Advanced Holistic Dentistry Workshop

Dental Holistic Care and Conventional Toxic Dentistry

Because the present conventional dentistry standards of care are connected to chronic diseases and accelerated aging, this workshop will review some of the key holistic measures that can avoid toxic dentistry, including but not limited to healing early-mid cavity decay with holistic savoir-faire techniques, detoxing via oil pulling, home-made essential oil mouthwash, safe mercury-amalgam removal protocols, biocompatible dental material, avoiding endocrine disrupting leaching chemicals like BPA from different dental components (e.g., including, but not limited to sealants), using ozone, lasers that can replace the “drill & fill” technique and more. Implants with one’s own dental stem cells is already operational, but the conventional dentistry system is hindering it’s full clinical availability while the Government’s NIH still refuses to finance studies on mercury’s devastating health effects, all of which are fully supported by hard evidence from hundreds of peer reviewed studies that can be found in the international scientific literature.

Given the US’s peridontal infection epidemic (over 65 percent of teeth loss is due to gum disease and over 90 percent of Americans have some form of gum disease) as well as the toxic heavy metal poisoning pandemic (including, but not limited to mercury and industrial fluoride), the root canal aberration (i.e. leaving a dead tooth in the body is medically insane), avoidable cavitations, galvo-currents and more, biological and holistic dentistry is a necessary tool to consider if the workshopee is serious about optimizing a healthy lifespans to 120 year and beyond. Likewise with new technologies like laser and 3 D cone beam scans that can detect serious infections and tooth abcesses that digital scans and x-rays miss. Included in this power point talk will be couple case studies of cancer and cardiac cases being resolved once dental problems were holistically resolved.

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