A. Ebooks which are ready for Purchase

1. European Thermal Medicine and Cancer: the Missing Therapy in American Oncology.

“Give me a chance to create a fever and I will cure any disease,” Parmenides (500 B.C.).

From Hippocrates and Parmenides  in the 5 century  B.C. to Professor Dr. A. Lwoff, a Nobel laureate French bacteriologist, the best medical voices who care more about reversing disease and human suffering than generating cash-flow confirm, from their clinical experience that thermal medicine is one of the best human interventions one can activate to restore cellular homeostasis, including with cancer cells. Indeed, not only does heat medicine (also called hyperthermia) remove toxins (ie heavy metals and toxic chemicals  mess up important biochemical signaling pathways), but thermal medicine can also boost fever high enough to produce heat shock proteins and other beneficial physiological effects that are both deterring and destructive to cancer cells. Given the difference in culture and attitude, American don’t know much about French medicine and lifestyle. Not only did the World Health Organization classify the French National Health System as the number one in the international medical community, but both the W.H.O international cancer research agency in Lyons France and the French and German governments are strong proposents of heat medicine for many pathologies, including cancer. Many European conventional and integrative oncologists have declared that Heat medicine should be the 4th cancer standard of care (after chemo/radiation, surgery and immunotherapeutics/checkpoint inhibitors), but the author of this study, holistic oncologist Christian Joubert is asserting loud and clear that it should be the first, if only because hyperthermia is the People’s medicine in terms of being safe, efficient and cost friendly, but also because it  is one of the keys to get the body’s immune-surveillance system to  work better so that cancer cells, instead of cunningly avoiding the immune system, can get properly zapped by the cytotoxic T cells, as that is one of the key missions the T cells share with the natural killer cells, a mission that has been fine-tuned for millions of evolutionary year. Cost 100 dollars with 45 minutes to one hour of free consultation.

For now, the first 20 buyers will gets a 45 to one hour free consultation with the purchase. WIthout the consultation, the ebook is 75 dollars. Once paid, it will be sent to you via attachment. It has 48 references and is based on over 1000 of published peer-reviewed studies on heat and cancer.  To order, please email the Institute. We are still in the organization phase of Institute building, so there is no direct purchase via store or hard cover. But the client has the option to pay by Paypal and get an ebook online via email attachment.

2. Thermal Medicine for over Twelve Common Pathologies: Its benefits and mechanisms of action.

If thermal spa  3 weeks health-vacations have been financed by the French National Public Insurance system since the 1940s, there’s a good reason. Not only is this type of medicine safe, efficient and cost friendly (hence, not popular in the US), but it is one of the ways the French Nation meets its preventive public health goals, making France, in particular French women, the second to benefit from a healthy lifespan in the entire international medical system. The French men are starting to eat better and especially give up smoking, so they are not on par with women yet.

Since the early twentieth century, hyperthermia or thermo-therapy has been an efficient standard of care and one of the most established holistic medical approaches supported by thousands of articles published in peer reviewed journals, notably in European medical reviews. Today, in Europe, hyperthermia is a major cancer standard of care. The many benefits of heat therapy are based on the body’s natural fever mechanism that is triggered when the immune surveillance system identifies threatening pathogenic microbes that have invaded the body. Heat mediicne is effetive for detoxification, sweating and loss of weight, to rev up metabolism and increase oxygenation, red blood cells, nitric oxide release and nutrient uptake, to modulate blood circulation and vasodilation, thanks to which blood flow to the heart, skeletal muscles, skin, and many other tissues are optimized. Hyperthermia also boosts muscle regeneration and neurogenesis, the production of hormones and neurotransmitter (neuropeptides). In this perspective, European Research has shown that heat therapy increases levels of norepinephrine, a hormone involved in the stress response that increases focus and attention, as well as prolactin, which promotes myelin growth, helping the brain to function faster and repair nerve cell damage. Hyperthermia also increases human growth hormone (HGH). This hormone is foundational molecule that can correct muscle loss and muscular atrophy that occurs with aging. Heat stress can also increase endorphins. Endorphins are endogenous opioid neuropeptides or neurotransmitters, which function to transmit electrical signals within the nervous system. Thermal medicine increases insulin sensitivity, improves cardiovascular homeostasis and the release of nitric oxide and repairs misfolded and damaged proteins as well as the longevity pathways. Cost 90 dollars with 45 minutes to one hour of free consultation.

