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This Website is about the restoration of JDV, “joie de Vivre”, the enjoyment of life. This Consciousness state should be Medicine’s ultimate mission. Yet, today, most of Conventional medicine leads to great unhappiness. It has become one of the first causes to premature death, collective suffering & financial waste…To contribute in correcting this deviation from Reason and from Human Design, we organize talks, conferences, power point presentations, coaching and workshops on holistic and happiness medicine, optimal cancer-free longevity, chronic degenerative diseases control & reversal, advanced & holistic clinical nutrition and cru-sine, oriental medicine, wine therapy, neuro-science,  aromatherapy & medicinal plants & mushrooms therapy, hormonal & neuro-transmitter rebalancing, holistic musculo-skeleton therapies, holistic cardiology, rejuvenating meditation and breathing,  cancer control & reversal strategiessleep hygieneshamanic sacred plant medicine, (detox) detoxification,  cannabis therapyadvanced holistic dentistryon the limitations of conventional medicine, the history of medicine, paradigm shifts, public policy, medical law and other general holistic well-being topics related to the joie de vivre (mindful happiness) consciousness, all supported by strong evidence.



Top: The Workshop’s animator, Professor Joubert, recently interviewed Annie who testified having reversed her advanced cancer with different holistic, integrative and “functional” health techniques, including Happiness Medicine’s “joie de vivre” principle

Three Free Ebooklet excerpts

 Holistic Cardiology Ebooklet (excerpt): “Reverse Depression with Happiness Medicine” Ebooklet (excerpt) Immune-modulation & Cancer Workshop. The Optimal Longevity Code: reaching 120 years and beyond (excerpt) Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 8.19.05 PM

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