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To read the Institute’s general consultation “holistic health” format and a few of the common issues we generally  go over, please click here. 

We can also forgo this format and only answer your questions.

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2. Via contact form, below.

3. (Phone). (206) 446-6079.

4. Postal mail: Christian Joubert, Happiness Medicine Institute, P.O. Box 2531, Carlsbad, California 92018

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Disclaimer: Nothing in this education website should be contrued as legal or health advise. In consulting with H.M. Institute experts, there is no patient-doctor relationship. Happiness Medicine Institute cnosultaiton experts are consulants and coaches that share information to help reset a client’s health back to homeostasis and happiness mode without any diagnosis nor conventional drug prescription treatment plan. This web site is neither for third party product advertising nor dispensing any form of conventional medicine. Clients who consult with Happiness Medicine Institute experts receive information in an educational context in an effort to understand both the biolotical mechanisms underlying  diseases and the conditions to optimize healthy lifespan and peak performance.
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