The Happiness Medicine Institute’s Holistic Protocol to Maintain and Improve Eye Sight

Human eyes have been designed to see and appreciate Life for at least a good 120 years. In this blog-article, i will first dispel the claim that bad eyesight is especially attributed to aging and bad genes (Section A) Thereafter, I will follow-up with a general Holistic eye maintenance and improvement program via diet and other holistic techniques (Section B) and conclude with Science. (Section C)

Section A

Eye Diseases are not caused by Aging

As we get older, the eyes become more susceptible to damage less because of the passing years than because of accumulated toxemia, chronic stress and an unhealthy lifestyle in response to which the body’s innate intelligence precipitates oxidation of tissues, an overactive immune system and misfolded proteins.

In this perspective, the Age-Related Eye Disease Study, a clinical trial concluded in 2001 that was sponsored by the National Eye Institute, found that a poor diet was a major risk factor for age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. (1) (Source)

These two eye diseases, cataract and macular degeneration, hit indeed mostly the elderly. It’s been estimated that up to half of adults suffer from some sort of cataracts by the time they’re 75 years old. (2) (Source) So one could assume that these conditions are age-related.

The evidence however shows that they are only correlated. And as we know or should know, correlation is not causation.

For the vast majority of  mainstreamers who do not live a holistic lifestyle, eye problems accumulate with each revolution of Planet Earth around the Sun. For example, if the SAD (standard American diet) mainstreamers had plenty of vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene and zinc from organic healthy foods, the evidence shows that their risks in contracting macular degeneration and cataract would be significantly lower. (3) (Source)

Diabetic retinopathy is another serious illness that hits the elderly. It’s the leading cause of blindness among working-age. (4) (Source)  Yet, this condition can also be managed and reversed with a healthy diet and holistic lifestyle.

Even better, with a healthy holistic lifestyle, eye maintenance techniques and an anti-inflammatory diet high in antioxidants and, inter alia, caratinoids and flavonoids,  glaucoma, retinal nerve damage, loss of eye strength, myopia, dry eyes, blepharitis and among other vision loss can all be significantly miminized and even entirely avoided.

Section B

The Happiness Medicine Institute’s Recommended Eye Sight Maintenance and Improvement Protocol

The Key Nutrients for  Optimal Eye Sight

Beta Carotene and Vitamin A: This is one of the most important molecules for the eyes. In the same way that vitamin C prevents scurvy and vitamin D rickets, in the same way, vitamin A prevents xerophthalmia, night blindness and other sickness conditions.

Lutein: An antioxidant that’s been nicknamed “the eye vitamin,” lutein protects both the eyes and skin. This anti-inflammatory, carotenoid phytonutrient is found in foods like leafy green vegetables, egg yolks, citrus fruits and orange veggies. Once consumed, it’s transported around the body, especially to the parts of the eyes called the macula and the lens. In this realm, researchers at Harvard University have found that supplementing with six milligrams daily of lutein can lower the risk for macular degeneration by an average of 43 percent. (5)  (Source)

Omega-3 Fatty Acids have immense benefits for dozens of different health conditions, all because they’re anti-inflammatory and able to slow down the effects of aging. The people most likely to be omega-3-deficient include those who consume a large amount of processed foods, hydrogenated vegetable oils and standard american diet. Vegans and vegetarians who do not know how to eat holistically can also suffer from this essential fatty acid’s deficiency. (6) (Source) Furthermore, Omega-3s stabilize blood sugar levels, which lowers inflammatory responses, thus helping to fight eye damage caused by diabetes.


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Professor Joubert teaches how to extend a healthy cancer-free Lifespan to 122 years thanks to safe, efficient and cost friendly breakthrough protocols. Working on a documentary and book that redefines Medicine in light of new discoveries, ancient wisdoms, innovative research and holistic science, he can be nonetheless available to coach patients back to homeostasis, wellbeing & Joie de Vivre. On occasion, Pr. Joubert can also coach health professionals to better protect their holistic practice when they must deviate from outdated and-or irrational mainstream “standards of care” in order to genuinely serve their patients, evidence-strong Science and internationally recognized human rights. For details, see the links called “Contact” and “Mission” (under the “About” link).

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