The Annual A4M Anti-Aging Conference in Las Vegas is Scheduled this coming December 14-6, 2017 : A Great Line-up of Anti-Aging Scientists

Scheduled for December 14-16, this year’s upcoming A4M’s 25th Annual World Congress has over one hundred conferences with some of the best anti-aging and longevity experts in the world.

This conference marks a quarter of a century since A4M began its original mission to build awareness and deliver innovative, cutting-edge scientific education focused on longevity, and prolonging the human lifespan.

In 25 years, A4M’s leaders have magnificently redefined medicine itself.

A4M’s audiences span the globe and participants come from all over the world to attend this exceptional Congress.

Attending health practitioners will be able to integrated new cutting edge skills within their practice.

Check out this year’s rich schedule and conferences via this link.

Held in the luxurious Venetian and Palazzo Hotel, a five-diamond luxury hotel and casino resort located on the Las Vegas Strip, health practitioners can earn CMEs while partaking in some of the city’s best nightlife, restaurants, shopping, and architecture.

Christian Joubert (HMI Director and CSO)

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Professor Joubert teaches how to extend a healthy cancer-free Lifespan to 122 years thanks to safe, efficient and cost friendly breakthrough protocols. Working on a documentary and book that redefines Medicine in light of new discoveries, ancient wisdoms, innovative research and holistic science, he can be nonetheless available to coach patients back to homeostasis, wellbeing & Joie de Vivre. On occasion, Pr. Joubert can also coach health professionals to better protect their holistic practice when they must deviate from outdated and-or irrational mainstream “standards of care” in order to genuinely serve their patients, evidence-strong Science and internationally recognized human rights. For details, see the links called “Contact” and “Mission” (under the “About” link).

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