Definitions of Health

For the sake of spurring thought as to the maladie’s root causes, Section A will list a few definitions of diseases.  Section B will delve into some comparative analysis.

Section A

A Few Definition of the Disease State

“The Corpus Hippocraticum first highlighted the importance of identifying and treating the cause(s) of disease with the following quote: “The causes of diseases are: 1. inner dispositions, 2. wrong way of life, 3. climate and habitat.” (Lutheritz K. Systeme der Ärzte von Hippokrates bis Brown. Dresden: Thiel, Tina Hausser (Trans); 1810)

 “…disease sits in the blood and therefore in all body liquids, because in the blood are all four cardinal liquids (….)  Health depends on a normal and regular circulation of blood which is achieved by hydrotherapy, nutrition and herbalism.” (Kneipp S. My Water Cure: As described for the healing of diseases and the preservation of health. 2 ed. Edinburgh: William Blackwood and Sons; 1893).

“…all diseases, other than those caused by accidents from external conditions unfavourable to human life, can be traced back to three primary manifestations, namely: lowered vitality; abnormal composition of blood and lymph; and accumulation of waste materials, morbid matter and poisons”. (Lindlahr H. Nature Cure. Philosophy and Practice Based on the Unity of Disease and Cure. 20 ed. Holicong, PA: Wildside Press; 1922).

“… health is altered when nerve energy is dissipated and the body is no longer able to properly remove the toxic by-products of metabolism”. (Tilden J. Toxemia Explained. Denver, CO: J.H.Tilden; 1935)

“Vis medicatrix naturae is the manifestation of the universal Consciousness in biological form. Our environment, beliefs, interactions with others, actions, lifestyle, diet, etc. modulate the manifestation of the Vis as our vitality, but Vis itself is immutable. As we harmonize with the Vis, our consciousness expands.” (Pizzornno J. Vis Medicatrix Naturae; The Stewardship of Healing. 2009)

“As a matter of fact, around 2% of diseases in this world today can be directly attributed to genetics. The rest of diseases are our relationship to the environment and genetics”. Bruce Lipton, from an interview in 2015 (Source)

For Conventional allopathic medicine, medicine is defined by symptomatology.

“                                      “  World Health Organization

Section B

Comparative Analysis

There is not much interest in identifying roots causes, in this paradigm, most chronic diseases are labelled idiocratic,  which means without a known cause. Like Diabetes, cancer, auto immune disease, for conventional  medicine, there are no know causes to these diseases, hence the only treatments available are those that suppress the symptom. This is done for some short term relief. But the deep motivating force is the allopathic business model, more cash flow in symptom control or supression than in treating the causes. Furthermore, this model ensures a continuous flow of medical check ups and prescription because the root causes are never resolved.

For Christianity, the  root cause of disease is “bad conscience”… and pharmacopeia…


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