Diabetes & the Metabolic Syndrome

Diabetes has been growing at an alarming rate (Source). This Diabetes epidemic needed never to occur. The fact that it did reflects the nature of the United States’ public institutions and of those who control them.  Both the Mad (modern American food) and endocrine disrupting toxins like BPa (among others) are central causes to the blockage of the glucose transport gate through which glucose enters the cells once insulin gets latched on the corresponding receptor. Animal foods, in particular animal saturated fats are also contributing factors. 

Prediabetes and type 2 diabetes are triggered by a drop in insulin sensitivity, but they are caused by toxicity and “intramyocellular lipid,” that build-up inside muscle cells and that come especially from animal saturated fats. (See evidence via mouse click).

To these two central causes are added a constellation of other factors, including, but not limited to the intake of processed and refined foods, sodas and excess sugars and white flour, inflammatory vegetable oils, meats, chronic stress, lack of sleep and American agri-business which is, in part, subsidized by those who have usurped the Federal government.

As the H.M. Institute’s workshops on Diabetes and on Public policy show, the evidence is overwhelming that the American Dietary Recommendations, the Federal government’s Agri-business subsidies, and, inter alia, the United State’s Congress’ lack of precautionary principle are responsible for millions of diabetes-related un-necessary deaths and suffering .

 Holistic Solutions

On the other hand, with proper holistic techniques that target the  pancreas, the immune system, the gastrointestinal network and glorious food, diabetes can be rapidly resolved.  Thus, super easy to fix for those willing to be consistent with a Holistic Lifestyle for at least three to four weeks. See the Institute’s Workshop and writings on this pathology.

 “Juvenile” Diabetes (eg Diabetes 1) is more challenging to reverse than Diabetes 2,  given the destruction of the pancreatic Beta cells that make insulin in the Islet of Langley, but in nearly 50 percent of Diabetes 1 cases, the evidence shows that these cells can be regenerated to start making insulin again. Autopsies have proven that many so called “dead” pancreatic Beta cells  on the tail of the Pancreas started to regrow once the immune system was down. Thus, one of the key remedial pathways is the overacting  immune system, especially for Diabetes 1. And this pathology is also caused by the Government’s departure from scientific reasoning insofar as its reckless food recommendations are concerned, in particular with regard to dairy.

The “magic” with Holistic Medicine is that once the workshopee gets his or her blood sugar better metabolized and lives more holistically, the health recipient’s high blood pressure and, among other physiolotical systems, weight problems will usually significantly improve.

The Institute is drafting a booklet on this pathology. For those avid to know a few tips, the Institutes recommends eating a mostly plant based food diet like the improved Mediterranean diet and-or a vegan diet or even a raw food vegan diet would work. Higher Magensium and dietary fiber also help, among many other self-care information that can be given via the Institute’s coaching service.

“Lower magnesium, lower total dietary fiber intake, or lower intake of both was associated with higher risk of diabetes in the Taiwanese population. Clinical trials are required to confirm the protective effects of the adequate intake of fiber, magnesium, and/or their combination.” J Formos Med Assoc. 2012 Nov;111(11):651-9. Source

Coaching sessions available for more info. 

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