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The current nutritional clinical research suggests that health benefits are not solely dependent on what one eats, but also when one eats and stops eating.  As an explosion of scientific information has emerged surrounding the benefits of intermittent fasting, Happiness Medicine Institute offers a workshop on different fasting modalities, continuing our tradition of delivering the latest in clinical education.

This workshop will review the benefits hydric, partial, alternate,  intermittent, biblical and other modalities of fasting, as well as the “Fasting Mimicking Diet” (FMD). (1) This workshop will examine the applications of fasting in metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cancer, autoimmunity, peptide therapy, weight management, and cellular rejuvenation programs

Learning Objectives: Recognize the purposes of intermittent fasting to promote longevity and overall wellness. Understand the applications of FMD to metabolic syndrome, inflammation, and markers of aging. Review techniques for fasting to optimize health in general. Evaluate the functions of fasting to weight management.

Reference and Precision Notes

(1). Designed by Valter Longo, PhD. Director of the Longevity Institute of the University of Southern California, the Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) simply cuts 500 calories for four days each month while providing the body with a plant-based diet during those 4 days.  FMD has rapidly gained traction in medical circles who are only recently discovering the benefits of  fasting, monodiets and caloric restricted modalities. While making lots of money selling this simple technique. For example, the anti-aging academy sells a workshop on FMD and intermittent fasting for 599 dollars. (Source)

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