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Is Cheese an Age-fighting Sustainable Job-producing Food that can be a Win-Win for all, including the milking animals ?

This provocative and nutritionally controversial question is not a manifestation of a wicked sense of humor or a “screw you” to the many outstanding vegan doctors like Drs Barnard, Ornish, Essylstyn and Kahn who believe that cheese is “diabolical”, let alone is this question anchored in delusional distraction or marketing deception, if only because the compelling evidence suggest that quality fromage (cheese) medicine can be a holistic way to activate opiod-pain receptors thereby avoiding the + 40,000 opiod death crisis in the US, especially when cheese is combined to the holistic activation of cannabinoids endorphin receptors. Thus Cheese with a little ganja and black pepper thereon and downed with some organic revesveratrol-rich pinot noir red wine, inter alia, would be an excellent and fun way to bankrupt the American toxic and deadly anti-pain and opoid industry (ie, “racketeering cartel” from the legal viewpoint) and their corrupt and reckless political lackeys.

With a “marketing scoop” promoting the “anti-age traditional made organic fromage soup du jour” for example, we could save the American Nation not only hundreds of thousands of lives, but hundreds of billions of dollars that could go to reconverting the sterile soy and corn GMO Government-subsidized toxic lands into sheep, donkey and goat organic small farms based pasture-land that would replace part of the American opoid, anti-pain and anti-depression industry (and maybe  a very small piece of the transport sector, thanks to the donkeys) while depriving the next wave of corrupt politicans from bribery drug-based money. Thus HM Institute strategy would be a win-win situation for all involved. Again,  I am not talking about industrial cheese, not exploitative animal farm cheese, not A1 cheese, but mostly raw organic cheese that enhances not only Health, but also the animal’s welfaire and the Earth’s sustainability. (See the HM Institute’s report on this via this Source).

Furthermore, I am not saying that wholesome cheese should be a daily staple, even organic raw healthy small runimant cheese. Cheese is less a superfood than an occasional medicine and a feel-good picnic type of food that is medically indicated when frustration, depression, malnutrition and pain hit and the patient can’t find other natural non invasive solutions. For example, I remember a workshop patient from Paris who felt miserable with the Pyrenean Holistic Center’s raw organic vegan regime we gave him because he dearly missed his fromage. Once we got him some traditionally made Pyrenean goat and sheep cheese, he was happily back super motivated to get through his holistic protocol and accomplish his Life’s goals with that extra “joie de vivre” element that can make a difference between long Life and premature death.

Likewise, cheese is not an essential food, but thanks to its superfood nutrients, certain types of cheese, especially the smaller ruminants like sheep and goats have loads of key probiotics, a fair amount of PUFAs (the long chain omegas 3 like DHA) and Vitamin B-12 that promotes the hormone BDNF and therefore neurogenesis (new brain cells growth). (Source) Moreover, cheese can be a “happiness” promoting food thanks to its molecules like those nifty caso-morphines that scientists like Drs. Barnard, Esselstyn, Furhman, Greger, Kapler and Clement dread, misleadingly equating their effects with cocaine and heroin addiction. (Source) Some of these doctors are the.same scientists who also dread and condemn en bloc red wine, cannabis, olive oil, coffee, fish, soy and chocolate, even the one 100 percent cacao that activates so well the endocannabinoid “feel good” grounding system that the forces of Evolution have fine-tuned with an ensemble of both finesse and precision.

Since the French Roquefort cheese (which has been a traditionally made – for over five hundred years – from free-range raw sheep milk from the great Larzac plains and aged in penicillin-laden caves) is sold for dirt cheap at Trader’s Joe, we will briefly examine it’s medical claims and determine if this type of cheese is indicated for healthy long lifespans. (Source) 

We will also take a quick look at those centenarians and supercentenarians who have reached the longest, happiest and healthiest lives (including the Mediterranean champion-swinger, Jeanne Calment who enjoyed her cheese and wine until 122 years old) to see if they eat cheese with wine and if yes, under what conditions and which kind. Futhermore, we will review the health and lifespan data on vegans and “righteousness” vegan doctors who willingly deprive themselves of cheese, cacao, wine and, alas, good science as well as that “je ne sais quoi” that a little raw organic fromage from our smaller ruminants and evolutionary cousins, the biochemical essence of which can bestow upon thy human pleasure receptors a sense of leptin-based fullness and culinary contentment.

