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We organize multiple different Conference and Workshop Themes that can be ordered via contact below

1.  Optimal Longevity: The Longevity Code: Scientific Innovations in Healthy Life Span to 120 years. 

With today’s better understanding of stem cell and telomere biology, we are able to extend healthy lifespans to well beyond the golden 100 years of age. What are the theoretical breakthroughs and the clinical conditions that favor a healthy life extension of 120 years and beyond ? (1)

Illustration of a videoed presentation from 2016.

(To read more on this topic, see the Institute’s blog article and its workshop)

2.  Cancer Breakthrough Protocols: Holistic & Happiness Medicine, the next Standard of care.

Are the claimed results from both conventional and integrative oncology based on solid evidence, hype or inuendos ? Given the limitation of both conventional and integrative oncology, Holistic oncology will be shown to be a viable alternative to both these modalities ?

Illustration of a videoed presentation from 2017

Illustration of different Holistic Oncology video interviews

(To read more on this topic, see the Institute’s blog article and its workshop).

3.  The Chronic Disease Epidemic: Causes and Holistic Solutions.

Today, the United States is rampant with chronic conditions and diseases that affect over fifty percent of the Population, from cardiovascular events (still the number one killer) to auto-immunity, metabolic diseases, arthritis and many other chronic pathologies. What are the causes and can holistic and happiness medicine resolve this challenge ?

See the Institute’s Blog-Article.

4. Happiness Science and psychiatric disorder reversals via the holistic pathway: latest findings in psycho-neuro-endocrinology and neurobiology.

Evryone knows that the excess of chronic stress and deficiency in happiness leads to physiological break-down. With the advent of positive psychology taught in many universities and new breakthroughts in molecular biology, we now have evidence that hypothalamus-thyroid-adrenal-gonad axis, the microbiota, hormones, cytokines and neurotransmitters are key if we are to maintain some semblance of “joie de vivre”(2) and holistically reverse many neurological conditions, from Alzheimers Diease, Parkinson’s to Psychosis, Psychophrenia and, among others, rampant Depression, which can also be treated with a good old “cold shower”, given that new findings have determined that one of the significant mechanisms of action of depression is centered on the inflammatory pathway gone awry. In this talk, we dig deep into hard Science.

(See the Institute’s Blog-article)

5. French Medicine: Strengths and Limitations: What benefit for the U.S. Health-care system ? From thermal medicine, to Mediterranean lifestyle, aromatherapy, herbology, acupuncture, mineral water cleanse, cheese medicine, anthroposophy, homeopathy, French cuisine, hydrotherapy, balneotherapy and, among other homeostasis and “feel-good” modalities, wine therapy.

The World Health Organization bestowed upon the French National Health-care system the best rank in relation to all other countries and Jeanne Calment is still the number one healthy life-span example who has never been surpassed in terms of optimal longevity. (2) What exactly were the reasons that justified French medicine and its health-care system this number one position ? Can the United States’ sick-care management system benefit from French lessons ?

(See the Institute’s Blog-article)

6. Plant-based Clinical Nutrition is Healthy: Fact or Fiction ?

Just what is the Science behind veganism and is it true that this is the best type of nutritional strategy for human beings ? In this talk, we will review the latest facts.

(To read more on this topic, see the Institute’s blog article and its workshop on clinical nutrition).

7. Wine Medicine: Fact or Hype ?

In the Wine talk and workshop, Christian will proved via strong science that Not drinking quality wine in moderation and according to chronobiology remains  a significant risk factor for all causes of death. Different studies have shown that people who don’t drink quality wine in moderation on a regular basis die younger and contract more diseases. We will review the peer reviewed evidence that supports this claim with over a dozen of these diseases and conditions that wine helps to not only alleviate, but also to reverse, from cardiovascular pathologies, to cancer, diabetes and many other conditions.

And for the workshop, we will learn how to sniff and taste wine so that both the brain’s neurons and the gastric juices can harmoniously increase. The Olfactory tube is directly connected to the brain’s limbic area where new neurons are made. This is called “plasticity”. A few years ago,  mainstream neurologists didn’t believe that the brain could regenerate, but here again, they were proven wrong.  Although too much wine will zap brain cells and even the liver and other tissues, the right amount of quality wine will do the contrary. We will substantiate this piece of allegation beyond any reasonable doubt, with hard evidence, including with some “dégustation” (sipping-tasting).

Other possible coaching themes

Holistic Oncology

Optimal Longevity

Gut dysbiosis & Gastroentorology

Holistic Cardiology

Holistic Endocrinolgy


Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes

Weight issues and Obesity

Neurology (Alzheimers, Depression, Bipolar and the like)

Addiction tobacco withdrawal

Muscular-skeleton problems

Legal issues relative to medical law (negligence, violation of informed consent, products liability and the like)


How to Organize a Coaching Session

Coaching Services provide Holistic, Lifestyle and scientific based recommendations to all questions asked. We do not perform diagnosis-based work-ups nor prescription of allopathic drugs. It’s recommended to first see one’s general practioners, then we can go over options.

Please submit your general questions first via Contact. Please indicate your prefered time for the consultation as well as via what modality (phone, Skype or in person)

To benefit in vivo from the Institute’s medical, legal, inter-disciplinary and trans-cultural training and experience, click the Consult link in the top menu bar

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