore, camel milk is endowed with anti-malignant,10 antiplatelet11 and anti-thrombotic properties12 in addition to a host of anti-bacterial and viral properties,13,14 suggesting, among other things, the existence of a very strong immune system, which was recently shown to be equipped with unique light-chain-only antibodies.15”. (Source)

Since the French Roquefort sheep cheese (which has been a traditionally made – for over five hundred years – from free-range raw sheep milk from the great Larzac plains and aged in penicillin-laden super-bacteria-rich caves) is sold for dirt cheap at Trader’s Joe, we will briefly examine it’s medical claims as well as its nutritional elements, including, but not limited to B-6, B-12 and K-2 from the Microtiota’s bacteria, Vitamin D from the Sun and DHA from ALA.. Besides Roquefort, I have not  found any other A2 raw quality cheese in the United States. Dutch Meadow Farms and Target sell A2 cow milk, but i have found not found A2 organic raw cheese.

Wine as medicine workshop

Top:  In France, Cheese is prefered raw and organic, from grass fed animals, without antibiotics and artificial hormones and combined with wine. Although cow cheese is cheaper, most of the French prefer sheep and goats cheese, if only because these cheese have healthier casein protein and lipid profile than cow cheese, hence the gusto-olfactory contentment.  As an accompaniment, polyphenol-rich wine and when available, organic fresh grapes, olives and nuts are also indicated. This custom helps with digestion, bio-availability and mineral balance.  Organic catechin-rich Green tea can also help to burn cheese’s rich saturated and unsaturated fat content while flooding the bloodstream with complementary antioxidants, blood-thinning compounds and immuno-building molecules. A2 cheese is also rich in important fats, like DHA as well as its many fat-soluble vitamines, like Vitamin A, D and the prized K-2 and B-12 etc..

The French Paradox on the High Cholesterol & Low CVDs

Coined by Professoer Serge Renaud of Bordeaux, the French Paradox concept means that the wine-drinking French are the only People among 40 studied countries that defy the causative association between dietary cholesterol & saturated fat intake in relation to coronary heart disease. Most American scientists couldn’t understand why a Nation that deliberately ignores the American Federal food guidelines could enjoy four times more full fat creamy butter, way more cheese and have an incidence of coronary heart disease (CHD) that is much less. (cf. ”Serge Renaud: from French paradox to Cretan miracle”. The Lancet. 355 (9197): (Source) And to this day, this French paradox phenomenon continues to be ideologically spined, from Dr Gerger, to Drs Barnard, Fuhrman, Klaper and the others, all of whom appear to need to demonize wine as “evil alcohol” devoid of health benefits. Yet, the evidence shows that when used holistically, wine is medicine and  can help heal dozens of diseases and health conditions. For example, wine’s oligomeric procyanidins have been proven to confer protection to human vascular cells (Oenology: Red wine procyanidins and vascular health”. Nature. 444 (7119): 566. (Source) and red wine polyphenols were shown to reduce the absorption of malondialdehyde which is implicated in elevating levels of low-density lipoprotein in the onset of arteriosclerosis. (Source). Quality wine taken holistically is also an aromatase inhibitor, helps with digestion, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, boosts HDL, has vasodilatory and blood thinning properties (much less dangerous than aspirin  or warfarin) as well as being favorable to the microbiota while being anti-bacterial, targeting especially deleterious bacteria, including those in the oral cavity and on wounds.

And even alcohol, in small to moderate quantities has consistently been proven to confer health benefits. Hundreds of published serious independent studies show that light to moderate  alcohol consumption is cardioprotective. In this perspective, a 2006 study concluded, “Even in men already at low risk on the basis of body mass index, physical activity, smoking, and diet, moderate alcohol intake is associated with lower risk for myocardial infarction.” (“Alcohol Consumption and Risk for Coronary Heart Disease in Men With Healthy Lifestyles”. Arch Intern Med. 166 (19): 2145–50). (Source) Furthermore, besides ethanol, there are hundreds of other beneficial compounds and flavonoids in wine that all act synergistically and all the more so that wine is combined with food, especially a trans-fat free Med Diet type of nutrition regime which optimizes healthy lifespans, the evidence is also compelling on this point.

