Early 2015, doctor and investor Joon Yun launched the Palo Alto Longevity prize, a one million dollar award for any scientist who could “hack the code of life” and find a way to keep humans from aging. In the past year, there has been a surge of new research into longevity enhancement in an attempt to win this prize.

In this perspective, at the Happiness Medicine and Optimal Longevity Institutes and their rejuvenation retreat centers, we will be looking for talented people to form a working team. Right now, we are still building these institutes.

We will be looking for holistic health professionals, including at least one MD,  front and back end developers (python, django), marketers, science editors, generalists, science writers, UI/UX, project managers, bioinformatics specialists, an accountant (future CFO) and a licensed attorney.

If you’re  hard working, passionate about holistic medicine, public service, honest, emotionally balanced and responsible then write us an email. info@happinessmedicine.com

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