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Lisa Jean

I just wanted to share that I was working at a marijuana dispensary earlier this year and I had a woman come in to buy an 18:1 CBD:THC tincture for her grandmother who struggled with dementia. She said that they accidentally discovered that mixing the tincture with melatonin supplements brought her back to the present moment and a study is now being done at UCLA on this combination with her grandmother. One of the most impactful stories I experienced while working there.
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Yong Tak

Lisa, is there a link to the UCLA study. I can’t find it. I have a close friend to whom I’d like to show this.
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Ilene Taylor

I would like too
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Lisa Jean

Hi friends, I am no longer at the shop or in the city so I don’t know the progress on the study. This was back in April so I don’t think they will be finding or publishing anything for a while. Sorry I cannot give more info but there should already be studies on CBD and it’s use for dementia.
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Jess Lynn

I’m really needing this episode! My brain can’t handle all this incredible information – I bet there’s an herb for that too! Anyone else excited for this???!
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Stephanie Dockter

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Sarah Paul

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Elsy Kay

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Jan Shaddock

It would be helpful if when they are speaking, that the herb is written for those who have difficulty hearing the different accents.
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Peggy Ansell

Yes, this would be good, just write herb mentioned on screen at the time, showing picture of herb too, although notice this has been done for some.
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Liana Shalyants

you can activate the caption at the bottom of the screen and read it whilst they are speaking. Doesn’t 100% pick everything but good enough!
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Marsha Kr

It would be helpful to get somewhere “words of herbs in LATIN”. I need to send it to my son to Europe.
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Shirley A. Sam Madsen

Most wonderful hour! I keep thinking of a beloved brother with dementia and a cousin with Parkinson’s and how much some of this information would help both of them. Simply amazing information!
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Robin Krop

I asked my Lyme doctor about Parkinson’s and he said there’s several causes for it, and one of them is Lyme disease. A friend said she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, I suggested she get tested for Lyme, and she tested positive.
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Shirley A. Sam Madsen

Robin Krop Thank you, Robin! In my cousin’s case it was exposure to agent orange during the Vietnam war. Our young men gave much and their lives, and are treated horribly in today’s world.
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AnnieLaurie Burke

It’s too bad there is not a “scaled-down” ownership option, like one that would be just the transccripts for, say, $40, for people tht cannot afford $200 for each of these natural healing docuseries. I’m 72, on a fixed income. A lot of this info is helpful. OTH, I can go out and buy a heck of a lot of herbal books (or one of the other topics for which there has been a docuseries) for $179. I’d rather have a book or transcripts, anyway — little time to sit through 2-hour vids. Seems the authors would make money on this. They’d sell a far larger number.
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Lisa Dollar

I too wish there was a middle option –one with digital only, no DVDs. It’s a huge jump between 99$ and 199$. Too bad…
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Lyn Eccleston

Imagine the cost for a pensioner here in Australia – with the exchange rate what it is today, it has just blasted ownership of any form right out of the question!! Your $99 is more like $179 here!
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Anne Johnson

try the Canadian currency conversion – I too am as a fixed income senior on a fixed income and cut corners like heat with wood just to stay at an arffordable level to have some comfort – can’t really afford hydro or even great docuseries like this – would be great to get libraries to buy in so we could access them
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Joann Hellerman

Nick, are you going to share your migrane healing story. My daugher has horrible migraines. I would love to know what your protocol was. I understand everyone is different. She is seeing a neurologist in a week or so. Is there a book or a resouce you could you can recommend?
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Barbara Durfee

I have this info to offer, not herbal but homeopathic. This is not constitutional homeoapthic treatment which should probably be tried first but I offer this to those who do not have access to constitutional work. https://www.facebook.com/…/the…/1432046760170514/
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Janine McNamara

Nick shares his migraine story in his book The Sacred Science beginning on pge 24. If you can’t afford the book or if your library does not have a copy, the Amazon preview shows some of the pages of his migraine story.
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Aleksander Žitnik