Furthermore, it has also been shown that cheese’s bioactive peptides (from cheese moulds) is a factor in the “French paradox”, if only because the vast majority of the French will pair cheese with  wine. Inter alia, intestinal alkaline phosphatase (IAP), a potent endogenous anti-inflammatory enzyme, is stimulated by various components of milk, thanks to which this enzyme dephosphorylates and thus detoxifies pro-inflammatory microbial components like lipopolysaccharide, making them unable to trigger inflammatory responses, inter alia. (Source). And then, in addition to the dosage,  there’s the quality of wine (most cheap wines are laden with glyphosate, heavy metals and other deleterious chemicals), the timing of wine drinking  (ie chronobiology) and  much more that explains this French Paradox, or why the CHD promoting animal fats are mitigated in their clogging and inflammatory effects. The fact that most vegetable oils, trans fats and  animal fat contribute to CHD and CVD is not at issue. The point of the French paradox is that there are holsitical ways to bypass this problem, just like Jeanne Calment bypassed the nefarious effects of the cigarettes she smoked from 25 years old until 119 years with her Medterranean Lifestyle and attitude.




Session O: Dietary Supplementation & Optimal Longevity

Are non prescription pills, supplements and neutraceuticals useful or deleterious for durable health and optimal longevity ?

Many conventional and integrative medicine, biogerontology and anti-aging specialists claim that  many dietary supplements like niagen (nicotinamide riboside), resveratrol, D-ribose, vitamin D3, antioxydants, Fish and MCT-Krill DHA-rich Oils, Algae, Vitamin B-12, metformin, ketones, Co-Q-10, PQQ, berberine, L-Carnitine, NAC, BDNF boosters, vitamins D & K-2 and many other supplements are safe and efficient insofar as risk prevention and longevity activators are concerned. This talk will show the data that either substantiates some of these claims or debunks them.

For example, on one of dozens of supplements we may review, fish oils, the viewer can confirm via mouse click  below the data that confirms that fish oils are less and less reliable as healthy sources of long chain Omega 3s, worse, not only the evidence debunked the claim that fish oils are cardio-protective, even if they may reduce tryglicerides, but they were shown via multiple published peer-reviewed meta-analyses to significantly increase cancer risks, including, but not limited to aggressive prostate cancer (ie with a 71 percent risk).

Thus, for fish oil supplements and other pills and extracts (what is called neutraceuticals), we will weigh or evaluate the credibility and strength of the evidence and pinpoint where the preponderance of the evidence for a given product’s safety and efficiency may lie. In addition, we will teach workshopees how to employ a few of the forensic detective’s truth-digging tools, thanks to which the workshopee will be better able to distinguish flawed and biased publications from truthful ones supported by strong science and intuitive knowledge.

Safe and Efficient Supplementation for Healthy & Optimal  Lifespans

A person’s genetic variations, (Apoe4, MTFR with methylation issues etc) allergies, the person’s gastrointestinal system, nutritional status, milieu status (where the person lives) inter alia are variables that determine what is safe and efficient insofar as supplements are concerned. If the person is living holistically 95 to 100 percent eating fresh organic food mostly from the garden and drinking healthy spring water and small amounts of wine, then there usually is no need for supplementation, even if he or she is vegan. But since most people don’t live holistically, we will review a few supplements that can help with both health and optimal longevity.

