Holistic Cancer Solutions and Optimal Longevity Medicine Workshop

In this event, holistic oncologist & longevity (anti-age) expert and Holistic Medicine Retreat director (in the Eastern Pyrénées) Christian Joubert will give a detailed power point presentation on the latest research that will give the attendees knowledge & tools to better control cancer, reverse metastasized malignancies and optimize longevity, up to a healthy post 120 years, as has partially shown the longevity record-breaker Jeanne Calment from South France. Christian will also sum up some of his longevity and cancer findings from a recent South East Asia trip as well as from his research and participation in the last Anti-Aging medicine conference (December 2016, Las Vegas, A4M) and recent multiple cancer conferences. For additional details and evidence-based references, please click the "next workshop" hyperlink above.

Breakthrough Science for Cancer & Optimal Aging, May 7th, (2 to 5 PM), San Pedro, Los Angeles. CA.

Contact: Delia: 310 874 1164: Proposed Donation: Twenty dollars.
The power point presentation will last around two hours, with up to one additional hour devoted to discussion with the audience. For details, please phone Delia, whose number is above.

Happy Mediterranean Foods and Techniques

Dark Raw chocolate mousse that helps to upregulate the longevity and feel good genes, hormones and neurotransmitters, including, but not limited to dopamines ! Some of the ingredients that are included in this mousse are dates (which replace sugar), avocados (which replace eggs), almond milk (which replace cow's milk), psyllium & flax (rich in omegas 3 prebiotics) coconut, a pinch of himilayan salt & other longevity nutrients. Rich in hundreds of phyto-nutrients, bioflavanoids, mangenisum, omega 3s, prebiotics and more, this dessert is nothing less than good happiness-based medicine.
Raspberry peace
Carrote juice entrée
Vegan raw cachew cheese cake made with omega 3 rich fats, dates, coconut, psyllium, flax, vanila over a seeds dehydrated crust combine to a ellagic-rich raspberry and lemon sauce.
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