Migranes are connected to the toxicity of the body. Detoxing helps, my wife to be had them every week for years and detoxing took them away.
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Randy Rudloff

Tieraona Low Dog, I can’t agree with you more regarding your comments about the thinning of the veil as someone nears their passing. I watch my parents – my mother especially – experience contacts with family and friends that are already in spirit.
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Gail Danzig Fore

I too experienced something similar with m mother and her approaching death (the day before 9-11-01). A dominican nun and counselor, suggested that the seeming ‘dilerium’ exhibited, is more likely, conversations beyond the veil; For me, this was most comforting and enlightening. Hearing Tieraona Low Dog’s reference, further confirmed this possibility for me.
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Nancy D. Middleton

As I’ve had Peripheral Neuropathy for 19 years which is now spreading up my legs and in my hands and arms, as well as two of my four grown chidren (now in their fifties) have relapsing, remitting multiple sclerosis, I found this Episode unbelievably interesting and will be ordering the Series after I stop typing. Thank you so much. (9/8/2018)
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Robin Krop

Sometimes MS is one of the presentations of Lyme disease, a bacterial infection. The Lyme spirochetal bacteria attack lipids, which is what the brain and nerves are made of. You can discuss your symptoms at www lymenet org and people will discuss with you whether they think you’re in the ballpark for Lyme.
Fatigue is one of the first symptoms of Lyme disease.
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Kathleen Varn

I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy too and after many tests and doctors, was told it is a common symptom of pesticide exposure as I worked for a lawn chemical manufacturer. Not direct or acute exposure but long term low dose accumulation. Something to look into! I was told it can be reversed thru detoxification but also learned that needs to be a slow and gentle process or you can do more damage.
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Lorene McArtin

I have PN too. Message me what you find works, please!
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Barbara Durfee

Regarding Dementia, as in Alzheimers, coconut oil is proving effecive for some. Do a youtube search on it.
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Sheila Davies

At the you go to fast and I need help with spelling the herbs. Really enjoy presentation. Learning a lot for an old gal. Sheila Davies
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Nick Polizzi

Hi Sheila! Not to worry – we spell out all the herbs on-screen at the end of each episode. I hope you enjoy this one!
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James Pala

My daughter has autism and has not spoken her whole life, is there a way u can put me in touch with the Ayurvedic physician? And wheres the best place I can buy herbs in California? I only came here a few months ago and I don’t know where to buy herbs. I’ve not seen them anywhere..
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JoAnne Murphy

I would love to know if Gotu Kola will help heal my brain. Three years ago I had a serious bicycle accident. In addition to multiple titanium implants to fix my broken body and face, I also suffered traumatic brain injury and damage to the 3rd and 6th neuro optic nerves so my eyes don’t work together. After listening to this episode I’m hoping that Gotu Kola will help heal my brain. I eat a nutrient rich vegan diet with no wheat, sugar or any other sweetener and all organic non-gmo. THANK YOU for sharing all this valuable information.
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Dwynne Keyes

Great info. Very helpful info for MS. Was hopeful there would be something more, or new for Alzheimers. I so wish I could help my mother 😔
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Casey Tramp

Check out Dr Bresdens book —reversing Alzheimer’s! Great info there
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Robin Krop

I don’t know that much about Alzheimer’s, but I’d like to report that pathologist Dr Alan McDonald found Lyme spirochetes in the autopsied brains of several people who died from Alzheimer’s.
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Somying Moth

Casey Tramp So far the only coherent and cogent comment on this thread. Yes, Bredesen does have some very useful information, note what he mentions in one of his interviews about ‘TELOMARES’ – this is the key. Some cells produce telomarase and some don’t. There is a supplement that you can take to reinstate telomares on the DNA strands and increase not only longevity but restore brain function, which is basically the same. Dr Bredesen is working on this now, but if you want to buy this thing it can be got from the peptide store in Russia. Among other things. Here is the link to their page on thes: https://www.peptidesstore.com/…/natu…/products/endoluten …. they also have a lot of other supplements that do what you might think as miracles. NO!. I do not work for them. I just have identified things that video series like this one cannot because it is just a means of stroking you all off. Cheers and away now. Wake up you Yanks!!!!!!!!!
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Emily Nunzio