First off, if the person is 100 percent vegan, but imperfect holistically, then there are three key supplements that may be useful. He or she may want to consider algae based DHA, especially for motherhood. Fish oils tend to be full of toxic chemicals, metals and can putrefy. Furthermore, as we showed, there can be a link with cancer and fish oils. But DHA is too important to minimize. Unless a test can show that one’s ALA is properly absorbed and converted to DHA and EPA. Rare for most vegans, but holistic vegans can achieve this conversion. Also unless the person is drinking mountain water or eating organic dirt, there may be a deficiency with Vitamine B 12 that can lead to high homocystein and CVDs events. The deficiency of this vitamin triggers symptoms that are similar to Alzheimer’s Disease symptoms, so this supplement is also important for imperfect vegans.  If there is a lack of sunshine on the skin, vitamin D 3 would  also be recommended. Vitamin K 2 would be another one if the vegan lacks fermented foods.

For Mediterranean persons who actively enjoy the Sun and have on occastion  wild clean small fish (cf the “smash” list) and-or A2 goat or sheep cheese (organic & raw preferably) with their wine, these last three supplements are not as needed. However, if the menu is not mostly holistic, then supplementation may be needed. A1 cows milk, or yogurt or cheese, even organic would be considered too inflammatory, but if A1 cow cheese is nonethless ingested, then lots of anti-inflammatory turmeric and protolytic supplementation may be a good idea. Because of the link between an excess amount of choline and Tmao molecules that can nurture CVDs, inter alia, and the association between rich cholesterol yolks and cancer,  the evidence militates against eating eggs. The facts show that cancer cells thrive on dietary cholesterol, methionine, carnitine, inter alia, as much as on refined carbs (sugars), folic acid (not folate, but the supplement folic acid) and industrial vegetable oils, inter alia see ultra. If the  concerned person is at least 95 percent holistic, has no major chronic diseases and has a source of holistic chicken who eat holistically, with lots of organic wiggly worms, bugs (for the zinc) and live plants (ie, with no inflammatory omega 6 rich grains) and who are happy laying eggs for humans, meaning no cortisol acidifying stress  etc. then ingesting from time to time a few soft boiled eggs (not hard boiled as cooked yolks oxidizes its cholesterol which feeds arterial plaques and fried eggs produces lots of cancer-cancer acrylamides and other deleterious compounds) with some red HDL boosting and blood thinning bacteria-balancing wine can be compatible with healthy lifespans, as proves beyond any reasonable doubt just about all of the longevity and blue zone epidemiological published studies I’ve seen. Organic traditionally made wine is better because the resveratrol, pygnogenol, flavonoid, probiotics and hundreds of other keen molecules are potentialized with traditionally made, long-must macerated wine, inter alia. On the other hand, non traditionally made wines tend to be loaded with heavy metals, pesticides, glyphosate and other deleterious chemicals without a good phytonutrient or micro-organism profile and American red wines are often not fermented correctly. So good quality wine with eggs will help with the digestion of these foreign proteins and reptile lipids. One should not forget that chicken are birds and birds are one of the few reptiles animals that survived the Dinosaur Extinction  65 millions years ago, so they are biologically and evolutionary quite different from mammals including humans. In the same way we can make a case with gluten-laden wheat being a grass food evolutionarily designed for ruminants and not for humans, (this is a big argument of the  keto-paleo proponents) we can also make a case arguing that reptile eggs should be left to real carnivores and even omnivores like cayotes and wild foxes.

In this Presentation then, we will look at some of the dietary supplements that may be indicated for those who do not eat perfectly holistic,some of which are magnesium, enzymes, probiotics, flavonoids, polyphenols, Vitamin D3 & K2, astaxantine, sirtuin boosters (we will go over the list), AMPK activators, Mitochondria promoters (PQQ, Co-Q-10 etc), mushrooms (lion’s mane  etc), roots (turmeric, astralagus, beets, ginger powders etc), herbs & spices & detoxifiers (green tea, milk thistle, rhodiola, sulfurophane etc) and more.

Unsafe and-or inefficient Supplementation

Case study A: One of many examples of Dietary Supplements ending up as expensive urine

Recently published in the serious  Journal of the American College of Cardiology, a systematic review of existing data and single randomized control trials published in English from January 2012 to October 2017 found that multivitamins, vitamin D, calcium and vitamin C (the most common supplements) showed no advantage or added risk in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke or premature death.

