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Simple non-medical and lifestyle recommendations (*) that may be helpful in addressing diseases and malaise conditions.

However, even with an organic ecological lifestyle, sometimes, for a myriad of reasons, anyone, rich or poor, athletic or couch-potatoe, can get hit with a malfunctioning immune system, hormone imbalances, misfolded proteins in the brain, cancer, toxemia, traumatic brain injury from a football game, emotional crises, deadly viruses, opportunistic bacteria like the borrela from Lyme Disease (more and more prevalent), metabolic and genetic incidences, electrical perturbation, ionic radiation, MRI toxic dyes etcetera,  all of which can trigger pain and a disease.

Because a disease is a series of molecular signals that trigger symptoms, one can infer that something is wrong with one’s lifestyle, geographic location, attitude, altitude or other circumstance. In this perspective, it is thus recommended to get informed with one’s symptomatology (i.e., the entire constellation of one’s symptoms), its causes and risk factors, natural, holistic, integrative and even allopathic treatment plans, and pain relief options and the like in order to better secure the patient’s informed consent right, thanks to which the best treatment plan can be identified.

While these posted disease reports can’t cover every aspect of the pathology, they were nonetheless drafted to assist the reader in better understanding what is going on from the viewpoint of holistic reasoning and happiiness medicine.

To get more details, published references and clinical experience sharing, a consultation may be possible with one of the Institute’s experts.

The Institute thus invites the viewer to browse through these disease posts as well as through the Institute’s blog-articles and get inspired, if only to unleash the powerful “healer within”, this way, diseases can be  mitigated, resolved or avoided in the first place.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” said Ben Franklin, the spiritual Father of this Nation.

L’Chaim-Tovin-Ulshalom   (Hebrew for “To life and Peace”)


To arrange a Consultation with an Institute expert on any of these conditions, you can inquire via the consolation button and-or send an email stating what you would like.

During Consulation, you will be able to speak live about your requests and learnt about the latest findings on different diseases and get up to date  holistic and happiness protocols geared to promote wellbeing restoration and rejuvenation.  European and international clinical  experience can also be shared. Thank you.


Please note that these posts are shared for information purposes, not to bestow medical advise. To ensure a proper diagnosis and receive a medical drug-prespcription plan (if that is what the viewer wants), it is  best to consult with a licensed medical doctor.


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