For now, the first 20 buyers will gets a 45 to one hour free consultation with the purchase. WIthout the consultation, the ebook is 70 dollars. Once paid, it will be sent to you via attachment. It has 48 references and is based on over 1000 of published peer-reviewed studies on heat and cancer.  To order, please email the Institute. We are still in the organization phase of Institute building, so there is no direct purchase via store or hard cover. But the client has the option to pay by Paypal and get an ebook online via email attachment

3. Optimal Longevity Secrets: how the majority of people can reach 120 years old with few if any chronic diseases.

This ebook is almost ready. Next in line.

B. Ebooks which will soon be available

Happiness and Joie de Vivre Medicine

Happiness & Joie de Vivre Medicine: Pleading for the ushering in of  a new Holistic Paradigm: Happiness, like music, which is a constituent part of Happiness Medicine, is Medicine. Great Medicine. The People’s Medicine. Not the Government’s toxic iatrogenic bankrupted “medicine”, the public agents of which have been bribed and bought by greedy and unscrupulous Pharmaceutical corporations CEOs and their lackeys. The many peer-reviewed studies on neurology, endocrinology, psychology and psychiatry support this claim that Happiness should be one of the key “Standards of Care”. With Happiness Medicine, we can better control and reverse Depression, Bipolar, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson & other mental disorders safely, efficiently & in a cost-friendly way, to the point of reversing today’s health-care crisis: Workshop & ebook preview

 The Optimal Longevity Code

Optimal Longevity Medicine Breakthroughs: In this book, aging and longevity biochemical pathways and mechanisms are explained while evidence-based published bio-gerontology and scientific studies are reviewed, key section of which show that just about all Humans have the potential to benefit from a God-designed Healthy Life-span of at least 120 years. And their domestic pets a little less, but much more than today’s limit.  Furthermore, in  this book, I will crack the superlongevity code by showing that it is not necessary to hire expensive anti-aging doctors. Monaco is presently the forgotten number One “blue zone”, where humans live the longest. In addition to the Mediterranean & French lifestyle, Monaco residents are also the wealthiest in the world. They therefore can afford the best anti-aging doctors and living  conditions. But with this book, optimal longevity medicine will be democratized to the masses. Workshop & ebook preview

Breakthroughs in Holistic Cancer Protocols

Holistic Oncology: Advanced Cancer Holistic Protocols and Breakthrough discoveries: In this book, the evidence will unequivocally show that most cancers can be much better controlled and even reversed than what the present conventional oncology system (and its lackeys) has achieved. By “better”, I mean that just about all cancers can be reversed safely, efficiently and in a cost friendly way. In addition to a breakthrough Section on the re-definition of carcinogenesis and clinical practice, this book will show that most of today’s conventional oncology system is either outdated, the result of pseudo-science and-or constitutive of a dangerous health fraud, the legal elements of which are shown to be compellingly and clearly established.  Workshop & Ebook preview

The Improved Mediterranean Diet, Weight Management and Wellbeing

The Improved Mediterranean Clinical Nutrition Program: This book shows why mainstream diets, including the Standard American Diet, Atkins, Paleo, Keto and Vegetarian regimes are both flawed and scientifically inferior to the Improved Mediterranean Diet. The Improved Mediterranean Diet the Happiness Medicine Institute has been researching during the last decade has been shown to upregulate longevity genes, help heal most chronic diseases and bestow upon its beneficiaries well-being and a more intense sense of happiness. Furthermore, by fasting or mimicking fasting during each seasonal change, (4 times a year) the body is guided to turn on its survival mode genes, that which has been proven to significantly slow down the aging process. With the elixir of moderate quality wine with meals, with a diet that is consistent with Evolutionary design, with the right timing and serene atmosphere (i.e., stress shuts down the gastric juices), the Improved Mediterranean Diet proves beyond any reasonable doubt that the best insurance against today’s epidemic of chronic diseases and accelerated aging  can be Food.  See workshop & ebook preview

Quality Moderate Wine as Strong Medicine

Quality and Moderate Wine as Medicine:  This book show that one of  the missing links to optimal wellbeing is wine medicine. Not only does the  epidemiological  evidence shows that not drinking wine is much more of a health risk than drinking wine, but the evidence also demonstrates that quality wine taken timely and moderately can efficiently and safely help to heal over 12 of the most common diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and mental disorders. Furthermore, this book explains how wine positively impacts biochemical longevity mechanisms, some of which are akin to apoptosis, autophagy, senescence, vascular integrity, mTor, microbiota diversity, neurogenesis and telomeres.

