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Sick Building Syndrome & Holistic Living Solutions Workshop

This Workshop is important because holistic medicine’s first task is to identify the deep underlying causes to diseases and many of these causes are found in one’s living area and in the workshopee’s lifestyle. Just the air inside most homes have been determined to be up to five times worse than the air pollution outside, wrote the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (ie, other sources say 10 times worse), while the W.H.O found that 4.3 million people die each year prematuraly from the air inside homes. (Source) To make matters worse, the non-profit Environmental Working Group tested over 2,000 cleaning products, and found that most of them contain chemicals that are linked to asthma, allergies, or even cancer. EWG found that, because American product manufacturers or distributors aren’t required to disclose all their ingredients, many of them don’t. Still worse, with electromagnetic and dirty electricity pollution, formaldehyde and arsenic in wood, lead in pipes, radon under the house, fire retardant outgasing from sofas and beds (toxic to the thyroid), mercury vapors in people’s mouths, deleterious bacteria and molds on the walls, and, among many other toxins, phthalate esters all over (ie, these are plasticised polyvinyl chloride (PVC) materials used in floor and wall covering materials, shower curtains, adhesives, synthetic etc), people develop respiratory, cancer and auto-immunity diseases, all of these problems make up a new disease category called the “sick building syndrome”.

This workshop will also examine many toxic garden, toxic cloth, toxic body & home care products that are deleterious to health while not being effectively regulated by the Industry, let alone by the Government’s regulatory agencies.

Toxins are particularly relevant because many heavy metals and deleterious chemicals hinder the proper functioning of mammaliam metabolism, the repair genes, the mitochondria energy system, the immune system, the thyroid, the messaging molecules (cytokines, hormones, neuropeptides, neurotransmitters etc), genes’ co-factors, the microbiota, the metabolic detox pathways and the like. Two of many examples, when BPA and other obesogens latch on insulin receptors, insulin resistance is promoted, that which sets the stage for diabetes and early death (Source) and all the more so that animal saturated fat is abundant and exercises deficient. When heavy metals are present, Lyme’s bacteria become much stronger. There are hundreds of examples of this nature, a few of which will be discussed in this workshop.

Home detox protocol

1. House plants,

2. Hepa and other air filters

3. Ionizers and essential oils

4. House plants

5. Health building materials

6. Water purificaiton

7. Bedding

8. Kitchen gases

9. Paints and Varnishes.

10. Wiring and wifi cabling.

11. Sustainable energy.

12. Grounding

Section Under Construction



Holistic Dwelling: integrating biophilic design, environmental psychology, and feng shui

Holistic Dwelling endeavors to explore different design methods to create a more conscientious approach to designing homes. The three approaches that are being utilized are environmental psychology, feng shui, and biophilic design. The study of these diverse methods gives a more extensive look at the concept of home, what has not previously been investigated. In this document each of these methods is examined, starting by looking at how the methods were developed over time. Theories, schools of thought, and popular studies, schools explored to fully understand each method. Beyond this background information, there are specific attributes from each method that are significant towards the design of a residence. At this point the methods interact with each other and how they overlap to agree on certain elements.

The final portion of this project is a design of a house that takes what has been discovered and tests it in a practical setting. The research does not support a total overlap that was initially hypothesized. However, for most attributes, there are at least two methods with recommendations, and at least one element within the attributes that two methods both agree upon as being beneficial. This comes from the different approaches and foci of environmental psychology, feng shui, and biophilic design. In architecture, the future inhabitants are important in the design process. To consider this aspect, a design project takes a practical took at the research. A small family volunteered to act as a client looking for a new single family residence on Peacham Pond in Vermont. Through a series of meetings, the client explained what they needed in the home and narrowed down specifically what layout they were interested in. The final design takes the attributes from the research and marries it with the input of the client. Beyond the building, the site and landscaping is taken into consideration since a common theme throughout biophilic design, environmental psychology and feng shui. The design is extensively analyzed against the attributes of the home identified in the research portion. The overarching objective of this document is to find a technique of designing homes that are more attuned to the well-being of the client. Since this is the environment where people consistently spend the most of their time, it needs take specific needs of individual clients into consideration. This document introduces a framework that aids in this process.

