Twenty Percent of the Elderly in the U.S. Medically Mistreated and Injured by Conventional Medicine

More Evidence that the Conventional Sick-Care Medical Model financially thrives on Complications and avoids Holistic Wellbeing and Lifestyle

A study of more than 12,500 Medicare patients (with an average age of 76) found that nearly one in five suffer from medical injuries when receiving care  (1 )  (Source)  Those who had experienced a medical injury had a death rate nearly double those who had not, along with greater use of medical services and increased health care costs in the year following the injury. Two-thirds of the injuries occurred during outpatient care (such as doctor’s offices) rather than in hospitals

The often-preventable injuries were the direct result of medical care or management, not a result of the patient’s underlying condition. Past research has suggested that at least 210,000 Americans are killed by preventable hospital errors each year alone (See blog)

Modalities of Injuries

Being given the wrong medication. Having an allergic reaction to a medication. Receiving treatment that led to more complications of an existing medical problem. Contracting an infection or clot via medical system.

While the media often focuses on medical injuries in hospitals, this study actually found that two-thirds of injuries occurred during outpatient care (such as doctor’s offices).

Previous studies have found about 13.5 percent of hospitalized patients suffer from adverse medical events, but the featured study found about 19 percent of seniors are harmed by medical care. Older people, men, those with lower incomes, and people with disabilities were at an even greater risk. Further, the risk of an adverse medical event rose 27 percent for each chronic medical condition a person had.(2) (Source) The study’s lead researcher observed the following:

“These injuries are caused by the medical care or management rather than any underlying disease… The rate of these injuries is probably higher than has been estimated.”

Avoidable Medical Errors are at least the Third Leading Cause of Death in the US

It has been my observations, along with other holistic practitioners, that Conventional medicine approach, which is focused on diagnostic tests, drugs, vaccinations, surgical interventions, radiation and the elike within a symptomatology framework, damages and  kills far more people than it saves or helps.

The lethality of the system is in part due to side  toxic effects as well as to peventable errors According to 2013 research into the cost of medical mistakes in terms of lives lost, 210,000 Americans are killed by preventable hospital errors each year. (3) (Source)

When deaths related to diagnostic errors, errors of omission, and failure to follow guidelines are included, the number skyrockets to an estimated 440,000 preventable hospital deaths each year!

And when you consider the featured study, which found two-thirds of medical errors were occurring outside of hospitals, it means the actual death toll from conventional medicine may be far higher than anyone expected. According to the study, serious, non-lethal harm is likely 10- to 20-fold higher than lethal harm.

Already, these medical error estimates are more than 4.5 times higher than 1999 estimates published by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), (4) (Source) making medical errors the third-leading cause of death in the US, right after heart disease and cancer.

“In a sense, it does not matter whether the deaths of 100,000, 200,000 or 400,000 Americans each year are associated with PAEs [preventable adverse events] in hospitals. Any of the estimates demands assertive action on the part of providers, legislators, and people who will one day become patients. Yet, the action and progress on patient safety is frustratingly slow; however, one must hope that the present, evidence-based estimate of 400,000+ deaths per year will foster an outcry for overdue changes and increased vigilance in medical care to address the problem of harm to patients who come to a hospital seeking only to be healed.” (ibid).

Seniors are, more often than not, Victims Polypharmacy Toxemia

This above-mentioned assertion reminds me of the French Heat wave a few years back that killed over 10,000 people. Most of these were elders and weak individuals taken prescription medications. The eleders who were not taken prescription drugs were resilent enough to withstand this heat wave.

The word “polypharmacy” simply means “many drugs,” but refers to instances where an individual is taking too many drugs, either because more drugs are prescribed than are clinically indicated, or when the sheer number of pills simply becomes a burden for the patient.

Over 30 Prescriptions per year for a young Senior

According to statistics from the Kaiser Health Foundation,  an “average” 65-year-old (or older) adult living in the US willfill more than 31 prescriptions per year. And this does not take into account over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, which would easily push these numbers significantly higher. (5)  (Source)  Deaths due to unintentional drug overdoses have increased roughly five-fold since 1990 (6) (Source).

The Risks of Drug Adverse Reactions Shoots up Exponentially as the Drugs keep pouring in

The risk of all adverse reactions, including serious and even life-threatening complications, goes up dramatically the more drugs one take, even if  medications are taken as prescribed.

Another significant problem of polypharmacy toxemia  is that it leads to even more prescriptions. This is because  Toxic side  effects of one drug will lead to the modulating of those side effects with other drugs.  Worse,  side effects of polypharmacy are often  confused with symptoms of yet another disease or health problem, so the illness conditions continue climbing, as do the doctor’s cash-flow. This sets into motion a vicious cycle of decreasing health followed by more drugs rather than fewer.

Most Prescription drugs are Toxic

It may be useful to remind the viewer that prescription drugs by definition are not natural. To make a profit, pharmaceutical companies must produce synthetic drugs which then can be patented and sold at a huge price. And by definition, a synthetic drugs is not well received the Liver. It actually is metabolized as a poison, even if the active molecule of the prescrition drug managed to sneak in the target biochemical pathway

Top Medical Errors

Hospitals often make such egregious errors as treating the wrong patient, leaving behind surgical tools in a person after surgery, losing patients, or operating on the wrong body part. Air bubbles in your blood after a chest tube is removed, mix-ups involving medical tubing, and hospital-acquired infections are other examples of sometimes fatal medical errors that are all too common.

More than two million people are affected by hospital-acquired infections each year, and over 100,000 people die as a result. According to the 2011 “Health Grades Hospital Quality in America” report, analysis of approximately 40 million Medicare patients’ records from 2007 through 2009 showed that one in nine patients developed such hospital-acquired infections! (7). (Source) Today, it’s more like over 400,000 Americans who die from nosocomial (infection related) complications related to conventional medicine.  (8) (See Blog)

While some adverse medical events are realized immediately, others may not be felt for months or even years. As the featured study explained: (9)

“The harmful outcomes may be realized immediately, delayed for days or months, or even delayed many years. An example of immediate harm is excess bleeding because of an overdose of an anticoagulant drug such as that which occurred to the twins born to Dennis Quaid and his wife. An example of harm that is not apparent for weeks or months is infection with Hepatitis C virus as a result of contaminated chemotherapy equipment.” (Source)

Check-list of Preventive Measures if one does go to the Hospital

Once hospitalized, there is an immediate risk for medical errors and nosocomial assauts. One of the best safeguards is to have someone there with you to act as your personal advocate, this is particularly important for pediatric patients and the elderly.

Show staff that you are concerned by asking many questions. Medical doctors hate liability and court proceedings.  Building a relationship with the nurses can go a long way. Also, when they realize they’re going to be questioned, they’re more likely to go through that extra step of due diligence to make sure they’re getting it right.

Use the World Health Organization (WHO) checklist. The WHO surgical safety checklist and implementation manual, (10) (Source) which is part of the campaign “Safe Surgery Saves Lives” can be downloaded here.

Every hospital is mandated to register mistakes. A disgruntled patient should question and complain, including to the hospital’s lawyers, if only to encourage allopathic conventional doctors to go more holistic. (See the Institute’s website on Medical Law)

Christian Joubert (HMI director and CSO)

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(8). See BLog


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