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“Vitality & Longevity Medicine“ Master Workshop

8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Some time in the early months of 2019. To be confirmed. Please email to register. To read the program, please click on the "Longevity Master Class" link. This full-day workshop is an introduction to holistic medicine, rejuvenation and super-centenarian living. Must be registered to participate.

Happy Mediterranean Foods & Techniques

Vegan Organic sugar/gluten-free Dark Raw Chocolate Mousse: helps to activate longevity genes & wellbeing hormones. Cf. Clinical nutrition workshop.
Raw Raspberry peach tart with no animal foods nor sugar. 

Carrote juice entrée
Vegan raw cachew cheese cake made with omega 3 rich fats, dates, coconut, psyllium, flax, vanila over a seeds dehydrated crust combine to a ellagic-rich raspberry and lemon sauce.
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