Holistic Cardiology

Theory and Practice of Holistic cardiology: If today’s Conventional Cardiology’s limitations were better un-masked for what it is,  modern allopathic cardiology would go into bankruptcy within days.  While stents and bypasses may in extreme cases save lives, these same procedures have been shown to worsen long-term outcomes. Yet, the simple principles of holistic cardiology are so safe, efficient,  accessible and low-cost that most cardio-vascular diseases could be either prevented or reversed without the risks and huge costs of today’s high-tech cardiology. This book will prove these claims beyond any reasonable doubt.  Workshop and ebook preview

Cost: 40 dollars each or 180 dollars for all six ebooks (60 dollars discount)

These ebooks are still in gestation.

The Institute can write up short versions of these studies and individualize them according to the client’s needs. Please contact us to explore this possibility.

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C. The Institute is also working on other research topics and ebooks, some of which are listed below

 Aromatherapy and Holistic Medicine

An ebook on French aromatherapy, with a section on Bible essential oils

Detoxification protocols

An ebook on some of the best detoxification protocols that are simple, accessible, safe and effective.

Tips for Happy Hips: Controling and Reversing Holistically Osteoarthritis.

An ebook on arthritis,  muscular-skeleton challenges, physical therapy and Holistic Medicine

 Gut Medicine: The Microbiota, Diet and healthy Aging

In this ebook, the reader will learn about Gut Medicine,  what holistic healers have been preaching for millennia, from Hippocrates and the Bible to modern naturopaths, in particular, you will learn about holistic techniques to clean, replenish, diversity, restore and strengthen the gut’s microbiota. One of the big breakthroughs in medicine during the last ten years has been the microbiome revolution.  Since the entire gut microbiome has been sequenced (with its 2.4 million of genes), gut medicine has been getting more coverage.  There’s now even a popular museum in New York consecrated to the microbiome. Gut therapy is all the more needed that in today’s toxic world, more and more people are contracting dysbiosis and gastrointestinal diseases as well as many other inflammatory conditions, from allergies, autoimmunity, to mental disorders (ie, the gut cross talks to the brain, via the gut-brain-vegas nerve axis), to leaky gut syndrome (intestinal permeability), colitis, Sibo and, among other conditions colon cancer.  With the epidemics of antibiotic overuse, environmental toxins, and food sensitivities, healing the gut through cleansing, probiotic replenishment, correct nutrition and holistic living (stress, insomnia and toxicity affect the gut) is a basic requirement for long-term vitality, optimal longevity, weight management and happiness. (1) In this Gut Medicine ebook, you will learn how to clean, replenish, restore and vitalize the gut while having fun making great gut enhancing food recipes.  Two options: vegan or the Institute’s  improved Mediterranean Diet recipes.

Insuline Resistance & Diabetes Reversals with Holistic Savoir-Faire

The Diabetes epidemic needed never to occur. Both the Mad (modern American food) and endocrine disrupting toxins like BPa (among others) are the central causes to the blockage of the glucose transport gate through which glucose enters the cells once insulin gets latched on the corresponding receptor. With proper holistic techniques that target the  pancreas, the immune system, the gastrointestinal network and glorious food, diabetes can resolve.  Thus,  super easy to fix for those willing to be consistent with a Holistic Lifestyle for at least three to four weeks. See the Institute’s Workshop and writings on this pathology. This booklet is focused on Diabetes 2, but does invoke Diabetes 1. “Juvenile” Diabetes (eg Diabetes 1) is more challenging to reverse than Diabetes 2,  given the destruction of the pancreatic Beta cells that make insulin in the Islet of Langley, but in nearly 50 percent of Diabetes 1 cases, these cells can be regenerated to start making insulin again. Autopsies have proven that many so called “dead” pancreatic Beta cells  on the tail of the Pancreas started to regrow. Thus, one of the key remedical pathways is the immune system. Stay tune to some Vloging on this topic.

