To organize coaching sessions, please write to us via

150 dollars per hour of general coaching and health information sharing.

300 dollars per hour consultation on thermal medicine, clinical nutrition and breakthrough cancer metabolic protocols information with supporting peer reviewed studies.

For an agreed fee, we can come to you and stay as needed, either a few hours, or multiple days.

Coaching fees can be based on a sliding scale basis, bartering and donations depending on need.

If there is no improvement from our cancer coaching  (ie, within three weeks, either in disease reversal or, for terminally ill patients,  in quality of life) and provided the health recipient was pro-active and compliant, we agree to refund half of what was paid.

We also coach regarding the use of saunas and mineral infra-red lamps. We offer a 30 minutes  coaching session for those who rent a mineral lamp or sauna.

Chi Mineral lamp rental per day: 40 dollars. Which includes a 30 minute coaching session.

Full spectrum infrared sauna rental per day: 60 dollars. Which includes a 30 to 40 minutes coaching session.

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