“The authors identified individual randomized controlled trials from previous meta-analyses and additional searches, and then performed meta-analyses on cardiovascular disease outcomes and all-cause mortality. The authors assessed publications from 2012, both before and including the U.S. Preventive Service Task Force review. Their systematic reviews and meta-analyses showed generally moderate- or low-quality evidence for preventive benefits (folic acid for total cardiovascular disease, folic acid and B-vitamins for stroke), no effect (multivitamins, vitamins C, D, β-carotene, calcium, and selenium), or increased risk (antioxidant mixtures and niacin [with a statin] for all-cause mortality). Conclusive evidence for the benefit of any supplement across all dietary backgrounds (including deficiency and sufficiency) was not demonstrated; therefore, any benefits seen must be balanced against possible risks” (Source)

While this study claims that these supplements also showed no risk, I would question the calcium supplement. In Traditional Holistic medicine we are cautious with supplements and the data shows that some of the calcification we can see in age-related diseases like artherosclorosis, cancer and arthritis can be spurred by both the calcium in A1 cows as well as many calcium supplements.  Best to take one’s calcium needs in vegetables, seeds and nuts. Calcium is better assimilable via organic plants, and all the more so that calcium interacts in synergy with its milieu.

Case study B: A Published Study Claims a 20 percent increase of Liver Damage coming from Dietary Supplements

A  2014 study published in the Journal of Hepatology found dietary and herbal supplements had a 20 percent increase in liver damage versus a 3 percent increase for Big Pharma medication.. In pertinent part, the Study states:

“ The Drug‐Induced Liver Injury Network (DILIN) studies hepatotoxicity caused by conventional medications as well as herbals and dietary supplements (HDS). To characterize hepatotoxicity and its outcomes from HDS versus medications, patients with hepatotoxicity attributed to medications or HDS were enrolled prospectively between 2004 and 2013. The study took place among eight U.S. referral centers that are part of the DILIN. Consecutive patients with liver injury referred to a DILIN center were eligible. The final sample comprised 130 (15.5%) of all subjects enrolled (839) who were judged to have experienced liver injury caused by HDS. Hepatotoxicity caused by HDS was evaluated by expert opinion. Demographic and clinical characteristics and outcome assessments, including death and liver transplantation (LT), were ascertained. Cases were stratified and compared according to the type of agent implicated in liver injury; 45 had injury caused by bodybuilding HDS, 85 by nonbodybuilding HDS, and 709 by medications. Liver injury caused by HDS increased from 7% to 20% (P < 0.001) during the study period. Bodybuilding HDS caused prolonged jaundice (median, 91 days) in young men, but did not result in any fatalities or LT. The remaining HDS cases presented as hepatocellular injury, predominantly in middle‐aged women, and, more frequently, led to death or transplantation, compared to injury from medications (13% vs. 3%; P < 0.05).” (Hepatology 2014;60:1399–1408)

From 2004 to 2013, Navarro and fellow researchers examined the hepatotoxicity levels in 839 patients suffering from liver injury, focusing specifically on whether levels were a result of taking supplements or medications. The results showed liver injuries from supplements increased by 20 percent over the almost 10-year study versus a 3 percent increase for Big Pharma drugs.

