On today’s Health-Care Crisis

The hard evidence shows that in America today, the health-care crisis and the country’s economic, political and social difficulties could be better resolved if the Nation’s sick-care patients and health-care practitioners (eg, nurses, medical doctors and all of the other health-promoting professionals) would distance themselves from the corrupt elements of their Government, prescription drug toxicity and most of the system’s symptom-based official allopathic medicine (1) while simultaneously embracing a more holistic, scientific and even biblical approach to medicine and Life.(2)

While today’s biomedical paradigm may be an excellent business model for the maximization of cash-flow and ok for emergency medicine, for most diseases Americans are suffering from (cardiovascular, cancer, autoimmunity, metabolic, mental disorders, insomnia, infertility, chronic stress etc), this type of medical system  should not be the legal standard of care. In many  areas, it should be rendered unlawful, as contrary to the People’s wellbeing and Science.

Furthermore, with America’s politicized public health and conventional allopathic medicine model, very little is done in terms of genuine and sustainable preventive medicine. Furthermore, most chronic diseases do not respond well to this “one pill for each ill” symptomatic approach. In fact, it’s a system that has nothing to do with wellbeing and everything to do with political manipulation, corporate propaganda and obscene greed. (See ebook on the Crippling of the American Republic)

In conclusion, today’s government sponsored  conventional medicine is minimally acceptable  for emergency and acute care, but for most diseases, the facts show that allopathic medicine is way too risky, not very efficient and too costly to be sustainable and resilient enough to withstand premature death.  See this link for compelling evidence. Hence, the need for Institutes like this one.

Officially, allopathic mainstream medicine is the third cause of premature deaths. We normally talk about iatrogenic and nosocomial deaths. But there are other chacterizations and pathways that modern medicine uses to shorten lifespan and promote collective suffering and chronic diseases. Most of these pathologies don’t seem to be engineered by malicious intent.  But many public health and political leaders are aware that today’s many of today’s chronic human diseases are spurred by the system’s agricultural-pharma-medical industrial complex. Yet, little if anything meaningful is done to correct the deviations and aberrations of this complex.

To  activate Holistic Solutions that can efficiently address this Allopathic Social Disease implies getting involved Community wise.

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“ … Healthcare is the tapeworm of the American economy.…I think the healthcare problem is the No. 1 problem of America and of American business…We have seen that number go up to 17 percent. That is a huge cost factor. I think Berkshire Hathaway’s costs are over $2 billion a year for healthcare.” Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett Source

Reference and Precision Notes

(1). Allopathic medicine is the technical term for modern conventional medicine. The World Health Organization has recognized this medicine as one type of medical system among over one  hundred others (over the centuries).  Allopathic medicine is essentially based on synthetic patented one-biochemical pathway drugs in combination with surgery and different high-tech procedures. Some of these procedures are useful, in particular for acute-care and emergency medicine. But the facts suggest that over 90 percent of the American “sick-care” system deprives patients of holistic remedies that would otherwise benefit them in all ways.
(2). In the US, Happiness Lifestyle is sometimes translated by “Lifestyle medicine”. As for Bible medicine, genuine Holistic Medicine necessarily incorporates many Biblical health and wellbeing precepts and recommendations,  from fasting and detoxification (purification), to plant-based dieting, aromatherapy, herbology, wine, cultivating a clear and clean conscience, joyful attitude, meditation, physical activity, sleep therapy, kindness, respecting one’s neighbors, eco-community building, enthusiasm and compassion. Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 6.23.16 PM
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