You mentioned that you had ocular migraines. On occasion, I experience these and would like to know what herbal remedies you used to eliminate them. Opthalmologists I’ve seen don’t indicate these are serious. What is your opinion, please?
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Lisa Steckhouse

I also get ocular migraines, but without the migraine- just the sparkling that starts out in the middle of my vision (and have trouble seeing) that slowly gets larger and looks like an arrow until it gets to the outer side of my eye, then disappears. Usually my eye then feels a little odd for a while.
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Kimberly Sontag

Lisa Ganora is very knowledgeable and I don’t see here named in the list of the experts. I’m a curious why sometimes gotu kola, centella, is sometimes shown as a whole radial leaf opposed to an open leaf form that Jenna was holding on Kauai Farmacy. I follow Doug and Jenna of Kauai Farmacy and their products on their website and videos, and have noticed the gotu kola they usually show at the farm s the full radial large leaf type. I have both in my garden. I wild crafted to larger leaf after viewing it on there farm. I live in Florida like Jenna mentioned it grows wild.
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Barbara Merrigan

I watch all the docuseries that come my way on a variety of subjects. I have never purchased any of them. I want to own this, outstanding presentations and information. I would like to know which brand of herbal remedies these experts recommend. There are a lot manufactures. I would appreciate some guidance on several formulations or brands they use. Thank you!
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Paula Youmell, RN, Wise Woman Nurse

I was just sitting outside, sipping my morning Irish breakfast tea (to which I added 15 minute simmered chaga to today 😉) and my sandstone patio is surrounded by wild violet greens. I could not help but notice that wild violet leaves look like gotu kola leaves.
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Robin Krop

One of the best testing labs for Lyme disease is IgeneX lab in CA – they now do IgM and IgG Immunoblot tests that are a little more capable of detecting the illness.
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Adele Adamson

I don’t see the spelling of the herbs after each episode. Are there herbalists or integrative doctors in South Africa that do work like the wonderful doctors etc on the show
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Gail Danzig Fore

The written herb names aren’t AFTER the episode but at the tail-end WITHIN the episode; on charts, while Nick speaks of them..hope this helps.
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Lisa Berniece Bean

Nick I am curious to hear what herbs these natural medicine healers would recommend to treat people with the Motor Neuron Disease, Primary Lateral Sclerosis?
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Better Wave

Very encouraging! Helpful and thoughtful. Thank you.
Also quite remarkable the thick white beard…..not seeing the face or expressions…just hair moving.
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Nicole Rivera Ballenilla

I have been recently diagnosed with myaesthenia gravis. Though you touched on other disease processes I found the information quite interesting. I am looking forward to the other episodes for more information in helping me proceed with my treatments.
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Laura Miller

After four emails to the customer service people, they promised me that I would have the links within 24 hours…it’s a little over 24 hours and still no links. I’ll keep you updated.
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Kathy Gregoire

This has been so amazing and informative1-4. Also with aging parents this will help me get though difficult times and help them. I’m hoping this will help me with my own medical issues as well. Thank you Charla Miller my friend for sending me this link. ❤️
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Katharine Baldwin

Thank you Nick and company for this wonderful series. I am passing it on to many. I hope you will re-run the episodes at the end. You are a good film maker. Well done.
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Adam Carbary

Another fantastic episode. The information that you are sharing is invaluable to everyone! Thank you so much for all of the hard work that went into making this docu-series.
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John Avrea

Thank you for this amazing infor,action. Do you know if there are any herbs that have been successful with a condition called Dupentryn’s Contracture? I have never found anything that has helped. Thank,you.
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Sonya Ingram

I’m so grateful to hear Lisa Ganore describe the symptons she experience and things she did. This episode was what I needed.
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Joleen Beman

