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Rental of one of the best of these mineral infrared lamps is 40 dollars a day. (1) Or 20 to 10  dollars a day for those who are struggling financially. Given the excellent results we have observed with this device, we will later help to distribute it so that health-seekers may benefit from this tool from the comfort of their home.



The Mineral infrared lamp is a heated device whose ceramic plate is coated with a proprietary mineral formulation consisting of trace elements and minerals, the combination of which is essential to living organisms. (2)

This ceramic plate emits a unique spectrum-electromagnetic waves in the infrared range of 2 to 25 microns when heated. This spectrum is compatible with the bio-spectrum waves released by the human body, thanks to which maximum absorption is allowed. The absorbed energy promotes microcirculation, metabolism, modulates pain receptors and strengthens immune system. (3)


The lamp’s central mechanism of action rests on the activation of the heated minerals to express their essence via a higher vibrational frequency that is characterized as the ionic one, thanks to which the body’s natural metabolic processes can be better activated. (4)

Subsidiarily, when the emitted infrared frequencies excite the minerals of our bodies on a molecular level, similar oscillations in human tissues are engendered. Through continued use of this therapy, the consistent frequencies given off by the natural elements on the plate will cause our own deficient trace element frequencies to resonate at their natural amplitudes, adjusting our biochemical pathways in the meantime while its emissions increase microcirculation and loosens fascia to accelerate the natural healing processes of the body.

The mineral lamp is a therapeutic substitute for moxibustion, a traditional Chinese therapy, and is used by acupuncturists, Asian physiotherapist and holistic oncologist and healers to promote blood circulation, metabolism and micro-circulation while improving self mechanism adjustment, enzyme activity, as well as the epithelium growth, pain reduction, tissue repair. These frequencies can also be used for cancer care. ( 5)

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For additional information on the scientific basis of this technology and proposed protocols in conjunction with other holistic techniques including with full infrared spectrum saunas, please click here.

Reference and precision notes

(1). From Chi Enterprise, priced at 995 dollars. (Source)

(2) The key part of this lamp is its heat-treated black clay, which contains 33 different essential mineral elements for the human body. The human body contains about 60 minerals elements, and has unique frequencies between 4-15 micrometers. When these minerals are imbalanced, one tends to become sick. Clinical studies have shown the device has the capacity to help arthritis, reduce pain and inflammation and has multiple applications for muscle, bone, skin and internal organs, inter alia.

(3). https://www.amazon.com/Pain-Free-Infrared-Mineral-Therapy/dp/0595272630

(4). The body uses minerals mostly in their ionic form, not their metallic form.

(5). Far-infrared radiation is known to lessen the risk of angiogenesis-related diseases including cancer. Cancer Lett. 2014 Apr 28;346(1):74-83. See the Institute’s post on this as well as the following web-links: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24336590 cancer
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24334140 anto immune and angiogenesis disorder

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