Holistic Self Care Diagnosis

As we have seen, the Flexner-Rockefellar-Bank-Pharmaceutical-Politica system’s agents (1) gave the legal monopoly of diagnosis of diseases only to allopathic medical doctors, both M.D.s and D.O.s. Although today, a few states have extended this diagnosis privilege to a few other health-professionals (ND and acupuncturists in California for example), most health care professional, especially the traidition ones who have followed the Hippocratic Tradition for over 2 thousands years are not legally allowed to do so. No can a mother diagnose her child’s condition, because that would also be violative of the law, what is characterized as “illegal practice of medicine”.

Thanks to the internet and some progress in Science and human Ethos, more and more People understand that the roots of Modern American Medicine are rotten, just like more and more People understand the fraudulent nature of  MAD (modern american diet) and Agri-business.

Having reached a threshold in understanding, what may be called a “tipping point”, it is fair to both expose the corruption and fraud of most of those who control the American medical system (not all, just most) and teach what is still legal today, via the First Amendment, that guarantees the freedom to think  and talk according to one’s belief.

In this perspective, true health-care practitioners who care about patients and human suffering have the duty to not only expose and promote public accountability agasint  those who have usurped the People’s basic health rights, destroying most of these for the sake of control, greed and arrogance,  but also to teach holistic self-care diagnosis so that patients can better understand the conditions under which their bodies are evolving, whether it is one that is going toward greater Consciousness, happiness and health, or one that is going in the direction of greater entropy, depression and debilitation.

The following self-care diagnostic tools then are invoked for this purpose. (2)

1. Holistic Tongue Diagnosis

2. Holistic Facial Diagnosis

3. Holistic Pulse Diagnosis

4. Holistic Eyes Diagnosis

5. Holistic Fingernail Diagnosis

6. Holistic Ear Diagnosis (both the creases and the shape)

7.  Holistic Muscle (Kinesiology)

and more


In other words, most tests are useless. Many integrative health-care professionals may not like this conclusion, as they finaically thrive on tests, but this is the reality of happiness and holistic medicine, unless of course the patient waits too long and there are multi system break-downs, in which case some lab testing may be indicated.


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(1). These agents  bribed law making corrupt politicians to unconstitutionally usurped the People’s self-enlightened sovereignty and joie de vivre (happiness) via the enacting of “fake laws”

(2). These self help diagnosis tools are certainly not to diagnose others, neigher or one’s own children or spouse,  as this is still against the law…Until we change the law and legally remove law-making corrupt and incompetent politicians so that they can no longer harm the Nation, we should not blatantly violate the law, if only to avoid government stealth agents from legally kidnapping children under yet  another legal fiction, a self-serving one, called “reckless endangerment of children”. For example, when a Mother diagnoses that her child is suffering from the ill effects of the system’s vaccinations, glyphospated wheat, anti ADHD drugs and chemo and proceeds to stop using these things on her child, the mainstream medical-political system can confiscate the child and put him or her in a foster home where vaccines, medical drugs and the standard american diet are both protected and promoted, Etcetera with some ad nauseum.

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