Natural Beauty and holistic lifestyle

Thermal medicine and acupuncture for the treatment of cancer.

Alternative Medicine and the Law

Public policy, Holistic Medicine and the future of Health science and society.

Tobacco Products Liability, International Crimes and US Government Complicity

This book is based on over ten years of personal litigation against plaintiff tobacco companies. It’s already written in an ebook of close to 200 pages, but needs more work.

Cannabis Medicine

In addition to strong science that supports the assertion that cannabis medicine is  safe, efficient and cost friendly for over a dozen common diseases, this book will unmask the present medico-pharma-government fraud that is responsible for millions of innocent American lives being both jailed and lost via the arbitrary deprivation of this millennia-old medicine perpetrated by individuals who have usurped the reigns of governmental authority.

The Thymus: New and old Research confirm the relevance of this forgotten longevity gland.

The Crippled American Judiciary System: No genuine health care system without restructuring the entire US Legal System

In American civil litigation, parties need to be independently wealthy to vindicate their claims (what is called “cause of action”), either with representation or pro se. The cost of getting admissible evidence in Court is too expensive for the average American, as a result, the American Judiciary excludes most defendants, including medically damaged defendants, from benefiting from the constitutional principle called “equal protection of the laws”. In the criminal system, there are public defenders, but the system is so dysfunctional that it should be characterized as unconstitutional. It is within these two frameworks that health rights, health services and the illegal practice of medicine are regulated. This book will show to what extent Federal law is monarchical and crippled in nature while most State legal system’s and their jurisprudence continue to be incompatible with internationally recognized human rights and fundamental freedoms. If Americans are to benefit from the Constitution’s “general welfare” provision, equal protection of the law, the protection of Life and health, the American Judiciary System needs to be overhauled asap.  This book is based on over ten years of personal litigation. It’s already written in an ebook of close to 300 pages, but needs more work.

The Decadence of the  American Republic and the Holistic Revival Model

In this book, the foundational principles of the American Republic are shown to be either dead or inconsistent with sustainability, social peace, democracy and human dignity. Not only was the US constitution voted upon by a minority made up of mostly privileged racist Anglo-saxon cultured white legally educated men, but these same men excluded women, minorities, Afro-Americans, Native Americans and poor residents with no property from both voting rights and governmental participation. Worse, as Tocqueville and other comparative sociologists have noted, these same Founders put in place a partially monarchical Republic that is incompatible with basic human rights norms, notwithstanding political rhetoric. Furthermore, the promise of Democracy and Human dignity  that was made to the country that was most responsible for the legal, political and military creation of the United states, France, has not been honored. (2) As a consequence,  if the United States is to become a respected and legitimate government in the eyes of the international community, if it is to be a responsible, law-abiding, credible and progressive force shaping international relations,  it is necessary to draft a new Constitution.  Although the present 18th century Constitution provides that only three fourth of the States’ governing agents can amend the Constitution, the final say on the US Constitution, including on invalidating the Constitution in toto (completely) and creating a new “social contract” is and will always be within the purview of the People’s self enlightened sovereignty prerogatives. If the People can wake up from the Machiavellian paralysis “spell” that has  allowed the “One to Five Percent” to control and partially destroy over 80 percent of the country’s resources and public health system, they or “We the People”, can sovereignly demand, or better, become the radical change, one that could replace today’s archaic and dysfunctional institutions with new holistically driven and People-friendly institutions. Without new political “blood”,  the monarchical-inspired American Judiciary,  the fiction of the three governmental branches,  abusive Federal agencies and Governmental Departments,  Congressional corruption and Presidential abuses of authority will continue to destroy more of the People’s health, fundamental freedoms and resources via public policies that promote stress, diseases, conflicts,  pollution,  resource destruction, economic failure, injustices and oppression.  People-controlled  social mechanisms that have been shown to be safe, efficient and cost friendly can replace the present system of things, whatever the political elite’s laws dictate, however sharp  its “claws” are. Without prompt and radical change, the evidence shows that within ten to twenty years, most people will be crippled with chronic diseases and Life’s resources will be near extinct. If anything, American “exceptionalism” in the world will have distinguished itself with the precipitation of the Earth’s sixth mass extinction.  In this perspective, the World Wild Life Fund has already determined that 57 percent of  Wild Life in all of its forms have been irreversibly destroyed by human economic activity during the last 47 years. And around waterways, the figure is 82 percent. Likewise with natural resources and with human health and Life, most of which are sacrificed on the altar of greed, incompetence and ignorance, the three fundamental governing realities that have been shaping American Governments in lieu of the French model of “Libery, Equality and Fraternity”.  In a genuine and adult Democracy, the Government should not be invasive and threatening. One of the major difference between the French and American polities is that in France, the Government fears the People, whereas in the United States, the People fear the Government. This means that in France, it’s the People who sovereignly decide on the big issues, whereas in the US, it’s the Government and its bed partners, Big Business and its banks that dictate public policy, notwithstanding the rhetoric. This is seen in agribusiness (where GMO and pesticides are spreading deserts and diseases like wildfires), the industrial-military system Eisenhower denounced,  in the realm of the  medical-pharmaceutical cartel, (which is the number one cause to premature death and collective suffering), with its SAD (standard american diet) or MAD (modern american diet)  food system which  is responsible for over one million premature deaths per year, with  its inane public health system, its ideologically based human rights and food science policies, domestic tranquility issues, its dysfunctional justice and education systems and international policies, inter alia. To mitigate today’s decadence and social decomposition syndrome while delaying or avoiding the death of the American Republic experiment, a drastic remedial action Plan is needed. In this light, this book respectfully proposes a few new remedial pathways.