Text under construction. Check William Li on antiangiogenesis and K2.



After examing close to a dozen published “cheese” opinions from vegan doctors, not one mentions the benefits of cheese’s raw enzyme and rich probiotics that feed and diversify the microbiota, let alone cheese’s Vitamins A, D, K 2-rich, DHA, CLA & Vitamins B, including B-12. Furthermore, little if anything is mentioned about the nutritional and medicinal superiority of cheese that comes from smaller ruminants like sheep, goats and for milk, donkeys (Ie, in France, donkey milk is medically prescribed when the mother can’t breastfeed her baby, it is the closest to mother’s milk) who do not eat grains, (ie, which produces arachedonic acid which is highly inflammatory). who are not intoxicated with drugs, artificial hormones or antiobiotics and who happily graze in open fields with their family and tribe, helping to avoid wild fire as they naturally mow herbs and grasses thereby symbiotically producing natural fertilizer when they poop bacteria-rich fiber back into the soil thanks to which the soil micro-organisms can regenerate the humus (top-soil) thereby favoring the growth of bee pollinating flowers and nitrogen-fixing plants that sequester the atmosphere’s extra carbon.

In addition to these above-mentioned observations, we will review recent studies that have shown that certain molecules in cheese have pro-Longevity effects as well as anti-CVD and anti-cancer effects while other cheese molecules have been shown to fight MRSA and feed some of the best species of human microbiota that are beneficial to humans. For example, a study published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy found that nisin, a cheese bacteriocin has multiple beneficial uses in fighting cancer (Source)  (Nisin in cheese is a bacteriocin produced by a group of Gram-positive bacteria that belongs to Lactococcus and Streptococcus species. Kapilia Y, et al. Biomedical applications of nisin. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. 2016). And another study found a compound that activates longevity genes. (Source)

Moreover, to better break-down casein and other molecules, cheese should be taken with small amounts of quality wine, in moderate amounts when the eater is deficient metabolically and nutritionally and somewhat “down”, if only because raw organic quality A2 cheese will slightly activate the brain’s cannabinoid and opiod receptors for a “feel-good experience, (Source) something all the vegan and anti-cheese MD ideologues dread, oblivious they are that pepper, euchanisia and chocolate also activates the endocannabinoid receptors for the benefit of the body’s homeostasis and wellbeing.

As we will see via power point slides, the evidence thus suggests that when moderate quality raw cheese is delicately sniffed and holistically ingested, it becomes healing, nutritious, anti-cancer, heart and brain healthy as well. In this perspective, quality moderate cheese will activate not only the opiod receptors, and hence have an anti-pain effect, but will also upregulate the “feel-good” neuropeptides, including, but not limited to dopamine and oxytocin, all of which helps to avoid  toxic anti-pain drugs, addictive foods, deleterious medications,  brain impairment and frustration.

But as this Presentation will teach, just like in wine, cannabis, olive oil and everything else, there is a correct holistic way to approach cheese. Too much cheese, even organic quality and raw cheese can spike growth hormones and estrogen (depending on the stage of the ruminant’s pregnancy, estrogens can be moderate of high), that which can favor too much cell growth, which can be deleterious, especially for breast and prostate cancers.  While a few servings of cheese  paired with quality wine each week  can be healthy for most non allergic eaters, for those who are deficient in the lactase enzyme or who have auto-immune issues like cancer, then all cheese should be avoided, When quality organic cheese is eaten, we will show how to mitigate it’s salt, saturated fat and cholesterol content while enhancing its superfood elements and the milking animal’s welfare. Compassionate treatment of the milking ruminant is relevant because fear and mal-treatment produce an excess amount of acidifying cortisol that is deleterious to animal and human health as well as to Thaillard de Chardin’s identified noosphere.

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