Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome

“Lower magnesium, lower total dietary fiber intake, or lower intake of both was associated with higher risk of diabetes in the Taiwanese population. Clinical trials are required to confirm the protective effects of the adequate intake of fiber, magnesium, and/or their combination.” J Formos Med Assoc. 2012 Nov;111(11):651-9. Source

Diabetes is growing at an epidemic rate (Source). With unhealthy lifestyle and the sad (standard american diet), plastics and toxins are contributing factors. In this perspective, Agouti mice research conducted by Randy Jirtle at Duke University shows we have epigenetic changes occurring due to environmental toxins, which may help explains today’s epidemic of obesity and diabetes due to things like bisphenol-a among others. One can safely assume most people have been exposed to BPA and that has resulted in methylation defects….to read more, please click here. 

Vegan documentary on rawfoods and diabetes

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