Great episode! I’ve been diagnosed with MS and i have horrible reactions to many foods. I often have wondered if they misdiagnosed me….
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Robin Krop

Many people are finding out that their MS is Lyme disease. Reactions to foods could be leaky gut. I suggest you discuss your symptoms at www lymenet org and people will let you know if you’re in the ballpark or not re Lyme symptoms.
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Rosemary Wynne

Robin Krop do these docs use antibiotics i want a natural approach any suggestions i live in dallas think i m relaspsing
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Joleen Beman

Robin Krop I’ve been tested for Lyme about 4 times so I’m pretty sure it’s not that but thanks for the info! Doesn’t hurt to ask again i suppose….something else is surely going on!
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Anita Mathew

Listen to the body it tells u what to eat….we are disembodied too busy mind body divide! Not holistic causes most brain issues…
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Mel Homeschool

Great info, but once again I am disappointed that cannabis was not mentioned as a safe herb for brain health…
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Jodi Schroeder Gogos

Can I take ashwagandha and calamus while taking Lexapro… (a drug I’ve been taking for YEARS and can’t get off because of it’s terrible side effects).
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Michelle Young

Talking about calamus… I stopped to google it. Said it shouldn’t be used internally. Very interested in how they used this!
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Brandy Willis

There was mention of 2 herbalists that have protocols for MS. One is featured on this docuseries. Who is the second? I am on the east coast so wondering if they are closer.
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Jennie Napier

Thank you your information but other than Gudacola (I think) and rosemary, you are not telling us what other herbs we are meant to use for the brain. I would like to know more and where to get these herbs. What can you use for autism, Thank you . Jennifer Napier
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Dee Hughes

Wonderful info Lisa Jean. Definitely going to try this with my mother who has severe dementia……which is driving me over the edge…!
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Melissa Younis Taubman

Was hoping there would be something about autoimmune brain encephalitis. Would be interested if these herbs would help with that. Awesome series. ❤️
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Tom A. Majors

Would have been nice if the spelling of these herbs would have been mentioned. Overall there is a lot of great info here on herbals. Okay they are spelled out at the end.
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James Morrison

Its Okra and well consumed in the south. I believe it came from Africa and I use it often for constipation and poor digestion as well
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Catherine Lord

i live in the PNW…and would like to know if there is contact information to possibly connect with one or more of these “local” people. Thank you!
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Barbara Naylor

I am so happy that i have been adding Ashwagandha to my health regime,it is fantastic and i am adding Astragalus as well
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Rayne Madison

Thank you all for sharing this information. I really like the summaries at the end of every episode. See you for Episode 5!
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Evelyn Jung

This was absolutely amazing. Thank you for all the information. I was especially interested in the myeline sheath part as one of my friends has this problem. Thank you!
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Tamsen Fox

Learning about all the herbs you bring to light in this truly wonderful series begs the question…can I just go to Amazon and order them or should I find a local herbalist? My first thought is to order them from Amazon but want your opinion on this Nick. Māhalo!
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Gail Danzig Fore

Ha,ha, ha..When first reading your comment, I misread it as, THE Amazon…which is probably the BEST source, but not nearly so convenient! LOL
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Melinda Bonasera Graudin

Once again … so much information to absorbe. I love the presentation format and have learned so much. Can’t wait for the next Episode.
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Leah Anne Arroyo Hermano

Each episode delivers very useful info. I started sharing to my friends about this docu-series. Thank you for sharing these info with us.
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Michele Burton

This is good stuff!! Love learning how to heal myself and my family… Seriously, big pharma can kiss my a$$!!!!
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Ximena Aguirre

This is amazing! Thank you for all this education about herbs and their powerful healing benefits. Many blessings
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Denice Garrou

Love this one. I have been taking Pregnenolone, had forgotten about some of these herbs. Thats for the reminder.
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Donna Wells

Great series That for all the info. And I do appreciate you going over everything at the end especially for spelling.
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