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To read the Institute’s blog-articles, click the menu’s “blog” title.

Reading the Institute’s blog-articles is Free for all viewers.

If the viewer wants to quote any passage of any blog-article, he or she may do so provided the full reference to the copyrighted source  is included.

These articles are copyright protected. So the viewers can not copy and paste them  unto their computer.

Copy-pasting is neither legally, nor technically possible. See the terms for the legal aspect.

Purchasing an Article-Blog

However, if the viewer desires a downloadable article which is in the Site’s library, then he or she will be able to  own it and thus copy and paste it onto their computer and use it as needed provided it is properly referenced in terms of the article’s author and website.

If interested,  please write to us and we will negotiate a fair price.

Most sites we have looked at range from 15 dollars to over 100 dollars per article. See Science Magazine for example, via click.

We will always deterimine a fair price in accordance to the Hippocratic principle of equity, which is translated today by the notions of “sliding scale” and “basic needs”, including for the Institute’s ebooks.

Some of these blog-articles have taken days to research and draft, therefore, it is reasonable to monetize them. Most are viewable for free, but not copyable, given the blockage copyright software that has been added to this website.

Buying the Institute’s blog-articles will help us to function and accomplish our Missions. Thank you.

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