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Animal Foods, Heart diseases and Cancer: updating

Animal Cholesterol, saturated fats, heme iron, uric acid, parasites, excess cortisol, acidity, heavy metals and, among other deleterious molecules and toxic residues are not the only problems with animal foods. Another reason is associated with too much carnitine in meat and choline in fish and eggs. We need a little carnitine and choline and in the right proportion for the

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MTOR & Aging and Cancer

In this article-blog, i will review the litterature on MTOR (Section A) and then analyses MTOR pathway in relation to the aging process (Section B) and cancer (Section C) Text under construction Section A Over the last decade, more than 5,000 papers have been published about TOR, an enzyme inhibited by the drug rapamycin—a drug used experimentally to extend lifespan,

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Angiogenic Food Inhibitors and Cancer

In this blog-article, I will first clarify different aspects of malignant angiogenesis (Section A) and conclude with some evidence on how the simple tomato can be beneficial with regards to angiogenic modulation. (Section B) Section A Angiogenesis and  Cancer Being adaptively intelligent, cancer cells send angiogenic biochemical signals that activate different pathways so that an abundance of blood vessels can feed cancer’s

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The Institute’s Approach to Cancer

Given the cancer pandemic and conventional oncology’s relative failure, a paradigm shift in cancer theory and treatment is needed. In this blog-article, I will first examine the Advanced Cancer Research Institute’s progress in determining the best approach to cancer (Section A) and follow-up with a discussion on what  hurdles remain before a long-term successful cancer treatment plan can be implemented.

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Cyto-toxic Chemotherapy neutralized by Bacteria: Drug resistance and the Power of Holistic Homeostasis at Work

Recent findings on the role of bacteria in metabolizing cancer drugs should contribute in ushering in  holistic oncology standards of care. In this blog-article, i will examine recent findings that show in both cell lines and animals that endogenous bacteria rescue cancer cells from being attacked by  cytotoxic chemotherapy. (Section A). Thereafter, i will explain mechanisms of action and why

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Toxic America: the systematic pesticide poisoning of American food

The toxicity of American conventional food, even organic (but to a lesser degree), has reached a point where most Americans will become more and more toxic laden diseased patients for a health-care system gone awry. In this blog-article, i will first examine the magnitude of this phenomenon (Section A) and conclude with different holistic strategies that can help to mitigate

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Biophysics & Frequency Fields for Cancer Reversals: a Happy non-invasive Holistic Solution in the Making

There’s nothing like fields, resonance, waves and curves to heal, including via Nature, Art and now Medicine and Bio-Physics, a discipline which is missing from Conventional Allopathic Medical schools. In this blog-article i will first examine a recent anti-cancer wave-frequency technique which reversed one of the toughest cancers, glioblastoma. (Section A). Thereafter, I will look at mechanisms of action (Section B),

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Recent Discovery of a DNA Repair Enzyme that removes Bulky Lesions: Significance for Cancer Control, Reversal & a Happy Longevity

The activation of self-repair mechanisms is key in Holistic Medicine. After introducing where we are at in terms of DNA self-repair mechanisms (Section A), I will go into new DNA repair mechanisms that have been identified (Section B). Thereafter, i will look at the historical and holistic context of this important biomedical field and draft a short conclusion. (Section C).

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Matcha Green Tea has the most Polyphenolic Catechin (EGCG) of all Green Teas: a happy molecule that activates multiple pathways & helps with cancer

In holistic medicine, green tea and green powder extract have been used as safe and efficient well-being and restoration techniques for millennia. In this realm, the evidence confirms that Matcha green tea is the best. In this blog-article, i will first highlight the originality of this plant (Section A). Once that is done, I’ll briefly talk about its cultivation,  (Section B)

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