Recent Breakthroughs in the Quest to find Cancer Solutions.

In this event, holistic oncologist & longevity expert Christian Joubert from France will give a detailed power point presentation (one hour & a half, with 30 extra minutes for questions) on the latest research that will give the attendee knowledge & tools to better control cancer & reverse metastatized malignancies. While conventional oncology has been more successful with the "liquid" cancers (e.g. lymphomas & leukemia), it has over-all failed with safe & efficient treatment protocols for the "solid" cancers, which constitute the vast majority of malignancies. Resistance to radiation, chemotherapy & molecularly targeted therapies has been a consistent problem facing cancer research & practice. On the other hand, well-designed holistic & metabolic cancer protocols can give cancer patients a much better prognosis with few if any "side effects".

ST MICHAEL'S BY-THE-SEA EPISCOPAL CHURCH. Carlsbad Ca. December 8th 2016, from 7 to 9 PM

1-206-446-6079 (for all details) & (760 729 8901) (Church). Location: at the Church's Parish Hall. The campus is next to the Sea. Which displays beautiful sunsets. Lots of parking available. This event is free for low income participants. For non low income attendees, the price is based on donation abilities. Organic tea offered.

Happy Mediterranean Foods

Dark Raw chocolate mousse that helps to upregulate the longevity and feel good genes, hormones and neurotransmitters, including, but not limited to dopamines ! Some of the ingredients that are included in this mousse are dates (which replace sugar), avocados (which replace eggs), almond milk (which replace cow's milk), psyllium & flax (rich in omegas 3 prebiotics) coconut, a pinch of himilayan salt & other longevity nutrients. Rich in hundreds of phyto-nutrients, bioflavanoids, mangenisum, omega 3s, prebiotics and more, this dessert is nothing less than good happiness-based medicine.
Raspberry peace
Carrote juice entrée
Vegan raw cachew cheese cake made with omega 3 rich fats, dates, coconut, psyllium, flax, vanila over a seeds dehydrated crust combine to a ellagic-rich raspberry and lemon sauce.
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