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In 5 minutes of reading this, you can learn what took me 5 months of full time research to learn. Reading this will prevent you from getting stuck with a horrible sauna that might be secretly loaded with toxins or dangerous EMFs. However, you must read it carefully. Every detail is of the utmost importance and there is no fluff. I recommend reading this file carefully at least twice. Doing so will empower you with knowledge to make an informed decision on this major purchase that you will feel good about.

Since a sauna is a permanent purchase that you cannot easily return it is important to get it right the first time. Running this group with 10,000 people I have heard stories on about every sauna brand. Many were stories of deep regret. I don’t want that to happen to you, so I have taken all of my knowledge and simplified it and put it in a very usable format that is easy to understand.
When purchasing a sauna it is important to keep the most important things front and center in terms of priorities. It is easy to get lost in the weeds on the numerous details of saunas. Many sauna companies and salespeople will try to get you to ignore more important things like dangerous EMFs and toxins and focus on less important things like the type of wood. In this post, I will share the important things to look for.
Warning: Do not trust any claims that you read on a manufactures website or made by sales people because they are unregulated. Only trust independent tests of their claims. These companies are not regulated and most of the claims that you read and hear are not true. Even their “lifetime warranty” may only be 7 years maximum and 90 days on some parts.

Types of saunas:

You want to make sure to get an infrared sauna because they mobilize toxins 4.3 times faster than with heat alone. Most new saunas that are sold are Far Infrared. Most saunas at gyms are not infrared.imes a much more pleasant experience. You can get up, wipe off sweat, move around, socialize etc. It is a much cleaner environment because it is made from wood.
Cons: They take up more space. Some of the larger or more powerful ones require a couple hundred dollars of additional wiring. They are more of an initial investment than a portable sauna. Wooden saunas last much longer and they will pay for themselves in the long run.

Portable infrared saunas:

Cons: Virtually every portable sauna that I have seen are very high in radiation/EMFs, despite their marketing claims. They have cheap plastic heaters that have a poor infrared spectrum. Worst of all, they are loaded with toxins. All of them are made from synthetic materials loaded with formaldehyde, fire retardants, and other dangerous toxins. It is self-defeating to try to detoxify in a hot container filled with toxins. If you are seriously considering a portable sauna then you will want to read this post that I made about them that shows lab testing of EMFs and toxins in these saunas.

3 Main Considerations when purchasing a sauna:

Heaters, EMFs/Radiation, and Toxins/(V.O.C.s)


Most sauna companies put a protective fabric cover over their heaters. This fabric blocks the crucial infrared light because light does not penetrate black fabric! This makes the saunas 4.3 times less effective at mobilizing toxins. Do not consider any sauna that has fabric over the heaters and sadly most of them do. Ask them if they have fabric over their heaters. Have them send you a picture. Despite what they claim about infrared light passing through the black fabric, ask yourself this “will light come through this fabric” Infrared is just invisible light and very little light passes through the black fabric.
There are two common types of heaters used. Long narrow ceramic rods and large flat carbon panels. Ceramic rods are the old outdated way of heating saunas. The disadvantage to ceramic is that they are super hot and they don’t distribute the heat very broadly or evenly. This means that there are hot spots and this is very uncomfortable and they are much less effective. Carbon panels are wide and large. This superior design distributes the heat widely and evenly. This results in a much more comfortable and more effective detox.
In order to be effective, the panels must be close to your body. Just like in a tanning bed, the bulbs are very close so that they are effective. Many saunas place the panels way up the wall way above where your head is when you are sitting down. This needlessly wastes up to half of the crucial infrared. Any company that places panels this high isn’t concerned about the effectiveness of their saunas. These are actually cheap Asian floor heaters that were never designed to be used as infrared heaters for sauna use. Avoid saunas with heaters that go over your shoulders.
Many heater panels are very low in power. These panels don’t get very hot and result in very little sweating. You want to look for the total watts used in the sauna. Compare the total watts to other similar sized units. All other things being equal, the higher the watts the better.

Chemicals, also known as “Volatile Organic Compounds”. (V.O.C.s)

