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Phase One: Happiness (Joie de Vivre) Activation

Happiness Medicine Institute Consultation and Coaching Service is  different from other Wellness  and Education Consultation and Coaching Services in that  we first diligently listen to the coachee’s problems and thereafter, we teach the principles of Happiness activation.

Once this first phase is accomplished,  we wait a few days to see if the coachee feels better.

This approach allows us to examine fewer symptoms and their causes.

Because once the Joie de Vivre frequency is activated, the healing process is  subsequently engaged, one manifestation of which is the reduction of symptomatology and root causes.

This is an approach to health and diseases that no other health professional does, to our knowledge. Because just about all the health professionals we know want or need lots of cash-flow, if only to pay back chiropractic, osteopathic, functional and naturopathic medical schools which tend to be expensive, often say over 100,000 dollars of student debts.

Yet, for the Institute, this approach is the only ethical one that corresponds to the superior interests of the client (patient, coachee).

Phase Two: Emperical full spectrum Assessment Determination of root  causes

Thereafter, see seek to help the patient or coachee to better identify & understand the underlying causes of  pathological condition (s) that may still present. We do this holistically and in light of the best approaches from Europe, Asia, Mexico, the United States, Israel and other cultures we have explored. (1)

Most times, disease and malaise have multiple causes, from the toxicity of the environment of one’s home and neighborhood to  diet, lifestyle, past traumas, medications,  supplements, one’s culture, energy fields  and much more.

This is why any durable solutions needs to be holistically based, meaning, that in addition to the client’s biochemical situation, the coach-detective will investigate possible disease factors within the home, garden, neighborhood, relationships, belief systems, family entourage and the like.

Comparative Analysis with other Health & Restoration promoting Centers

 Happiness Medicine’s holistic philosophy goes beyond the ethnocentric and sectorial approach of most mainstream and even alternative-integrative health practitioners who use an allopathic approach, prescribing, for each symptom, either a drug, an herb or supplement without sufficiently dealing with root causes and happiness restoration.

Happiness Medicine’s Holistic approach focuses on holistic solutions (in relation to underlying causes), on the activation of longevity and self repair genes and on the restoration of the happiness mode.  (For the cancer approach, click here)

When needed and-or when asked, for each holistic healing technique, the Institute expert will  invoke supporting published evidence.

We will also share relevant information with you about any legal problem that one’s health condition has promoted, including fundamental health rights.  (But without giving the client legal advise. For the Institute’s legal center click here)


The Happiness Medicine Institute approach to wellbeing restoration is holistic, happiness-driven, time-intensive, relaxed and cost friendly.

We will share all relevant information, our experience and our best energies to get you back on the path to happiness via a  cancer-free  recovery. With the bestowing of the Institute’s rejuvenation expertise,  the client will have multiple options and  more sovereignty over his or her own self-repair and homeostatic  mechanisms to live a healthy 120 years lifespan.

Coaches & Consultants

Christian Joubert (French Naturopath, Geroscientist and former Professor of Law (Paris and Gonzaga Law School) and Holistic Medicine Professor (France)

Christian’s originality is based on being able to examine medicine and the health sciences with legal, forensic, inter-disciplinary and multi-cultural eyes, thanks to which he can distinguish the relevant clinical pearls from the irrelevant and-or biased data and get to the crux of the issue.

Thanks to Christian training (including with conventional medicine, clinical nutrition  and acupuncture), experience and skills,  he is also able to  identify a problem’s key inter-connections that too often, most family members, medical experts, public agents and jurists are not able to see or understand.


Right now, this Institute is under construction. So all consultations and coachings are performed with Christian Joubert, the Institute’s founder. Clients will benefit from his multi-cultural and pluri- disciplinary experiences, including, but not limited to the following: Convention medicine  (Marie & Pierre Curie Faculty of Medicine), Chinese Medicine (Ecole Francaise d’Acupuncture), Nutrition (Cnam), Naturopathy (Ceredor, Centre Vie et Action and Jus Cogens Institute), Oenology (wine) school in Talence (Bordeaux area), Bordeaux’ Law School and over one 1000 conferences in Israel, Europe and USA and working with thousands of patients and clients.

Other coaches and consultants

Right now, Christian is developing this Institute and he is not ready to hire other coaches. Thus the only available coach-consultant for now is Christian

To benefit from consultation and-or coaching Services

To benefit in vivo from Christian’s medical, legal, inter-disciplinary and trans-cultural training and experience, click the Consult link in the top menu bar. To read more on Christian’s background, click “about”.


(1).  Even though there are commonalities among mammals and humans, each different culture, geographical area and country has its own specific pathologies and ways to overcome them, many of which are original. It is therefore useful to deal with coaches who have broad inter-disciplinary and cultural experiences, especially for the tough refactory cases.

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Disclaimer: Nothing in this education website should be contrued as legal or health advise. In consulting with H.M. Institute experts, there is no patient-doctor relationship. Happiness Medicine Institute cnosultaiton experts are consulants and coaches that share information to help reset a client’s health back to homeostasis and happiness mode without any diagnosis nor conventional drug prescription treatment plan. This web site is neither for third party product advertising nor dispensing any form of conventional medicine. Clients who consult with Happiness Medicine Institute experts receive information in an educational context in an effort to understand both the biolotical mechanisms underlying  diseases and the conditions to optimize healthy lifespan and peak performance.
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