These are the Considerations for a Healthy Vibrant Conscious Spaces
for incorporating into the Architectural design process and for Teaching
Considerations for Designing

1.1 Geomancy, Geopathic Stress, Archaeology of the Site
The various earth energy grids which need to be harnessed for their positive aspects or avoided for their detrimental effect on health. These include Hartmann, Curry and Ley Lines etc.

1.2 Sick Building Syndrome

This is not just about physical materials, electromagnetic and air processing equipment. The combination of invisible atmospheric and earth forces has a significant effect on healthy spaces.

1.3 Guarding the Gateways – the subtle energies embedded in the land – the Spirit of Place Guardians.

1.4 Site Considerations

Geomantic Land Survey Mapping – Dowsing the natural earth energy grids, vortexes – energies which can enhance or devastate our health.

1.5 Resonance of Materials, their Consciousness and Health Values – Ectropy or Entropy
The natural qualities and vibrational energy signature of materials determines their life-force, thus the conscious energy value of a building, either sustaining or destroying life force chi. Working with the flow creating positive ordering, or against the flow creating friction and wasted kinetic energy.

1.6 Physical Materials and their effects on our health
Choosing materials for low impact on health.

1.7 Kinesiology – testing the energetic effects of various building materials on our personal fields

1.8 Electromagnetic Considerations

Our body has delicate electrical fields which can be devastated by electromagnetics thus causes major illnesses including cancer, ME, MS. Designing to reduce negative harmful energies affecting the land and buildings from electrical equipment such as power lines, sub-stations or from objects within the home such as transformers, televisions, computers, clock radios, electrical wiring, cell phones etc.

1.9 Killer Attics

Geometries which are out of harmonic resonance can damage our health and create illness. I have consulted on houses where one person nearly died from the effects generated by the fragmentation of the energy fields.
2 The Alchemy of Architecture – the Energetic Qualities of Buildings
What constitutes Healthy Space
2.2 Resonant Acoustic Frequency of Buildings and Space
Exploring the effects on the molecular structure of materials and space.

2.3 The Consciousness of Buildings and human Co-Creation of Reality

A building is a living organism with a conscious presence which requires honouring and listening to! How we feel in our buildings is a crucial part of the picture and this goes far beyond the physical 3-D elements of construction..
2.4 Soul-less Buildings – Are you feeling ‘at home’ where you live?

We often hear about buildings being Soul-less. This is because they have no Soul. We explore the cause of this and how it can be changed. Can the use of the element of water be used to ‘baptise’ and building! What allows us to feel ‘at home’ and in resonance with where we live?

. Are You feeling ‘at home’ where you live?

2.5 Ki (Energy) Signature and the Harmonic Code
The core software programming of buildings. How an architect can influence and change this blueprint. Fusion of past and present purpose and function of the land and buildings.

2.6 The Sweet Spot – the Core Essence of the Building
All buildings have a seed point, that which holds the coded essence of the consciousness of that building. Finding it, and working with it, is a powerful generator for change.

2.7 The Correlation of Buildings and People

Our spaces reflect our inner subconscious thoughts, feelings, emotions and belief patterns. The correlation of People and the energetic atmosphere of their homes, land and environment. Case studies of personal health problems caused by ‘bad’ buildings and land.
Considerations underlying Architectural Design
3.1 Sacred Geometry, Music – The Golden Mean – Fibonacci
The correlation between Architecture and Music – Harmonic, Arithmetic & Geometric proportions, musical ratios. The building resonating as a musical instrument. As Pythagoras says “There is geometry in the humming of the strings… there is music in the spacing of the spheres”

3.2 Earth Grid Morphic Resonance – The Unified Field – a Musical Harmonic
The natural earth grid holds the consciousness and intelligence of the planet. Activating the key node points through ‘ceremony’ enables the music to resonate around the globe.