Most saunas are made with toxic glues, plastics that outgas toxins, plastic coating on the wiring that can outgas. Some saunas even have plywood underlayment that is loaded with formaldyde. The wood is often imported and it has to be fumigated with pesticides to be imported.
Saunas tend to concentrate any existing toxins that may be in them because the glues and other toxins are heated and heat causes toxins to rapidly get into the air. Saunas are also unventilated, this means that any toxins that get in the air will stay in the air until they soak in your skin or your lungs. This is why it is important to have a sauna that has no toxins.
When you are in a sauna you are mostly naked with all of your pores open from the heat and you are breathing more than normal. This increased breathing and the open pores make you much more venerable to absorbing toxins. This is why you need to know with 100% certainty that there are no toxins in your sauna. After all you are trying to detox not retox!
In order to make sell their saunas most sauna companies routinely lie about the materials used in their saunas. This is frustrating, yet there is a way to know for sure without having to trust some slick marketing material or salesperson.
The only way that you can know for sure that your sauna has no toxins in the air when heated is if the company provides and independent V.O.C. report showing 0 airborne contaminants A VOC report is an independent report done by a laboratory that measures the amounts of toxins in the air. This report will tell you if there are any airborne contaminants when the sauna is on. Any large reputable sauna company will have one of these, unless the report makes them look bad. This report will tell you exactly how many toxins are in the air when the sauna is heated up. Do not purchase a sauna without first seeing an independent certification of zero V.O.C.s/toxins.
àElectromagnetic fields/ Radiation (E.M.F.s and E.L.Fs) “It’s basically ageing on steroids when you have EMF’s. The damage from this is probably worse than from chain smoking” Dr. Joseph Mercola
Infrared saunas are one of the highest sources of EMFs that any one is exposed to. This is because the same panels that are designed to bathe your entire body in healing infrared can also bathe your entire body in dangerous levels of EMFs. Unlike a hair dryer or a stove burner where you are only exposing a small area of your body to EMFs for a very short period of time, a sauna can expose a persons entire body to dangerous levels of EMFs for several hours a week.
As the science emerges on this subject of dirty electricity, it turns out that many health problems are caused by EMFs High EMFs cause rapid aging, disrupt sleep, alter gene expression, increase stress and can even cause cancer. This is such a serious concern that in Sweden and Russia they have a law that says all saunas must have fewer than 2.5 mG of radiation.. Saunas are a particular concern because you are surrounded by very high wattage heaters that are very close to your body for up to an hour at a time. A sauna can actually expose you to 516 times more EMFs than a hair dryer or a cell phone!
It costs more to make a sauna that is low in these toxic EMFs. However, most companies find it easier to lie and say they are low in EMFs rather than investing in the advanced technology to actually make them low in EMFs. Most companies can’t prove their claims of being low in EMFs. As many people in the group have reported to me with regret after they were stuck with their toxic high EMF sauna. Many saunas have over 30 times the maximum safe levels of EMFs even though they claim to be low in EMFs! Only trust companies that cam prove their claims. You want to see independent lab tests that show that the EMFs are under 2.5 mG. Don’t trust a company picture of a meter showing low EMF’s because they can easily be photo shopped or manipulated by turning down the sauna intensity or voltage.
If you want to know if a brand is truly low in EMFs then simply message me and I will send you the documentation and videos from our group members showing real EMF levels in that sauna brand. Summary:
· Must have independent certification of zero toxic volatile organic compounds.
· Must have independent certification of less than 2.5mG of EMFs.
· Must have carbon panels that don’t go over the shoulders.
· Heaters must not have fabric covers of any kind which would block the infrared.
· Must have carbon heaters for even heating and total infrared coverage. .
Brands that meet these standards: Based on my years of experience and feedback from the thousands of group members. I keep an updated list of all of the brands that meet ALL of the above requirements. Depending on which country you live in will depend on which brands are available in your location and which sauna is the best value for you. Contact me with your location for the updated recommendation for a sauna in your area and how to get the best price possible.
After you decide on a brand then you need to decide on what model and features meet your specific needs. Deciding on which model is much more complicated than you think. Here are just some of the important considerations of this purchase: What size sauna should you get? What are the electrical requirements? How hard is it to assemble? How long does it take for it to arrive? What about full spectrum or far infrared? What about light therapy is that important? How hot do you want your sauna to get? What are your goals with the sauna? Do you want one with a reclining bench? What other features do you want with your sauna? Where is the best place to put your sauna? For help with your sauna decision: To help you with this decision process I offer a valuable service to members of our group. Currently, I offer free phone consults to help you discover the right sauna for your needs. When we talk I learn about all of the important details of your situation. We can discuss what condition you are trying to improve and which sauna type will help you the most. Other things like space, electrical issues, how you will be using the sauna, and more are considered. I also have training in electrical so I can make a recommendation based on the home that you live in and show you how to save a ton of money on the wiring! In several cases I have saved people hundreds of dollars by sharing this electrical knowledge for their situation. I can also share the important differences between the far infrared and full spectrum saunas and the other features that are available with the saunas. Then based on my experience and expertise, I make a specific recommendation that is tailored to your needs and location. I will even share the latest models that are not yet listed on these company’s websites that I have access to. Some people have wondered if the free phone consult is a really just a high-pressure sales call. It is not. The phone consult is me sincerely trying to help you learn about what sauna will suit your individual needs and situation. I am about empowering you with knowledge to improve your health. Here is what group members say after they have a phone consult with me. “Just had an incredible (free) phone consult with Bret. I was very much impressed by his no-pressure, informative approach. By talking it over with him I was able to hone in on the type of sauna I really wanted and probably would never have thought about as it’s not listed on the website. Mostly, it was a delight to talk to some one so knowledgeable, helpful, and passionate about detox.” Lucinda Ann Marsh
Because of the size of our group we get group buy discounts with many of the reputable sauna companies. In order to help our members, we are able to discounts on these saunas. You can get a sauna from us for a better price than you can get them for anywhere else. You get the full factory warranty and free shipping as well. In addition, this supports our efforts to share this important detox protocol with people in need.
Message me or call me and I will be happy to help you know if a sauna can help with your specific condition and I will give you an evaluation of the sauna brands that you are looking at and help you find the right sauna for your needs and location at the lowest price. I love talking about detox and saunas so message or call me.
Bret Bouer (208) 449-3979 “Bret has been a great source of knowledge & patience & helpful!! For those that think he is in this for the sale and only the sale of you buying a sauna. I have to say I connected him months ago with questions about a sauna. I told him I was in the market to buy one. He was not pushy at all, sent me the info to back the claims & left me to my own decision. He never contacted me to bother me about the sale like I was from other companies I contacted. I really appreciated that he gave me my own time, 3months to be exact, to make my decision. Has always been upfront with me & will answer any question or concern I have in a very timely matter! Thank you Bret!! “ Tina Lovine
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