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Presently, we are thinking of offering four in situ and online modules for health-recipients and health practitioners. To our knowledge, these proposed fields of knowledge are not presently offered by any school. At least, not from the Holistic and Happiness Medicine perspective. Yet, as the Institute will explain in an eBook, they are vital, especially if American citizens hope to reverse the current chronic disease epidemic as well as the pandemic of premature aging.

Four New Training Fields that are not readily available in the United States

1 Advanced clinical nutrition and Holistic Lifestyle Medicine. This training would lead to an Advanced Nutritionist and Holistic Lifestyle Medicine certification.

2. Wine Medicine. This training would lead to an Advanced Health Oeonologist (wine expert) Certification

3. Holistic oncology. This training would lead to an Advanced Holistic Oncologist certification.

4. Optimal longevity Science. This training would lead to an Advanced Longevity Science expert.

Two certifications for each training would be envisaged. The first, would be theoretical, only measuring Knowledge. And the second would be on practice, the student’s clinical experience.

From the legal viewpoint, these certifications would not be enough to practice medicine, but they would be more than  helpful for employment in the coaching and education fields, two areas of social activity  that are vital in corrective medicine and to turn around the present crises in  chronic diseases and premature aging.

For those who can not afford these training modules, there may be scholarships.

Three Types of Certifications

Certification with in situ Training would involve both theory and clinical practice. This would occur in specific geographical areas, the best being in the projected Holistic Rejuvenation Health Retreat Center or within a Univeristy framework.

Certification via internet would only involve theoretical education. There would be no certification on clinical experience. This would be reflected on the Certification degree. The student would have to find him-herself a health clinic where he or she could get involved in somekind of apprenticeship program. Once that would be done, then he or she could apply for the HMI’s exams that would validate clinical practice.

Certification via examination only. This type of certification would be based on the testing and validation of the student’s grasp of the subject. This means that the student would be able to learn on his-her own and just take a series of certification exams with the Institute, both written and oral. The exams would have to be on site to avoid cheating.

The Institute’s Reasoning on Certifications

What counts is knowing the skill and being motivated to perform with excellence one’s future profession. Certifications or Diplomas are paper titles that merely confirm that a student has the requisite knowledge.

However, in today’s 21st century, most educational systems have built-in flaws that perpetrate many dysfunctions.  Consider the situation of a naturopathic doctor. First off, most budding NDs will be in heavy debt, often over 150,000 dollars for an alternative health education. Thus, like their allopathic medical doctor colleagues, they will be tempted to bill the patient for every conceivable service and good, from un-necessary testing to myriad supplemention and more, many of which may not be medically required.

Subsidiarily, most of today’s education facilities in alternative medicine and health care are elitist in that they charge high tuitions that only the upper class can comfortably pay. For the majority of students, they are forced to take out student loans. This practice tends to  sap the student’s joie de vivre for many years.  Worse, the pressure of paying back these loans will more often than not push the alternative health care practitioner, like his or her allopathic medical doctor colleague, to prescribe a treatment for each symptom. Good medicine is not prescribing a “pill for each ill” (drug or supplement), let alone a blast of ionic radiation for each tumor, a mamogram  for each breast, or surgery for each blockage. Even the father of Medicine, Hippocrates asserted that surgeries should be kept to a strict minimum since diet and even better, fasting were two of the best methods to remove occlusions and the like. Good  Holistic Medicine is involved in helping the patient to be his-her own physician, to awaken the healer within, via holistic fundamentals and Lifestyle changes that are not costly.

Third, in today’s world, notably with the internet, a motivated student can usually acquire theoretical knowledge by him-herself. Internet resources in just about every conceivable field of inquiry is avaiable at a click of one’s mouse. This technological innovation (the internet) will in the future make part of the schooling system obsolete.

Tentative Conclusion

For a motivated student, going to “school” to get trained involves a lot of waste of time and useless expenditure of energy and many health risks. One of the proofs on this assertion is the Home-school system. The evidence overwhelmingly shows that home-school studens learn much better at home and quicker. They also tend to get less traumatized, less sick, less deviant and become more mature and radiantly optimistic with Life. Even though there are negligent parents and Life hurdles, the vast majority of parents will do what it takes to organize a safe and efficient home-school experience for their children. In this system, the internet is also key.

This is also the case in the Kibbutzim of Israel. The evidence shows that at the end of high school level,  kibbutznikim adolescents  have on average 4 to 5 years more maturity with much better skills and education than his-her colleagues in the public or even private schooling system. This is why most of Israel’s military pilotes (who are Israel’s heroes, as the country’s survival depends on them) are from Kibbutz. Like many other key social actor within Eretz Israel.

Thus, in light of an ethical responsible education system, for those who can not afford an in situ training, these students should be able to “home-learn” with the help of the internet, their families and their eco-communities (aka tribe). Thereafter, once they feel they have mastered the skill, they should be able to get validated via a panel of peer-reviewing experts for a reasonably affordable fee.

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