Holistic “endorphin-producing” Fitness Retreat

For a  holiday of a few days with a healthy mix of detox, rebounding, yoga, immune-building,  energy and beauty  boosting techniques,  organic vegan raw (mostly) foods and herbs,  relaxation, neuro-peptide mobilization and meditation by a wild mountain river as well as getting involved with some green tourism in one of the most beautiful retreat centers and areas in Europe (French Catalogna).

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A Unique Holistic Fitness Retreat that will get your key Neuro-Peptides and Optimal Genetic Expression back in Shape

In this fitness retreat, one of our goals is to get you to activate your feel-good hormones and neurotransmitters as never before. Among other holistic techniques, holistic exercise therapy is one of the best insofar as happy feelings are concerned.  Just as antibody production is connected to both exercise and happiness, so too is the secretion of endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals that are able to cross through the gaps between neurons in order to pass along a message from one to the next. There are many different kinds of endorphins (See blog article)

Even though Research is still uncovering the full spectrum of  mechanisms that account for these chemicals, one thing is known for certain  about them:  their ability to make you feel oh-so-good while activating many Life activating pathways.  When your body is subjected to certain stimuli like exercise, certain foods or even strategic moderate non-mutilating “pain”, the hypothalamus produces an abundance of endorphins. When these endorphins lock into special receptor cells (called opioid receptors, because opiates also fit them), they block the transmission of pain signals while producing a euphoric feeling, exactly like opiates, but without their toxic side effects. It’s not uncommon to hear someone talk about getting an “endorphin rush.” Even hot peppers are credited for these euphoric highs.

The Endorphin Rush:  Exercise, Chocolate, Laughter and Hot peppers.

Exercise,  chocolate, pain, hot peppers and, among other elements, even laughter (1)  are credited for these euphoric highs. (2)  Because there are so many benefits from exercises, medical doctors should prescribe exercises,  especially when the patient suffers from some kind of inflammatory and painful condition. Given the weight of the evidence, that “movement is Life”, not prescribing exercises should be medical malpractice. But because it takes a good two generations on average for scientific innovations and discoveries to be legally enforced as standards of care, we at the Happiness Medicine Institute teach you how to get these yummy neuropeptides activated yourself !

 “Physical inactivity contributes to over 20 chronic diseases” Cf., Must, A. “The disease burden associated with overweight and obesity”, JAMA 282: 1523-1529, 1999)


Top: One of many Tibetan Longevity Rites practices that we teach


Precision and Reference Notes

(1). Sandra Manninen, Lauri Tuominen, Robin Dunbar, Tomi Karjalainen, Jussi Hirvonen, Eveliina Arponen, Riitta Hari, Iiro P. Jääskeläinen, Mikko Sams, Lauri Nummenmaa. Social Laughter Triggers Endogenous Opioid Release in Humans. The Journal of Neuroscience, 2017.
(2) “The endogenous opioids seem likely to be assigned a significant role in the integrated hormonal and metabolic response to exercise. This article reviews the present evidence on exercise and the endogenous opioids, and examines their involvement in a number of widely disparate physiological processes. In considering the role of individual opioid peptides, it is important to remember that many of the tools and techniques now used are still relatively crude. Most studies have demonstrated that serum concentrations of endogenous opioids, in particular beta-endorphin and beta-lipotrophin, increase in response to both acute exercise and training programmes. Elevated serum beta-endorphin concentrations induced by exercise have been linked to several psychological and physiological changes, including mood state changes and ‘exercise-induced euphoria’, altered pain perception, menstrual disturbances in female athletes, and the stress responses of numerous hormones (growth hormone, ACTH, prolactin, catecholamines and cortisol). Many reports have described a role for the endorphin response as seen during exercise and have used the opioid receptor antagonist, naloxone, to investigate and verify the degree of involvement of the opioids. However, whether the observed increases in peripheral endorphin concentrations are sufficient to cause immediate mood changes, create menstrual cycle dysfunction or alter pain perception is still not resolved. A relatively new implication for the endorphins and associated changes with exercise is in ventilatory regulation. A number of studies have suggested that endogenous opioids depress ventilation and may, therefore, play a role in ventilatory regulation by carbon dioxide, hypoxia and exercise. It may also be possible that during exercise, the perception of fatigue is modulated by an increase of endogenous opioids”. Harber VJ, Sutton JR., Sports Med. 1984 Mar-Apr;1(2):154-71. Endorphins and exercise. Source 

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