Coaching on Happy Gut Medicine & Gastrointestinal Disorders

Coaching on Happy Gut Medicine

The Microbiota, Diet. Leaky Gut and Healthy Aging

Coaching Sessions

From one to four telephonic, skype or in situ mini-conferences are proposed, each of which contains multiple holistic and integrative Gut techniques, all of which are supported by robust science.


Eliminating most Gut related deleterious conditions with the Institute’s coaching sessions of one hour each priced affordably and via sliding scale so that all can benefit from a meaningful equal access to Happiness Medicine and Holistic Science.


In one to four weeks, over 95 percent of the Institute’s clients  are free of most gut-related issues. As a bonus, the coachee’s vital signs and longevity biomarkers  improve.


In the Institute’s coaching sessions, the client will learn about Gut Medicine,  what holistic healers have been preaching for millennia, from Hippocrates and the Bible to modern naturopaths and holistic professionals, in particular, the coachee will learn about holistic techniques to clean, replenish, diversify, restore and strengthen the gut’s microbiota and its many biochemical ramifications.

In this Gut Medicine coaching session, the coachee will also learn how to have fun making gut and microbiota enhancing food recipes.  Two options: vegan or the Institute’s  improved Mediterranean Diet recipes.

A Holistic Approach to the Optimization of the Gut’s Intestinal Flora has been the recent subject of Medical Breakthroughs

One of the big breakthroughs in modern medicine during the last ten years has been the microbiome revolution.  Since the entire gut microbiome has been sequenced (with its 2.4 million of genes), (1)  gut medicine has been getting more coverage.  There’s now even a popular museum in New York consecrated to the microbiome.

Gut Medicine should be a required Standard of Care for practically all health conditions

Gut therapy is all the more needed that in today’s toxic world, more and more people are contracting dysbiosis and gastrointestinal diseases as well as many other inflammatory conditions, from allergies, autoimmunity, to mental disorders (ie, the gut cross talks to the brain, via the gut-brain-vegas nerve axis), to leaky gut syndrome (intestinal permeability), colitis, IBS, IBD,  Sibo, weight gain or loss, gas, bloating, acne, fatigue, skin issues, and, among other conditions colon cancer. (2)

With the epidemics of antibiotic overuse, environmental toxins, and food sensitivities, healing the gut through cleansing, probiotic replenishment, correct nutrition and holistic living (stress, insomnia and toxicity affect the gut) is a basic requirement for long-term vitality, optimal longevity, weight management and happiness. (3)

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For more information, see the Institute’s ebook, called “Gut Medicine” where the Institute’s actionable plan is outlined, a Plan to begin rebalancing and diversifying the gut.  This ebook is still in gestation. :  (4)

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From an unhappy Paleo and modern SAD-MAD Gut (5)  to a Happy and Holistic Med-diet and-or vegan gut. The Institute coaching sessions will show coachees how to achieve an optimal gut that will maximize a healthy Lifepan.

The happinss and holistic gut is achieved under Five Conditions

1. Food Digestion starts in the oral microbiome of the mouth and descends via esophagus valve into the upper stomach in a well-orchestrated sequence.

2. Food is fully digested, its nutrients get into the bloodstream via the intestinal villas and nourishes cells without upsetting the immune response

3. With proper holistic techniques, Hydrocholric acid is timely and abundantly secreted, preparing for the pancreas to produce the needed break-down enzymes (lipase, amylase and protease).

4. Food moves from the lower abdomen to the small intestine pain-free and with maximal softness and break down prep and via the motor complex, get into the large intestine for additional assimilation and other metabolic orchestration

5. Bowel movements occurs promptly and at least once a day.

Gut Tests

Unless there is an underlying serious conditions, most coachees will not require a gut microbiome tests, the expense of which goes into hundreds of dollars. Just with clinical signs, the Institute coaches will be able to determine what type of non prescription probiotics, prebiotics and food will benefit the coachee. (6)


When I first went got coached with the Happiness Medicine Institute’s coach, I was fatigued, suffering from migraines, joint pain, brain fog, emotional swings and upset stomachs. After the coach identified the root causes, we made some fundamental diet and lifestyle changes in in a span of two to three weeks, all of my symptoms disappeared and now I am so happy”.  Sandrine

Reference and Precision Notes

(1). That way more than what eukaryote human cells have, only 23,000 genes. Furthermore, the microbiome’s 2.4 million of genes cross talks with our own genes, neurotransmitters and hormones. Even better, it produces key vatimins like B-6, lipids like butyrate (a short chain fatty acid) and neurotransmitters, like seratonin and dopamine.
(2). Scientists have characterized the gut as our “second brain.” The human brain is not the only source of thoughts, feelings and actions. The  gut has its own nervous system, called the enteric nervous system, working in communication with your brain and central nervous systems. It is capable of its own independent reflexes.The gut and its microflora are also another source of neurotransmitters, those chemical messengers that impact mood and temperament. That means beyond your brain, the neurotransmitters from the gut can influence mood, sugar cravings and even food choices. The Microbiota also generates “gut feelings”, a form of generalized intuition about Life’s circumstances.~
(3). Its surface area is a remarkable 200 times greater than that of your skin, making it your largest surface of interaction with the outside world. The gut is in continuous contact with nutrients, as well as all types of toxins, food additives, microbes, and drugs that may pass through your digestive tracts on a daily basis. As gatekeeper, your gut has a huge task to not only serve as a porous filter for the building blocks of life, but also to keep out all the detrimental substances you may be exposed to. Like a garden, every gut contains its own unique “microbiome.” Healthy gut flora is not monochromatic — it is very diverse. A holistic Gut is one where a diverse world of friendly bacteria live, creating a harmonious symbiosis to help us digest, produce vitamins, stimulate a vibrant gut lining, and keep unfriendly organisms in check.
(4).  In this ebook, Gut Medicine draws from both Western and Eastern health techniques, combining the latest microbiome science and the best medical findings that have proven to be successful at the French holistic rejuvenation retreat and which now is being made public so that the Institute’s Gut medicine Plan can be available to everyone. Gut medicine  takes readers step-by-step to the goal of achieving an optimal gut, first via cleanse, then replenishment, restore balance, increase diversity and enhance overall function. The Gut medicine Plan will  show the reader how to eliminates food allergy triggers, clear the gut of unfriendly pathogens, and replaces them with healthy probiotics and nutrients that repair and heal the gut. Rather than masking symptoms with medication and propon pump inhibitors, this book will teach how to address the problem at its core to restore the gastrointestinal system to its proper functioning state. By fixing problems in the gut, the Institute’s followers  have found that their other health woes are also cured and have lost weight, gained energy, and improved seemingly unrelated issues, such as seasonal allergies, in addition to eliminating their chronic muscle, joint and abdominal pain.
(5). Sad = standard American Diet. Mad = Modern American Diet.
(6).  The most common leaky gut test is called the “Lactulose/Mannitol Test.” 2) Then there’s also a cool new technology in Cyrex Labs Array 2 “Intestinal Antigenic Permeability Screen. The Viome is also a useful stool tests.

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