Copied to longevity or hol med Integrative approach A Better Brain in 12 Minutes a Day: Kirtan Kriya, a chanting yoga meditation Just 12 minutes each day of practicing Kirtan Kriya — the ancient yoga chanting meditation — changes the brain in ways that may prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Meditation reduces stress Reducing stress is an important pillar of a brain healthy lifestyle. Now brain researchers are proving what yoga and meditation practitioners
Moved Hol Med and HM org In this blog-article, i will review multiple ways that holistic meditation changes the brain for the better. (Section A). Thereafter, I will analyse the role of meditation practice in the extension of healthy lifespans  (Section B) and conclude on clinical practice (Section C). Introduction There are multiple types of meditation techniques, not all are equal in therapeutic benefits and equanimity lasting effects. The H.M. Institute can guide you both on
Coming out in the Fall of 2018, the Game Changers will introduce the world to elite athletes, top nutritionists, visionary scientists, cultural icons and everyday heroes. Each on a mission to create a seismic shift in the way we think about food and medicine. Furthermore, these testimonies will prove beyond any doubt that humans are not designed to be meat-eaters, let alone junk food consumers. Top: Patrick Baboumian: the world record-holding strongman After close to
Animal Cholesterol, saturated fats, heme iron, uric acid, parasites, excess cortisol, acidity, heavy metals and, among other deleterious molecules and toxic residues are not the only problems with animal foods. Another reason is associated with too much carnitine in meat and choline in fish and eggs. We need a little carnitine and choline and in the right proportion for the correct expression of DNA transcription to occur. But like sex, salt, sleep, exercises and wine,
In this article, I will first examine what what senescent cells are and a few of their causes (Section A). Thereafter, I will look at the possibility to rejuvenate these elderly cells (Section B) I will conclude by evaluating the significance of this discovery in terms of  organizing and optimizing longevity. (Section C) Section A What Causes Senescent Cells? A variety of macromolecular damage can cause our cells to become senescent including toxins and radiation. 

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