3.3 Bio-Organic Architecture and Life Force Charge
Creating geometries of natural forms. A life or death situation. Chi energy values of various materials and the effects on people. Combinations of materials for maximising the chi energy charge in our buildings. As nature designs to pure geometry for holding the charge to sustain life force, this can be reflected in architecture for maximising wellbeing for people.

3.4 Crop Formation Geometries
Crop formations are 3 Dimensional geometries which translate to musical harmonics – see my workshop presentation video on the Music of Crop Formations at the Crop Circle Conference Devizes 2002

3.5 Comparative Mythology
Considering how various cultures and civilisations speak about the same principles but expressed in differing ways according to the time and place in history.

4 The Environmental Psychology of Space
4.1 Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra
Fundamental principles of Chinese and Vedic (Indian) systems, both with over 5,000 years of a knowledge base. Simple but powerful introduction to principles which you can apply to your clients homes to enhance the areas of life which you wish to address including Health, Relationships, Wealth, Career etc.

Often called the art of placement, the location of various elements in a proposed design can either help or hinder the initial acquisition of the project, the design and town planning process, construction and ongoing use and even the final sale or rental of property.

4.2 Landscape Form School Principles – Land to Buildings Relationships

The Location and Orientation of Buildings within the landscape is a powerful generator of energy both for the property and the occupants.

The traditional concept widely used in many cultures, mostly know in China and feng shui, is what is called the ‘Landscape Form School’ of feng shui which works with the balance of mountains, hills, streams and lakes etc.

Our Ancient forefathers worked with these principles that varied only in the outer expression of the civilization and thus the interpretation of their time. The power of these principles still holds, and when adapted to contemporary projects, can only benefit the various design and build processes. Places such as Hong Kong hold this formation thus great financial success.
4.3 Astrological and Compass alignment of the buildings and site
Systems like Flying Star astrology in feng shui and 9 Star Ki which give the life signature of a building and a site, can be most useful in the design process in knowing where the gates of energy are entering both now and in the future.

4.4 The 16 Energy Gates

A building can be designed for best alignment to one of the 16 compass orientations. As time moves on, the entrances, the physical or etheric gateways and portals, may need to be adjusted to align with maximum atmospheric energy flows. The design should accommodate this.
4.5 The Emotions of Buildings and Spaces – can a building have an emotion, a chakra point?

4.6 Memory in the Fields
Experience tells us that even though a building may be raised to the ground memory still remains in the etheric energy fields unless cleared. Sites which have been bomb or trauma damaged will hold patterns, left over scars, in which future occupants will experience the memory vibration and keep the site in negative emotion and possibly experience similar disasters! Examples are the Sony centre in Berlin, Chernobyl and Ground Zero.

4.7 Buildings that Breathe
Designing buildings to allow them to energetically ‘breathe’ will allow the occupants to do the same. The natural flow of atmospheric energies when in right alignment to the site and the building, can enhance the experiential value.

4.8 Buildings that Pulse – the Heartbeat
The rhythm of a building is its heartbeat. The repetition of building elements such as columns can set the rhythmic pulse in alignment with the energy of the earth and thus enhance the natural health aspects for the occupants.

4.9 Buildings that ‘Sing’ – The Melodic Line within the Harmony

The thread of life running through a building is its story… how does that relate to its occupants?

The Landscape modulating the sounds of nature, local speech patterns and intonation.
Other factors influencing quality of space

5.1 Yin/Yang – The balance and weave of male/female energies in a building

5.2 The 5 Elements

Working with the physical and subtle elements of water, wood, fire, earth, metal. The nourishing and destructive cycles.

5.3 Colour
The vibrational qualities of colour affect our outlook, wellbeing and health. For each of us, we respond differently depending on our own energetic energy fields and chakra balance. A building responds in the same way. There are no hard and fast rules or formulas for the perfect colours. We look at an approach for choosing colours which is a direct response of the land, the building and of the individual people in residence.

5.4 Personal chi levels, protection from negative energies

Paranormal Activity

and other psychic energies which can influence the design, planning authority applications and the construction process.

