Biophysics & Frequency Fields for Cancer Reversals: a Happy non-invasive Holistic Solution in the Making

There’s nothing like fields, resonance, waves and curves to heal, including via Nature, Art and now Medicine and Bio-Physics, a discipline which is missing from Conventional Allopathic Medical schools. In this blog-article i will first examine a recent anti-cancer wave-frequency technique which reversed one of the toughest cancers, glioblastoma. (Section A). Thereafter, I will look at mechanisms of action (Section B), speak about the supporting evidence on safety and efficiency regarding this Israeli machine (Section C) and conclude.

Section A

Tumor Treating Electro-Magnetic Fields

Tumor treating fields (TTFields) therapy for cancer treatment is a new, noninvasive, regional anti-mitotic intervention modality. (See Exhibit A, below). It has been approved for the treatment of recurrent glioblastoma by the U.S. FDA. (1) It also benefits from the CE European Seal. Given its non-invasiveness and interesting mechanisms of action that promotes cancer cell apoptosis, this therapy is part of the HMI’s and its sister ACR Institute’s scope of inquiry, notwithstanding its high costs. (2)

Section B

How do the Tumor Treating Fields work ?

TTFields therapy delivers via electrodes  low-intensity (1-3 V/cm), intermediate-frequency (100-300 kHz), alternating electric fields ( 3) to the tumor using transducer arrays ( 4) placed on the skin around the region of the body containing the tumor. (5)

TTFields therapy affects metaphase, by disrupting mitotic spindle formation, and anaphase, by dielectrophoretic dislocation of intracellular constituents, resulting in apoptosis. (See the ACR Institute’s Education Videos for pictorial details).

“Tumor Treating Fields, or TTFields, are low intensity, alternating electric fields within the intermediate frequency range. TTFields disrupt cell division through physical interactions with key molecules during mitosis. This non-invasive treatment targets solid tumors. There are two well established physical processes that TTFields use to disrupt dividing cells, dipole alignment and dielectrophoresis.” (6)


Section C

Clinical Safety and Efficiency

The antimitotic effect of TTFields therapy has been demonstrated in multiple cell lines when the appropriate frequency was utilized.

In this perspective, a phase III trial of TTFields monotherapy compared to active chemotherapy in recurrent glioblastoma patients established that TTFields therapy is associated with minimal toxicity, better quality of life, and comparable efficacy to chemotherapy. (7)

The preliminary results of a Novocure-sponsored randomized clinical trial of TTF in patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma were reported at a meeting of the Society for Neuro-Oncology in November, 2014 wherein it was shown that a statistically significant benefit in median survival for patients treated with TTF plus conventional therapy (temozolomide, radiation, and surgery) versus patients treated with conventional therapy alone, a result which led the trial’s independent data monitoring committee to recommended early study termination. (8) On the basis of these results, the FDA approved a modification of the trial protocol, allowing all patients on the trial to be offered TTF. (9) A recent peer reviewed study wrote:

“ Intra-rater reliability was very high, indicating reproducible performance”. (10)


The only data that i have seen in terms of comparative studies suggest that TTFields versus chemotherapy are on the same efficiency level in stopping cancer growth. However, given chemotherapy’s impact on spurring metastatic cancer stem cells as well as it’s potential to create new malignant cells via the DNA damage it produces, one can reasonably conclude that low dose electro-magnetic fields are preferable. More data and clinical trials  of course are warranted.


TTFields therapy is presently a novel noninvasive low frequency therapeutic option for recurrent GBM, (glioblastoma), from which my French colleague, Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, died not too long ago, notwithstanding his meritorious integrative oncology efforts. Ongoing and future trials are set to evaluate TTFields beyond neuro-oncology, in particular with nonsmall cell lung cancer, ovarian and pancreatic cancers. (11 )

Even though “hard-evidence” via additional clinical trials are still ongoing and inconclusive, Happiness Medicine and Advanced Cancer Research Institutes recommend this new standard of care in conjunction, when necessary, with integrative and  holistic healing modalities, including techniques in energy & resonance medicine, (12)  electro-acupuncture, pmef, meditation and other frequency-based modalities that can positively impact the body-mind unity on the molecular  and cellular levels.

One of the important drawbacks of this technique however is its price, 20k per month. The sister ACR  Institute team will therefore be vigilant to see if there are other less costly integrative and holistic techniques that can also selectively disrupt cancer cells’ mitotic spindle formation, in particular the dipole alignment and dielectrophoresis processes. For more information about this field, see the Institute’s workshops and reports in energy medicine and the Institute’s education video section. See also our experience with the Antoine Prioré electro-magnetic machine (via the ACR website).

Christian Joubert, CSO and HMI director


Alternating current (green curve). The horizontal axis measures time; the vertical, current or voltage.
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Fourteen physicians (7 neuro-oncologists, 4 medical oncologists, and 3 neurosurgeons) evaluated five blinded cases of recurrent glioblastoma and performed head size and tumor location measurements using a standard Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine reader. Concordance with Novocure measurement and intra- and inter-rater reliability were assessed using relevant correlation coefficients. The study criterion for success was a concordance correlation coefficient (CCC) >0.80.
CCC for each physician versus Novocure on 20 MRI measurements was 0.96 (standard deviation, SD ± 0.03, range 0.90-1.00), indicating very high agreement between the two groups. Intra- and inter-rater reliability correlation coefficients were similarly high: 0.83 (SD ±0.15, range 0.54-1.00) and 0.80 (SD ±0.18, range 0.48-1.00), respectively.
This user study demonstrated an excellent level of concordance between prescribing physicians and Novocure in-house clinical teams in performing transducer array layout planning. Intra-rater reliability was very high, indicating reproducible performance. Physicians prescribing TTFields, when trained on the NovoTAL System, can independently perform transducer array layout mapping required for the initiation and maintenance of patients on TTFields therapy. (Source)
Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 12.41.03 PM
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