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Call for Fund-raising Actions & Purchases of the Institute’s Services

To help finance the Institute’s work (research, publications and documentaries), we encourage holistically minded Americans to invite Christian Joubert, the Institute’s founder, and director of the Mediterranean Holistic Well-being Center in France to speak at conferences and offer holistic health workshops  to purchase the Institute’s ebooks and to help him organize fundraising events.

The fundraising funds and their Appropriation

1. The building of a European-flavored American holistic health education retreat center. (1 million dollars).

2. Finishing up one cancer documentary (20 K).

3. Starting a new documentary on the Longevity Breakthroughs (50 K)

4. Consolidating four sister research institutes,  These centers are Advanced Cancer Research Institute, Happiness Medicine institute, Optimal Longevity institute and  Holistic Justice Institute. 

5. Improving the Mediterranean Holistic Wellbeing Center in France

All of  these sectors  have the potential to significantly contribute in improving the public health field as well as better securing a meaningful equal access to Holistic Health for everyone.

We are working at establishing a 501 (c) 3 Foundation.

For those willing to donate and help us before the tax deductible institution is put in place, please email us via the  consult-contact button in the menu or via the holistic oncology documentary donation button. Out of gratitude, we will offer you the holistic oncology book and-or documentary when they will be finished.


Disclaimer: Nothing in this educational blog should be construed as medical advise.
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