H.M. Institute Appraisal

Hepatotoxicity is essentially chemically-driven liver damage. Many dietary supplements are synthetic chemicals. As noted, HM Institute opined that anything synthetic is foreign to the liver, and hence has the potential to be toxic. While this study was a local and  small one (under 1000 patients), it is not reflective on the entire Nation. There may also have been other variables, like sources of pollution or toxic additives in both the supplements and the food the patient ate. However, it must be noted that even if the Big Pharma Drugs’s injuries  increasd by only 3 percent, that included 709 patients out of 839. So the thumbs down are still on the side of  Big Pharma. It’s also possible that pharmaceutical drugs injuries maxed out. On the other hand, the supplements had started low and increased by 20 percent. To give a definite assessment, we would need to read the entire article. We only have read the abstract. Nonetheless, we need again to distinguish holistic from integrative medicine. Integrative medicine will have recourse to a lot of labs and supplementation, including bio-identical hormones to get quick results while holistic medicine will encourage the patient to produce his or her own chemicals (hormones, neurotransmitters, neuropeptides etc) via nutrition, detox, fasting, exercise, the microbiota and the like. For holistic medicine, including homeopathy, less is more, including with supplementation.

 Case Study 3: Resveratrol in a  capsule, food or bottle ? Depends if one is a mouse, a patient, holistically inclined or a marketing agent

Supplements are not always the preferred moleculary delivery system of important nutrients.  In rodents for example, hundreds of studies have shown that resveratrol supplementation is healthy for mice: it decreased cardiovascular risk factors, improved cardiovascular function and physical capacity, and decreased inflammation, leading to improved vascular function, inter alia. But when this same supplement is given to humans, the opposite happens.

“Ageing is thought to be associated with decreased vascular function partly due to oxidative stress. Resveratrol is a polyphenol, which in animal studies has been shown to decrease atherosclerosis, and improve cardiovascular health and physical capacity, in part through its effects on Sirtuin 1 signalling and through an improved antioxidant capacity. We tested the hypothesis that resveratrol supplementation enhances training-induced improvements in cardiovascular health parameters in aged men.  (…) Resveratrol did not alter the effect of exercise training on the atherosclerosis marker vascular cell adhesion molecule 1 (VCAM-1). Sirtuin 1 protein levels were not affected by resveratrol supplementation. These findings indicate that, whereas exercise training effectively improves several cardiovascular health parameters in aged men, concomitant resveratrol supplementation can blunt these effects. (J Physiol. 2013 Oct 15;591(20): (Source)

H.M. Institute’s Critical Appraisal

While resveratrol supplementation can have benefits in other areas of medicine than those mentioned in this study, including in longevity, the scientific data suggests that there are other better and more holistic ways to fix a cardiovascular problem than with supplements, unless the patient can’t get himself or herself to change lifestyle and nutrition. Furthermore, capsules not only can contain deleterious additives, but when molecules like resveratrol are isolated and increased, they are deprived of the synergistic “entourage” effect and thus, can generate side or toxic consequences. When mainstream scientists look at what Nature’s pharmacy can give them, they try to find the active ingredient and then isolate it, study it’s chemical configuration and then synthesize and patented it for cash-flow. Even if it’s not synthesized, these molecules will be increased like with tetrahydrocannabinol from cannabis, curcumin from turmeric or resveratrol from grapes. However, more and more Research is showing that for one molecule to work well, with little if any side or toxic effects,  it needs it’s “entourage”, all of the other molecule-buddies it came with. This has been shown for tumeric and cannabinoids.

Same rationale for resveratrol. This molecule is a super-molecule. It is a stilbenoid found in the skin of red grapes and potentiated with traditional vinification. It was shown to  extend the lifespan of yeast, worms, and flies. It has been shown to activate Sir2 and therefore mimics the effects of calorie restriction. But in holistic medicine, it acts better within the food and especially the wine because there, in its natural “habitat”,  it is potentiated and synergized with all of resveratrol’s other buddy molecules it came with in the first place. The proof is in the sipping of moderate but quality wine.

Wine intake may have a beneficial effect on all-cause mortality that is additive to that of alcohol. This effect may be attributable to a reduction in death from both coronary heart disease and cancer. (Source)

Furthermore,  current evidence has shown that the mainstream scientists of yesterday were wrong on resveratrol dosage. If taken holistically, resveratrol-based food and especially red wine will have enough resveratrol strength to activate human longevity and wellbeing genes and pathways. Be that as it may, as a sirtuin activator, resveratrol can be helpful for some people.


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