5.6 Space Clearing and Alignment
Process of Reading the energetic blueprint of a space and finding Resolution through Psychotherapeutic processes and the Regression of space

Dynamics of the land – the Site

Energy Mapping of Land – Locating building zones for the most propitious health and wellbeing.
. . . . . . . .

6.2 Water Dragons
Locating and working with natural flows of visible or underground ‘water dragon’ energy flows, will empower the energy of the site. Lakes and ponds will create an affect depending on their orientation to the building.

6.3 GeoBiology – What on Earth is going on!
The quality of the soil and deeper down. What energy lines are running in the veins of the earth.
Is the earth giving permission for the project to go ahead? If ‘YES’ then this can assist the entire process from design, obtaining planning permissions through to an efficient construction process which benefits all from a time and financial point of view. If the earth says ‘NO’ then the entire process can be marred with planning refusals, construction delays which are all too common in the construction industry.

6.4 Blueprints of Disaster – Do NOT build on damaged Land. Is it truly virgin land?
Predecessor Energy
Whatever has happened on the land or within the building, will have left an imprint, and thus influence the success of the project and health and emotional wellbeing of future occupants. Past actions leave residual memory – Case Studies.

6.5 Dowsing – an introduction to the art and science of dowsing using L-rods and our own bodily senses
Feeling the earth energies of different sites on the land. Learning basic but powerful physical and energetic techniques for tuning into the energies of the land, natural forms, trees etc. in order to develop a greater relationship to your project landscape and the earth.

6.6 Ancestors – what were there thoughts and thus imprints left on the land.

Events of past generations such as battle, trauma and even murder, leave scars deep in the psyche of the land, buildings and people. The ripple imprint effect left in the etheric matrix of space has consequences to life now and potentially to future generations unless brought to resolution. Illnesses, including cancer can affect current residents if someone who lived on the land or in the house before, suffered the same illness.

The importance of honouring the land and the ancestors – Case Studies
7 Designing the Building
7.1 Designing a new House or Commercial Building
using the principles above of sacred geomancy, geometry, feng shui etc. including colours, materials and finishes.

7.2 Energies out of balance can hinder the design and construction process.

7.3 Town Planning Local Authority Phase
Issues encountered with the local authority planners, can often be attributed to the energetics of the land, any existing buildings, and particularly with what has happened there before as described above. For example, the traditional battles drawn up by neighbours and local councilors can be a reflection of past battles and trauma on the land or in the existing buildings. Consider this – if the soul of a building does NOT want to be split up and fragmented, it will express itself through the people who oppose the planning application!

! 7.4 Change of Use
What is not often considered is asking the earth, or the spirit of the building, if t wants to change, a basic psychotherapeutic approach!
Construction Phase
8.1 Ground breaking and other Ceremonies
to honour the land. Setting a precedent of right approach for the construction work to begin. Gratitude is great attitude

8.2 The Building Process -Various ceremonies carried out throughout the entire construction process.

Space Clearing Alignment to maintain the highest levels of chi to benefit the entire project team. Energies out of balance can hinder the construction process.
8.3 Architect holding the Vision in mind of the finished Building throughout the construction process – either as or with the Project Manager

By holding the vision of the original design concept in mind, the energetic fields containing the memory of the completed building is kept within the highest potential for success of the construction phase. This enables the construction process to proceed at its greatest efficiency throughout every level and every trade.
9 Commissioning Phase
9.1 Activating the Energy Fields
for the building to come ‘alive’. The Etheric Geometric Energy Fields of a building can be activated to achieve it’s full potential by energizing the molecular structures. Happy Molecules!

9.2 Tuning the Building and the land like a musical instrument
Tuning up the building and maintaining the highest level of vibration and clarity of purpose and efficient running at the energetic level. Like a musical instrument. Etheric fields are geometrical in nature and the correct alignment of these fields will enable smoother flows of energy within the physical and etheric structure.

9.3 The End Product
A Happy & Healthy Building serving all levels and needs of its occupants – physical, emotional and spiritual. Happy Bricks!

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