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 10.06.10 AM

Top: Nap Bonaparte who sold the Louisiana Purchase for dirt cheap to Jefferson in the early 19th century, in hope that the future American Giant would abide by the rules of civilized Nations and internationally recognized human rights and fundamental freedoms

D. In conjunction with Advanced Cancer Research Institute, Happiness Medicine Institute is working on different cancer ebooks.

The missing link: the Microbiota and Cancer

The microbiota and its microbiome in mammals and humans can promote cancers, modulate anti cancer treatments and reverse carcinogenesis. Recent fascinating studies have shown that cancer patients have specific types of gut microbes. When these microbes were given to healthy mice, they started to form cancers. In this vain, cancer patients’ immunotherapy worked better if the patient had specific species of bacteria.  Furthermore, when conventional oncologists poison cancer cells, bacteria intervene to remove these cystotoxic chemo products. And there’s much more recent data that continues to prove Holistic Medicine’s strength. In effect, Ancient holistic physicians, from Hippocrates to Avicenna all stressed the importance of the gut’s intestinal flora. Today, we have new words for old realities. But what is really new is the genetic sequencing of the microbiome. Which found over 2.4 million genes that cross talks with our own 23,000 eukaryote (human) genes. This book will review the recent findings that

Cannabis medicine and Cancer

Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 8.47.36 PM

Top: Ylang-ylang flower, an essential oil that is used both for natural beauty and medically. French aromatherapy abundantly promotes this flower.

