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Both metabolic and holistic detoxification are fundamental tools in holistic medicine. In the same way  that Chinese medicine starts with dispersing (and not tonifying) acupuncture point, in a similar way, holistic healing  must first start with the “less is more” strategy, with the lowering of the  body’s toxicity load, (1) if only because we want to unclog endocrine, metabolic and immune signaling pathways.

Chemicals that store in lipid-rich compartments have the potential for long-term disruption of metabolic and endocrine processes. Given the evidence that persistent organic pollutants (POPs) also alter systemic metabolic, endocrine, and immune system functions, it follows that elevated chemical concentrations in intra-abdominal fat may alter function, through local chemical signaling, of visceral organs.” (2) (Source)

Via power point presentation, this workshop will discuss (with supporting evidence) both the body’s detox pathways (*) and many different types of detox modalities including Happiness Medicine Institute’ s Detox program, one of the safest, most efficient, oldest and cost friendly ever protocol. (3) Below, the viewer can read H.M. Institute’s workshop program that will be examined via power point presentation.

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Workshop’s Topics

1. Introduction.

2. Metabolic versus exogenous & holistic detoxification.

3. Exercises, rebounding and detoxification.

4. Thermal medicine, saunas, sweat and detoxification. (4)

5.  Balneotherapy, hydrotherapy, vino-bathing and detoxification. (5)

6. Essential oils, massage and detoxification.

7. Clinical nutrition, wild fiber jungle diets and detoxification.

8. Colonics, anemas and detoxification. (6)

9. Supplements like charcoal, niacin, flax oil, milk thislte, shamanic herbs and more in relation to detoxification.

10. Different detox schools and approaches over the millenia.

11. Cases in point: cancer, heart disease and mental illnesses are improved with detoxification.

12. Holistic Medicine Institute’s retreat detox program: one of the safest, most efficient and cost friendly ever.

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Top: Red wine detox bath: a french tradition thanks to which respiratory and other ailments where safely and efficiently addressed.  At the Pyrénean retreat Center, this tradition is maintained.

Reference and Precision Notes

(*). The liver is an essential organ. It plays a role in metabolism, digestion, energy storage, and hormone production. It is also the major detoxifying organ in the body. There are three Detoxification pathway. Phase I liver detoxification is the first line of defense against toxins. It consists of a group of enzymes known as the cytochrome P450 family. The enzymes help neutralize substances like alcohol and caffeine. They offer protection by converting these toxins into less harmful ones. The byproducts of Phase I liver detoxification can still pose a toxic threat to the body. If the toxins are allowed to build up and stay in the liver, they can damage DNA and proteins. It is the role of Phase II liver detoxification, to make sure that those toxins do not build up. Which provides final neutralization of the toxins so that they can be removed by the body.  Phase II liver detoxification neutralizes the byproducts of Phase I liver detoxification and other remaining toxins. This is done by making the toxins water-soluble. That way they can be excreted from the body. This process is known as conjugation. Glutathione, sulphate, and glycine are the primary molecules responsible for this process. Under normal conditions, Phase II liver detoxification enzymes produce low levels of glutathione. Under times of high toxic stress the body increases production of glutathione. Then there is a Phase Three detox Pathway that targets execretion modalities. In the liver, phase III transporters move glutathione, sulfate, and glucuronide conjugates out of cells into the bile for elimination. In the kidney and intestine, phase III transporters can remove xenobiotics from the blood for excretion from the body.
(1).  When our five emunctory (eliminating) organs are clogged, toxins and wastes hinder molecular signaling and vital self-repair mechanisms.
(2). (1). J Environ Public Health. 2011;2011:417980. doi: 10.1155/2011/417980. Epub 2011 Apr 10.Persistent organic pollutants in serum and several different fat compartments in humans. Yu GW1, Laseter J, Mylander C.
(3)  At the Institute’s holistic retreat Center in the Pyrénées, we educate on how to detoxifyi the body from most carcinogenic substances, including heavy metals, nicotine, aluminum, pesticide residues, petroleum-based toxins, chloride, fluoride, among others. We therefore recommend full spectrum infrared saunas for everyone.
(4). Typical sweat produced under normal conditions and regular steam saunas contains 97% water and 3% toxins. Sweat produced from a Far Infrared sauna is found to be 80-85% water and 15-20% toxins.
(5). Chlamydia bacteria promotes inflammation and fatty acid depots on arterial walls, thereby leading to strokes and heart attacks. Wine stops that, found university scientists in Illonois. (Source). By detoxing the body from many nefarious bacteris, the body is able to avoid antibiotics and better repair itself.
(6). Emphasis should also be placed on cleaning the colon and nourishing it with key probiotics and prebiotics, if only because the intestinal flora is linked to the body’s immune system, to its nutrition status and overall health.


Disclaimer: Nothing in this educational blog should be construed as medical advise
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