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Juicing cleanses and nutrition have been popular in holistic centers. One of the Dead Sea Scrolls even talked about the Essene healers who used juicing cleanses for healing. These cleanses can range from a few days to 30 days or more. This type of cleanse is a form of detoxification. It is based on the clean-up power of vegetables,  fruits and their phytonutrients & polyphenols. Usually, the base of this juicing cleanse comes from veggies and fruits like celeries, cucumbers, carrots, beets, pineapples, apples, leafy greens, lemon and ginger. Many varieties exist. While juicing cleanses are potentiated by other holistic techniques, by themselves, they can be quite beneficial in terms of oxygenating, alkalinizing and mineralizing the body’s tissues. Once the body is better nourrished via juicing, then the cleaning up process can be potentiated. In naturopathic medicine, we call this “clean up” the “healing crisis”, which is nothing less than detoxification combined to the remineralization process. With greater remineralization, the metabolism gets more activated. The body’s conductivity also gets more intense. We may show this via an electrical experiment.

Usually, the more cleansing, the more detoxification, the greater the healing crisis. Some of its elements are fever, head-ache, foggy brain, sluggishness, skin rash, cough, flu-like condition, inflammation etc. all of these processes are detox symptoms, where the body’s innate intelligence is trying to get rid of the acccumulated toxins and toxicants. So the last thing to do is what conventional medicine does, suppressing these symptoms with synthetic drugs.

Most symptoms are biochemical manifestations of the body’s attempts to get rid of toxins and toxicants. Detox symptoms tell us that we need to treat the causes more than the symptoms. As we will see, juice fasting or juice cleanses can be a safe and an excellent way to both detox systemically at the cellular level while deeply nourrishing the cells in high vibrant organic liquid phytonutrients  and foods that are easy to digest.


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