Reference and Precision Notes

(1). Scientists have characterized the gut as our “second brain.” The human brain is not the only source of thoughts, feelings and actions. The  gut has its own nervous system, called the enteric nervous system, working in communication with your brain and central nervous systems. It is capable of its own independent reflexes.The gut and its microflora are also another source of neurotransmitters, those chemical messengers that impact mood and temperament. That means beyond your brain, the neurotransmitters from the gut can influence mood, sugar cravings and even food choices. The Microbiota also generates “but feelings”, a form of generalized intuition about Life’s circumstances.
(2). The Revolutionary War’s most important strategic decision, to take the fight to the British at Yorktown, was made not by Americans but by French political and military men, with subsidiarily, the cooperation of the Spanish fleet, which was needed to guard to French-controlled harbor of Haiti while the French fleet navigated full speed to eradicated British imperialism in the Americas. At first, George Washington wanted to use the French forces and fleet to take New York. But General Rochambeau, who had much more military and political experience than Washington, asked him 10 strategic questions to make the American General understand how strategically foolish it was to take New York, given the “rapport de force” between the British and the French. So George Washington had to consent to the French decision to save American’s “ass” from British hegemony, with the French Yorktown decision.  A while later, Rochambeau did get some reinforcement, notably with the French fleets of de Grasse and de Barras, and two smaller American forces under the Marquis de Lafayette and the Baron von Steuben. And  then Rochambeau, not Washington, sovereignly decided that the ground battle must be Yorktown. As it turned out, Rochambeau and Estaign were right, because General Cornwallis saw he was once again outfoxed by French strategy, so he had to capitulates, to surrender, given the strategic “fait accompli” mentioned above..
“Before Rochambeau and Washington’s armies arrived at Yorktown, the battle was essentially won by de Grasse, whose fleet outmaneuvered the British and then, along with de Barras’s, occupied Chesapeake Bay. That forced the British fleet to return to New York, leaving Cornwallis and his army utterly exposed” (How the French Saved America: Soldiers, Sailors, Diplomats, Louis XVI, and the Success of a Revolutionjust published by St. Martin’s Press) (Source)
The best American historians of this era concede that without the French Yorktown bail-out, the British would have prevailed politically and militarily for decades, perhaps centuries. The American rebellious spirit would have eventually gotten deactivated. Americans would have been under the rule of the British King, followed by the British Queen. Yorktown was thus the key to American political freedom from British imperialism, the foundational strategic and political rock upon which the United States as a sovereign Nation was built. So the historical,  political and military “father” and “founder” of the United States is in reality France, the decisive decision-maker, not Washington or the other founding Fathers, most of who were competing among themselves for more power, more slaves, fewer Indians and more privileges. Even the spiritual Father of the US, Ben Franklin, got most of his political, artistic, culinary, scientific and international education in France when we was both the first American ambassador and the “enfant chéri” of Parisian salons and the French Royal Family. Similarly with Jefferson. And because the French were the first in modern times to export what turned out to be internationally recognized human rights and the US consented thereto, the United States politicians, most of whom were anglo-saxon calculating lawyers who practiced English common law,  had a legal duty to free its slaves, a duty to widen the voting scope, to better treat their women, their blacks and their indians and, especially  a duty to have an efficient and safe public health-care, to care for resources and the environment (as advised Indian Chief Seathe, known today as Chief Seattle), to nurture a wellbeing system, a smooth political and  legal system that served  everyone alike, and not just the wealthy political segregationist elite, its business partners and its lawyers. In effect, during the 18th century, lawyers were very badly seen by most of the freshly franchised Americans.  Once the ango-saxon elitist rebels took over the political, military and legal reigns of the United States, they adopted the British “meme” by creating a predatory “saint” alliance between conniving lawyer-politicians, mercantile business men and the military over the People’s “intéret général” (“general interest), which according to the French Rousseau & Grégoire model, was  more important that power and divisive politics emanating from ambitious and greedy “princes” (ie, Machiavelli uses the word princes in lieu of rulers).
In this perspective, these elitist American politicians thus forgot about their spiritual duties, in particular, they sidestepped their French held promise that they would act with political responsibly and in a Christian way, with justice and dignity for all. Manifestly, despite Washingon’s Christian prayers made in public (there’s even a famous painting when Washington prayed in a forest), institutionalized slavery, institutionalized segregation, institutionalized puritanism, institutionalized bigotry, institutionalized mercantilism, rampant militarism, British diet lifestyle, British medicine, rugged individualism, cowboy mentality etc prevailed. Had the French  progressive cultural “humanist model” and Lamarkian “meme” taking hold, as it partially started to in America’s constitutional legal and political structure (cf Montesquieu’s influence on constitutional “checks and balances”, L’Enfant’s political art, (L’Enfant built Wa. D.C., structured as an international and prestigious “freedom capital”  etc), today, social peace, environmental integrity, wellbeing, public health-care, public happiness, inter alia, would be prospering much better. This book shows the evidence. It is thus reasonable to state that the American founders partially messed up, including with the Constitution. And that the real historical founder was the 18th enlightened and humanist France. Thus, a new Constitution and a new story are warranted asap. For the sake of the People  “general interest” and “joie de vivre”.


Disclaimer: Nothing in this educational blog should be construed as legal or medical advise.
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