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Pygnogenol (Proanthocyanidins) Benefits from Red Wine, Grape Seeds and Oak Barks

In this blog-article, i will review one of red wine’s key health promoting molecules, proanthocyanidins, also known as pygnogenol. As long as wine is made traditionally with its skin and especially grape seeds in the fermentation bin, these antioxidant molecules will bestow upon red wine lots of health benefits. (Section A).  Thereafter, I will analyse its therapeutic relevance and clinical dosing.

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Wine and Cardiovasular Diseases: myths and facts

I just heard a reputed vegan doctor assert that wine increases bad fat, spikes inflammation and is a major risk factor for CVD. Thus, in this blog-article, ill review some of the facts regarding this topic (Section A) and in a second section, mention how wine should be used (Section B). Section A Debunking the Myth that moderate quality wine

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Wine, Cacao & Teas are Key Happiness Medicine Foods that Help to Maximize Gut Balance, Diversity and Health

In this Page, i will first examine wine’s role in balancing the microbioto (gut) (Section A) and follow-up with cacao’s role (Section B) and conclude with a more detailed analysis on green and black teas’ microbiota contributions. (Section C) Synopsis Wine’s polyphenols and other molecules promote Gut balance and diversity as does cacao, also a fermented product and  both green and black fermented tea.  When the

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Optimizing Heart-Brain Health with Happiness Medicine: Early Signs & Symptoms for Cardio-Vascular Trouble can be Reversed Holistically

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are both the first cause of premature death and the easiest condition to reverse holistically. In this blog-article, i will first examine different detection signs and symptoms that can indicate both the imminence and the gestation of a cardiovascular event like a heart attack, an aneurysm or a stroke  (Section A).  Thereafter, I’ll explain a few cardiovascular

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Toxic America: the systematic pesticide poisoning of American food

The toxicity of American conventional food, even organic (but to a lesser degree), has reached a point where most Americans will become more and more toxic laden diseased patients for a health-care system gone awry. In this blog-article, i will first examine the magnitude of this phenomenon (Section A) and conclude with different holistic strategies that can help to mitigate

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